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So much more by AnHPsuperfan

Format: Novel
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 62,129
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Albus, Fred II, James (II), OC

First Published: 12/19/2018
Last Chapter: 07/22/2020
Last Updated: 07/23/2020


Emma is a Gryffindor seventh year with the best group of friends, one of which she has feelings for. But a new boy who enters her life just might change things a bit.

Because there aren’t enough Albus/OC out there!

Chapter 13: Chapter 13

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Going out with Albus was like walking on clouds, or dreaming at daylight, or...any other fluffy analogy you wanna use here. The first week of our relationship passed in the blink of an eye. All those things, these glimpses of him I used to enjoy during the day didn’t diminish. He still had that knowing smile reserved just for me when our eyes met. Still winked at me when we passed each other in the corridors. And our “meetings” started to happen every night without fail.

But adding to that, dating Al included kissing leaning on castle walls, when he would find me alone waiting for a class or reading in the library, and transform my regular routine into scenes I’d remember with a smile on my face. It included late conversations with Anna, protected by a silencing charm in our beds, where I would tell her all the details with a dreamy look on my face. And especially, it meant sneaking at night with Al’s invisibility cloak to the top of the Astronomy tower, our favorite spot now, where we would stay close and talk about whatever was on our minds. 

So yeah, being with Al was what I would hold under my new definition of being in love and Anna, as the only one who knew about it, would agree with me. Following my instincts, after the night we kissed, I decided not to tell any of my other friends what was going on between Al and me. I knew my friends wouldn’t purposely tell the news to the rest of the school, but I also respected Albus’ privacy and, as soon as a Potter is dating someone, even the professors gossip about it. So, Anna, as my best friend, was the one who sent me knowing looks when a certain green eyed wizard was around. As for Albus, Scorpius was the only one to whom he told about us (with my consent) and the second person to send me knowing looks through meal times.

Friday night, Al and I were talking under the light of the moon in our special place and I took a parchment from my pocket where I was nervously keeping it.

- So... – I clear my throat – We got back our History assignments. You know, the interview I did with your dad.

- Can I see it? – he asks softly. His hand is in my hair and making it difficult for me to concentrate on the conversation.

I pass the parchment to him and he stops his ministrations to read it. I watch his face as he reads it seriously, and, when he gets to the end, a proud smile splits his face.

- No wonder you got an O in this! It’s brilliant, Emma!

- It wasn’t that hard, Al. – I blush. – Your dad got me all the information I needed.

- Yeah, but the way you put this together is...Can I send this to my dad? He would love to see it.

- Yeah, sure. If you think...

He kisses me soundly.

- It’s brilliant.

It does wonders for my confidence.

This thing about keeping the relationship secret wasn’t as easy as it seemed though. Just Wednesday I got to the Common Room after spending quality time with Al (he snogged me senseless against a hidden corner of the castle) and Anna called from our group of friends.

- Hey, Em!! How was your walk?

Fred frowned:

- Didn’t you say you were going to the Owlery?

I look at Anna and just stop myself from widening my eyes.

- She did. – my best friend answers for me. – But Emma likes to take a walk sometimes while reading her letters. That’s why her hair is such a mess. – she raises her eyebrows meaningfully at me behind their backs.

- Yeah, that’s it. – I blush.

- Well, I had no idea. – James says thoughtfully.

And just like that, the conversation resumes.

Damn, Anna was better at keeping a secret relationship than me?

Last Friday, during Ancient Runes class, we received our assignments from the start of the year back. Al and I leaned over ours and I smiled proudly at the red O splattered in it. There were some minor errors with the translations but Prof. Carter gave us points for the creativity.

- Well, that’s reason for celebration.

– Al said quietly. His voice rumbled gravely and a delicious shiver went down my spine.

- Mr. Potter, Mrs. Parker! Could you come here please? – Prof Carter called as the students were leaving.

I shared a look with Al and we went in front of her desk.

- I just wanted to congratulate you for your project. You make quite the pair! Didn’t expect you two to work so well together!

The students left in the class were clearly looking at us now.

