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Harry Potter and Arabian Nights by Panacea

Format: Short story
Chapters: 22
Word Count: 32,084

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers

Genres: Horror/Dark, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Hermione, Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, OC

First Published: 02/05/2018
Last Chapter: 07/16/2019
Last Updated: 07/16/2019


Draco, Harry and Hermione are sent on an undercover project to the beautiful and dangerous Arabian country Marwah. A Kingdom ruled by darkness, mystery and secrets. The answers they seek lay within the Palace walls but they will need the help of a Princess, the courage of Gryffindor and the ingenuity of a Slytherin to bring justice to Voldemort's victims once and for all.
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Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty

“You go missing for years, abandon the family and Dad throws you a masquerade ball,” Samira rolled her eyes, “and thank you for choosing me as a peacock, just in case the rest of the world didn’t already think I was too proud.”


“Would you stop complaining for once,” her brother grinned, “you look beautiful, my friends can’t stop looking at you.”


“Spare me,” Samira groaned, she did however love her dress a brilliant peacock blue with feathers decorating the bodice and skirts, her mask nearly obscured her whole face, she was virtually unrecognisable.


Jarret looked handsome in a dark grey suit and his wolfish mask, heads turned when the pair entered the room, through the guests entrance so no one would know they were royalty.


The ballroom was flooded with colourful guest’s all dressed and masked as different animals, golden lions, shocking pink flamingo’s, lilac butterfly’s, green tree snakes, bright orange tropical fish. It was a much younger crowd as Jarret had invited friends he’d met on his travels. They were obvious to spot as they gaped openly at the ornate ballroom, decadent food and lavish décor.


“Dude!” A brightly coloured parrot grinned, “I can’t believe you left this!”


Jarret clapped his friend on the back, “it’s so good to see you all. This is my sister Samira, don’t bow or anything we’re trying to stay under the radar tonight.”


“I wish you’d introduced us sooner,” the parrot said appreciatively.


“You can’t hit on a Princess, Charlie,” a masked gorilla gave him a playful punch.


“Jarret told me about all your travels, it sounded absolutely wonderful,” Samira smiled.


“She talks how you used to!” The gorilla chided.


“Pardon?” Samira said raising her eyebrows.


Jarret laughed, “our speech Sadie, is a lot more refined than theirs.”


“I think it sounds lovely, very classy,” a black cat purred next to Jarret, “I’m Linda.”


“Pleased to meet you,” Samira smiled and shook her hand even though Linda’s attention was firmly fixated on Jarret.


Jarret’s friends were very sweet but Samira felt a million miles away from them as they chattered on about their many adventures. She excused herself and retreated to the balcony. Peeling off her ridiculous mask as she found privacy on the empty balcony.

The air was a few degrees cooler and the tang of sea salt filled the air. She watched as dark inky clouds passed by the moon, it’s light obscured for a moment and it reappeared.


“Princess,” it was Basi, “aren’t you enjoying the party?”


“Of course, I just wanted some air,” she smiled.


“Just keeping an eye on you Princess, can’t have anyone else tipping potions in your drink.” He grinned and handed her a glass of champagne, she took a grateful sip from.


“I don’t believe for a second that Draco tried to poison me, he had plenty of opportunity to do so, why would he choose a moment he could be so easily prosecuted for?”


“He had just lost his mother perhaps he thought you were a means of revenge?”


“I’m sorry Basi but that’s ludicrous,” Samira stood up, “speaking from experience when you lose your Mother the last thing on your mind is poisoning someone.”


“I’ve upset you,” Basi said.


“No, not you, I’m just tired of everyone trying to decide what’s best for me.”


Samira watched as Basi wiped away the sweat beading on his forehead, “where’s your handkerchief?” She asked.


“Excuse me?”


“Your blue handkerchief, I swear you must have about seventy of them.”


“I must have left it in my room,” he forced a smile and Samira felt her stomach tightened.


