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Muggle Studies by RogueSlytherin

Format: Novella
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 40,301

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Albus, James (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: OC/OC

First Published: 12/11/2018
Last Chapter: 05/30/2019
Last Updated: 05/24/2020


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James wanted a summer away from the expectations of the wizarding world, but falling for a muggle wasn't supposed to be part of the syllabus. 

Chapter 12: Chapter 12

“I don’t get what the fuss is about.”


My brother stirred his tea, trying to understand, but clearly missing the point.


“You’re not still hung up on her are ya?”


I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at him.


“It’s not about being hung up on her, it’s-” I had to stop myself and manage the volume of my voice. I looked down the hall quickly to make sure Fi was still in our room before I continued, “She recognized me, Albus. She’s not supposed to remember me- not enough to react like she did anyways.”


Albus feigned shock and horror and I decided it was okay to roll my eyes at him. Then he shrugged and laughed at me.


“What do you want me to say? You’ve said it’s impossible for her to have been there and also that you swear you saw her. I definitely wasn’t there so I really can’t offer you any assistance.”


He had a point, but he also had a look about him that was putting me on edge. Albus loved gossip. He loved being in the middle of our family’s drama - but this he was happy to shrug aside?


Fiona emerged from the bedroom, which forced me to let the discussion go. It was a normal morning from there. The rest of the weekend was rather uneventful too, which wasn’t helping quiet the voice in the back of my mind questioning everything.


We spent that Sunday afternoon catching up with Freddie and Gemma. It would have been the perfect opportunity to put all of this to rest, but Fi never left my side.


I tried to push her out of my mind, but every time my eyes closed Logan’s would appear. I woke up Tuesday morning and waited for Fiona and Albus to leave for work, then headed to the ministry.


“Bell. Logan Bell.” I answered the clerk at the muggle relations desk. “It would have been in July.”


“I’m sorry Mr. Potter, there’s only two incidents filed within London during that time and neither feature that name. Are you sure your dates are correct?”


I was absolutely certain of the date - but that, it seemed, was all I was certain about. I marched passed the front desk clerk, ignoring her requests for me to stop and rounded the corner. The ministry could be a labyrinth if you weren’t familiar with it. Luckily, my best mate had been working in the same office since Hogwarts so I knew exactly where I was going.


I opened my mouth, ready to storm in with questions when I heard voices on the other side of the wall and stopped to listen.


“You shouldn’t have gone along with this.” A calm and stern voice asserted.


Followed by the familiar quick candor of my mate, “Obviously! But it’s not like anyone thought to bloody consult me is it?”


“Even so, you have had multiple occasions to let the truth be known and have chosen to instead-”


“Oi! What I’ve chosen to do was look out for my mate-”


“And what a marvelous job you’ve done...”


I leaned too far forward trying to get a better vantage point and kicked against the wall while trying to catch my footing. The noise instantly quieted the men’s heated conversation. I clearly wasn’t hidden anymore so I decided to make my presence known, strolling around the corner of the door frame.


“Rosier.” I nodded a curt hello, “Fascinating to see you in the department of magical accidents...all’s well I do hope?”


Which on paper, seems like a polite greeting - but I was sure that my tone sounded like ‘It’d be a shame for a magical accident to happen here without any witnesses.’


Sebastian was at least five years older than me - he’d been in school with Teddy and Victoire. He was also a couple inches taller than me. I tell you this so that when I say that the glare he returned my way sent a shiver up my spine, you’ll understand why I was intimidated.


His jet black hair only made the ice of his eyes look more like daggers. While I understood I was the one who’d issued an idle threat - I couldn’t quite make sense of his animosity.


“Sebastian was just leaving,” Freddie broke through the cold silence, “Family matters to attend to, isn’t that what you were on about?”


Sebastian’s eyes narrowed when they shot to my friend. “Quite.” He all but spit at him, almost accusingly before turning to the door. He left in a whirl of robes sending loose parchment from Freddie’s desk into the air.


I waited for him to saunter out of earshot before turning back towards my friend,


“Tell me he’s not got you caught up in something, Freddie.”


