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So much more by AnHPsuperfan

Format: Novel
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 62,129
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Albus, Fred II, James (II), OC

First Published: 12/19/2018
Last Chapter: 07/22/2020
Last Updated: 07/23/2020


Emma is a Gryffindor seventh year with the best group of friends, one of which she has feelings for. But a new boy who enters her life just might change things a bit.

Because there aren’t enough Albus/OC out there!

Chapter 11: Chapter 11

A/N.: Hi for all of you who are following this story!! I’m so glad people are still keeping up with it. I love to develop Al and Emma’s story. This chapter was actually a part of the last one. But I decided to make it into two because of the length, and also I felt this part deserved its own chapter. Tell me what you think, please. I’d rather say it’s a part you’ve been waiting for.

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You’ll know for what part it is ;)

Grandma Weasley’s dinner could give the Hogwarts house-elves a run for their money. The food seemed to have come out of a TV commercial. It looked delicious and smelled like it too. 

The noise in the table turned to a cacophony of voices, everyone talking to each other. And I was surprised. Not just because Al, sitting at my side, engaged himself in conversation with all his cousins, so different from school, when he only hangs out with his Slytherin friend. But also how I was included in all these conversations, especially his cousin Rose, who sat by my other side and wanted to talk all about the books I was reading. Even the adults asked me questions about my family and Quidditch, a common topic between most of them.

Mr. Potter was right, the Weasley Christmas was something else. And after a delicious desert and more time chatting at the table, people started to leave. So I got up to leave as well.

After saying goodbye to everyone, with lots of tight hugs, and thanking them for the wonderful dinner (Grandma Weasley insisted I take some of the desert home) I stood with Al in front of the fireplace.

- Emma, there’s something I wanna ask you. And I decided to use the Gryffindor side in me to do it in person. Not in a letter.

I look up at him intrigued.

- There’s going to be the Ministry Ball on New Year’s Eve and we all have to attend. – he rolls his eyes. – Anyway, I normally don’t take a date. But I’d like for you to come with me this year.

- Really? – After our intense moment upstairs we both acted as if nothing untoward happened. I’m pretending though. Just don’t know about him.

He shrugs:

- Its not exactly a cool Ball, so don’t expect too much. But I to spend time with you. And I think you can make the night seem funnier.

- Alright, I’ll go.

His face breaks into a smile.

- Good! Can you meet us here at eight, so we go together?

- Sure.

- Great! I’m quite good at this inviting thing, actually. – he smiles cockily, with his hands on his pockets.

- No, you’re not.– I say as I throw the floo powder. – By the way, asking me to a boring Ball isn’t very Gryffindor of you.

- But didn’t you see my nobility and bravery to ask you face to face and be truthful with you ?

I almost get my address wrong between my laughter.

On Christmas morning, the whole family gathered around to open presents with mugs of coffee on their hands, a family tradition.

My parents gave me a beautiful necklace with an owl on it, which I had already put on. Mason gave me a broomstick kit, to help Gryffindor win, he said. Anna gave me a book we were talking about, and Zoe a new lipstick. Jake gave me candies. Freddie, Weezes new products, and James gave me new Chaser gloves he knew I needed.

We finished breakfast at the table, my family interrogating me about last night. My father wanted to know everything about the Potter’s magical home, which, I disappointed him by saying, was half Muggle. My mum was asking non-stop about my gift from Albus, and Mason was making kissing noises meanwhile. So mature.

That’s when Al’s owl came flying through the window giving me a letter and I excused myself to go to my room. Mason made sure to tell my parents who the letter was from.


Last night I left Al’s gift under the Christmas tree, with explicit orders to open only on Boxing Day. Inside, I had put a simple note:

For you to cheer in the future Gryffindor games.

Now, I was crazy to know what he thought of it.


I sat on my bed and opened it.

Hey Emma,
Just wanted to thank you for the scarf. Very thoughtful of you. Though I think you’re the one that looks better in red.

I blush. My dress was red last night.

It was quite funny to see my family’s reaction though. My parents wanted to make sure I wasn’t having an identity crisis or something. James thought it was to cheer for him of course. 

Anyway, thank you, Em. Can’t believe you actually sewed a scarf for me. I am the one that should be saying it’s too much. By the way, is this your polite way to ask me to root for you on the next match?

Your fake Gryffindor,


I lay down in my bed and hug my letter, my mind wanders again to that moment in his room. Was he really going to kiss me? He didn’t talk about it anymore. Maybe the thing is, I wanted him to kiss me. I get up quickly to write a reply.

