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So much more by AnHPsuperfan

Format: Novel
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 62,129
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Albus, Fred II, James (II), OC

First Published: 12/19/2018
Last Chapter: 07/22/2020
Last Updated: 07/23/2020


Emma is a Gryffindor seventh year with the best group of friends, one of which she has feelings for. But a new boy who enters her life just might change things a bit.

Because there aren’t enough Albus/OC out there!

Chapter 3: Chapter 3

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The other morning I woke up a bit late and, when I got to breakfast, all my friends were already there.


- Morning guys! – I said and received varied “Heys”.


I was just serving myself to some scrambled eggs when James and Fred suddenly got up.


-He’s there Fred! – said James.


-What’s going on? – I ask.


- Oh, they just wanna talk to Niall Finnigan about the booze for the party tonight. – answers Jake.


Niall Finnigan was the official smuggler of drinks of the school. His father is involved with the drinking business so he always knows the best to get. Besides, he has an uncanny ability of not getting caught which is why he never gets into trouble.


- As long as I’m not involved with it, they can do whatever they want for all I care. – says Anna getting up – Hey, Em, it’s time to go. We have Ancient Runes now.


- Oh yeah, see you guys later!

When we get to Ancient Runes, the first thing we notice is that there are the double amount of people there should be in this class. And the second is, there’s a lot of sixth years.


- What’s this about now? – I ask.


- Don’t know. Let’s get a seat, the professor should come soon.


After five minutes, Professor Carter enters the classroom and the murmuring of voices gets lower, everyone apparently curious about the new class disposition.


- Good morning students! – says the Professor in a sharp tone – This year we’re gonna do something a little different as you probably noticed. Since the sixth and seventh years have practically the same learning material, I decided to join the classes and do a little project. It will consist of you looking at the Runes in a different way. Instead of deciffering something written in Runes to our language, I want you to find a text of anything. It could be a book, a newspaper, a song, whatever you want. But it has to be something that could successfully be translated to Runes without losing its meaning or its essence. For this, you will work in pairs.


At that, the class turned into the usual mess of friends pointing to friends and rushing to find their pair. I’m not ashamed to admit that Anna and I also looked at each other, just to confirm that we would obviously form a pair.


However Professor Carter put an end to our enthusiasm.


- I am choosing the pairs randomly. – and ignoring the noises of disapproval of the class, she went on – You can find your names on this list at the board and form your pair.


With a swish of her wand, a list appeared on the board. Immediately there was a mass of students getting out of their chairs and running to the board.


- What’s their problem? Looks as if they’re at the Hunger Games.


I just shake my head at Anna and her book references.


As I finally find a space to infiltrate in front of the board, I run my eyes down the list of names and find Emma Parker next to...Albus Potter.


I spent some time just looking at the names, not believing I’ll have to work with him through a whole project. Anna suddenly appears by my side.


- You won’t believe who is my partner! The hot Rick Carston!!! – she says super excited.


- Hhmmm


- What? What’s the problem? You know that I’m talking about that bulky beater from Hufflepuff right?


- My partner is Albus Potter.


- What?! Really? Can’t you ask Professor Carter to change?


- You know her. She wouldn’t do that. I guess I’ll just have to face the music.


- Good luck. But don’t worry, he can’t be that bad. – says my friend as she gives me a pat in the back and goes find her partner.


However I find that my partner, unlike the rest of the students, has stayed in his seat, seemingly without a care.


As I approach his seat, he doesn’t even look up from a book or whatever it is that he’s reading. All I can see is his perfectly messy hair as black as his brother’s. I stay a bit awkwardly by his side until I say:


- Hey! It seems you’re my pair!


He does a glimpse at my face and looks down again. I stay there like an idiot with nothing to do.


- Aren’t you going to seat? – he says, not very friendly, glancing at the seat next to his.


I take a seat, trying my best to stay as appart from him as possible.


- I’m already warning you that I don’t plan to spend a lot of time on this thing. We should cut straight to the work. – says him rudely.


