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Muggle Studies by RogueSlytherin

Format: Novella
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 40,301

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Albus, James (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: OC/OC

First Published: 12/11/2018
Last Chapter: 05/30/2019
Last Updated: 05/24/2020


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James wanted a summer away from the expectations of the wizarding world, but falling for a muggle wasn't supposed to be part of the syllabus. 

Chapter 14: Chapter 14



After her tears dried, Logan pulled away from my embrace.


“Gemma spent that whole night telling me that you’d understand. All summer she’d been pushing me to just come clean.”


She fiddled with one of her earrings before continuing, “That’s why you can’t hold this against them. Gemma, she was angry at me from the on-set. She knew I’d mess everything up in the end…”


Poor Gemma. She’d truly been looking out for both of us and all either of us did was fuss at her for it.


“And Freddie. We put him in an impossible situation. He and Gemma went a couple weeks without talking when he saw what it all was doing to you...but he knew he couldn’t tell you the truth without telling you who I was and...and he promised a long time ago that my secrets were mine to share.”


She brushed a chocolate wave behind her ear and my heart sank to see that there was no feather tucked between them.


“I’ve caused so much much heartache for the sake of my insecurities...and that’s my burden to bear - but please promise me that you’ll not hold it against anyone else.”


There were too many thoughts, too many memories flooding my mind to form a sentence, instead I merely offered a nod of the head.


“Well then, I’ve taken up enough of your life I think...” She smiled sweetly and reached a hand up to tickle the scruff on my cheek, “This suits you...don’t let anyone talk you out of it.”


I smiled against her touch, but then she retreated her hand and started towards the door.


“Logan wait.”


She stopped a few steps away from me and turned back around, waiting for whatever reason I had stopped her - but I wasn’t sure what the reason was. By all accounts I should have let her walk out of my life; I should have been glad to see her go. A moment ago I couldn’t even form words, now they were simply spilling out of me.


I scratched at the back of my neck before deciding to just state an observation, “I’ve gotten grease all over you.”


She looked down at her hand which was stained from when she’d taken my hand to stop me. I took the cloth from my back pocket and offered it to her while I tried to muster the courage to say what it was I’d actually wanted to say.


She managed to get most of it and held the cloth back out for me to retrieve, but what she couldn’t see was the black mark across her cheekbone from where my thumb had rested.


“You’ve got a little,” I motioned to my cheek, but she continued to hold the cloth out for me to take back.


“Would you mind?” She asked after I clearly didn’t understand.


We both shared a soft laugh before I took the cloth and stepped close to her one more time, wiping the stain from her face. It’s odd, but the moments we’d shared only seconds before didn’t seem intimate to me. Had someone stumbled upon us I wouldn’t have felt any reason to be embarrassed or need to explain, but this time our eyes met I felt it. That pit in my chest. That feeling like I’m standing at a precipice about to fall over the edge.


I swallowed my feelings and tried to focus on the mark, but it wasn’t coming off. Finally she put her hand over mine to stop any further attempts and I finally found the words,


“It wouldn’t have been settling...being with you I mean.”


We just stood there, my hand against her cheek, her hand against mine, staring at one another knowing that Logan wasn’t the only person leaving that yard marked. She’d left her imprint on my soul- and I on hers.


“You’re the one who deserved should never have been made to feel less than...”


There are people we encounter in our lives who we just know, on some level, will make a difference in our lives. We call it falling, we say our hearts skipped a beat; because something in you just feels them coming, like your soul bracing itself for their impact.


“I’m so glad to have met you Logan Bell.”


I stuck my hand out for her to shake, feeling the irony that this was both our first proper introduction, but could also be our last. She shook my hand gently before pushing herself on her toes to kiss my cheek. Then she turned to leave, and our fingertips finally fell to our sides.


“It’s Rowena by the way. My middle name.”


I couldn’t help but laugh watching her brush her hair back over her shoulder and leave out the gate.

