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EPIC by Solmussa

Format: Novel
Chapters: 33
Word Count: 180,109

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Spoilers

Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, James/OC, Lily/OC, Remus/OC

First Published: 08/12/2019
Last Chapter: 12/18/2019
Last Updated: 12/29/2019


"I would rather poke my eyes out with a quill than spend time alone with you, actually” I said coolly. Black ran a hand through his dark long hair, visibly exasperated.


“Don’t be ridiculous! I'll have you know that any girl in the school would kill for a chance to spend an entire evening alone with me” he said. Arrogant bastard. Not that he wasn’t right, but you know.

Chapter 1: Jocelyn

I have never really liked summer. Leaving Hogwarts always made me sad. I had a calendar on the wall that I only used to count the days until the 1st of September, painstakingly crossing one after the other in the loneliness of my bedroom at home. I had never felt more myself than when I was at Hogwarts. I had friends, true friends that I shared everything with. I loved studying and learning, playing Quidditch and the weekend visits to Hogsmeade. The arrival of summer condemned me to two full months away from my favourite place on Earth.


It’s not that I didn’t have a good relationship with my parents. I loved them very much, but they were never around. I was also an only child, so I had only the house elves for company. The past couple of summers I had been forced to join summer camps and other random activities with local muggle kids. My parents thought it was important that I was familiar with their world to help strengthen bonds with muggle-borns and help eradicate the silly belief that they were somehow lesser wizards. Whilst I wholeheartedly agreed with this logic and even enjoyed certain muggle things such as their music, books and movies, summer camps were not for me. One of the strongest motivators of my dislike for them was that I could not fly, for obvious reasons. My broom was one of my most beloved and precious possessions. I had the best model money could buy you, and it flew true every single time. I hated not being able to ride it for so long. So, now that I was almost sixteen I had made it clear to my parents that my time was my own and if I had to endure two months away from Hogwarts, I’d decide what to do with it.


And that’s how I had ended up bored out of my mind in my house, alone. It was the second day of the summer between fifth and sixth year, and I was getting ready for my morning jog. I’d picked up running that year to help me cope with the added stress of taking the O.W.L.s and now I was hooked. I loved the feeling of freedom that came with running, and how my mind seemed to clear and empty of everything. It was similar to flying, and swimming which I also enjoyed. I guess sports that made interaction with other people optional were my thing.


That morning I was feeling a bit nervous, though. It was my first time running in the neighborhood we lived in, which was a very normal, muggle one. I knew nobody could tell I was a witch just by me running past them, but it still felt odd. At Hogwarts, I didn’t really have to worry about traffic or other joggers. Most people exercised in the Quidditch gymnasiums anyway. Resolute, I took a deep breath and stepped outside the gate to our house. 


Jax’s POV


It was way too hot. How it could be nearly 30 degrees at 8 am was beyond me. British summer was disgusting; the air was muggy and made you sweaty and sticky. And August had arrived hand in hand with a terrifying heat wave. I shook my head quietly cursing my bad luck that had seen the trip to Ibiza with the lads cancelled last minute. I tried taking a sip of my iced coffee but it was already lukewarm. As I turned to chuck it in the nearest bin, she collided with me.


“Woah. Watch it, will you? You can’t just change direction last minute!” she yelled. I blinked a few times, confused. Who did this chick think she was?  The iced coffee had exploded and spilled all over my t-shirt and her sports bra, I noticed. It was hard not to.


“What are you staring at?”


“The remains of my iced coffee” I said, trying to salvage my t-shirt.


“Ah, right. Look, I’m sorry your drink is ruined but it was kind of your fault” she said matter-of-factly.


At that, I looked at her face for the first time. Wow.


“How is your inability to avoid obstacles my fault?”


“I was out for a jog, not hurdling” she frowned and I chuckled.


“Fair enough. It’s fine, I was throwing this away anyway” I shrugged and put the empty cup in the bin.


She took that moment of distraction to look at me closely and I saw her do a double take. I smiled what I hoped was a charming one. It seemed to work, she returned it.


“I’m Jax, by the way”


“Jocelyn, nice to meet you” she smiled again.


“So, Jocelyn,” I tried my luck. If I couldn’t go to Ibiza, maybe I’d get a date in exchange. “How’d you feel about getting a drink?”


