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Muggle Studies by RogueSlytherin

Format: Novella
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 40,301

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Albus, James (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: OC/OC

First Published: 12/11/2018
Last Chapter: 05/30/2019
Last Updated: 05/24/2020


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James wanted a summer away from the expectations of the wizarding world, but falling for a muggle wasn't supposed to be part of the syllabus. 

Chapter 8: Chapter 8

Logan and I weren’t actually together.


But every day we spent with one another it seemed to be a little less true. That next week was fairly business as usual between us. Lunch in my office, flirting in hers. We’d gone out with Freddie and Gemma twice that week, but Gemma seemed to have a hard time enjoying herself when my arm was around her flatmate.


I finished my report on the Estonian chief that Friday - Gemma’d been right, total muggle farce. Personally, I thought some celebration was in order seeing as I’d completed my task in record time, but because she was so cross with me all I received was a new folder stuffed with new photos of another relic; this one was found a hundred kilometers or so from Stockholm.


The next week was different though. I finally convinced Logan to ride on my motorcycle and we just drove around London for half the night. I had to bite back a smirk when she told me it felt like flying, but the truth is that magic was an afterthought when we were alone together- and we seemed to be more and more as the month went on. Some nights we were friends, goofing off in a pub. Others I knew we were more than that. Like the night we walked passed a violinist in the park and she insisted we swing dance - only for the violinist to transition to a slower melody. So I pulled her close, kissed her softly, and then we just swayed back and forth to the music.


Then there was the week she decided the economic state of the country was in such disarray that she refused my invitations for take-away. So, in desperation to spend time with her, I suggested I cook supper. I burned two fingers, but wore those wounds like a badge of honor knowing that I had managed a proper meal without a lick of magic. Then, as I should have suspected, it tasted awful so Logan whipped up some grilled cheese to save the night. There was something in the way she looked at me that night, like I was a puzzle she couldn’t quite piece together. That time she was the one who snogged me.


We must have been driving our friends crazy. Gemma because we were together and Freddie because we weren’t. But I think that’s exactly what both of us wanted to be - or at least what our heads were telling us we should be. A long-term relationship with anyone was a new concept for me (let alone a muggle) and Logan was always talking about her next job after her probation was up. We both saw an inevitable end and wanted to make a clean break when it came. That was the sort of pride we had back then; that we could somehow stave our feelings so long as we never said them out loud.

Being a famous wizard almost felt like a past life and I wasn’t excited to have it revived. Logan was right about me; I was running. But it was time to face the music - or in this case, a horde of siblings, cousins, and various aristocrats mingling as if they cared what each other was saying.


“Jamey you came!”


Lily practically squealed while wrapping her arms around my neck.


“I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages!”


It had been months since I’d seen my baby sister. After finishing Hogwarts in the spring, she decided to spend the summer abroad. I kept hold of her hands when she pulled away from our hug and turned them over as if inspecting them.


“What on earth are you doing?”


“Just making sure you’ve not gone and married without telling anyone like those two mental kids.”


She rolled her eyes at me, but I was only kind of kidding. Lily had an impulsive spirit and she was head over heels in love with her beau from school. I wouldn’t have put an elopement passed her.


“Says the boy who’s spent all summer with the same muggle at his side. You realize you have to tell me everything, yeah? When do I get to meet her?”


A waiter passed with flutes of something bubbly and Lily grabbed us both a glass. I downed half the glass in one gulp before swiftly changing the subject.


“Are Mum and dad here yet? I saw Hugo and Albus a minute ago, but not any of our parents.”


“You’re more fun when you’re unemployed.” She knocked my shoulder with hers before finishing off her own glass and nodded in the direction of our parents.


I made a mental note of their location so I could avoid it at all costs when something caught my sister’s eye. Her smile faded and she muttered, “Bollocks” before taking off towards the corner.


