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Arcturus IV Black - Year 1 / Book 1 by BardsBoy

Format: Novel
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,865
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Action/Adventure, Angst, AU
Characters: Harry, Kreacher, Sirius, Regulus, Draco, OC

First Published: 11/05/2019
Last Chapter: 11/05/2019
Last Updated: 11/05/2019


What if Regulus Black had a son? This story explores the idea of Pureblood raised child who lost his parents and will slowly discover and grapple with the fact that his father fought the dark lord not help him like he has been told.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 -Lots of Letters

Arcturus Black IV was the son of Regulus Black II and Margaret Du Balley. He was conceived in Nov. 1979, immediately after the secret marriage between his two parents. Margaret Du Balley was a Beauxbatons girl who was the only daughter of a relatively unknown pureblooded family from France. She had moved to England to help in the war against Voldemort. Over the course of which she had built a connection with Regulus however, she refused to marry a death eater when Regulus first proposed. So, the two stayed apart despite the feeling they held for each other, until the day Regulus decided to betray the Dark Lord. However, Regulus would die shortly after retrieving one of Voldemorts horcruxes, leaving a pregnant Margaret alone. Margaret would then be on the run by herself for the next 9 months as she sought to protect the horcrux Regulus had entrusted with her as well as their unborn child. Unfortunately, Margaret would eventually succumb to a fever shortly after giving birth to Arcturus Sirius Black IV. 


Arcturus was originally placed in the care of his uncle Sirius however, after being found guilty for the death of some 10 muggles he was once again left without a guardian. The ministry realising that Arcturus was the heir apparent to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black was unsure as to who to give custody to. Cygnus and Walburga Black were the two primary candidates as his mother Margaret, was the last of the Du Balley due to the Dark Lord taking his revenge for Regulus’ desertion on the Du Balley family while Margaret was on the run. Ultimately however, Cygnus Black was able to obtain the guardianship over Arcturus and has since been raising him for the past 11 years.  


During his child rearing Arcturus was afforded the best education and was often accompanied by Draco, who would become something of a brother to Arcturus. He was taught of his respective family's histories which he quickly learned were more closely intertwined than he anticipated. As well as this he had to learn the manners and etiquette that was to be expected of the heir of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. Which he was also forced to routinely exemplify at the summer ball every year. However, it was usual one Arcturus’ least favourite days of the year due to the numerous distant relatives and pure blood fathers trying to gain favour with him and Cygnus so that they might be better placed to leach off of the power he would eventually inherit. 



July 21st, 1991 


Arcturus awoke to find his duvet and covers in an entangled mess atop his bed. A by-product he knew of not being able to get any sleep the night before due to the excitement of today. It was his birthday after all but perhaps more importantly today was the day he receives his Hogwarts letter. He quickly threw the tangled mess of covers off his bed and sprinted to the bathroom to brush his teeth and comb back his charcoal hair behind his ears into a neat stream of black. You see Cygnus was always livid if he didn’t have his hair properly combed, he often yelled if it wasn’t neat and respectable. Arcturus once turned up to breakfast looking like “Mr. Tonks” as he so poignantly put it. Today however, it didn’t matter, Cygnus could yell at him as much as he liked, and it wouldn’t ruin the day. 


 Running down the marble staircase into the main foyer, quickly ducking around the corner into the reception area. Deftly dodging the 18th century furniture that had been kept in immaculate condition. The Black manor was like many pureblood manors only grander, built during the 18th century and based of French chateaus. The interior was decorated with family heirlooms and Portraits as well a plethora of furniture from the 18th century. 


“Arcturus!” Cygnus projected across the room standing in the entrance of the private dining room. His face outwardly projecting a look of contempt however, Arcturus knew better. He could see the slight strain around the rim of his mouth and the slight glimmer in his eyes, telling Arcturus that he was in a good mood.  


“You have mail” Cygnus stated while letting his true feeling break across his face with a smile. 


 “And no running in the house, you know I despise it, its unbecoming of you” he then proceeded to turn around and head back through the doorway towards the wooden dining table behind him. 


“Apologies Uncle” Arcturus responded, - remembering that despite Cygnus being his great-uncle Arcturus always just found it easier to calm him uncle. He had even once called Cygnus father when he was younger but, Cygnus was adamant that he never be called that out of respect for my actual father. 


Arcturus made his way into the dining hall, immediately registering the mail at the far end of the table to the left of Cygnus who was seated at the head of the table. A plate already in front of him and another one to his right both filled with an English breakfast. Arcturus proceeded to take his seat to the right of his uncle. 


“You know Arcturus, it is normally considered rude to open mail while at the table but today I believe we can make an exception” Cygnus said with a calm voice and slight smirk at the edge of his mouth.  