I’m not sure what about my question was funny, but he laughed at it anyways. Then he sunk into his desk chair and buried his head in his hands.


“Seriously, mate. Whatever’s wrong I can help…”


That only sent his shoulders heaving higher from more laughter before finally he found his composure.


“It’s nothing. But best you stay as far from that family as you can from the way he looked at ya.”


“Royce, don’t just-”


“Honestly Potter. Let it go, yeah?”


I took a seat in one of the chairs across from his desk as he started moving the loose papers back into the various piles he had across his desk.


“Now is there something you needed? I didn’t expect to see you again ‘til tomorrow.”


My eyes narrowed at him like Sebastian had done - trying to remember my earlier rage. Only now, all I had for my mate was concern. Was I really going to accuse him like Rosier had just done? But I needed answers, so I started slowly,


“I’ve just seen the front clerk about incident reports for that July I was…”


I didn’t know the end of that sentence, was it the July I was a muggle? The July I was with Logan? The July I was foolish and immature?


“An obliviation has to be sanctioned by the ministry, yeah? There has to be a report filed and inquiry made. You took my statement that night I remember-” I had to stop myself before the memories all flooded back again. Instead I swallowed them and finished, “There’s no trace of her in any of the ministry's records.”


Freddie continued to fiddle with the loose papers, moving a page from one pile to another and then back again rather than meet my eye.  


“That’s curious.”


“Curious? Freddie it’s impossible!”


My anger had found its way back to the forefront. Curious? Was that really all he had to say on the matter? Something seemed to break through Freddie’s pretense and he met my glance.


“Why did you ask the clerk about the reports? Did you come all the way to the ministry for that?”


Suddenly I felt like I was the one being accused.


“What? No. I just...I’m in London for Fiona-”


“Which is why you’re asking about your ex?”


“I saw her Freddie!” I exclaimed out of frustration. How had I become the one on trial in all of this?


I took a beat to calm myself down and started again, “When me and Fi were out the other night I saw Logan...and I’d swear she recognized me.”


Freddie’s posture straightened at that.


“I was looking for her report so I could find out who oblivated her...I think something’s gone wrong.”


Freddie’s tense shoulders relaxed slightly as my tone slowed back to a normal pace. He bit at his bottom lip like he was holding in his next words before finally letting them out.


“I don’t know anything about the report...but I do know Logan’s back in the city.”


I leaned back in my chair and took a deep breath in. There was a part of me that really thought I’d made her up; that she was still at her fellowship or off on some other adventure and I was just torturing myself.


“It really was her…”


“Hold on now - just because she’s in London doesn’t mean she was the woman you saw.” Freddie quickly refuted. Then, after a sigh, he continued, “She’s been ‘round the flat….hasn’t seemed out of the ordinary to me…”


<Well she wouldn’t would she?! You weren’t oblivated from her memory!> I had to fight back my frustration- he was only trying to help after all. It’s funny really. Up until that afternoon I really thought I’d gotten a handle on my emotions - turns out they just hadn’t really been tested in a while.


“She’s staying with her brother until she can find a place - I promise she’s perfectly healthy.”

I didn’t sleep at all that night. In fact, I spent most of it pacing around the living room. What was I doing? Why couldn’t I let this go? Did it even matter if Logan remembered me? I mean if that woman had been her the mere sight of me sent her running in the opposite direction. And besides, I was with Fi. I wanted to be with Fi. Or did I? Is that why I was so perplexed?


I tried to be honest with myself after my fourth lap around the sofa. If it had been Logan. If she did remember me. If she showed up at the front door and asked me run away with her - would I go? I had been ready to follow her across the country that night we argued - but was that real or just the impulsive whims of that cavalier boy Fiona mentioned?


Eventually I convinced myself to at least lay in bed and stare at the ceiling rather than tread a hole in Al’s carpet. And luckily, Al had invited the guys over that next evening so I had a distraction.


“You don’t have to brace yourself Albus, these cards don’t explode.”