It took me a moment to weave through enough people to see what had drawn her ire and let out a sigh of relief when I realized everything was fine. Al and Scorpius were in the corner talking with Kit. Innocent enough, but Al wasn’t a big fan of Lily’s boyfriend and Scorp basically backed his plays - I’m sure they were giving him a hard time. I might’ve even joined them if I didn’t have to walk through a sea of curious faces to get to there.


No, I didn’t want to do anything that might draw attention to me tonight. I just wanted to get to the other side of the evening without incident and without getting lured into using magic. After enough people had arrived, Scorpius welcomed his guests and then conjured four tables of food with a clap of his hands. The decorations were enchanted in one way or another and every time you turned around someone was apparating in or fluing back home. The ceiling was lit with hundreds of floating candles while couples spun around the dance floor.


“No date tonight, then? I mean obviously Logan couldn’t come, but I’m sure there’s a line of women willing to stand next to you and smile blankly all night...”


“Gemma. So glad you could make it.” I gave her a forced smile that said the exact opposite.


She winked in response and straightened my tie, “Seriously though, Jamey. Brace yourself...Eleanor just walked in with Sebastian Rosier.”


Her eyes flicked to the other side of the hall and my gaze followed. I think I was more surprised to see Sebastian than my ex. Eleanor was a social butterfly - she lived for these sorts of things. Sebastian, however, was from a pureblood family as old as the Malfoys. His parents were surely against Scorpius and Rose being married. I watched as they greeted Scorpius and Rose, examining the body language with almost suspicion.


“Gemma! Rosier is here and he-”


“He knows, Freddie,” Gemma waved him off and he bit back whatever the rest of his sentence was upon seeing I was standing next to her.




Gemma shook her head at his rambling, but I didn’t think much of it. I appreciated his willingness to run across a ballroom to warn me - however unnecessary it was.


“Do he and Scorp get on, then? I can’t say I’ve ever seen them together.”


Neither of my friends answered me, but instead continued to exchange almost concerned looks. They were probably wondering why I was focused on Sebastian when my ex-girlfriend was the one that kept glancing this way.


I really was fine with seeing Elle. I hadn’t expected to be. I thought I was still holding some sort of resentment towards her for leaving the way she had, but I guess I had finally come to understand it. And I knew her better than to think wrapping her arm around a Rosier was anything more than the next rung on the social ladder.


“I don’t want to upset you, but Scorp does have friends outside of your family…”


Gemma must have been right, because Scorpius greeted the couple like they were old mates. It was strange to me, to think of Scorpius in that world. He had practically lived with our family since his fifth year - though I suppose there was a life before that. It made me smile to see that a part of his past life was able to coexist so pleasantly with his new one.  


Something started humming in Gemma’s bag pulling me from my thoughts. She reached in and pulled out her phone, glancing at the photo that popped up before putting it to her ear and answering,


“Hey Callum. All right?” She put a hand to her open ear to block out the noise, “What? Hang on, I can’t hear you over the racket in here...”


“Just be a minute,” she told Freddie before giving him a peck on the cheek and taking off towards the windows.


“Callum, huh?” I asked timidly.


Freddie was a worse liar than Albus. He tried to look confused, “Hmm? Callum?’s just a- works for the museum...probably a work thing…”


He shoved his hands in his pockets and nodded is head along to the beat of the music in an attempt to seem casual, but he wasn’t fooling anyone.


“I know who Callum is, Freddie.”


Why it would come as a surprise to him that I’d know that name I’m not sure. Logan and I spent most of our time together talking and he was the one who told me not to hide. So I told her what I could about Eleanor and Fiona and even a little about Thea. Then, she told me about her first boyfriend Will and about what happened between her and her most recent ex, Callum.


He was the one in China that she was supposed to spend the summer with, but couldn’t because she’d been put on desk duty. He was the one she was crying over the first night we’d met.


“He’s in town then?”


I asked trying to compartmentalize my emotions.