Arcturus immediately straightened his back and looked to quickly snatch the mail but realised that Cygnus wouldn’t approve. Taking a deep breadth to calm himself, Arcturus slowly reached over the table to pick up the mail. 


“You have one more letter, but you won't be receiving it until you’ve read through the rest of those carefully. Is that understood Arcturus?” Cygnus asked with a raised eyebrow while reading the paper. 


Arcturus quietly ground his teeth realising that his Uncle was withholding the Hogwarts letter from him. He quickly flicked through the mail it was from, three he had expected receiving letters from Mr. & Malfoy, Draco and aunt Andromeda. However, the last two letters left him with his mouth agape and his blurred. They were both addressed from Azkaban and appeared to have been written by my Aunt and Uncle respectively. Carefully placing the letters on to the table with a shaky hand. 

Arcturus asked with a strained voice


“How were you able to get letters from Uncle Sirius and Aunt Bellatrix? I thought they weren't allowed to write from Azkaban” Arcturus questioned.


Cygnus deliberately folded his newspaper and placed to the side of his plate. Taking a deep breath while looking intently into Arcturus’ eyes, he stated “I was able to call in a few favors at the ministry, I felt it was important that you hear from all your family on such a day as this. I hope you enjoy them.” 


“Thank you, uncle.” Arcturus stated with an unsure edge to his voice. 


After having read through the letters from Mr. & Mrs. Malfoy which was merely a congratulations as well as a promise of a new set of dance robes and Dracos which was only happy birthday card as well as a suggestion that we shop for our Hogwarts supplies together. Arcturus then moved onto aunt Andromeda with a small scowl on his face.  


The letter from Andromeda was nice enough, just a happy birthday and congratulations on Hogwarts. Arcturus never felt one way or the other about Andromeda, but he still did look down upon her marriage to the muggle Tonks. Cygnus had always taught him that wizards are superior to muggles and could never but help agree. He never understood how those who couldn’t do magic were anything but less than those who could. However, not wanting to get bogged down thinking about such a heavy topic he quickly put down Andromedas letter. Moving to pick up the letter from Sirius he hesitated, he heard varying opinions of Sirius, Cygnus only saw him as childish while Mr. Malfoy always called him an arrogant blood traitor.  


Sighing audible Arcturus picked up the letter, placing his thumb under the lip of the seal he was able to tear it open with one clean swipe of his thumb. Slowly he extracted the letter itself and proceeded to unfold it. 


Dear Nephew, 


I would like to first wish you a happy birthday and secondly congratulate you on your acceptance to Hogwarts. However, more importantly I want to write to tell you that despite me and your father never being the closest of brother I will always treat you as my own son. Much like how I know your father would have treated any child of mine. I hope to hear from you (if they ministry will allow it) after you’ve been sorted so that I can congratulate you on getting sorted into Gryffindor. Lastly, I'm afraid I am going to ask a favour of you, there will be a boy who will be in the same year as you at Hogwarts. His name is Harry Potter and I would ask that you look after each other as he is mine Godson. 



Uncle Sirius



Harry lost both of his parents as well. 


Arcturus placed the letter down onto the table unsure as to how to feel. This was the first he had ever heard from his uncle and he was asking him to look after the boy who lived. “Cygnus?”  


“Yes, my dear boy, what is it?” Cygnus responded with no distinct emotion. 


“Uncle Sirius, he asked me to look after Harry Potter, he said that Harry is his Godson. Do you think I should?” with hurt confusion in his voice. 


With a heavy frown appearing on Cygnus face he responded “My dear boy, you owe your Uncle absolutely nothing. You should look after yourself first and foremost and not worry about some boy you’ve never meet whether or not he is a celebrity.” 


“Thank you, Uncle I will make sure that I do” Arcturus said while picking up the letter from aunt Bellatrix. 

Upon looking at the letter Arcturus could hardly read the scrawl that Bellatrix obviously considered her handwriting. 


Dear Arcturus IV heir presumptive to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, 


It is good to hear that the house of Black will have a worthy heir, that is assuming if you are like your father. He understood what was right and what was wrong as well as who to associate with and who not to. At least if your mother was from a Pureblooded family that is either way when I eventually get out of Azkaban, I hope to have a face to face conversation that will reveal more. Make sure to do Slytherin and the family proud. 




Arcturus placed Bellatrix's letter with the rest he had received and proceeded to stand. 


“May I be excused Uncle?” Arcturus asked with a tired voice, confused and unsure how to fell after reading his aunt and uncles letters. 


“You may after you’ve had breakfast, besides don’t you want to read your last letter?” Producing the Hogwarts letter from within side one of the pockets in his robes. 


“Actually, Uncle I'm quite alright but thank you for asking. Besides we both know what is says anyway” Arcturus coolly stated as he started to help himself the breakfast on the plate before him. 


“I suppose you’re right” Cygnus defeatedly responded.