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So much more by AnHPsuperfan

Format: Novel
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 62,129
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Albus, Fred II, James (II), OC

First Published: 12/19/2018
Last Chapter: 07/22/2020
Last Updated: 07/23/2020


Emma is a Gryffindor seventh year with the best group of friends, one of which she has feelings for. But a new boy who enters her life just might change things a bit.

Because there aren’t enough Albus/OC out there!

Chapter 4: Chapter 4

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It’s uncanny how none of the Hogwarts professors find out about the parties that go on in this castle. Fred has a theory they ignore ours because they do parties of their own. I wouldn’t go so far. I think they simply ignore it not to have to put so many students on detention. Because the truth is there’s no way they can’t notice that almost half of the upper years are clearly hungover.


It’s the third period already and half the class is asleep, the other is trying to stay awake looking blearily ahead. The detail is, it’s Herbology class, one of the more practical classes. And I understand why Professor Longbottom hasn’t given us any activity that involves scissors.


I’m sitting at a table with Anna, Zoe and Jake fertilizing some new Mandrakes. They are too young yet to produce that annoying sound but the smell of Skrewt’s dung isn’t exactly pleasant.


- If that’s what involves taking care of a plant I’m not having any. – says Anna looking disgustedly at the dung.


- Tell me about it. If it wasn’t for my parents I would have dropped this class last year. – agrees Jacob.


- Oh, shut up. You’re just in a bad mood because you’re hungover. – says Zoe, who is strangely the only one wide awake.


- You were drinking too! Why are you so chipper? – I ask.


- That’s easy! – says Anna – She’s all infatuated with Oliver from last night. I heard her coming back to our dorm much later.


- Really Zoe? Are you a thing now? – my curiosity gets the better of me.


- Well, it’s nothing official but he did ask me for the next Hogsmeade weekend!


- Oh please! Can we talk about something else? – complains Jake, feeling annoyed by our girlish enthusiasm.


- Why are you not sitting with the boys, by the way? – asks Anna.


- I would, but apparently the last seat of their table was occupied by James’ latest fling, Evanna Shay. She thinks a night glued in his mouth gives her a spot at our table already.


And it is true. As I look at their table,

I can see Evanna with her arm around James while he, clearly uncomfortable, tries to move a bit further. Even this scene, though, fills me with jealousy as I’m reminded once more I’m more distant than Evanna at being anything romantically significant for him. My friends look at me sympathetically and we turn our attention back to the plants as Professor Longbottom passes by.

It is a busy day and our teachers start to pick the pace as we leave behind that light rhythm of the start of school. Later tonight we are all filled with homework that we let accumulate and the common room has sevenths years in its various chairs and sofas working on it.


I’ve just put the last dot on my Transfiguration essay but I take out my Potions questionary that isn’t until next week. Im waiting for my meeting with Albus so I don’t see why I should go upstairs already. After a few minutes Zoe yawns and says:


- I think I’m going upstairs now. You should go too, Emms, it’s ten to nine already.


- No, thanks. Actually, I’m staying a bit more.


- But isn’t that the Potions homework? It isn’t until next week.


- I know, but Quidditch starts soon and I want to stay ahead. – I give as an excuse.


- Well, if you’re sure... – she says, a bit doubtful.


- Yeah. Don’t worry, I’ll go upstairs soon. 


- Alright. Good night! – she says and takes the stairs.


- Good night, Zoe!


I don’t know why but I didn’t tell Zoe nor Anna about my meeting with Albus. I guess I didn’t talk about this situation because I was a bit ashamed of how I treated him and that he was actually right. But this meeting...It just seemed so secretive. I just wanted to see how things went tonight before saying anything.

I arrived at the owlery two minutes before nine but he wasn’t there still. So I waited. And waited...


It was 21:15 and he still hadn’t showed up. I had just decided to turn around and go back when he appeared.


But he literally appeared, out of nowhere.


I had such a scare I jumped and barely kept myself from screaming. It was almost curfew and I wouldn’t want to wake up the entire castle. Albus had the audacity to laugh, which irritated me even more.


- What are you thinking?!! And why did you take so long to get here?!


