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Muggle Studies by RogueSlytherin

Format: Novella
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 40,301

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Albus, James (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: OC/OC

First Published: 12/11/2018
Last Chapter: 05/30/2019
Last Updated: 05/24/2020


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James wanted a summer away from the expectations of the wizarding world, but falling for a muggle wasn't supposed to be part of the syllabus. 

Chapter 15: Chapter 15

Muggles have this term, ‘deja-vu’. I’ve heard it explained as an overwhelming sensation that you know someone you’ve never met or that you’ve stood somewhere that you’ve never actually been. One muggle told me it was a past life or a memory that was too faded to fully remember- but they all have it backwards.


These moments aren’t your past calling out to you - they’re echos of what’s to come. They’re your instincts screaming that the person you’re looking at or the ground your standing on is significant. It’s the universe desperately urging you to take notice because you’ll be here again.


It’s divination, sure, but it’s so fundamental to the energies of the world that even muggles can feel the echos resonating. Muggles, of course, don’t believe in seeing the future, so their minds resort to a more rational explanation: I must have been here before. Deja-vu.


“James? James are you even listening to me?”


My sister snapped her fingers next to my ear to check my hearing.


“Yes Lily. What?”


I swatted her hand away as if she’d been over-reacting, knowing full well I hadn’t heard a word she’d been on about.


“I’m doing you a favor against my better judgement, the least you can do is pay attention.”


She was right of course; my mind was still wandering about Romania and the conversation that’d taken place there.


“I’m sorry Lils. Look, I’m listening,” I drew an ‘X’ over my heart as a promise, “you have my full attention.”


She let out a sigh of exasperation - clearly not believing my sincerity, “The point is you have precedent on your side. There’s a window to oppose the decision,” she pushed the papers I’d been showing her back to my side of the table.


I flipped through the pages with an unhidden smirk on my face. Lily may have only been an admin in the Wizengamot offices, but I’d trust her interpretation of the law over almost anyone else’s. It was only a matter of time before she sat on the council herself.


But that would still be a few years. This was only a couple summers after everything went down with Logan. Albus had just gotten married, Rose and Scorpius hadn’t been for almost a year. Runes were discovered at a site in Romania so I’d spent my weekend investigating whether it was worth further scrutiny when I was abruptly urged against the site by the muggle-liaison offices. The site was, after all, in the crypt corridors of a very popular tourist castle.


Now, usually I would have pushed against the liaison office there and then, but what I hadn’t expected was the official they’d sent out to deliver the message; none other than Logan Rowena Bell.


I should have expected it, she seemed to be an inevitability in my life. Actually, I’d seen a lot of Logan over those years. Since her brother’s wedding, he’d taken a real interest in her well-being and specifically that she be welcomed in the wizarding world. Whether this was to infuriate their father or because of the influence of his new bride was anyone’s guess - but it was working. She had the protection of the Rosier name with her now, something that could have saved her a lot of heartache had they stepped up at the start.


“You realize she’s asked my advice as well?”


And since Lily’s break-up with Kit she’d been spending more time with Scorpius and by extension - you guessed it.


“She must have been gravely disappointed by what you told her…”


I focused on the papers rather than meet her eyes, knowing mine would give away more than I wanted to.


“Sort of…” She let the silence sit for a minute, trying to draw me into a conversation she knew I wanted no part of, “cause see my advice extended beyond this issue...into other...more personal matters.”


“And how are your personal matters?” I asked pointedly, finally glancing up.


Before she could quip back at me, Scorpius apparated in behind her.


“Oh. James. Hey ya. Didn’t expect you in London this week.”


He took a bottle of firewhiskey from the shelf and poured himself a glass before sitting at the table with us as if he’d been invited and was simply running late.


“You realize Albus and ‘Lotte are still on honeymoon, yeah?”


Lily was still living with my parents and had jumped at the opportunity to house-sit for Albus and Charlotte. Something I assumed Scorpius had forgotten when he apparated in to steal booze. However, by my sister’s expression I was starting to understand that his visit may have been anticipated after all.