Every time Al peeked at the two cards he’d been dealt his shoulders tensed. His timidness was understandable; Lily and I had tortured him with Exploding Snap for years. I shook my head at the tiny flinch he made when Freddie dealt the turn to reveal the king of hearts.




I tossed my sad cards towards Freddie. Scorpius tossed another chip into the pot,




“Nothing about this makes any sense.”


We had tried explaining poker to my brother on countless occasions, but it never seemed to stick. Scorpius, however, picked it up quickly - plus he had a complete lack of emotional range that made him impossible to read. Most other nights it would have annoyed me to no end - but the challenge was a welcomed distraction that evening.   


“Gemma with Freddie doesn’t make any sense and they make it work...”


Freddie only nodded in agreeance with my joke, “It’s best not to question it.”


Albus tossed his chip into the center and Freddie dealt the river. Albus and Scorpius both flipped their cards over - to no one’s surprise, Scorpius took the round.


“How ‘bout this thing with you and Fi?” Freddie asked shuffling the deck by hand, “Are y’all like together together or together?” He wiggled his eyebrows so his meaning was unmistakable.


I scratched at the back of my neck, “I’ve asked her to make a go of it, but  we’ll see if your wife talks her out of it tonight.”


Scorpius smirked, “Unlikely. Your cousin wants someone else in this family to get married as soon as possible. She thinks that’ll give The Prophet someone else to pester about having children.”


“Is that what’s keeping our Rosie away, then?” Albus asked, “She’s not been to a family supper in ages."


Scorpius’ expression didn’t change, but his hesitation to answer told me Albus had asked a precarious question.


“Kids are far from Rose’s mind...she's in a different country every month it seems."


“Who in Godric’s name ever suggested curse-breaking to that girl?”


I could feel everyone’s eyes turn my way, “It wasn’t me! Swear.” I defended, but after I thought about it for a moment, “I'll bet she's good at it though. Over qualified if you ask me.”


Freddie started dealing another round out as Scorpius continued, “Have you worked with Anders Creevey at all? He went to school with us - Ravenclaw I think.”


I had crossed paths with Anders a couple times since school, but only briefly. He did a lot of work in Egypt and North Africa while most of my jobs were in Europe. Not to mention he and Fiona had a past that made any interaction with him fraught with awkward tension.


“Yeah I know him. He’s been in Egypt for over a year now. Actually, he’s supposed to be putting a team together to-” That’s when my memory clicked with the current conversation. “ that where Rose is then?”


Anders had just been given a special assignment in what was once Carthage. He had asked Fiona to be his muggle liaison and I was grateful that she’d rejected it.


“So what are you going to do?”


“Do?” He repeated with a smirk, “It’s Rose Granger-Weasley. This is what she's decided to do with her life. There’s no changing her mind.”


Freddie must have sensed the tension growing in the air when he randomly asserted, “Well the way Witch Weekly covers it, Lily could be walking down the aisle any day now.”


It was a brilliant segue to pull our attention. The whole room made different noises of audible disdain. Kit was trouble - we all saw it, but there'd be no convincing Lily until it was plastered about The Prophet. 


“Don’t fret, mates. She was at Sebastian’s wedding last month and-”


“How did she get invited to that? I swear that girl knows everyone in this bloody city…”


Albus was clearly upset that he’d missed out on a social engagement, but my interest was peaked for another reason.


“My point is she attended alone." Scorpius continued, "So maybe she’s finally seen sense.”


I flipped the corners of my new cards before watching Freddie flip over the first three cards. I still didn’t understand what the other day in Freddie’s office had been about. I stole a glance in his direction and noticed his posture had gotten slightly stiffer at the mention of Sebastian.


I made a conscious decision not to pick on him for it. Whatever was going on between the two of them was their business - and he had been clear he didn’t want me meddling in it. Instead, I tapped lightly on my cards and tried to make polite conversation, “Rosier? I hadn’t even realized he was engaged.”


“Yeah well his life choices aren’t front page news so it’s easy to miss.”


Me and Scorpius both laughed at my brother’s joke, knowing the reality all too well.


“Who’s his girl then? Anyone we’d know?”