“Probably...but it really is a work thing, mate. Gemma gave the green-light to excavate the site you translated. Callum’s on contract with the museum...he’s probably been asked to supervise the dig.”


“If it was a work thing he’d be on a plane to Estonia…”


This is how I should have felt seeing Elle. My heart was thumping against my chest and I felt my jaw tense as I worked to hold back my frustration. I had to hold it together. I couldn’t let my emotions take over and cause some freak magical accident - not here.


Luckily, just as Gemma started heading back over to us I saw Lily passing by with her boyfriend.


“Fancy a dance?”

I took her by the hand and pulled her away from Kit and onto the dance floor. She laughed at my abruptness and let me spin her about. I tried to focus on the music and the steps instead of the fear that Logan’s ex had come to whisk her away with him to eastern Europe. The fear that she might even be better off going with him.


I thought it’d be a hopeless attempt, but I’d forgotten how truly joyful my sister was. Her laugh was as melodic as the enchanted violins that echoed through the hall and you couldn’t not return her smile. She spun me around at one point and I really did forget about my troubles.


But then she left to fetch a drink and I was left to my thoughts again at the edge of the dance floor. I let out a deep sigh and looked up at the floating candles, for the first time wondering how their wax never dripped to the floor.


“You’re allowed to miss it you know. Being magic free and happy about it wasn’t the bet as far as I heard.”


Scorpius had come up on my left side so I offered a hand for him to shake in congratulations.


“Shouldn’t you be spinning your wife around out there?”


“I don’t think it would be in my best interest to tear her away from her current partner.” He nodded towards the dance floor where my uncle was spinning her around. “He almost smiled at me this morning…”


We both laughed at the reality that was my Uncle Ron. He had never liked Scorpius. Scorp believed it was because of who his father was, but Ron would have hated whoever happened to whisk his daughter away from the safety of his home.


“Sorry you couldn’t bring your girl tonight…had I been consulted, this would have been a much smaller affair…”


I readjusted my tie at the second mention of Logan. Was there some family newsletter that I never recieved? Why did everyone know about her? I decided the best course of action was a sharp left turn,


“Come now. You had it your way when you eloped. You think Ron’s scary, you’ve no idea the fuss the two of you sent Hermione into.”


He seemed to smile to himself, probably at a memory or maybe at the image of our calm and collected Minister of Magic in a kerfuffle.


“Even so, I’m sure it’s not easy splitting your time and all that. I know a thing or two about balancing separate worlds.”


He was still speaking to me, but his eyes had caught Rose’s and for that moment the rest of the room seemed to disappear from their view - then she spun back around and all was set back to normal.


I recalled his interaction with Sebastian earlier in the night and knew his sentiment was genuine, but it was sinking in deeper that I couldn’t accept his sympathy.


“It’s not...we’re not together like that.” I turned back to the center of the room where the music had slowed and the couples swayed gently back and forth. My jaw tightened again, “I mean we’ll both be going our separate ways after the summer...she’s a muggle and all that...”


I rattled off the reasons we’d never work in a half-hearted attempt to find solace with my circumstance.


“Your family is such a wonder” Scorpius smirked, “All you need to do is decide what you want and it’d be yours, but not one of you can ever seem to make up your mind.”


“Shouldn’t that worry you a bit, being married to one of us?”


I lashed out and immediately wanted to take it back, but Scorpius was never rattled. He responded with the slightest shrug,


“The way I see it...if she changes her mind tomorrow, then I at least had her for today...”


He patted me on the back before making his way through the slowly swaying pairs. He tapped Ron on his shoulder and asked for Rose’s hand. To my surprise, Ron handed it over. He did wag his finger in Scorpius face and said something I’m sure was quite stern, but that was all the fight he put up.


The newlyweds glided around the dance floor more in love than anyone had the right to be at nineteen.

Yet the more I watched all the happy couples glide about the dance floor with daft faces of bliss the louder Malfoy’s words echoed in the back of my mind.