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Format: Novel
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 62,129
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Albus, Fred II, James (II), OC

First Published: 12/19/2018
Last Chapter: 07/22/2020
Last Updated: 07/23/2020


Emma is a Gryffindor seventh year with the best group of friends, one of which she has feelings for. But a new boy who enters her life just might change things a bit.

Because there aren’t enough Albus/OC out there!

Chapter 12: Chapter 12

A/N.: Hey, everyone. I don’t even know what you say about this long wait. I’m so sorry it’s been 3 months already. All I can say is it was the result of a lack of time and inspiration. I’m back now, though, and on holidays which will give me plenty of time! 

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Song for this chapter: Let’s see what the night can do – by Jason Mraz

When I open my eyes, my vision is blurry. I can see the contours of his face turned to mine. But when my vision clears he’s already turned away.

- I-I have to go to the bathroom! – I blurt out.

- What?

I’d already turned away and was walking towards the sea of people.

- Emma? What’s wrong? – I hear Albus’ worried shouts but I continue to make my way, circling the couples in the dance floor. 

Later, Anna would ask me what happened to make me act this way and I would have an (almost) reasonable explanation. For now, I wasn’t thinking straight.

-Sorry! – I apologize as I bump into an old witch, wearing an animal fur overcoat. She stares at me angrily. I quickly walk past her and find two familiar faces in the crowd. James and Sophia are still intertwined in a passionate kiss.

I quicken my pace to the nearest exit.

- You what?! – Anna throws her hands in the air.

I was spending the afternoon of the first day of the year at my best friend’s house. After my surprise exit of the New Year’s Ball, I decided I had to talk to Anna about the whole Albus thing. It was driving me mad. So I told her in lesser details about the meetings we used to have and Christmas and New Year’s Eve with the Potters.

- I just freaked out! I didn’t know how to act around him anymore.

- Why not? – she exclaims. – Now that a gorgeous guy is ridiculously in love with you, you run away?

- That’s the point, Anna!! He isn’t in love with me. He’s been doing all this romantic things for me and leading me on, but keeps calling me a “friend”. Now, what was supposed to be just a New Year’s kiss, wasn’t just that for me. I just felt something you know? No other boy at Hogwarts had ever made me feel like I feel around James, but then comes Albus and this happens.

- Yeah, like the boy you’ve been falling for kisses you? That is the problem in this situation? – she asks with an air of irony.

I glare at her – Do you think that Albus bloody Potter would want anything to do with me?

- From what you’ve been telling me for the last two hours? Yes!!

I groan at my unhelpful friend.

- Love, - Anna decides to try her soft side now and puts her hand on my shoulder. – If you want to know my opinion... – I nod. - I should give you a lesson now about how you shouldn’t measure your value about what others think, but since that’s not working for you, I’ll go for another route... – she raises her light-brown eyebrows, knowingly.

I smile sheepishly and she goes on:

- Emma, both Potter brothers clearly consider you enough to be your friends, so stop with this bullshit!

I widen my eyes:

- Anna Kavoc, you are swearing?

- Don’t interrupt me! – she warns me and I shut up.

- You’ve been pinning for James “bloody” Potter for years! – she uses my own words against me – Now that you have a chance with a guy you clearly like, and for what you tell me, one hell of a guy, you’re going to just let it slide? I really think you should give this a shot. Talk to Al, let him know how you feel, and see what he has to say.

- But what if it isn’t anything and I ruin our friendship?

- You won’t know if you don’t try. – she says gently. – Just do things on your own time. You’ll know what to tell him.

After that, we watched a romantic movie and made some popcorns. I felt much lighter. Anna has this effect on people and I decided I would talk to Al personally when I met him.

One week into the new Hogwarts term and I still hadn’t said anything. Basically I’ve been avoiding him, and therefore, our talk. I decided not to tell any of my other friends about Albus and asked Anna to do the same. So, she was the only one giving me accusatory looks when I took a sudden turn at a corridor to avoid the Slytherin boys, or sat with my back strategically positioned to the Slytherin table.