“Are you asking me out on a date?”


“I am”


“You don’t know me. Like, at all”


“That’s what dates are for. To get to know people”


“Mmm... I guess just one drink woulnd't hurt” she gave me a flirtatious smile and it took all I had to not try to steal a kiss. She was so beautiful.


“Sweet. I’d like to change out of this t-shirt. Can I meet you at noon? Do you live around here?” I asked her.


“Yeah, I do. Do you know the Oaks Inn pub?” she suggested.


“Love it. Let’s meet there at noon, yes?”


“I’ll see you later”


Jocelyn’s POV


My heart rate soared out of control as I ran back home to get ready for my date. I had a date. I had a date with a muggle. Yes, he was potentially the hottest muggle I had ever seen, but a muggle nonetheless. Why had I agreed to this? Well, it was obvious why I had agreed. He was dreamy. But, in what universe was this a good idea?


This was not what I had meant when I told my two best friends that things were going to change this summer. I was on a mission to put myself out there and have experiences, like, with boys. But, this was so not what I had in mind. I thought the summer was going to be my time to build my confidence, read some magazines, pick up some flirting tips and arm myself with the necessary knowledge and skills to overcome my general introvert tendencies this upcoming sixth year. That was the plan. A real date, with a real guy was step 27 and I wasn’t expecting this to happen until November at the very least, and that was assuming everything went perfectly, which it never did anyway.


And, to add fuel to the fire, he was a muggle. Which made things a million times more difficult. How was I going to be able to speak to this guy without revealing my secrets? I should just not go.


But I hadn’t been on a date since the beginning of the year, and that had not gone well. At all. As in, he’d only asked me out because of a dare. Turns out, some people thought there was no one more unlikely to say yes to a guy in the entire school than me, so the poor kid wasn’t really expecting it when I agreed. He panicked and quickly explained he had been dared. It was humiliating. He insisted he’d still like to go out with me, but I thought it was just out of pity, so I refused. Such was my luck. I was the only one of my friends who had only had one kiss and it wasn’t even a real one. It had been an experiment, and no one knew about it. Not even my bestests friends. For all intents and purposes, I had never been kissed.


The worst part was that I knew exactly why. I was what my mother liked to call ‘a late bloomer’. Basically, I still looked like a child. I think it was partly due to how much I exercised, but I couldn’t help it. I just loved being active, one way or another. I loved feeling strong and capable. I never stopped being in awe of the things my body could do with patience and training. So, if that had cost me my curves, then I guess I was okay with it. I also thought it had something to do with my strong character. Whilst I was quietly out of the spotlight most of the time, I also fancied myself a bit of a ‘protector of the weak’ and I did not back down from a fight if it found me. I guess my temper sometimes got the best of me. The combination was not one people tended to like very much.


But, I had not failed to notice that the last couple of months of fifth year and over the course of this summer, something had happened to me. Somewhere in the past month, I’d realized I needed to go shopping for bras and clothes that fit my new frame. I hadn’t really factored this into my plan, to be honest. It was all built on the premises that I was going to have to work really hard to get any attention at all. That guys might actually want to make the first move with me hadn’t even crossed my mind until now.


Would my late development spur be enough for people to forget how guarded and quiet I had been (when I wasn’t fighting someone, that is)? Was I attractive enough that someone might actually want to risk being turned down and ask me out for good? Yes, I was chuffed that Jax, who was totally gorgeous – did I already say that? I think I did, anyway – wanted to take me, Jocelyn Silverway, on a date. But, Jax didn’t know me. He hadn’t formed an opinion on what I was like before, so it wasn’t a strong enough indicator of future success. But, he was hot, and he liked me, and I needed to start somewhere or else I would never really learn how to flirt and date people. So, against my better judgment, I put on a summery dress and headed to the Oaks Inn. Jax was waiting for me right outside.


“Hey, there you are. I was worried you’d change your mind” he beamed at me and my knees felt a bit weak.


“I almost did” I said. He chuckled at that and led me to a table.


“So, Jocelyn, how come I’ve never seen you around here before?”


“I go to boarding school. I’m only around during summer and until this year, I’ve had trips and things planned”


“How old are you?” he asked me. I looked at him. Really looked at him and realized that he was older than I thought at first. Oh crap.


