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Erased From History by After All This Time

Format: Novel
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 2,714
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Humor, Mystery, Romance, LGBTQA
Characters: Dumbledore, Slughorn, Sprout, Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 04/25/2019
Last Chapter: 05/13/2019
Last Updated: 05/13/2019


Birdie Havens from a Slytherin Pure-Blood family, famous for Parseltongue, is sorted into Hufflepuff! Birdie is favoured by many teachers and all joke about how she should be in their house. Lily Evans becomes a close friend and tries to help her friend to find out why she seems to be confused about house. Meanwhile Peter Pettigrew learns he has an enormous crush on Birdie and- two of his friends get jealous and try to win Birdie's heart. However secrets are spilled when Birdie and Lily enter Dumbledore's office for an explanation. And it leaves three Marauders heart-broken and confused. AND leaves Birdie in a sticky situation... 

Chapter 2: Sloppy Sleepovers

After completing the complicated barrel tapping session, Gust and Birdie entered the Hufflepuff common room. The place was literally an earthy tunnel leading to a nature themed, low-roofed room with the Hufflepuff logo scattered everywhere on flags, cloths, pillows and many more.


"Wow," Mumbled Gust, trying to hide he was quite impressed. 


"Yea... A lot more my liking..." Birdie sighed.


"What's wrong?" Gust asked.


"It's just my family are all in Slytherin and I bet they will disown me now..."


"WOW! So your, like,  one of the Pure-Blood obsessed families!?" 


"YEA!? What's that supposed to mean?" Birdie snarled.


Gust gasped. 


"Ugh, what is it this time?" Birdie moaned irritably. 


" Parseltongue?!" 


The bombshell dropped. 

She hadn't know she had been doing it! It was honestly just when she was... Angry


"Uh... S...sorry 'bout that um it kinda runs through my blood..." Birdie stuttered, very embarrassed. 


"It's ok" Gust smiled reassuringly. 


They both found an antique squashy armchair, largely decorated with badgers and yellow, that was big enough for the two 11 year olds to sit on comfortably together. 


"So Gust, tell a bit about yourself" Birdie started, propping her self against a small sunny pillow. 


"Oh, alright .... Well for starters, my Mum's a Muggle and my dad's a wizard. I have a younger sister, Ebrill, she 9 and uh oh I have a cat." Chatted Gust. 


"Ebrill?" Birdie inquired. 


"Oh yes, my dad's  Welsh, it means April in Welsh..." He said. 


"Your parents like... Months don't they? A...are they called June and July!" Giggled Birdie. 


"Shut it! Your parents like birds do they!?" He snapped, a grin tugging at his lips.  


"Alright! ALRIGHT!" She squealed, blocking a thrown pillow.

"And no, it was my Great Grandmother who named me-and YES she liked birds, ok?" She replied, catching the smirk on Gust's face. 


"Ok, ok! I declare we both have ridiculous names." He sighed as Birdie threatened with an adult pillow. 


Then finally they burst out laughing. Gust's chestnut hair in his hazel eyes and lightly toned and freckled face. And Birdie's short shoulder-length,thick, pale blonde hair swooping by her dark Ocean blue eyes and paler also freckled face. 


They soon grew slumped and drowzy on the cosy chair, sleepily droning on about their life. It was happy and comfortable untill an anxious faced girl with dark skin and black hair and eyes  came down and gasped dramatically at the sight. 


"You must go to the girls dorms Birdie! And he must go to the boys!" She exclaimed. 


Gust's eyes darted around then looked down. Birdie was actually asleep! Softly breathing, quite angelically, with her hand lazily placed on Gust's. 


He rapidly pulled his hand away, as if his hand was in goopy gone off porridge, blushing pink.


"Ugh, Birdie get up" Whined the girl.


"Huh? Wah?-" Birdie mumbled


She glanced at Gust trotting up to the boys dormitories, and yawned. 


"Oh! I forgot, thanks Maya" Birdie chuckled, surprised she remembered "Maya". 


"Um, it's Nikaya" She mumbled.


Oh well close enough.



The night was horrendous. The girls in Birdie's dorm were endlessly snickering and giggling as sickly as sugar about boys and snogging! As much as she tried to block out the noise, even after the giggling when they finally fell asleep, she could not sleep. And when she finally did, she could of sworn as soon as she blinked it was morning. Also she had woken up with a bald, wrinkly and narrow cat curled on her pillow. She had let out an ear-piercing scream when it had woken her up with a lick in the face.


"AAARGH!!!!" Birdie screamed, causing the cat to quickly scuttle away in fright. 


"You don't look so good" Frowned Nikaya all of a sudden. 


"Thanks a bunch." Birdie groaned rubbing her temple, try to rub the ache away.


" I...I didn't mean that I!" The now worried girl trembled.




Birdie look up at Nikaya who had now flicked her wand at Birdie.


Panic rose in Birdie. 


What on earth?


"There." Smiled Nikaya, her face relaxing in satisfaction.


Birdie rushed to the mirror, her face was no longer shadowy and groggy but hydrated and smooth. Her hair was shiny and brushed, not tangled in an enormous knot. 


"Wow!  Thanks Nikaya its great!"


"Where'd you learn that?!" Birdie exclaimed, clearly chuffed.


"Oh, from my Mama, she went to a magic school in Africa, its s popular spell there..." Nikaya shyly mumbled, smiling. 


"Well it's BLOODY fantastic!" Birdie roared jokingly. 


"C'mon get changed!" Nikaya giggled ambling out the door.


At that moment Birdie smiled. And quickly sprinted out.



"... You should look after" Birdie heard Nikaya, lecturing somebody.


"Well poor Cleo got half scared to death!" She heard Gust point out.


"Whoops...sorry" Birdie laughed 


They both looked up at Birdie.


"Dreadfully sorry Cleo, didn't mean to hurt your cat Gust, though I am more of a fan on dogs..." Birdie chuckled.


"Yea, cats are lovely, but dogs are better in my opinion!" Nikaya agreed, lightly petting the glaring cat. 


"Don't worry Cleo, you poor cat" Crooned Gust while cradling the content cat. 


"Yea, again sorry about your..." Started Birdie, sharing glanced with Nikaya.



"" The two girls said in unison.


And they all laughed.