Even about our project, we hadn’t talked. I just asked Al if he would hand it in at our Ancient Runes class, and went to seat with my friends. I could tell he had something to say, but I didn’t give him the chance. And I’m not exactly proud of it. I know I should at least give him an explanation for leaving the Ball so suddenly but I’m completely embarrassed about it. And even so, I haven’t found a decent excuse that doesn’t include my romantic feelings for him.

I think all of this over while I finish to brush my teeth. My roommates are already snoring but I’ve always been a late sleeper. I get into my bed and prepare to fall asleep when I hear a little noise. I faintly think it must be an owl on my window and get up to look. 

When I see through the window I almost yell. 

Sitting on a broom is Albus Potter casually looking at me. Black overcoat, windswept hair and all. I turn around to check if the girls haven’t woken up and look at him again.

“What are you doing?” – I mouth.

He places one hand on the pocket of his coat and I don’t understand what is happening for a moment, until he takes out what looks to be a crumbled piece of parchment.

He places it on the glass and I can make out something written on it. 

I had to make a choice: I could just dismiss him, get into bed and close the curtains. Or I could get nearer and read it.

My curiosity wins me over.

In his, now familiar, handwriting, there is a question:

Fly with me tonight?

I look from the parchment to his eyes. He mouths “please” and points to the window.

I look around my room, thinking it over. There isn’t much to think, after all. If I wanted to turn him down, I wouldn’t have read the parchment in the first place. My embarrassment and uncertainty are small in comparison with the regret I would feel if I didn’t climb in that broom. Anna was right, I needed to take this chance.

I give him a small nod, though the smile that appears on his face is breathtakingly bright.

After opening the window carefully, not to wake my roommates, Al flies in slowly. Without getting out, he slips to the front of the broom and offers me the back. My heart gets accelerated and I wear my cape before climbing in.

Once I’m seated in, I put my arms around his torso. I’d have to be stupid not to do it, anyway. We are riding a broom, after all. His breathing gets deeper and, the next second, we are out the window and into the starry night sky.

The night is just as beautiful as the last night we flew together, if not a bit colder. The sky is a blanket of stars, reminding me of the wonders of living in a place which the city pollution can’t reach.

The planes of his muscles move underneath my hands and, if he pulls a sudden intake of air or if I lean a little closer, neither of us mentions it.

We land in the green grass near a tree facing the dark waters of the lake, where the Giant Squid is sure to be taking a nap. Without preamble, Al conjures a blanket and lays iron the grass, and then conjures a fire, to keep us warm.

He sits first, and then I follow, careful to keep some space between us. My sudden shyness wouldn’t permit otherwise.

I let out a sigh in the chilly winter air and say:

- Ok, can you explain why you dragged me here in the middle of the night?

- What can I say? It was the only way I could talk to you! You’ve been avoiding me for days now!

He looks directly into my eyes and for a moment I worry he may be a Legilimens.

- That’s not true, Albus. I’ve been busy.

- What are you running from, Em? – he asks softly and grabs my hand.

- Nothing! It was only a kiss! – I widen my eyes as I realize I’ve just given myself away.

Al gives me a small smile, almost sympathetic, and shakes his head.

- You know, Emma, before I met you, I was certain you were this kind of person. The person who can’t stand when things don’t go according to plan. Who doesn’t step out of her comfort zone. And I didn’t like you.

I look indignantly at him and he raises his hand.

- Wait! I promise I’ll go somewhere with this.

- I’d better like it!

He looks at me with an almost proud look in his eyes.

- You were always that James’ friend to me whose name I never remembered and who didn’t look me in the eyes – he continues. I don’t say anything not only because he asked me to, but also because there’s nothing to say. It’s all true. – Then when I treated you so rudely, I expected you to stay clear from me or just go on to ignore me.

He smiles more now:

- But then you came to me with righteous anger and simply apologized. I was perplexed, I would never have expected that from you. And that honest apology rang in my head that whole party.