- Oh, I’m sorry – he says, still laughing – My roommates wouldn’t sleep so I could get out of the dorm. But I’m not sorry about the scare. You should really pay more attention.


- How did you do that anyway? – I ask. I’m pretty sure you can’t apparate at Hogwarts, so it couldn’t have been that.


As a response, he just held something on his hand. When I look more closely at it, I’m almost sure I must be wrong about what I am seeing.


- That’s a real invisibility cloak?! You’re kidding!


- It was a gift. – He says, shrugging.


- A gift is a broomstick. This is, like, super rare!


- Well, my father is Harry Potter. And he was the one that gave me it. So I think it fits the pattern. That’s not important anyway. We should work at the project.


- Alright. But I don’t know why we needed to meet so late. The library is almost closing already.


- Oh, we’re not going to the library.


And the next thing I know, Albus has taken a hold of my arm and pulled me under the cloak. We are walking down the stairs of the owlery and to the opposite direction of the library.


- Albus, where are we going?


But he doesn’t say anything as we walk down more and more flights of stairs to the lower part of the castle. Walking down the corridors, it is a strange feeling to pass through the late stragglers without being seen.


Next thing I know we are already passing the Hufflepuff Common Room.


-Potter?! – I scream/whisper, not wanting to make too much noise this time of the night.


He still doesn’t answer and we finally stop in front of...a painting?


It is a wall with only that, a painting of a bowl of fruits. I’m about to ask again what is the purpose of this, when Albus lifts a hand and touches the pear. But he isn’t just touching. I straighten my eyes to see what on earth he is doing, when I realize that he is tickling it. Yes. Tickling.


- What are you doing tickling a painting? – I ask incredulous.


To my surprise, he responds.


- Very funny, darling. You don’t have to pretend you don’t know about this. Surely James already brought you here.


- Here where? I have no idea what you’re talking about.


- The Hogwarts kitchens. – He answers, looking at me strangely.


- Hogwarts has a kitchen?!


This time he looks at me as if I’m stupid.


- I mean, – I emend – of course I know Hogwarts has a kitchen. I just thought it wasn’t accessible, you know, to students.


- I can’t believe you really don’t know. – he seems to be having far much fun. – Well, in this case, welcome to where the magic happens.


And he turns a doorknob that I didn’t even realize had appeared some time ago.


My mouth almost hung open. Inside this door was an immense room with four long tables, like a “miniature” version of the Great Hall. In one of the walls, there is a wood balcon with about eight sinks. Above that, there are wood cabinets. And the most impressive thing was that the kitchens were full of movement as dozens of house-elves worked non-stop, moving panels, cutting vegetables and making delicious smelling food.


We walk a little bit inside and, out of nowhere, one of the little creatures appears in front of us. He is wearing a kind of uniform and has big ears and a very pointed nose.


- Mr. Potter!! – he gushes – It is a pleasure to have you here!


- Hi Scamp! How are you?


- I is good Mr Potter. You is too good with us. Who is your lady friend?


- Oh, we are gonna do a project and I wondered if we could do it here, accompanied by one of your famous hot chocolates.


- Of course! – he squeaks.- Hey everyone! Mr Potter is here!


And I was impressed as all the house-elves stooped what they were doing to shout different kinds of greetings, clearly pleased that Albus was here.


- Let’s go! – says Scamp – Have a seat!


Albus and I take a seat at the second table, which I notice has a pile of books, and Scamp was already off to continue his duties.


Meanwhile I was looking at Albus as if he had grown another head.


- What? Surprised I’m not the scary guy you thought I was? Or that I have manners? – he asks, finding it funny.


- No. I mean... I didn’t think that. – I mutter.


- I’m just messing with you, darling, relax.


- Stop calling me darling! You barely know me! – he was ruining my patience.


- I call all the girls I know “darling”. It’s a habit. Didn’t mean to upset you. – Albus says. And he really sounds genuine so I choose to let it go and concentrate on our work.


- So... I just wanted to clear things out first. I really meant what I said at the party. It was unfair to judge you before knowing you and I really hope we can do a good work together. – I say.