“You realize Logan thinks you and Fiona are still together, yes?”


I let out a huff at how casually he was able to turn the conversation on me.


“All of the wizarding world thinks we’re still together - why would Logan be any different?”

“Because it’s Logan. Obviously.”

My sister thought she was so smart - unfortunately for me she really was.


“Look. Fiona agreed to wait until the wedding press dies down before we make it public. The last thing I need is a front page story on how my brother’s happiness foiled my relationship.”


Scorpius and Lily exchanged a glance before Lily conjured two more glasses and Scorp poured.


“Are you trying to sell us that your relationship ending had nothing to do with Albus’ wedding?” If that's what I was selling, Lily wasn’t buying it, “You two missed his stag do because you were breaking up.”


“What’s that matter? You hosted the bloody thing and disappeared an hour into it. What, did you get a better offer?”


Lily wasn’t rattled in the least. Instead, she put her elbow on the table and rested her hand on her chin before narrowing her gaze at me.


“A deal then?” She pointed her finger at me, her eyes still narrowed, “You tell me what ended the longest relationship you’ve ever had and I’ll tell you who I was with at Albus’ stag do. Furthermore, I’ll offer one hex to said hook-up without any fear of retribution from me or any other parties.”


Scorpius suddenly choked on his liquor, coughing to collect his composure while my sister and I continued our staring contest.


Finally, I exhaled loudly looking between the two of them. They had endured some of the worst heartache this world could deal out and were able to confide in each other - why was I so insistent on figuring things out alone?


“Counter offer.” I taped my fingers on the table. As much as I would’ve loved to hex whoever was messing around with my sister into the next century, I’ve found it best to stay out of her love-life. So instead I asked for something that would make telling the truth a little easier, “I tell you what happened between me and Fi, but you aren't allowed to over-react.”




Scorpius answered for her. Lily rolled her eyes, but nodded that she would abide by the terms.


I downed the alcohol I was offered to gain the courage needed for this confession.


“I kinda asked Fiona to marry me.”


Once the words left my lips I grabbed the bottle and poured myself another round. Downing it while Scorpius and Lily made various sounds of disbelief and shock.


“Oi, you agreed not to overreact...And I said kinda…”


Lily straightened her posture and shrugged trying to appear uninterested, as per the agreement.


“And she said?”


“Well surely if she’d agreed to marry him they wouldn’t have parted ways would they, Potter?”


Lily lost her formal posture as she and her mate bickered before turning to me for the real answer. I sighed before accepting that it was already a relief to have someone else know the truth.


“How did you kinda propose? Does that mean you weren’t down on one knee? You didn’t-”


“I didn’t have a ring, I wasn’t down on bended knee, but I did ask if she thought we’d get there someday. The stag do, the aisle, the white dress…”


The memory of that conversation took over my mind and I drifted off in thought. The clang of glass onto the wooden table shook me back again. Scorpius had downed another glass and I knew I had probably struck a nerve for him. I felt for him and at the same time his reaction made me more confident in walking away from Fi. Because Scorpius loved Rose in that forever sort of way - even if they’d been divorced for a year now.


“She thought I was just freaking out about Albus getting married. Or that I was overcompensating for us not seeing each other for a couple months - and maybe that is why I asked, but...I don’t know, once I heard myself say it I realized how much I really wanted it….and that Fiona wasn’t the right person to ask it of.”


“I’m so sorry, Jamey.”


My sister put her hand on my arm to comfort me and I was surprised to find that I didn’t really need any sympathy. I was too at peace with the decision to regret it.


“Honestly, I think it’s the healthiest break-up I’ve ever had. I mean we both agreed that we loved each other, just not in that forever way you know?”

I could see the millions of thoughts running through my sister’s mind, but she was true to her word and kept them to herself. Instead, she returned to her formal posture and put on Scorpius’ posh accent to ask me the next question, as if to prove that she was a calm and collected individual.