Pieces of the last few weeks were zooming together to create a picture. A picture she had been so foolish to ignore. The tea, the handkerchief, the leaks to the press about Draco…


“You look pale Princess, are you alright?” He moved towards her and she shrunk back.


“Just a bit dizzy from the champagne,” she dropped the glass, it shattered into thousands of glittering diamonds across the floor.


“Princess!” Basi wrapped his arm around her, “you must lie down.”


“What was in that drink?” She asked.


“The clever little Princess,” he smirked, a face Basi had never made, “a bit too late isn’t it? You have taken a potion to dull your magical and physical abilities, if you scream or make a fuss I will kill every guest in that room. Do you understand?”


Samira nodded and in a swift move picked up a piece of glass and sliced the shard into Basi’s face. A red line appeared from his ear to his cheek, blood leaked steadily from the wound, his lips curved into a maniacal smile.


“Perhaps you’re not so clever,” he grabbed her wrist twisting in painfully. The potion taking affect as Samira couldn’t even wretch herself away from him, her body lost all feeling and was completely weightless, she flopped around like a ragdoll.


“Basi!” Jarret called, he was laughing hysterically. “Basi, sorry to disturb you, one of my friends pissed off the knights amour and they’ve got him in a headlock, can you reverse the spell?”


Jarret was laughing so hard tears winked out of his eyes, he didn’t notice his sister’s pleading eyes or that Basi was holding her upright.


“Of course your highness,” Basi perched Samira on the edge of the balcony and whispered “if you try to move you just might fall off the edge, see you soon.”


The noise and music blasted as the doors opened and swallowed up her brother and Basi. Then suddenly stopped as the doors closed and Samira was left with silence and the thudding of her heart.


She desperately tried to move her fingers or summon her wand, was it her imagination or did her wand vibrate ever so slightly. She attempted again and it definitely was responding, he may have dulled her magic but she was royalty and her magic was stronger than the average witch. Her mind was still strong and that’s all she needed to create a patronus message, she thought of Harry, her brother and finally her mother when silver issued from her wand, without her touch. The powerful jaguar leapt gracefully into the ballroom with her message for help.


The patronus had brought feeling back into her fingers and hands, the warmth from the silvery feline was wearing off the spell. Her patronus was instructed to find someone to help her as she knew her brother was severely intoxicated and would be no help.


“Samira?” The ballroom doors opened and if she did have full use of her body she would’ve fallen over the edge in surprise.




Harry, Hermione and Draco were a magnificent sight standing in the glow of her patronus, they took off their masks and within seconds Harry had embraced her so fiercely she thought her head might explode.


“I’m so glad to see you,” she breathed, “Lucius never left, he’s disguised himself as Basi, he gave me a potion I can’t move or do much magic.”


Hermione immediately waved the patronus to it’s owner, the big cat affectionately head butting Samira’s knee. The warmth and feeling back into her body almost instant.


“Thank you,” she said to Hermione and her jaguar, “he said he’d kill everyone in the room if I screamed.”


“We need to get the guests out,” Draco advised.


“He could come back any moment looking for her,” Hermione argued, “and when he doesn’t find her he might start killing people.”


Harry looked over the balcony, “she could have fallen off the balcony?”


Her magic now fully restored, Samira waved her wand and an identical dress and wig lay in the garden, it looked like she had fallen face first on to the ground.


“That will buy us some time, we need to get the guests out,” Draco repeated.


Hermione grinned and did some complicated wand work. Fireworks erupted in front of the Palace, dazzling colours and patterns, pictures and lights shimmered through the sky. The group slipped inside the ballroom as everyone gathered on the front steps to watch the show.


Draco magically locked the front doors, “there, hopefully that holds, now what?”


A cold voice swept through the Palace, “now it’s only us, hand over the Princess and no one will get hurt.”


The lights in the Palace went out, the only source of light were candles and the bursts of light from Hermione’s fireworks.


Samira’s voice was calm and steady, “I’m coming Lucius, don’t hurt anyone.”