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Erased From History by After All This Time

Format: Novel
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 2,714
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Humor, Mystery, Romance, LGBTQA
Characters: Dumbledore, Slughorn, Sprout, Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 04/25/2019
Last Chapter: 05/13/2019
Last Updated: 05/13/2019


Birdie Havens from a Slytherin Pure-Blood family, famous for Parseltongue, is sorted into Hufflepuff! Birdie is favoured by many teachers and all joke about how she should be in their house. Lily Evans becomes a close friend and tries to help her friend to find out why she seems to be confused about house. Meanwhile Peter Pettigrew learns he has an enormous crush on Birdie and- two of his friends get jealous and try to win Birdie's heart. However secrets are spilled when Birdie and Lily enter Dumbledore's office for an explanation. And it leaves three Marauders heart-broken and confused. AND leaves Birdie in a sticky situation... 

Chapter 1: Some Sorting Hat, Am I right?

The atmosphere was still chilly, and Birdie's robes were still sopping and stuck to her skin after a dramatic incident in the Lake. Blushing in embarrassment, she could feel students eyes on her and hear muffled giggles. 


"Get off me!" She hissed, almost like a snake, when a boy with shaggy black-blue hair had prodded her. 

He flinched, looking alarmed, and slumped back to his chair. 


Some children whispered and snickered behind her as she turned away. 


"Fools." She hissed again under her breath. 


Another dark, long haired boy turned in astonishment. Like the other boy, but his hair looked more... Greasy. 


"Wow, your going to be in Slytherin." He grinned, impressed and clearly chuffed. 


"What? Because I'm a bitching git am I?" She shot back, angrily. 


"Well...that too." He grinned, handing me his palm.


"I'm Severus, Severus Snape."


Birdie rolled her eyes slightly.


"I'm Birdie, Birdie Havens." 

She parroted sarcastically, ignoring his grubby hand. 


"Cool! So your from the Pure-Blood family, right?" He smiled excitedly. 


"The one and only..." She muttered sarcastically. 


"Hey, may I ask, is your middle name-" 


"YES! IT IS! NOW CAN WE NOT TALK ABOUT THAT!" Birdie rapidly whisper-yelled. 


"Sure-?" Severus was cut of by Professor McGonagall. 




Damn it, did she gave to say the middle name? 


Birdie, surely convinced she was crimson by now, nervously rose from her seat and anxiously shuffled to the top by the stool and antiquated, battered brown wizard hat. 


She felt every living souls eyes on her, she glanced up and swore she saw Dumbledore, dazzling blue eyes shining, whispering to his magnificent fiery, gold Phoenix in the distance. 


The hat rested on her head tenderly, making nervous shiver run down her back, then started contemplating to itself in a bizarre fashion. 

Oddly enough, Birdie felt the hat wriggle uncomfortably on her head seeming dumb-founded. 


A minute rolled past in silence, although it felt like a month had finally finished. 


"D...Do you need any help?" Birdie desperately whispered, who was starting to feel a bit sweaty. 


The Sorting Hat chucked strangely . 

"Oh, silly infant, no brain can out wit the Sorting Hat's decisions!" It cried proudly.


"Well what's taking so long? What are we waiting for the Blue Moon?" Birdie muttered impatiently. 


Birdie couldn't see, however she could sense the Sorting Hat was very offended. 


Suddenly, with a loud song full cry and a blur of Autumn colours, Dumbledore's Phoenix soured over towards them. 


It perched nobly on Birdie's shoulder, digging it's claws in so it hurt a little, then bent to the Sorting Hat and crowed softly.


The students, and Professors, were gawping inquisitively at the unusual scene. And Birdie swore she heard a few gasp.


"Yes, yes, you see I was considering Slytherin because well-her Parseltongue." Whispered the Hat very quietly so Birdie could only just hear it. 


"But then, I could sense her wiseness and I felt she would do splendidly in Ravenclaw-but" 


"It was like Godric himself was shouting out her giant amount of bravery, and she seems quite decent..."


Then the Phoenix crooned a soft and short melody and Birdie felt the Sorting Hat shift a nod. 


"Yes I can see her great with animals too, some kind perks to her..."


Birdie just remembered it had been 5 minutes already! And all the student's eyes were glued the "performance" and Professor McGonagall seemed be shifting, slightly confused.


The bird elegantly flew away to its master and the Sorting Hat cleared it's throat (or made the noise indicating that). 


"I have come to my conclusion..." He boomed confidently. 


"You must be in HUFFLEPUFF!" 


There was an awkward applause from the yellow flagged table and Birdie swiftly made her way towards it, wishing she could just disappear. 


The gossip fled around the pupils like wildfire. Strange... Birdie thought smashing the families "flawless" Slytherin chain would feel hard and difficult. However, sitting at the Hufflepuff table only felt like she was laying in the peaceful sun...


But this also meant she was the first Hufflepuff in history to be able to speak Parseltongue.


Birdie watched the ceremony continue untill the final child sat on the miniscule stool. 


The Sorting Hat followed it's comical "face-pulling" and finally announced the chestnut colour haired boy, who was named August Stroham, in to Hufflepuff. 


He strode, face sour, towards the glowing table and flopped beside Birdie.


"Right hello,I don't like you, no I don't wanna be buddies, Im FINE not speaking and call me GUST not the ridiculous name my mother declared my birth with!" He ranted suddenly.


Birdie sighed and turned to him. "If you think your names weird, then I bet you've never met someone called "Birdie"!" 


He thought about it then grinned. She grinned back.


"Some Sorting Hat, am I right?" Gust sighing, still grinning.


"Yep..." Birdie replied. 


And then they turned to eat the feast that had suddenly appeared.