“So Gemma’s lovely party on the ‘morrow…” she then broke down all of her pretense and resumed her normal, aggressive accent “are you gonna wisk Logan away to be your forever love or what?!”


“You’re impossible.”


“You’re impossible!” She threw her hands in the air, “Come on! You can’t tell me she’s not been in the back of your mind this entire conversation. As if she’s not the person at the end of that aisle you were talking about-”


“I thought the do was for Alfie,” I side stepped her question with one of my own.


The only thing crazier than my brother being married was knowing my best mate was now a father. This had given Lily, who needed any excuse to throw a party, a solid one.


“Whatever...the poor woman carried that baby a week past due. She deserves all the fanfare this world can muster.”

Lily had gone on and on about what a perfect party she was throwing Gemma. Knowing my sister, I thought that meant that it’d be extravagant, loud, and way over capacity. The latter bit was the only thing that gave me comfort headed into it. It was always easier to hide in a crowd and if my sister was so pointed about my feelings for Logan I’m sure others would be too. The last thing I needed was elbow jabs and winks if people saw us having a conversation. Actually, the last thing I needed was a conversation with Logan at all. Romania had been enough to spin my mind.


To my utter despair, Lily was proud of this party because she was able to reign her own instincts in and, instead, honor Gemma’s request for a more intimate affair. Looking around it seemed only Freddie and Gemma’s family and close friends were invited. I tried to walk in as confidently as possible and wrapped my best mates in a group hug as a greeting.


“How’s my namesake doing?” I asked after the hug, leaning over the pram to see Alfie’s blue eyes staring back at me.


“My son isn’t named after you, Potter. We’ve been over this,” Gemma asserted.


Freddie leaned over the pram next to me, “I tried, mate. She’s stubborn as ever.”


“You know I can hear you? The two of you’ve seriously never learned to whisper have ya?”

“He looks just like his mum, don’t he?”


I turned to see Logan bent down next to Freddie.


“Luckily.” Was my mate’s response.


My eyes lingered on Logan longer than it should have. She must have sensed me staring because she met my gaze before standing back to her full height and brushing a hand over her plaited hair, as if to check that it hadn’t broken free.


Freddie patted me on the shoulder as we both rose back up, “You gonna chase after her Romeo or what?”


“You know one of the best things to come from my muggle studies these past few years?” I smiled and shook his hand from my shoulder, “I finally understand your references…”


We shared a laugh before someone stepped into the space Logan had left.










Each of us gave a formal nod of acquaintance before an awkward silence set in.


“My wife thinks putting me in proximity to a newborn might soften me to idea of having another child. I’ve tried to explain to her-” He paused after he flicked his eyes to Alfie who had drifted off to sleep, “He had to be sleeping, didn’t he?”


He stormed off, clearly upset that her plan had worked so easily.


The rest of the do was uneventful. Gemma and Freddie opened presents, everyone gave hugs and advice and best wishes. I offered mine a second time before heading home myself. I closed the gate to their gardens and started down the pavement. Walking was something else I picked up during my muggle studies. I liked the time it gave me for my mind to wander and found myself purposely parking my bike a few blocks away.


“It’s a right shame about Corvin.”


I stopped just shy of the neighbor’s drive at Logan’s challenge. My hands had been shoved in the pockets of my jacket, but I took one out to shield the sun from my eyes as I turned back to her.


“For your team you mean? Sure is.”


She caught up to me as we both chuckled and started towards my bike again. My hand went back into my jacket pocket and started fiddling with my keys.


“This is weird right?”


I turned to her, but she wasn’t next to me anymore. Instead, she’d stopped a few steps behind.


“Was it something I said? Back at the castle, I said something that made things weird between us again.” She caught back up to me so I wasn’t staring in the sun.


“Things aren’t-” I was going to try to lie the situation back to normal, but the look she gave me let me know it wouldn’t work. “Deja Vu. You called it deja vu...”