- You must have spent a lot of time on this, right? – Prof Carter continued, quite loudly for my taste.


– First, finding the right story and then translating it.

Albus cleared his throat:

- Yes, professor. We take ou work quite seriously.

- Certainly! I’m keeping that in mind for future assignments. And you don’t usually work together?

I could feel the other’s eyes on our back.

- No, Professor. First time. Actually, I think we have Potions now. So... – Al was the one answering it because I was currently too embarrassed to speak.

- Oh sure, dears! Go ahead then!

And people seemed to unfreeze from their positions and get a move on. That’s when I had a little taste for what dating a Potter entailed.

After that class, Al and I didn’t have much time together. The workload for our N.E.W.T.s was getting to the point where students started to bring their books to the Great Hall on meal times. It was getting really stressing and even the boys, who weren’t exactly the studying type, were getting caught up in it.

James, though, was never one to put Quidditch in second place and we were training on the end of the afternoon in a plain Friday. It was the last practice before the game tomorrow and it was pouring.

- Alright everyone! – James calls us down. – That wraps our last practice. I think that’s all we needed. – he couldn’t even talk properly because of the water running down his face.

- Even if it wasn’t, there’s no way we’d be able to train in this weather.

– Victor Acres murmurs.

- And that’s James we’re talking about. – Jake says, more loudly this time.

We all shared a laugh, except for James. I was pretty sure that was a proud gleam in his eye, though.

I was sorted to be the one to put away all the equipment (so happy about it) and stayed on the pitch walking towards the Quidditch changing rooms and listening to the storm, while the others ran towards the castle.

Not even a well placed warming charm could stop me from shivering in the silent room.

After a few minutes, I almost jump out of my skin when warm hands grab my waist and pull me to a hard body.

- Hey. – Al whispers in my year and I’m surprised I took so little to recognize it.

- Albus!! – I turn and slap my hands on his chest. – How many times do I have to tell you to stop scaring me like that? Where did you come from anyway?

He shrugs and shows me the invisibility cloak folded over his arm.

- I was just waiting for the others to leave. Was going to walk you back to the castle, but us alone in the changing rooms seem far more tempting.

He starts to approach me, his look is very intense and he searches my face, something I know already what it means.

I laugh:

- I’m soaked! You really wouldn’t want to kiss me right now.

He runs his hands down my arms and the goosebumps aren’t from the rain anymore. I think he knows it too.

- I really do. – he answers my earlier statement.

I put my hand on the colar of his white shirt and feel the heat of his skin beneath it.

- I doubt Albus Potter would risk getting his fancy white shirt all wet and dirty with mud.

- Would you now? – he smiles crookedly at me. His face is leaning towards mine and I’m leaning against the wall of the changing room. Whatever he’s doing, I can’t stop giggling.

In one movement he pulls me off the ground and towards me. My legs wrap instinctively around his waist and I realize how short I am compared to him. His mouth is on mine instantly but only superficially, waiting for my permission to do more. I smile at his noble move, which he always does, and open my mouth allowing him to deepen it.

My back is pressed to the wall and I pull his body as close as possible to mine. In part because I want to get him as messy as possible but also because I can’t help it.

His hair is silky in my hands and his lips are very warm against my cold mouth. A cold I don’t seem to feel anymore.

He starts kissing my neck and I press my lips to keep a moan from escaping.

- I know what you’re doing, Parker. You think I can’t handle a bit of mud, yeah? – he says it against my neck  and it tickles, making a loud laugh escape me.

- Let’s go then! – he releases me and runs outside.

I go after him, laughing:

- Al!! What are you doing?

When I step outside, his hair is already starting to stick to his forehead due to the rain.

- I’m making a declaration here. That’s what I would do for your love, Em.

- You’re such a dork. – I laugh.

- Oh Emma Parker! – he raises his voice, almost shouting. – I’m here in this pouring rain, getting my fancy white shirt dirty...

His shirt is already far from clean after our snogging, and he has his arms open in a big gesture.

- Shut up, you idiot! - I’m mortified, though there’s really no one there.

- ...just for a small portion... – he continues.