I was still out on the back patio when Fiona got in that night - trying to sort everything out. I’d spent that morning certain I’d never be able to forgive my mates for lying to me - and now I felt like I needed to make an apology tour.


I’d been acting as if I was somehow entitled to Freddie and Gemma’s loyalty, but they were Logan’s friends too. And my brother, Scorpius, they had just pieced together the little information they’d been given - I was the one who couldn’t see passed his own nose.


It wasn’t fair what Logan had done - but now I was able to understand it. My eyes were tracing constellations when I felt Fi sit next to me and rest her head on my shoulder.


“Thank you.”


“Don’t thank was selfishly done.”


I peered down to try and read her expression, but she was so calm I would’ve believed she’d fallen asleep.


“How’s that then?”


“You get stuck Jamey.” She curled into my shoulder as a cool breeze blew over us, “You feel too much and you just get stuck. And until you can suss out the facts from your feelings you just drift about.”


She peeked up at me, probably trying to now gage my expression, which was creased in thought.


“When your holiday is over. When you get an assignment that takes you halfway across the world for weeks at a time...I need to know that you’re worth my wait.”


I leaned in to press my lips to hers in an attempt to reassure her that I was - or at the very least that I wanted to be.


“Thank you all the same,” my lips brushed against hers.

I made up with Freddie and Gemma that next day. And Al and I were back to sibling bickering within the week. My life was normal again - well as normal as life can be for the son of the world’s most famous wizards.


And I could tell you all sorts of stories from those next few months. Romantic gestures, fights and make-ups, but it’s easier if I just skip passed the details for when everything seemed to simultaneously go all to pot.


Because while the rest of our lives were meandering along in fairly contented bliss, Scorpius and Rose were falling apart. I was across the ocean in the States and still managed to shoulder a large part of the blame for it. Apparently, I had set unrealistic expectations for what long distance relationships could withstand...I also might have encouraged Rose to advance in the ranks of her new career as a curse-breaker.


In my defense, my long distance relationship had been going just fine and Rose was a perfect candidate to be a curse-breaker. How was I supposed to know she was having an existential crisis?! In any case, Rose and Scorpius officially filed for divorce just months before the Quidditch World Cup.


That story paid The Prophet’s paychecks for the next six months. The only thing that ripped it from the headlines was Albus’s proposal. We’d gone to school with Charlotte, but she was quiet and followed the rules so none of us had taken notice at the time. The whole world took notice once Albus decided she was the one.


Honestly, if anyone’s to blame for the mess it’s Albus. Before his wedding, Rose was still coming around for holidays. Lily still believed the best in people. I hadn’t spoken with Logan in months. But weddings...weddings have a way of bringing unresolved tensions to the surface.


See, when you’re an adult, and your life is settled, and your kids are growing up, and your job is steady, there’s nothing more fun than a night out to celebrate someone’s newfound happiness - but when you’re in your twenties, and you feel the pressure of all your choices and where they might lead you, and every step forward risks the ground falling out from beneath you, and being settled feels like being trapped, there’s nothing more destructive than having to endure someone else’s newfound happiness.


Lily’s was the first heart ache. Kit cheated on her with a girl who ran and told Witch Weekly all about it. She wasn’t just crushed, she was humiliated. Had our dad not threatened us with fines and wand suspensions if anything were to happen to him, my brother and I would’ve hexed the git into oblivion for what he’d done.


Scorpius and Rose were next on the list. Something happened at the wedding, or maybe in the days leading up to it - whatever it was sent Rose running for the hills. Okay, in this case it was Egypt, but you know what I mean. She didn’t come home for Christmas that year or during her spring holiday the next one. The civility between her and Scorpius just completely broke down.  


Then I suppose I’m the last of the casualties to Albus’s nuptials. The distance and time apart wasn’t ideal, but me and Fi both seemed to handle it well. It was actually the healthiest relationship I think I’d had up to that point.


And had my brother not forced us all to look at our lives and choices it might have survived a little longer.