We’re way past politeness, aren’t we? But you bet I want to see you in my next game.

Your best Gryffindor player,



The days between Christmas and New Year’s passed quickly. I told my parents about the Ball and they saw no problem in it. My mom may have gotten a bit too enthusiastic and started planning our wedding. She wouldn’t hear me when I said we weren’t even dating.

Anna and Zoe went crazy about it. Zoe wrote me a list of things I should consider when going to a high-society event.

On December 28th Anna and I are walking the crowded streets of Diagon Alley. Zoe couldn’t come because she had a birthday party to go with Oliver.

After walking two hours through it, we find an elegant strapless dress that fit perfectly on my body, with golden details on it. Red, of course.

- Albus is gonna go crazy when he sees you in it! It’s beautiful! – Anna says.

- We’re just friends, An. You know that.

- Doesn’t matter. He’s a guy anyway.

I laugh.

- But, really. – she continues. – You want more than friendship, don’t you? I mean, I’ve seen you haven’t been too bummed about James’ new girlfriend.

I hesitate.

- I’m happy for you, Em. – Anna assured me. – I don’t know if you ever thought of Albus as more than a friend. I know you always insist you’re just friends. But this year...there’s just something different in you. A good different. And you always seem to shine after we pass him in the corridors. So...

- No. I mean, it’s just kind of complicated with Al to ever be something more. And I’ll admit I thought he was interested a few times, but it’s just his way, you know.

Anna listens attentively.

- He’s one of the school’s heartthrobs. It’s just natural for him to be charming. And yes. I like him a lot. And he’s very handsome.

- I’ll say. – Anna giggles.

- But – I continue. – I don’t want to start fantasizing about something that probably won’t happen. His friendship makes me happy. I don’t wanna screw that.

Anna nods. She knows I referred to James too when I talked about fantasizing.

- Damn, girl! You and those Potter boys! 

We laugh.

- You know him better than me, Em. And if his friendship makes you happy, that’s wonderful already. Sorry for pressuring you.

- C’mon, An. It’s your role as a friend to instigate my love with a handsome guy.

We laugh loudly in the middle of the street, not minding the looks people send us.

Three days later I’m again in front of the fireplace to head to the Potters. My dress received all my family’s approval, along with my light makeup (done by my mum) and my hair, loosely tied, with my locks cascading in my back.

As I get to their home, there’s only one person there to greet me. I have to keep myself from staring too much.

Al is using a Muggle suit, instead of Wizarding robes. It’s black and styled to open at the top, so he isn’t wearing a tie. It reveals just a bit of skin in his collar, where I see a glint of the same necklace I saw on him on Christmas. His hair is messy as usual, but it naturally fits him. His piercing eyes stare at me.

- You look beautiful, Parker. – he smiles.

- I thought you’d like the color.

He laughs:

- All the men will be all over my date, it seems.

- I’m sure you can fend for yourself with the girls flocking you.

- You’re my date tonight, Emma. No other girls. Except my family. – he concedes and gives me his arm in a gentlemanly way.

As I take it, I can smell his delicious cologne.

- Good. – I say. – You’re already taking me to a boring ball, after all.
I pull him to the floo.

Arriving at the Ministry, we’re at a grand room, with a beautiful chandelier. There are decorative lights everywhere and tables with flowers on it. A band plays at the stage and there are counters with barmans serving champagne and drinks.

- My family is already here! – Al yells through the music. – They came before me.

I try to spot them through the sea of fancy-dressed people but can’t find them.

- Wanna get a drink? – Al asks.

- Yes, please.

- So, - I say, when we’re already each with a glass of champagne in hands. – What do you normally do at these parties? 

- Drink, find some of my family, drink some more...

I push his shoulder.

- Right! Like the great Albus Potter doesn’t have fun in parties. 

- I do. When I have some good company. My friends are normally with me but to this one they never come. Well, except you, tonight.

He nudges me back. I smile at him but would lie if I said I didn’t get a bit disappointed at being compared to his male friends. It just reiterated what I’d been telling Anna, though.

The night goes on in friendly chatter and Al’s family appearing to greet me. James and Sophia came to us, hand in hand. He had opted for the Muggle suit too and looked very handsome, I couldn’t help but notice. Sophia was beautiful, with a purple loose dress complimenting her blonde hair.

