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Muggle Studies by RogueSlytherin

Format: Novella
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 40,301

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Albus, James (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: OC/OC

First Published: 12/11/2018
Last Chapter: 05/30/2019
Last Updated: 05/24/2020


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James wanted a summer away from the expectations of the wizarding world, but falling for a muggle wasn't supposed to be part of the syllabus. 

Chapter 11: Chapter 11

I’ve always loved traveling; being rootless. Being able to hop a train or the flu network somewhere at the drop of a hat. And London was such a small place in the grand scheme of things. The wizarding world was such a small place.


Adventure could lurk around every corner if you were willing to look for it.


But my wanderlust was also my biggest fault. There was nothing wrong with being a tourist - so long as I wasn’t being a tourist in someone’s life. My residence in those days wasn’t steady, but I made sure my friendships were. I stayed single that whole first year I was that I think about it that might have been the longest stretch I ever was.


It was spring that next year, I guess I would’ve been 24, when Fiona stumbled back into my life. We’d first met at Hogwarts. She was sorted into Ravenclaw while I was a Gryffindor. What Fiona and I had was never quite a relationship, it was more of an understanding. After Thea broke my heart, and that git Anders broke hers, we realized we’d be good distractions for each other.


Our childish solution spilled over into our adult lives; we always seemed to find each other’s bed when the world suddenly looked foreign. Had she not been in a relationship that night after Eleanor I probably would have woken up in her bed instead of Logan’s. The last time I’d seen her was at Rose and Scorp’s reception with that same bloke on her arm.


So when she turned up at one of my dig sites and single, I thought the universe had finally forgiven me for what happened. We caught up over a cuppa and laughed at how mental it was for our paths to cross abroad like they had.


She spent more time in my hotel room that week than her own- but one week was all we were able to share. Fi was part of the muggle relations team; coordinating with their governments before we’d start a dig and handing it back off after we cleared the site. What that really meant was that I only saw her for a week at a time every three months.  


We’d never been much more than a sense of comfort, but I was starting to dread her last nights. And it wasn’t just the familiarity or feeling of home that she always brought with her - but I was truly starting to miss her.


At first the thought terrified me - was I able to feel this way again? Was I allowed to feel this way again?


“I can practically feel the thoughts pacing back and forth between your ears…”


Fi hadn’t even opened her eyes. I had barely understood her words since she’d spoken them into the pillow she had her arms wrapped around and in true Fiona fashion, she had one leg stuck out from under the covers.


My terror subsided slightly and laughed softly to myself. I brushed her straight blonde hair to one shoulder before leaning down and kissing the inked flowers that cascaded down her bare shoulder. My lips followed to her collarbone and she shivered.




I tiptoed, not even sure what question I was wanting to ask her. I retreated back against the headboard and started to trace random runes on her back while I searched for the words.


“Out with it already, Potter…”


Her eyes were still closed, refusing to accept that morning had come.


“I was just thinking how...sometimes when you’re not here I find myself just staring at the empty space in my bed...waiting for you to come back to me…”


She finally opened her eyes; the blue of her iris’ taking on a measure of caution as they met mine.


“Is there anyone…” I stopped tracing on her skin and instead used my hand to brush her bangs that had fallen back in front of her eyes, “when you’re here with there someone else waiting for you?”


Her hand reached out from under the pillow and smoothed my hair back into its normal place. Then she traced her fingernail along my jawline and softly over my bottom lip.


“Sometimes…” she finally answered.


It shouldn’t have hurt me to hear her say that. We agreed from the start that what we had was ephemeral. We had our week and then we both went back to our separate lives- but I agreed to that before I missed her.


Her touch lingered on my lip even after I took her hand in mine and turned it palm up with a mischievous smirk. My pointer finger followed a crease from near her wrist and curved around to her thumb.


“Am I to take you for a divinations expert now?” Fi scoffed, light-heartedly.


I wasn’t going to be deterred, “You see how this line forks here - but then it comes back together just there? Hmmm….that’s odd….it stops after that...”


I kissed the crease before interlacing her fingers with mine.


“You know what’s even more confounding?” she twisted my hand back open and drug her nail across the crease from my wrist across to my thumb, “that’s your life-line….” then she traced the shorter, less distinct line from near my pinky to my middle finger where it stopped abruptly, “that one’s the heart line.”


She leaned over just far enough to kiss my cheek then rolled back to her edge of the bed and threw the covers off of her (and over me). She was tying the ribbon of her dressing gown around her waist when I managed to claw the blankets off.


“What if I went back to London with you? This site is wrapped. I’ve not been given a new assignment yet - I’m due for some leave anyways…”


“What has gotten into you?”


She asked with a laugh, swirling her wand around her head. It sent her hair into a tiny whirlwind of three strands weaving in and out, ending in one long plait. She tucked her wand under arm and pulled the plait around and pinned it in place. She double checked her work in the mirror while I was pulling on my trousers.


I met her at the dresser, wrapping my arms around her like her dressing gown ribbon, “Maybe I’m finally tired of running…”


“Running? Is that what you’ve been doing all this time?”


“Some people run and some people hide.”


The words passed my lips without a second thought, but once they escaped I was trapped. The memory of Logan’s shrug, her smile, the way she saw straight through my facade and seemingly into my soul - all of it rushed to the front of my mind.


Fi patted my hands and I realized I’d been staring at our reflections for too long.