While I was saying that, I was pleased to notice he was truly paying attention, looking at me softly with those bright green eyes. And when I finish talking, he gives me a full smile with all his white teeth that leaves me breathless.


I know it sounds cliche, saying “breathless”, and I always thought so when I read this expression in almost all the romance books I have, thinking it certainly was some kind of exaggeration. But it isn’t. It was like I could just stay there and look at the way his smile made his face look even more beautiful, and lightened up his eyes, and the little dimple he had in his right cheek... I couldn’t help but admire a handsome boy and Albus Potter fit the description perfectly.


- I know.


- Humm?! – I say, like an idiot, cause I’ve just realized I spent a long time just looking at him. And, this time, I’m sure he notices the red color that ran up my cheeks.


- I believed what you said. Of course we can work together!


- Good. – I clear my throat, composing myself – So, you said you didn’t want to do the project about books?


- I just think that everyone will do about that and it’s not very original. But it’s just my opinion. If you want, we can work something out.


- No, no! You’re right, I hadn’t thought about it – and I really thought that he was right as I spent the whole week analyzing that conversation. – So, what is your suggestion? – I ask, looking at the pile of books and thinking what they were about.


Just then, our hot chocolates turned up, appeared at our table, smelling delicious.


- I thought we could maybe work with music, you know? I mean, turn a song into Runes without losing its rhymes and melody. – he continues.


- That’s actually a great idea! – I say, after thinking about it. And my academic side is already interested. It is a very original project and if we could pull this up, it would be awesome!


- It’s just gonna be very hard, finding a song that fits. – I point out.


- I agree. – he says. – Hope you don’t mind, but I brought some books of the old wizard songs. I thought we could start with those.


- No problem! – I say, and reach to the first book of the pile.


- Oh, wait! Take these on the bottom. – he says, giving me the last five books.


As I look at him strangely, he explains:


- The ones at the top are story books. I thought maybe we would go with your idea.


This time I couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

It was a very pleasant evening. We were sipping our tasteful chocolates and going through all the books, pointing things to each other. Though we were still to find our song.


I was so immersed in this cozy bubble, that it hit me out of nowhere.


- Albus!! It’s past curfew! – I say, and as I look at the clock I notice it is actually way past curfew, almost midnight.


- Relax. We have the invisibility cloak, remember? No one’s gonna see us. – he says.


- But this is against the rules! – I say seriously.


- What? Are you gonna tell me you never broke the rules? – He says, laughing.


- Potter, this is not funny! – I start getting angry. – Just because for you it’s fine doesn’t mean that I like it.


- Ok, calm down. – He says, placating. – Just think, we may have broken the rules a little, but we got a great night out of it.


When I keep looking at him, he goes on:


- Don’t worry, I’ll take you safely to your Common Room and no one will see us. Trust me, ok?


- I suppose...


- Good! – he says, getting up. – Let’s go then! Don’t worry, Scamp can get the books back to the library for us.


So I get up too and follow him out of the kitchens. As soon as we get out the door, I almost jump as he puts his arm around my shoulders and pulls the cloak over us.


I get a glance at him but he just continues walking as if it is the most natural thing in the world. So I don’t say anything.


It’s so strange. I have three guy friends and they’ve already put their arms around me multiple times, but it was always normal for me. 


With Albus, though, it’s like there’s a strange tingling at wherever his arm is touching me, like electricity. And for reasons I probably just don’t want to admit to myself, I have to fight the urge to give a  smile and ruin my facet that this also isn’t a big deal for me.


And at the same time, I can’t help but forget the whole rule-breaking thing because I feel so safe and so lucky...


Sooner than I’d like, we are already in front of my Common Room and, as Albus promised, there was no trouble along the way. We get out of the invisibility cloak.


- So, we can continue the project another day. – he says.


- Yeah, sure.


- Good night, Emma. – he says, with a little nod. And, for someone who was so laidback earlier, he sure looks uncomfortable.


- Good night, Albus. – I say, mocking his formality. And that makes him smile, relaxing him again before he starts to leave.


- Albus! – I call him.


- Yes? – he says, turning around.


- How did you put that message on my pillow?


- I have a very intelligent owl. – He says, smiling and turning away again.


Of course he has.