I run towards him and kiss him fiercely while I push him to the ground. After lifting me in the changing rooms, I’m pretty sure I’m not strong enough to actually force him to the grass, but he humors me anyway and gets down. 

I lay down with my legs beside him and my upper body above his. I can see all his muscles framed by his wet shirt, that is now more brown than white. He’s smiling up at me, his hair dripping water. My arms are holding his beside his head.

I lean down to kiss him smoothly, savoring the moment. This scene reminds me of a thousand romantic movies that I watch all the time with Zoe and Anna. The reality is way messier and simpler, I know that, but I don’t care. I’m currently in love with more than one side of Albus Potter. The mischievous one just made my day.

The other morning, on the breakfast table I am flanked by Anna and Zoe sending positive energy for the game. As much as I loved Quidditch, they knew my nerves could get the best of me sometimes, differently from Zoe who was the most confident person I knew. I was frankly missing spending time with them. Anna at least knew where I was when I was with Albus, but Zoe just thought I’d been studying a lot and talking to lots of Professors about one essay or another. She seemed to feel the distance too:

- Let’s all grab some dinner in the kitchens tonight! – Zoe says excitedly. - It’s Quidditch day Emma. I doubt you’ll be studying anyway, with the party and all. It’s been ages since we all spent time together.

I open my mouth to say something.

- Quidditch and studying don’t count! – she interrupts me.

- Alright. But you don’t really know if we’re gonna win to have the party.

She waves a hand at me as if that notion was ridiculous. I was feeling very guilty actually, about the whole sneaking around with Albus. It had been a long time since we spent some time just the six of us, no interruptions. And I knew the boys didn’t seem to notice or care that much (they never mentioned anything) but us girls used to spend a lot more time together, even just talking at the dorms. Of course, Zoe also spent time with her boyfriend Oliver, but at least she wasn’t lying to me.

- Come on, team! Time to go! – James announces to the table in grand fashion, eliciting cheers from the Gryffindor students, already sporting the red and golden colors.

My nerves increase while I get up with Zoe and say goodbye to Anna.

- Go get’em!! – she shouts encouragingly.

As I follow in the rear of the group, I look to the Slytherin table. It’s very early, and apart from the Gryffindor and Slytherin teams, there aren’t a lot of students up. I checked when I came down and he wasn’t here yet. When I look a second time, though, I find piercing green eyes. He raises his cup at me as a discreet salute. I hide my smile and turn around.

The torrential rain from last night gave way to a clear day this morning. Although it isn’t exactly sunny, there isn’t a drop of water from the sky and very little wind. As we walk to the changing rooms, the memories from last night come to me. The grass, where we laid down...The wall where I was leaning... My face gets heated and my heart beats quicker.

- Good! – James interrupts my daydreams. – You know the drill, already. Slytherins are strong strategists and have a good Seeker. Their Keeper, though, is very inexperienced this season. So, let’s work as we talked. Beaters, stay alert!

Zoe and Victor nod their heads.

- Chasers! We’re going hard on the attack and score as much as we can. And Jake! Stay alert on the hoops.

With that said, he gives us all a pat on the back and gives us time to warm up.

The stands fill up quickly and sooner than I thought, we’re in the air, ready to hear the whistle.

It’s definitely a quicker game than the Ravenclaw’s. Rivalry runs deep and there’s an edge to every pass of the Quaffle. My movements seem almost choreographed, there isn’t much time to think. In the speakers, I hear Freddie’s words.

- Slytherin takes possession of the Quaffle first. A long launch to Perry and she scores the first goal of the game!! I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of this girl.

- Gryffindor takes the lead as the beautiful, talented Zoe Schmitt beats the Bludger straight to Miles’ hands and he has to let go of the Quaffle! Ps.: Zoe didn’t even bribe me to say that.

- The game is 50 – 50 now after my dear friend Emma scores an incredible goal after my other friend James passed it to her! I’m not biased! Not my fault I have such amazing friends.

- Slytherin calls time out after Jake gets little Ryan Williams with a Bludger on the nose. Shame on you mate, the kid is so tiny he could be taken by the wind. – and then - Don’t look at me like that Ryan. Just stating the facts.

