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Muggle Studies by RogueSlytherin

Format: Novella
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 40,301

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Albus, James (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: OC/OC

First Published: 12/11/2018
Last Chapter: 05/30/2019
Last Updated: 05/24/2020


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James wanted a summer away from the expectations of the wizarding world, but falling for a muggle wasn't supposed to be part of the syllabus. 

Chapter 9: Chapter 9

Before the song had ended, I was on my bike and driving towards Logan and Gemma’s flat. You’d think that a 30 minute ride would be enough time to string a sentence or two together, but I knocked on her door and realized I hadn’t thought this through in the least. For all I knew, Callum would be the one who answered.


“Hiya.” I finally took a breath when Logan was the one who opened the door. “What are you doing over here? Aren’t you supposed to be at some family something?”


She leaned against her door frame puzzled.


“Don’t go with Callum…” I blurted out in an almost panic.


“What are you on about?” She laughed, crossing her arms in front of her chest.


“I just meant...Merlin, I don’t know-” I scratched at the back of my neck, “I guess this whole summer we’ve avoided talking about what this is between us...for whatever reason,” I shrugged, knowing I would never be able to fully explain what my hesitation had been. “But then Gemma mentioned Callum was in town and all I could think about was the two of you together and I’d be fine with that if that’s what you wanted - but not if it was because you thought I didn’t want you because I do and I’ve just been too bloody stubborn to say don’t go with Callum.”


“Is this what it feels like when I talk?” She asked with a soft smile before biting at her bottom lip. “Suppose you should come in for a bit…”


I followed her into the flat silently. She sat on the edge of her coffee table, her smile had dropped into a weary expression. My mind started racing. Was I too late? Was I out of line? Did she not even know Callum was in London? I knelt down in front of her and took her hands in mine.


“Logan I want to be with you...I want us to give this a real chance…” I repeated my earlier sentiments in case she had missed them in my manic state.


She had on the same expression she always did when we walked the tightrope of more than friends, but then I noticed tears starting to gather in her eyes. She must have seen me notice because she quickly tore her hand from mine to wipe them away. Then she put on a forced smile and straightened my tie.


“Must have been some do you were at, yeah?”


I looked down and realized I was still in my suit vest and tie, which was starting to get annoyingly tight. I pulled at my tie so it hung more loosely around my neck.




Of all the times to hold back, why was she so quiet now?


“That’s it then, yeah? You want to be with him...”


“Since when does what I want matter to this bloody universe?” She mumbled barely loud enough for me to hear.  


I tucked a curl behind her ear while I thought of what else I could say. My thumb had traced down her cheek so now I was delicately holding her chin. I expected her to pull away from my touch. To start fidgeting with her bracelets or the tassels on the hem of her shirt, but instead her eyes flicked up to mine.


“I just had to know didn’t I...” She wiped another tear and started towards the kitchen.


My mind was racing as I tried to process her disconnected thoughts. I was hurt, but it wasn’t because she’d rejected me - because she hadn’t really. Maybe she did want to be with her ex- but she hadn’t said that either.


Before I could process them, my emotions had gone from joy to confusion to frustration. My tone took the same sharp decline as I followed behind her.


“I wasn’t trying to upset you...I hadn’t meant this to be some big declaration either. I just thought…I don’t understand how you can look at me as sincerely as you do and not want more than what we are-”


“And what are we James?!” She spun around on her heels quickly and her arms went flying into the air - her own desperation turning to anger now too. “Why did you have to go and say all that? Why couldn’t you just let things be? Why does anything have to change?!”


“Who says it has to?” Both of us seemed at our wits end, but I couldn’t understand why. I rubbed at the space between my eyes and let out a deep breath trying to regain a calm demeanor before continuing, “Logan, I can’t have said anything you didn’t already know to be true. All I’m suggesting is that we stop acting like we have an expiration date because we don’t have to-”


“Don’t we though?”


Her eyes seemed to challenge me, dare me even. To what I wasn’t sure. Maybe she just wanted me to be more direct or maybe all she’d been waiting for was a promise that I’d never hurt her like all the men that she trusted before.


After we let the silence settle, she took a step towards me. Her fingers wrapped around my tie and gently pulled on the knot so it straightened back out to its formal appearance. Once she was satisfied that all was back in its place she patted my chest twice. I could feel her starting to pull away so I rested my hand over hers, both of us feeling my heart racing.


She must have seen my mouth forming another thought because she finally came out with it,


“I’ve accepted a fellowship…” She blurted out, just like I had begun this whole mess of a night, “It’s a two year Romania.”

Against my better judgement, the corners of my mouth tugged upwards.


“Is that all? Logan, I’ll go with ya!”


“You can’t move across Europe with me, James. You barely even know me-”


“So I’ll get to know you!” I all but exclaimed.


Distance? Is that what all this hesitation was about? Not wanting me was a brick wall; wanting to be with Callum instead meant I had no chance; distance? Distance was simple a bump in the road.


“Logan, I’ve been running in circles in London trying to find my place. But maybe my place isn’t in London. Maybe my place isn’t anywhere in particular- so long as it’s next to you.”


I leaned down and rested my forehead against hers, one hand lost in her curls and the other still holding her hand against my heart. I wanted to be sure she heard me this time - certain she understood what I was trying to get out.


“You’re meant to be in my life, Logan Bell. I’m daft to a lot of things, but of that I’m certain.”