His aggressiveness catches me by surprise and I respond in the same tone:


- Well, I am warning you that I want to get a good grade on this.


- And you already assume that I don’t care about this grade? Typical! – he says with a sarcastic smile.


- What do you mean “typical”?! What am I supposed to think after you act like you don’t give a damn about this project?


For the first time in the conversation he looks straight at my face, with a neutral expression, and asks:


- What is your idea for the project?


He catches me completely off guard with that penetrating stare and I get furious with his audacity to just ignore everything that I said. Still, my enthusiasm for the project gets the best of me and I start  blabbing animatedly:


- Oh, you know, I was thinking we could take a chapter from a famous wizarding book or even a muggle book, and then, we can translate it to Runes...


- Yeah, we are not doing that. Everyone will work with books. – he rudely cuts across me.


At this moment, the bell rings and, as I’m preparing to leave, I finally have the courage to say what has been stuck in my throat during this whole conversation.


- You know, I don’t know what your problem is, if you find it cool to behave like that, but I have been nothing but polite with you and you just behaved like a jerk! – I get out angrily.


I grab my bag and am about to walk to the door with the rest of the students, when his hand grabs my wrist, forcing me to look at him still seated on his chair.


- Do you think I don’t know who you are? That you are James’ friend who hasn’t even had the courtesy to look me in the eye any time we met? I know your type darling. You have all these prejudices against me, even against my house, and now that you’re forced to talk to me, you come here all nicely and make me look like the bad guy. Well, just so you know, that’s not how things work.


This time there is none of that indifference of earlier, he seems all out angry, with his eyes blazing and a frown on his face.


Then he releases my wrist, and I don’t even think of a response, just turn around with my bag and leave the classroom, my wrist still tingling where he touched it.

In the crowd of students exiting the classroom, as I’m walking in a bit of a daze, Anna catches up to me.


- So, how was it? To work with Albus.


- It was fine. Nothing much. And yours?


- It was great! He actually isn’t just cute, he’s really funny too and was soo nice to me. We already have a good idea of what to do! And you?


- We are working on it. – I say, with a forced smile.


We soon get to the Potions classroom to find the rest of our group waiting there and move on to other subjects.


During the whole class, I really try to pay attention but my head is in another place. Was Albus really right about what he said? I mean, as I think about it, in all the times that I saw him I did avoid him and didn’t exactly greet him. I don’t know, I just thought he didn’t even notice because he wasn’t very open to company. And he didn’t have to act like such a jerk, right? Although... I don’t know if I wouldn’t be angry too if I were in his place.


And just like that, these thoughts took over my mind the whole class, and the next ones weren’t different.
After Defense, I almost jumped as James loped one of his arms around me and the other around Zoe while we walked down the corridor. When I looked to the side, Jake was doing the same to Anna.


- So, my ladies – started James – are you ready for the party tonight?


- James, I told you I didn’t know if I was going. – I say.


- Me neither. – says Anna.


- Ah come on, you have to go, what is a party without the pretty ladies? – protests Jake.


- I’m sure there will already be enough for you there. – I answer.


- I’ll go! – says Zoe.


- See? Our favorite girl Zoe is going. She won’t spend a boring night in her dormitory.


- Let’s go ladies! Fred will make the best drink for you. – promised Jake.


- And we will play your favorite songs – continues James.


- Please guys! We will dance all night! And besides, you won’t be able to do anything in the dorms with all the noise. – completes Zoe.


Anna and I look at each other and finally say – All right. – to the happiness of the other three.

It was just after six and I could see the sun getting down behind the lake, the scenario so beautiful it made me wanna just sit down and stay here.


Outside this calming view, though, our dormitory was chaos.


It’s what happens when there are five girls trying to get ready for a party. 


