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So much more by AnHPsuperfan

Format: Novel
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 62,129
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Albus, Fred II, James (II), OC

First Published: 12/19/2018
Last Chapter: 07/22/2020
Last Updated: 07/23/2020


Emma is a Gryffindor seventh year with the best group of friends, one of which she has feelings for. But a new boy who enters her life just might change things a bit.

Because there aren’t enough Albus/OC out there!

Chapter 14: Chapter 14

A/N.: Hi, people! It’s been some time, I know. I feel very ashamed, especially now. During this times of quarantine,I know how delicious it is to curl up with a good fic on a couch. It’s also good to distract ourselves in this difficult times. I hope this is a fic you can spend your time with. That’s why during the quarantine I’ll try to update faster too. I also love to spend time writing. The chapter about Hogsmeade is coming soon! Feel free to leave your comments, it can give me lots of ideas. Hope you’re all doing well. Wash your hands! Stay home! Stay safe!


Song for this chapter: Little things – by One direction. (Al and Em are getting to know each other)

Hogsmeade visit this Saturday. Only for third years and older!


I read the announcement on the notice board near the Great Hall on my way to the bathroom. My friends are all having breakfast, the Hall quieter than usual on Monday morning after a Quidditch weekend.


I catch myself staring at the board pensively. This would be the first Hogsmeade weekend after Al and I got together. He hadn’t said anything, though, and I wasn’t sure he’d like to go with me since we were keeping our relationship private.


I see someone approaching me in my peripheral vision.


- Morning, Emma.


Al is walking with his hands in the pockets of the uniform. He’s, as usual, perfectly kept together for a Monday, not a trace of sleepiness in his eyes. Still, his hair is a bit wilder than usual as if he didn’t bother with it this morning.


- Morning, Al. – I give him a smile.


He comes closer, his eyes have that affectionate glint on them which I’ve come to associate with him.


- So, you saw the notice for the Hogsmeade weekend.


I nod distractedly, though my arms are tingling where I can feel his proximity.


- Are you going? – he asks.


- I don’t know, Potter, am I? – I answer in a teasing tone. I was going, of course, if not with him, with my friends.


- Check your post this morning and tell me later.


He passes me and squeezes my hand lightly as he enters the Hall.


I wait for him to head to the Slytherin table until there’s some distance between us. When I’m sure he can’t see me, I practically run to the Gryffindor table, bathroom forgotten. Wouldn’t want him to see me lose my cool, after all.


There, I find a very strange sight. I actually consider I’ve been confounded.


Leaning over books, breakfast completely forgotten, are James and Jacob. Beside them is Anna, munching on a Muffin and looking at them suspiciously.


- What happened here? – I greet her. No time for frivolities. – Is something wrong with them?


- No... Apparently they send their applications for the Auror Academy next week. And they are studying for the application test they have to take too. But, I mean, it’s only in a month! According to their record, they are three weeks and six days early.


- And 22 hours! – adds Jake, his voice muffled.


I slide next to James and take a look at his book.


- The plan is to learn six years of Potions in one? – I ask.


- Seven. This one too. – he answers. This time he takes his head off the book to look at me and gives me a smile.


It’s funny how there isn’t an exact moment you can tell when your feelings for someone have changed. Not even Arithmancy can do that. The fact, though, that I’m sure the butterflies in my stomach are from the post I’m waiting from Al, and not from the smile James gives me, says the world to me.


- I missed you, Em! Haven’t seen you much in a while. – my smile is sheepish and guilty as well. It seems with this old crush I harbored for him, even more this year, and later, Al’s and I secret relationship, I haven’t been a good friend for James at all.


- I’m sorry. Just been busy lately. Quidditch and N.E.W.T.s are a lot to take on.


- Yeah, I guess. I honestly don’t know how my dad managed not to fail any of his years at Hogwarts. Imagine adding Voldemort in that mix.


I laugh at James’ blunt humor. I’ve missed him too.


Suddenly, the telltale noise of a bunch of owls entering the hall calls my attention. I look instinctively at the Slytherin table, but Al seems like he was already looking at us. His eyes are a bit sad and he’s frowning but when he realizes I’m looking back he smiles and motions to the owls.


I give James a tap to the back and go sit next to Anna to receive my letters. There are three, from each of my parents and from Mason, but the one I open first is the small piece of parchment folded with Al’s handwriting. Emma.


Inside, he wrote:


Will you meet my friends and I near the Womping Willow at four?


Underneath it, there are two options: Yes or No, above two blocks.


I frown but take my wand and cross the Yes.


Immediately the parchment creates another layer, where it’s written:


My friends won’t be able to go anymore. Will be just you and me.


I roll my eyes and look towards where he’s sitted. He’s wearing a proud smile on his face and I can’t keep from smiling back.