He clears his throat – So I decided to make it up to you. And my way of doing it, was giving you the best project meeting you had ever had.

I smile:

- You don’t know that.

He chuckles but clearly wants to go on with his talk – It was more than the meeting. I wanted to show you that breaking the rules once in a while, or doing something that’s not on the plans can be amazing. And you seemed to have gone with it so well, that I did it the next time and  again and again... - Al was passing a hand through his hair now, the nervous Potter gesture, and was looking at the ground. – And every time we would go on these meetings, with every laugh that you gave, every part of yourself you showed me and every time you just listened to me... – he releases a breath and looks at me. – I’ve fallen hard for you, Emma Parker. – his eyes are stuck on mine, the brightest shade of green showing nothing but seriousness.

Such a profound declaration should have a grand reaction but all I could do was look at him with my mouth hanging open in a very unattractive manner. I stutter:

- W-why didn’t you tell me sooner?!

- Well, firstly, I knew you liked my brother.

- What?!

- Come on, Emma. Everybody knows it. The only one who can’t see it is my idiot brother. – he rolls his eyes.

I stay silent. I should have known it was ridiculously obvious anyway.

- So I decided to drop some hints here and there.

- Hints? – I ask.

He looks at me incredulously.

- You really didn’t notice? – I continue staring at him, so he goes on – I mean, our second meeting was literally a dinner in the light of candles and I pointed stars to you! Contrary to what I said, I don’t  do this to all my work partners.

A smile comes to my face as I think about that wonderful night. I remember my utter joy at finding out we had muggle music in common and then realizing it was very easy to chat with Albus.

- And that time in your tryouts, - he continues – my friends were there to check out the competition, I was there to see you. And, last month, the interview with my father was the only excuse I could find not to spend all break apart from you. That’s besides all the shameless flirting I’ve been doing of course.

My eyes are like saucers, I’m looking at him as if he’s grown another head:

- You can’t be subtle with me when it comes to this stuff, Albus. – I reason weakly.

He shakes his head at me, but is smiling adorably.

- Last week, when I kissed you, – his eyes are on mine but they slip subtly to my mouth – it wasn’t just a New Year’s kiss. It was our first kiss.

Well... I certainly wasn’t expecting such a declaration. My experience of it  consisted only of Joe Bridges in fourth year, who thew an apple at me to catch my attention and ask me to Hogsmeade.

I look at him, excitement running through my veins.

- Please, say something, Em. Or this is gonna be pretty awkward for me.

I laugh:

- Al, I... You’re right, of course, I’ve always had feelings only for James, but... The New Year’s kiss did mean something to me.

He nods, an unusual anxious expression on his face.

- I never thought that anyone would even catch my attention. In all these years, there hasn’t been anyone know...made my heart beat quicker or whatever...

The truth is, all these romantic feelings were unknown to me. It normally is, if your greatest passion has been totally platonic. I remember the times Al made me laugh, the excitement his touch gave me, the thrill of catching his eyes on the corridor, how special I felt when he gave me a wink, our own inside joke...So, was I in love with him? Did I have to decide this now?

I look at him, and though I see anxiousness in his eyes, he doesn’t rush me in the least. And I look at his lips, pressed together, and I remember the chill that ran through my own, when we kissed a few days ago.

There was one thing I was sure of, and for once, I let my heart decide what I would do next.

I end the distance between us and take his hand. He is looking at me in askance. In one movement, I put my right hand in his cheek and press my lips to his in a soft kiss. 

When I pull away, his lips curve into a smile, and his green, beautiful eyes twinkle. He pulls my head towards his and the kisses this time aren’t soft nor short. I can taste mint and chocolate in his mouth and the scent that was so irrevocably Albus envelops me.

Soon we move positions to lie down on the blanket. The hardness of the ground and the cold of the winter air don’t even have space to register in my thoughts. They were only Albus Potter, his gentle touches and his soft hair.

We end up flying to my window when the morning is about to start.

The hours of the dawn were as comfortable as our project meetings, though with much less talking this time.