I threw my bet into the center and Albus called, followed by Scorpius who did the same before answering, 


“Not likely, she’s American…”


“American?” My brow tightened at the thought, “How does a Rosier get introduced to an American? What- is she an oil heiress or something?”


Freddie flipped the fourth card over with more force than necessary and each of us peeked at our cards again.


“His sister set them up actually. Apparently her work takes her all over...sort of like what you do - without the magic of course- Oi!”


Someone had kicked Scorpius under the table. I watched his eyes meet with my brother’s (who I’m guessing was the one who kicked him), and something registered in his eyes.


“Since when does Rosier have a sister?” I asked into the newly awkward silence.


My whole life was spent around the same social circles; The powerful, the rich, and the influential. The Rosier family was one of the oldest wizarding families in England. If they had a daughter I was certain I’d’ve heard of her. Scorpius must have misspoken.


Scorpius seemed to look to my brother for support on how to answer, but Albus only glared in response. When my eyes flicked to Freddie, he stared directly at the deck in front of him.  


What in Merlin’s name was I missing?


“So what’s everyone think of this House-elf business? Aunt ‘Mione’s on a warpath this time and she’s-”


Then something else Scorpius had said stood out to me, “What did you mean ‘of course’?” I asked ignoring Albus’ attempt to change the subject. “That she works without magic ‘of course.”


Old memories were starting to resurface the more I focused on what Scorpius had said. There was a scandal when I was younger, just starting Hogwarts, that had to do with the Rosier family. I could remember their name being a part of my parents conversations. And Teddy had gotten in trouble with the Headmaster once after defending Sebastian in a duel.


I remember Teddy trying to reason with my father - defend his actions. It was the most heated argument they ever had. My dad was always against dueling no matter the reason. ‘Wands were meant to protect and defend and duels only served to intimidate and provoke.’ But Teddy refused to concede his position that night. He had to stand up, he shouted, like his parents had. It was purebloods like him - beliefs like his - that his parents had died opposing.


My mum put a silencing charm over their argument before rushing in to try and find some common ground. It wasn’t until later that I understood what all the fuss had been about - and still at that age I didn’t really understand.


See, Sebastian’s parents divorced when he was young and never remarried, but he did father another kid- that was only the first part of the scandal. Because not only did Rosier have an illegitimate daughter, but eleven years later she never got a Hogwarts letter. She was a muggle born to wizard parents.


“Well I’m all in on this one, mates.”


My brother shoved all of his chips to the center of the table tearing me out of my memories.


“Reckon that’s a bluff - you should probably call him on that one.”


Freddie tried to coach me and I answered with a furrowed brow. Why were they acting so uptight? After all it was just the four of us - not like we hadn’t talked about more scandalous topics. So I searched my brain again for the rest of the memory. Something else noteworthy that would put my mates on edge like this had. My parents had known the girl's mum. I remember my mum berating dad for suggesting they stay out of other people’s business.  I didn’t remember a female Rosier because technically there isn't one. When she didn't get her letter her father all but disowned her and her mother - not that they'd been all that close to begin with.


That's why the boy picked on Sebastian. That's why Teddy had defended him. That's why my mum insisted our family do something to help their friend. It was killing me that I couldn't recall her name.


And then, like a strike of lightning, everything was suddenly enlightened. My brother and Freddie were trying to start another change of subject, but it just sounded like noise. Finally I’d pieced together why they’d all gotten so uncomfortable and I couldn’t do anything, but laugh at myself. This whole time I had all the information I needed, but was so self-absorbed that it never dawned on me to connect the dots.


“She’s a squib...”


I muttered under my breath, needing to hear it out-loud to fully process it as the truth.


“Squid?” Freddie asked standing from the table, “Yeah I could go for some squid. I nice calamari maybe -”


“Bell, Freddie. Katie Bell.” I shot at him and he slowly sat back in his seat. “That’s her mum isn’t it?” The room’s silence was confirmation enough.


“That’s what Sebastian was on about at your office the other day.” All of my questions suddenly had answers. “That’s why there was never a report logged...I didn’t expose magic...she was never obliviated...she knew who I was that whole summer...”