- Congrats, little brother! Found a gorgeous girl for you. And this one is actually smart. – James kisses my cheek.

- You’re one to talk, James. – Al smirks. – It seems you found a wonderful pair as well. So this is Sophia? James doesn’t shut up about you. – Al kisses her in greeting.

- And you are the younger brother. James said lots of things about you. Don’t worry though. I don’t believe in half of them.

- I already like her, James – Al says.
James rolls his eyes but I can see it’s in an affectionate way.

- How are you, Sophia? – I greet her with a hug. There seems to be a bit of tension in the air. I try to ignore it, but get the feeling it’s tense just for me.

- Good. Emma! You look beautiful!

- Thank you, so do you. – I smile. We stay in a kind of awkward silence.

- We have to go now. Sophia and I are gonna hit the dance floor. See you, little bro, Em. – James pulls her to the dance floor while she laughs.
I take another sip of champagne and turn to look at the dance floor.

I find Jake and Fred in the crowd with two girls I don’t know. They wave at me, cheekily. Their friend Ben is at their side, looking a bit uncomfortable.

Many of Albus’ cousins come greet us too. Rose, who has talked to me a lot at Christmas, was wearing a beautiful dress and came to give me a hug. She didn’t appear too excited about her date though, a brown haired boy that I vaguely remembered as a 6th year Ravenclaw.

Mr and Mrs Potter were gorgeous too. Him wearing a suit, like his sons and her in an elegant green piece.

- Enjoy the party, kids. – she said as they passed us.

After five or so glasses of drinks and champagne though, my butt was starting to hurt. 

- Aren’t we gonna dance? – I ask, quite boldly.


Albus seems caught off guard too.


- I’m not much for dancing. At lest not in events like this. – he sips at his champagne. My glass is already empty. 


That explains the uncharacteristic boldness then. Well that, and the other four glasses.


- Well, you said yourself you’ve never brought a date before.


His face breaks into a smile:


- You’re quite right, Miss Parker. Dancing with a beautiful girl may be the secret to enjoy yourself.


- What are you waiting for? – I grab his hand, smile on my face too.


As soon as we start the first steps I mess up and almost trip on his shoes. He looks at me.


- You don’t know how to dance, do you?


I shake my head.


He smiles.


- And I’m supposed to be the Slytherin. You just decided to dance because I didn’t want to, didn’t you?


- Well, you dragged me to this boring ball. – I whisper.


Al laughs.


His hands are on my waste. I get quite flustered as I put mine behind his neck. Even with the heels, I’m still a few inches shorter than him. The song playing in the background is one of Celestina Warbeck’s old melodies.


- Apparently, Warbeck’s songs are historical treasure now.


I laugh.


- They never play something good at these things. – he shakes his head. 

I silently agree. There’s lots of songs I preferred to be dancing with him. Though it didn’t matter too much.


- Hey, you’re getting good at this. – he refers to my dancing. 


Keeping up with this rhythm isn’t too hard.


- I’m not normally this good. – I say.


- You’re quite good at dancing with me. – he whispers.


My cheeks go red beneath my makeup. I can smell his usual minty breath coupled with the fruity  champagne. His lips are rosy and my hand feels the hair at the nape of his hair where I’m holding him. It matches too much the sensations of one of my fantasies. He’s looking down at me, seeming to consider something.


The music stops abruptly and both Al and I seem surprised amongst the applause. I feel like I’m coming back to reality.


- And now – the booming voice of Minister Shacklebolt starts on the stage. – Leys start the countdown to Midnight. – he looks at a pocket watch. – In 10...


- Emma.  – Al brings my attention back to him.


- Humm?




- Will you kiss me at Midnight?


- What?! 




- Its just a New Year’s kiss. Really. – Al explains himself. – Everyone’s doing it. And you know, it’s the first time I bring a date.




He’s looking intently at me.




- Yeah.


....1... Happy New Year!!!


His mouth connects with mine unexpectedly but I still get surprised at the warmth of his lips. I don’t even have the time to decide if I am going to deepen the kiss or not when my mouth has already opened and I taste the champagne on his tongue. I can even feel that familiar minty scent beneath the drink. His hand touches my cheek and I love how mature and affectionate it feels. The kisses I shared with other boys didn’t come close to making me feel like this.


I remember vaguely contemplating if a New Years kiss should take that long, but then, wanting it to last longer.


Soon though, the clapping starts and confetti falls from someone’s wand, Albus closing his lips over mine and pulling away.