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Harry Potter and Arabian Nights by Panacea

Format: Short story
Chapters: 22
Word Count: 32,084

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers

Genres: Horror/Dark, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Hermione, Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, OC

First Published: 02/05/2018
Last Chapter: 07/16/2019
Last Updated: 07/16/2019


Draco, Harry and Hermione are sent on an undercover project to the beautiful and dangerous Arabian country Marwah. A Kingdom ruled by darkness, mystery and secrets. The answers they seek lay within the Palace walls but they will need the help of a Princess, the courage of Gryffindor and the ingenuity of a Slytherin to bring justice to Voldemort's victims once and for all.
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Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen

“We have a problem,” Hermione said as she slammed the Daily Prophet in front of Harry’s face. A large skulking photo of Draco took up most of the front page, next to a dazzling photo of Princess Samira waving and beaming to a crowd.

Harry’s heart flipped at the sight of her moving picture, he hungrily read for details.


Junior Malfoy Following in Father’s Footsteps in Royal Scandal

Draco Malfoy, ex Death Eater, vouched for by Harry Potter has been on an enduring journey to bring his parents to justice. Or so he claims?

After the terrifying night at the Palace of Marwah where Narcissa Malfoy was unmasked posing as Queen Alexia, she died during a battle between her and Aurors.

Lucius Malfoy was said to have fled the palace to avoid capture, yet again. His son Draco was kept at the Palace to watch over prisoner Ginny Weasley and to gain more insight into his father’s crimes.

But it seems we have been fooled again by the devious Malfoy family. A close friend and confidant in the Palace revealed that Draco gave Princess Samira a love potion and has been attempting to be alone with the Princess as much as possible.

Like father, like son, the Malfoy men have been targeting the Princess to wed her and inherit the Marwahian fortune and Kingship.

Draco Malfoy has since fled the Palace and guards are on the hunt for him.

We wish Princess Samira and swift recovery after this dramatic ordeal and await the proper punishment for the Malfoy men.



“It’s not true,” Harry said at once.


“Of course it’s not,” Hermione agreed, “if Draco has escaped, he hasn’t left Marwah.”


“How do you know?”


“I put a tracking spell on his wand, I know when he leaves the country.”


“You’re tracking him?”


Hermione looked frustrated, “I’ve done it to your wand too! Just as a precaution, after Narcissa died I wanted to keep tabs on Draco. I know Draco is still there and I don’t think Lucius ever left.”


“When do we leave?”


Hermione smiled and handed Harry a glowing portkey, “now.”




The pair arrived in the blazing sun of Marwah, the same small apartment they had shared when they first arrived, which seemed like a lifetime ago, before he’d ever met Samira. Hermione was carefully undoing jinx’s and adding her own security measures to the humble apartment.

Harry noticed immediately that the streets were full of colour, laughter and music. Dust no longer filled the air but spices, sweet flowers filled his nostrils. Samira had really stuck to her promise and transformed the city into a charming and lively place.


“Samira has done well in just a few short weeks,” Harry remarked.


“You will get to see your Princess soon enough,” Hermione grinned, “according to my tracking Draco is in here, he’s set up some protective measures to…ah that’s got it!”


Hermione strode into the apartment and wrinkled her nose, the odour of alcohol, sweat and stale food hung heavily in the air. Draco lay asleep on a threadbare couch his wand dangling from his hand and copious empty bottles with flies lazily buzzing over head.


“Draco,” Hermione said softly, “it’s Hermione and Harry.”


Draco sluggishly opened his eyes, his hair was greasy, his skin sallow and patchy with stubble, “going to arrest me?” He croaked, his voice sounded unused.


“Of course not, we don’t believe what everyone is saying about you,” Hermione said gently.


“Going to un vouch for me Potter?” He slurred, gripping his wand more tightly.


Harry was taken aback, it had been a long time since Draco had called him Potter, “don’t be daft mate, we came here to help, we think Lucius is still here.”


“You reckon,” Draco said sarcastically, “that weasel Basi nearly got me executed but I escaped like father like son aye?”


“Draco you are nothing like your father, we’re here to help you, we’re your friends,” Hermione pleaded.


Draco looked uncomfortable, “I don’t know what happened,” he said defeated.


“Give me your memory,” Hermione fished in her beaded purse for a Penseive.


“He won’t like it,” Draco muttered to Harry.


“Draco don’t worry about me,” Harry reiterated.


“Fine,” with distain Draco placed the memory in the swirling bowl of smoke and all three tipped their wands in.