After Williams has to leave the game to have his nose fixed, Slytherin loses their starting Chaser and their strategy, since the substitute looks like he’s never even played with the team before.

- In an amazing turn of events, Gryffindor builds a large lead in only 5 minutes! That’s right people! 5 minutes! It is now 100-50.

The rest of the game passes in a blur of adrenaline. I can’t even remember how many points I scored. 70? 50? The thing is, the Slytherins Chasers were lost, giving time for Zoe and Jake to help us in the attack and their Keeper wasn’t the best to start with.

- James scores again!! His tenth one of the game! That’s my cousin everyone, runs in the family. The talent and the beauty.

- And if I were the Slytherins I’d finish this game right now! Gryffindor is creaming Slytherin at the moment! And, no Professor Macgonagall, that’s not bias, it’s the truth! 220-50! Honestly guys, end this game now, I’m tired of finding interesting ways to announce each goal.

It was as if the Seekers decided to comply to Freddie’s wishes because they both started to fly towards a tiny dot in the distance. The Slytherin Seeker was closer though, and very skilled, so she was the one that closed her hands around it.

- And in an amazing manner, that happens in one to each ten games, Slytherin catches the Snitch but my beautiful Gryffindor wins the game!! The final score is 220-200!

Our team got down and started hugging each other while the Gryffindor stand shouted. The Slytherins didn’t seem to mind the loss that much, though, because the score wasn’t that bad compared to the way they were losing. 

While the crowd converged on us, someone seemed to have stumbled on me. I looked around, already starting to complain, when I saw the grinning face of Albus, his eyes twinkling. Around his neck was a green and silver scarf. He fetched a red one beneath his coat, the one I gave to him, and showed its color to me while he said:

- Brilliant flying out there, Parker.

I was thinking about something to answer, when he moved on and there was already someone else congratulating me.

- Wow! What a game! – says Jake, as we eat dinner in the kitchens surrounded by hardworking house-elves.

- We got lucky, though. – James says, eating a chicken wing. – The game was evenly matched before Williams had to leave.

- Nah, we’d win anyway. – Zoe says, leaning against her chair with a full belly.

We all smile at each other. Not even James’ optimism go as far as Zoe’s confidence.

- I have some news to share with you! – Zoe sits up suddenly.

- What is it little Zoe? – Fred asks, to which Zoe leans forward to slap him.

- I’ve received a letter this morning accepting me to an internship at a Dragon reserve in Ireland!

There are various exclamations and congratulations at this news.

- Why didn’t you tell us? – Anna asks.

- We had the game today. – Zoe shrugs. - Didn’t want to keep the focus off that.

- But when did you send the letter? It must have been some time ago. And you didn’t say anything! – Jake points a finger accusingly, pretending to be hurt.

- I just didn’t want to tell you in case it didn’t work out. – she says calmly, but we all look at her in various degrees of confusion. Zoe wasn’t always confident after all.

- Can’t believe it... – James says. – Our Zoe is gonna be a Dragon tamer soon.

- Well, we’re all gonna be working soon, aren’t we? – Anna reasons. – N.E.W.T.s are just around the corner.

The room takes a reflective air, with just the dishes clinking and the house-elves pacing in the background. Soon, James and Jake would be pursuing their dream in the Auror Academy. Anna was sure to become a great healer, after her Masters degree in Potions, wherever she took it. I’m sure any place would be lucky to have her. Freddie would be working at his father’s joke shop, turning his many plans to reality. And Zoe would be in Ireland. I... I was very conflicted. My initial plan in fifth year was to work for the Department of International Affairs in the Ministry. I never had a dream profession growing up and this one seemed like a nice, serious one. But now that the time was coming for me to actually work in it... it didn’t seem so right...

I took my mind off these things when Freddie said:

- Nothing like a box of ice-cream to go with this mood!

We all turn to look at him.

- Who was in a mood, anyway? – I say, and they all laugh.

Looking at the smiling faces of my dearest friends I wasn’t that worried about my profession as I was about how I would manage not to live in the same place as all of them.