She interlaced her fingers with mine and leaned back against me, “ that what you’re suggesting, then?”


I shook the memories away and instead focused on her eyes in the mirror,


“I’m suggesting a proper relationship. One where I take you out for meals, we hang out with friends” I whispered the last one into her ear, “maybe I stick my hand in the back pocket of your jeans…” Then nuzzled against her neck.


She laughed at me again, “Did you just reference Sixteen Candles?”


For some reason, her understanding the reference threw me off balance all over again.


It shouldn’t have. Fi had a good bit of muggle family, she worked with muggles for a living. And it probably was a common muggle film.


But to me it was the film Logan made me watch after I’d burned my fingers trying to cook without magic. I never found out how it ended since half-way through she snogged me and my focus was shot for the rest of the evening. I could still feel the once burned patch of skin on my fingers when they pressed against Fiona’s.




That’s who I was holding hands with. That’s who I wanted to be with.


“Fiona Marjorie Creswell, will you stay with me?”


Her eyes met mine in the mirror with an intense stare before answering.


“You look so grown these days, Jamey. For a while I thought it was just because I hadn’t seen you in so long...or because of this nonsense you insist on keeping.”


She reached a hand back to caress my cheek as she made fun of the stubble. It had finally started looking like actual facial hair and not just a school boy’s attempt. Staring back at my reflection I realized how much it made me resemble my father.


“But I don’t think it’s to do with your look at all...I think it’s the way you carry yourself.”


She turned around to look me in the eye rather than at my reflection,


“You’re not the same cavalier boy I left in London are you?”


I hoped with everything in me that she was right.

We decided to stay with my brother while in London. Our family had privacy charms and protections against the press already set-up around our homes. They weren’t uncommon to have amongst the wizarding elite, but setting them up around Fiona’s flat would have caused a story in itself.


And apparently, the press were hungry for a scandal. Everyone in the wizarding world were living annoyingly positive and simple lives, which left them grasping at gossip to spin into something worthy of printing - not that their reporting up to now was much better than rumor.


Albus’ flat would give Fiona and I a couple days to enjoy London before the cameras found us. Luckily, all of this fame was old hat for Fi. Like I mentioned, we’d been together before - a few times. To the media this would just be another round, but that’s because they never bothered to ask the real story.


So while the press followed us around the Quidditch pitch, ecstatic that a Potter had finally found a new relationship to talk in circles about, my friends watched us enter the victory party with cautious glances.


“Jamey! We didn’t realize you’d be back in England so soon...” Rose welcomed me into her home, “And with an entourage...” Her eyes had traced back to the camera that flashed a block from her front door.


“If you know of any legal precedent that’ll allow me to hex my entourage I’ll be glad to be rid of them.”


“You’ll have to check with your sister on that one.”


We shared a laugh and Rose seemed to notice Fiona for the first time.


“Oh yeah, Rose. This is girlfriend...”


Fiona’s shoulders seemed to tighten at the word, but then again so did my jaw.


“Girlfriend huh? Well now this is a party.” Something smashed against the floor a room over and Rose let out a soft sigh. “Get yourselves something to drink while there’s still booze left.”


And she was off. I suspect to punish whoever had broken her things. Rose had been forced to get used to throwing parties. Scorpius was captain of the Chudleigh Cannons and he’d recently been selected to head the English team for the World Cup.


Rose’s suggestion wasn’t bad advice. Most of the team was already pissed drunk before we even found our way to the alcohol. There were very few faces I recognized and even fewer that I’d want to talk with. Al was dancing with a girl I didn’t recognize and I spotted Lily’s beau Kit in the crowd, but didn’t see her. Kit had just been signed onto the team, but still hadn’t seen any playing time. Though by the way he was partying you’d think he was the one who caught the snitch today.


Scorpius was sitting in the corner of the loud chaos playing Sebastian Rosier in wizard’s chess. Rose must have already handed out judgement because now she sat behind her husband, whispering possible moves in his ear. You could hear the room cheer every time a piece wrecked another - I don’t think they much cared which side it was for.


Fiona pulled me into the dancing crowd and I stopped worrying about the people around me. Instead, focusing back in on her.  I don’t know how many songs passed with us just jumping around like we were careless teens again, but I know how badly I missed that feeling - and how grateful I was to Fiona for helping me remember it.


We must have been dancing for hours before we decided to call it a night, stumbling into the fireplace at Chudleigh and then back out onto pavement of London. I nearly stumbled over my own foot and we broke out in laughter because things are always more funny when you’re pissed drunk.


Eventually our laughter faded and we just wandered down whatever cobblestone street we had wandered onto. Fi took my hand in hers and swung them back and forth as we walked. It had been such a long time since I’d laughed like this. After a couple of steps I stopped and spun her around with our interlocked fingers before pulling her in close. We stood there, nose to nose, and I brushed my thumb against her cheek,


“I think I might fancy you a bit.”


“Only a bit?” She teased before leaning in and pressing her lips to mine.


I had no intention of ever leaving that embrace, but something smashed to the ground and pulled both of our intention away.


The woman who had dropped her bag turned towards the corner sharply. I thought she was going to make a run for it, but instead she hailed a cab that happened to be driving by. Her bag was deserted as she frantically climbed into the back of the car.


I thought I was crazy that night. Maybe fraught with guilt over falling for Fi like I was. Because I’d seen those panicked eyes before...after I had disappeared before them.