- Good news? – Anna whispers in my ear with a meaningful look. I smile back.


During the mess of the post, Zoe appears, still yawning and looking very satisfied. The boys are still in their books but she doesn’t look too surprised.


- While some of us are finally studying, others decided to just stop it altogether. – Anna says disapprovingly.


Zoe only shrugs:


- It’s not my fault that the two idiots over there decided to leave it for the last second. I’m all set for next year.


- But, Zoe, you’re still gonna need your N.E.W.T.s to start working in Ireland. – I say.


- Yeah, but the only ones that matters is Care of Magical Creatures. For the rest, they only require an acceptable.


- Honestly, I cant believe someone could be as lazy as you sometimes.


In that moment Freddie walks in still in his pajamas with only a robe covering them.


- And then there’s Fred. – I conclude.


That Monday, the seventh years get a nice surprise in DADA when Professor Abbot reveals our next topic to be studied.


- Today, class, we’re going to work on a somewhat challenging spell for most of you. I’m talking about the Patronus Charm! – this gets a reaction from the class, who all consider it an exciting topic. I, myself, have been looking forward to this since second year when I found out what the Patronus was. – This isn’t a spell required for your N.E.W.T.s exactly but I must say, it is very important and you never know when you might need it. In my years as a student, there wasn’t a decent teacher in Defense during the war to teach us such a spell. Or anything, to be honest.


Our class gets unusually quiet, listening to her experience. Hannah Abbot is one of the three professors we had who were part of the young generation during the war. She is one of the ones who stood bravely to defend Hogwarts and the entire wizarding community. Besides, she always dresses elegantly and has a vast knowledge about her subject. Her husband is our professor Longbottom, though everyone calls her by her given name at work. Beneath her stern exterior there’s always a kind smile and gentle way of encouraging us. My absolute role model among the professors.


- Luckily for us, Dumbledore’s Army taught us all we needed to know, including the Patronus charm. Harry Potter was the only fifth year who knew it and made sure to pass us all the knowledge.


As we pay attention intently in this piece of history revealed to us, Mrs.Abbot clapps her hands to take us out of our reverie.


- Let’s start then!


After she gives us a brief explanation of the charm and the instructions to do it, the tables are moved to the side of the room and we all start to practice.


I concentrate and try it with as much seriousness and strength of will as I put in any spell. After 5 tries, I manage a silvery wisp out of my wand and turn to my friends.


- Hey, guys...


But as I pay attention to the class around me, I notice there’s a huge playful mutt (James’ Patronus) running around. Along it, a hyena controlled by Freddie’s wand. James was the only one of the class who already knew the charm, we all knew it. But Freddie certainly learned it fast.


- Fred!! You managed it already! – I exclaim happily.


- I did, Em! Meet my inner self! – he points his wand at me and the hyena passes through me, almost dropping me and leaving us all in a fit of laughter. On the other side of the room, two other students had a bunny and a bird flying around too.


I go back to my work, determined to get it right.


10 tries later and nothing more still. Anna exclaims happily:


- I did it!! – a caring owl nips her affectionately, shining in silver. I give her a hug and congratulate her along with the rest. The class is getting rather full with all kinds of animals, though, and I can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy.


After another 23 tries (I counted), I still get nothing but a wisp from my wand. The only other one from my group who didn’t manage a Patronus was Zoe, but she didn’t seem too worried about it, as she was nowadays with most of her studies. Jake produced a beautiful cheetah.


I leave class, feeling very frustrated and disappointed. I don’t normally have much trouble with spells in general. It’s always been very clear to me that every spell required 50% of technique and 50% of will behind it and that’s always been very easy to control. What happened with my Patronus was beyond me.


Two days later, on Wednesday, Al and I meet at one of our favourite hiding places behind a Hogwarts’ tapestry. My friends were at the library while I was “taking a nap before my next class”. Only Anna knows the truth.


- Hey, Parker. I missed you. – he looks at me endearingly while putting a lock of hair behind my ear. He frequently told me he missed me and it warmed my heart. His back is leaning on the stone walls and I sneak my arms around his waist and feel his smell while I lean my head against his chest. It’s so different than that teenage boy smell from James, Fred and Jake. I also found out Al hates to wear the uniform’s tie. Whenever we meet in secret, it’s loose around his neck with the first two buttons from his white shirt open. I love to know these little things about him.


- Hey. – he says softly - What’s wrong? – he caresses my hair.


- Nothing really. – I smile.


He raises an eyebrow. It seems I’m not the only one who got to know him better.


- I’m just a bit frustrated about my Patronus, that’s all.


- You’re learning it now?


- Yeah, but I haven’t managed to produce one. I know it’s not everyone who learns to do one in seventh year but...