“I’m fifteen. My birthday is in a couple of weeks” I knew he’d probably run for the hills but I wasn’t about to lie to him about my age. “How old are you?”


“I’m nineteen” he said frowning a bit. 


“You say it like you’re a grandpa!” I laughed, relieved. Nineteen wasn’t that bad. If he didn’t have a problem with it, neither did I. My parents had a seven-year age gap between them, this was nothing. 


“I am an old soul” he joked. 


The waiter chose then to ask for our order, so I took that time to study him. He was probably the best-looking guy I had ever met. Okay, scrap that, he was the second-best looking guy I had… mmm… maybe the third? Let’s go with the best-looking muggle I had ever met. His hair was dark, and long-ish, curling slightly over his ears. His jaw was strong and his cheekbones high. He had this dark aura about him that made him mysterious and alluring, and he had incredibly deep brown eyes.


“So, where’s this school you go to?” his voice brought me back to my senses.




“Oh, wow. All the way up there? Winters must be freezing”


“Yup, it does look quite beautiful. I love the snow, but to be honest right now I can’t even imagine ever being cold again” I fanned myself with my hand dramatically.


“Yeah, tell me about it. At least you girls can wear light dresses. I’m stuck with jeans!” 


“Well, they look good on you, so I’m not too sad about that” I said. I could have probably said it with a bit more confidence, but this was pretty nerve wracking. First official attempt at flirting was underway.


He smiled a wicked smile that made my gut twist slightly, in a good way. He leaned across the table a bit before speaking.


“I hear I look even better without” he winked at me and sat back upright. I laughed and blushed a little, but considered this a successful first attempt.


“So, erhm… what do you do?”


“Me? I’m starting second year of uni in autumn. Studying English lit”


“Oh, you like to read?”


“I do. What’s your favourite book?”


And just like that, we launched into a three hour-long conversation about books, characters and the stories that made us feel for them. He was interesting and his passion for literature was obvious when he explained how he felt about this or that happening in the novel we were discussing. I was captivated and intrigued by him. By the time he paid our bill, despite my insistence that I could take care of my own drinks, and walked out of the pub I was wondering if he would ask to see me again, and hoping that he would.


He walked me back in the direction of my house for a little, then we stopped by a small neighborhood part. We sat on a bench and, to my surprise, he took out a pack of cigarettes.


“Do you want one?” he offered me.


“Nah, thanks. I don’t think I could run or play Q… Lacrosse, very well if I started smoking” Merlin’s pants, that was a close call.


“Do you mind if I do?”


“No, go on”


“It’s a nasty habit but I haven’t been able to kick it” he said. “So, Jocelyn, we’re having a little party tomorrow night with a couple of friends who live nearby, a barbeque in their garden. Do you want to come?”


“Yeah, I’d love to” I said. I sounded a lot more confident than I felt. I was really not sure this was a good idea, but I wanted to see him again, badly.


“Ace. It’s number 10 Faraday Road. I can wait outside for you if you’d like”


“That’d be nice, yes. What time?”




“Cool, I’ll be there”


“It’s a date” he said, smiling that wicked smile of his. I pretended to adjust my hair to buy a second to compose myself, he was completely disarming me.


I had been graced with luscious hair the color of chocolate, which I liked to keep long. It cascaded down my back in soft waves. I had inherited my dad’s blue eyes and my mother’s delicate features. I knew I was pretty but so far it had been more of a “what a cute little girl” kind of thing. When I looked at Jax again, though, I could tell the last things on his mind were ‘cute’ and ‘little girl’. His gaze was intense, and even though I was nervous, I could not, and didn’t want to, look away.


I never thought my first real kiss would be with a muggle, or in a random park in my home neighborhood. I most certainly never thought that it would taste of tobacco, or that my stomach would dance Samba. But when Jax broke the kiss, I realized it had been absolutely perfect, exactly what I needed and that I wanted more. So, so much more.


A/N: hello everybody! This chapter is not super exciting because, as you can tell, it is mostly to give you background and introduce the main OC - Jocelyn. It is the only chapter in this fic that doesn't include any of our beloved original characters, so you don't have to worry. Next chapter will be up soon, and the story will begin for real.


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