Instantly transported to Samira’s extravagant bedroom. Samira was sitting up in bed, her hair glossy and shining around her shoulders and her face void of any make up. She looked a little paler than usual but otherwise breathtaking.

Draco had brought in a tray of tea, that was steaming gently.


“Princess,” Draco knocked, “Basi gave me some tea for you.”


“Thank you Draco, please come in,” Samira gestured for him to sit.


“You must be sick of tea,” he smiled gingerly, the tenderness in Dracos voice made Harry a little envious.


“They can’t all be bad,” she hesitated, taking the drink in her hands, “have you heard from Harry at all?”


“No,” Draco answered, “but that’s not unusual, might not be able to make contact.”


Samira nodded, her eyes far away and for a moment Harry thought she looked right at him.


“He liked you Princess, the first time he saw you in the Marketplace, he was hooked. It’s just…circumstances,” he finished lamely.


Samira laughed, “circumstances being he is a worldwide celebrated hero and I’m a Princess?”


“Yeah that’d be the circumstances, it’s a shame though, I’ve never seen Harry so happy before.”


“Thank you Draco,” Samira smiled and sipped her tea and warm feeling spreading through her body as she stared at Draco.


Ill let you get some rest, Draco made to leave.


No, please stay with me, Samiras hand shot out and grabbed Dracos.


Draco looked slightly surprised but pleased and stayed with his hand holding hers , is everything alright?


Yes, of course Draco, when youre with me Im better than alright,she beamed at him.


Draco couldnt hide is surprise anymore, maybe drink some more tea?


She complied and the real Draco beside Harry shook his head, I thought she maybe hit her head or something.


Hermione hushed him and stared obsessively at the scene before her.


Draco, I must admit I get kind of intimidated around you, Samira blushed but didnt let go of his hand.


He laughed, I hardly think I could make you intimidated.


Draco dont be silly, how could I possibly make you intimidated, youre so strong and handsome and...very sexy.


Dracos eyebrows were knitted in complete confusion now, his mouth gaped open.


See! Youre not intimidated by me at all, you just think Im this silly, spoilt princess, Samira flung the covers off her bed and stood up in frustration. She was wearing blue silk shorts and a matching singlet adorned in lace. Now Draco really did look intimidated, she looked exquisite as she pulled on a matching kimono in the same midnight blue.


I dont think youre silly or spoilt, Draco replied hurriedly, youre kind, caring, incredibly brave and determined.


The Princess walked slowly back towards him, a smile playing on her lips, oh Draco, do you really mean it?


Of course I do...and youre the most beautiful woman Ive ever seen, Draco stared at Samira, her arms linking behind his neck, he grabbed her around the waist and kissed her deeply. Samira responded eagerly, her body pressed to his.


The doors crashed opened, with Basi, Jarrett and palace guards wearing furious expressions.


There he is! Basi pointed.


How dare you! Jarret stormed forward but Samira stood infront of Draco.


Jarrett dont! I love him! She shouted, protecting Draco.


In that moment Harry saw the realization dawn on Dracos face and the fierce anger he felt towards Draco evaporated upon seeing the hurt etched on his face now.


Theres been a misunderstanding, Draco said calmly.


No! Samira shouted, were in love Jarrett! And you need to accept it!


Youre not in love Sadie! He gave you a love potion! Jarret tried to pry his sister away from Draco but she stood her ground.


If you hurt him Ill kill myself! She screamed, thrashing her arms wildly.


Ive got her, Jarret picked her up copping kicks and punches from his sister, take him to the dungeons.


Dracos eyes were panicked, he created a plume of smoke and with the shrieks of Samira in the background he was gone.


The trio returned to their apartment, “I stayed in that secret passageway until I’d heard them leave and sedate Samira, then I snuck out using the worker’s entrance.”


“You were lucky to escape,” Hermione said.


“I’m sorry Harry, I know you liked her,” Draco wouldn’t quite meet his eye.


“I didn’t know you did,” Harry replied.


“Maybe some of that love potion got to me,” he tried to smile.


“Draco you’ve just lost your mum, I think anyone would understand that you’re vulnerable right now,” Hermione gently soothed.


“I don’t know what happened, normally with a love potion, it’s blindly obvious but I don’t know was this more subtle. I really thought she’d hit her head too hard but then when she started walking towards me I just…”


“It’s alright,” Harry repeated.


“What’s not alright is that someone in that castle set you up and I assume it’s your Father,” Hermione packed her items away into her beaded purse.


“We need to get back into the Palace.”