- You really wanted it.


I nod:


- I’ve been looking forward to it, you know?


He nods and seems to think a bit.


Then he takes my hand:


- Maybe I can teach you.


After walking through a few corridors, Al stops in a classroom:


- This one should be empty now. – he opens it with a simple Alohomora.


- I’m not even gonna ask how you know that.


He smiles and takes out his wand:


- Years of practice.


- So, you really know how to produce a Patronus?


- Uhum. Dad taught James and I last summer. He’ll teach Lils next year.


- What is it?


For my surprise, he blushes:


- It doesn’t matter. I don’t usually conjure it anyway. What’s the problem you’re having with yours?


I’m a little disappointed that he doesn’t trust me enough to tell me that but I explain:


- I’m putting all my will and concentration on it but I still only get a small wisp!


He shakes his head:


- A Patronus has nothing to do with concentration. It’s more about feeling. You have to let your memory fully envolve you. Do you have a memory yet?


- Yes.


- Give it another try, then.


I close my eyes and try not to think too much, only feel.


- Expecto Patronum!!


I open them again and a thin silver line comes out of my wand. Only to disappear.


My arms fall at my sides.


- What’s the memory you’re using?


I look at him. One of his hands is cupping his jaw, thoughtfully. The other is holding his wand against his tight. His eyes are serious, the cloak abandoned. It’s the perfect picture of a professor and it strikes me as suddenly very funny...and sexy too.


- One of my family, Professor Potter.


He sees the glint in my eye and immediately joins the fun.


- Where, Miss Parker?


- Together.


- That’s not nearly specific enough. This needs to be something different. A moment that you can remember in all it’s details. – he’s very passionate about it and comes very near me. His hand is moving to touch me but remembers his fictional role as my “professor” and doesn’t. I have to hold back too.


He clears his throat:


- Close your eyes. – his voice is rough.


I do it. He’s so close I can feel his breath on my face.


- One moment, Miss Parker.


I try to catch something. A different memory. Special. Unique.


C’mon, Emma.


The same voice I’d just heard.


The wind on my face. The wood of the broomstick on my hands. So familiar, yet way out of context. The shine of the moon illuminates a white smile and green eyes. That night I flew with Albus.


Expecto Patronum!!


I hear delighted laughter before I open my eyes.


A majestic eagle is flying around the room, the silver illuminating its path. It sweeps down and rufles Al’s hair and then stops at my extended arm. It has huge beautiful eyes that look straight at me.


- Freedom.


I look at Albus when he says it.


He goes on:


- That’s the meaning of the Eagle. Being carefree.


- I don’t think that matches me. - I’m still smiling though, in ecstasy after producing my first Patronus.


- I thought that too, before I met you. But a person can change... What’s the memory you used? – he asks me.


- I may be happy you taught me to do it, Albus. But I’m not telling you if you won’t even tell me what your Patronus is.


He shrugs:


- Oh, well.


- You’re really so against telling me?


- You could say that.


- Why? Is it a small bug or something? Like a flobberworm?


- No! That’s pathetic.


I roll my eyes:


- What is it then?


- I really don’t want to tell you right now. Besides, only my dad and my brother know it. And don’t try to ask James! He won’t tell you.


I frown. His refusal to tell me leaves me more disappointed than I would like:


- Alright. Thank you, though. Really. For teaching me. Goodnight, Professor Potter. – I give a small smile and open the door.


- Wait! Emma! – he calls me before I close it behind me.


- Anna. – I ask my friend when we’re in the bathroom brushing our teeth before going to bed. – Can I ask you something about Al? – I whisper.


- Sure. – she says with understanding eyes. I place a silencing charm at the door.


- Today, when I met Al he taught me how to do the Patronus charm.


- Really? And did you do it?


- Yes.


- What is it? – she asks excitedly.


- An eagle.


She squeals and launches herself at me:


- I’m so happy for you!


- Thank you! – it makes me feel bad for being jealous of her at class.


- So,that’s good right? – she goes on.


- Yeah! But he refused to tell me what his was. And it got me a little disappointed, you know? Cause I’m learning more about him and he’s been very open about himself. But not show me his Patronus? It felt like...


- Like you don’t mean as much to him.


- Exactly!


- Well, love, I think the best you can do is tell him what you just told me. He needs to know that bothered you.


- Oh, I think he got that.


- That’s good, Em! Puts him above half the male population already.


We laugh.


- Thank you, An. – I hug her. – Love ya.


- Me too!


I get to the dorms in my pajamas and open the hangings of my bed. In my pillow, there’s a small piece of parchment. In Al’s familiar handwriting, I read:


My Patronus is a lion. If you laugh at me, I won’t talk to you tomorrow.


My face breaks into a big grin. A lion. Figures.