Her head tilted back and I thought she was pulling away, but then her lips melted into mine. This wasn’t the gentle kiss while we swayed to violins or the long snog after I failed at cooking - but there was something hungry about it; something almost desperate. Her whole body seemed to curve into mine as my hand wrapped around the small of her back. My lips trailed kisses down her neck. I could feel her breath against my ear,


“This has to be goodbye James…”


I heard her, but my brain wasn’t exactly in thought process mode. It took me a couple of seconds before I pulled away to look her in the eye again.




I had to catch my breath before I spoke again, which was serendipitous since I also had to remember how to string words together. I rested my forehead against hers.


“I thought we just covered all of that…”


She didn’t respond so I tried to search her expression for clues, but I was too close. I peeled myself away and paced a couple of times between her and the door.


“What aren’t you telling me?”


I was finally able to ask through the mixture of lust, anger, and bewilderment I was feeling.


“If you didn’t want me that’d be one thing, but then you wouldn’t have snogged me like that. If you wanted Callum you would’ve said by now what is it then?”


“It’s my fault...for letting you think anything serious could happen between us...I swear I see these things from miles away…”


At that moment, all I wanted to be was miles away.


I took a step back and bumped into a dresser. Why was there a dresser in her kitchen you might be asking yourself? Well there’s not.


I had apparated into my bedroom. In that moment I wanted to disappear and magic found a way.


I turned around quickly to take in my new surroundings and be sure that I was truly back in my own flat, but before I made a full 360 degrees I could heard someone faintly shouting my name.


Suddenly the shouts turned into a scream as I was face to face with Logan again. She held a hand to her heart as I’m sure it was about to beat out of her chest.


“Logan it’s all right.”


She sunk down to the floor, her hand still on her heart.


“All right?” Her voice was even, but stern, “James you just disappeared...”


I knelt down to her level like had I before.


“I can explain-” I had to catch the rest of my sentence on the tip of my tongue. I couldn’t explain. This wasn’t a few flying vegetables or some drifting Polaroids. She’d been staring right at me and then suddenly she wasn’t. There was no explanation without revealing magic and revealing magic was against the law.


“Logan, I-”


Laughter from Gemma and Freddie erupted through the front door as they both stumbled in from the party.


“What’s going on here then?”


Gemma asked with a giggle and a slightly slurred ‘th’. Logan wiped at the corner of her eye again before standing and pushing passed me towards her bedroom.


“Logan...Logan wait!”


I started after her, but Gemma was suddenly in my path.


“Bloody hell Potter. What’ve you gone and done this time?”


Logan’s door slamming seemed to confirm suspicions that something had happened, but my friends still didn’t know just how bad it really was.


“I apparated.”


There was no use denying it. There’d be a full inquiry in the morning. I used both of my hands to wipe at my face, hoping that when I unburied my eyes I’d wake up to yesterday and all of this would just be a terrible dream.


“We were snogging and then we were fighting and I...I just disappeared...she saw the whole thing…”


How had I gotten to this point? How had I let my emotions control me like that? How had I been roped into this stupid bet in the first place?


Gemma gave a heavy sigh, “Freddie - go with him while I sort her out.”


“I can’t just leave her like this, she-”


“Leave her be, mate.” Freddie took my arm to hold me in place. “Gemma’ll look after her. You’ll only do more harm trying to explain this - you’re too emotionally invested.”


“And Gemma’s not?!”


“Gemma’s been properly trained in muggle excuses and rationalizations. Trust me Potter, you need to remove yourself from the situation.”

I don’t remember getting back to my flat or any of the conversation Freddie spoke once we got there. My mind was replaying that entire evening. The entire summer. I had to apologize somehow, not only for scaring her like I had, but for pushing our relationship as hard as I had.


Logan belonged in my life - even if that meant just as friends. I had to see her. To let her know that I accepted her rejection. That I desperately wanted a reason, but it was her prerogative if she offered it.


I paced my flat most of that night, nodding off only once. I knew Freddie’d stop me again so I snuck out before he was awake. I knew there’d be a report to file, probably some kind of excuse to memorize, but I couldn’t wait for protocol. I needed to make sure she was all right.


I knocked on the front door just like the night before.


“Hiya,” Logan answered and then simply stared at me, almost blankly.


“Umm...hey...all right?”


I asked, trying to continue to the welcoming greeting she’d offered. She smiled widely at my polite manners, but didn’t respond further. The world seemed upside down; I had rushed over expecting to have the door promptly slammed in my face only to be staring at the smile that I’d fallen for.


“Do you a package or something? Or are you looking for Gemma?”


Her question pulled me from my pondering, but only rotated the world further.


“What? Logan, I wanted to talk with you - I need to apologi-”


“You work at the museum don’t you? That’s it, I knew you looked so familiar...”


She seemed so chuffed with herself, but it cut right through me. She wasn’t punishing me. This wasn’t a cold shoulder..she truly didn’t recognize me.


She was happy because she had no memory of me disappearing last night or kiss, or our fight. She wouldn’t remember the night in the park or the exploding peas. All those nights on the sofa watching movies she couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen or nights at the pub arguing over football had been pulled from her mind.


My breath was stolen and I felt my body slowly turning to led where I stood.


Magic had been exposed. So to remedy that, someone had pulled the event from Logan’s memory - and all of her memories of me along with it for good measure.