There were clothes all over the floor and no one knew whose was it anymore. The bathroom was full of steam after all of us had a shower and the sink was filled with makeup. One of our roommates, Kate Corner was drying her hair to curl it later and the other one, Julia Mason, was choosing a color to change her hair into. Zoe, however was just waiting for us, jumping impatiently by the door with a very short and shiny  dark blue dress and matching heels. Anna was on her bed doing her makeup.


It seems everyone was putting a lot of work on this but I was still in my pajamas with only my makeup on, which consisted of a simple eyeliner and a pink lipstick. I was actually waiting for Anna to help me choose my clothes because I completely suck at it.


After about twenty minutes Anna came to my aid, already dressed with a fancy sleeveless dark red dress that accentuated all her beautiful curves and black boots with heels. She and Zoe were using the same red lipstick.


- So, let’s pick your outfit for the night!! – Anna said, and started rummaging at my wardrobe.


- You only have this simple black dress? – she asked.


- Yes, Ann, you know I don’t like wearing dresses.


- Humm... – she got thoughtful looking at my clothes. 


I was almost worried I wouldn’t have anything to wear, when she said – Aha! – and threw me a shiny gold tight skirt and a sleeveless basic black shirt.


- Put these ones on and then your black high heels.


After I did what she said I felt good enough about her choices and she said it looked “ absolutely beautiful”  so I left my curls lose and we joined an impatient Zoe by the door to go to the party.

When we walked down the stairs, to our Common Room, it was a complete dance club. There was a dance floor with a disco, where people were already moving their hips to the loud music, some couples getting cozy by the couches and a bar, where we could see Freddie passing drinks to some students seated on stools.


Suddenly out of the crowd, Jake spotted us and  came to greet us.


- Hey, my favorite ladies showed up! I knew you wouldn’t miss this! Come here, let’s get you a drink!


And he led us to Fred, who, as soon as he saw us, gave us three sophisticated blue and purple sparkling drinks with a straw.


- As promised, your exclusive drinks ladies. Enjoy!


I took a sip of mine and found it surprisingly pretty good. It was sweet but had a citric flavor to it.


- Hey, girls. That’s delicious!
Anna agreed.


- It is, but I would take it easy if I were  you. I’m pretty sure he mixed muggle vodka with firewhiskey in it. – warned Zoe.


- Now, let’s go ladies! – she said – Leave these drinks in the counter and let’s hit the dance floor!


She grabbed both our arms and we made our way into the crowd.


The boys weren’t kidding when they said they would play our favorite songs. I couldn’t stay still for a minute, the music was so good. We were all moving together with the people and Anna and I had to turn down a few boys who wanted more. Zoe, however found one in the crowd and the two hit it off really well.


Later, I was all sweaty and took a break to drink something. 
In the counter, I found my drink, which was still cold, probably thanks to a spell from Fred. I was so thirsty I drank it all in one go. 


As I was looking for my friends again, I found another “familiar” face in the room. Albus Potter was using a plaid dark green shirt and dark jeans talking to his usual friends by a corner, not even aware of all the girls shooting longing looks at him. It is really strange that a week ago I probably wouldn’t have even noticed his presence.


Filled by a sudden courage, I made my mind and started moving purposely towards him, until I was right behind him and patted his shoulder. He turned around and I got it out all at once:


- I just wanted to say that you were right. About what you said in class. I haven’t treated you right in the last few years and I would like to change that. I’m sorry. I hope we can use this chance  to start over.


He stayed a moment just looking at me. And I don’t know if it was all the alcohol, but I started to notice how his beautiful eyes stood out with this green shirt and how gorgeous his face was, all symmetrical and classically good-looking, with high cheekbones, a strong jaw, a straight nose... And it all fit perfectly with his messy hair that fell just a bit on his forehead.


- Ok!


He got me out of my trance.


- What?! – I got out.


- You’re forgiven. Let’s start over. – and he opened a beautiful smile, with straight white teeth.


I was hoping he didn’t notice as my cheeks got all red and I stuttered an – All right! See you then!


I got out of there with my head spinning , but sure, this time, that it wasn’t from the drink.


While I was wandering the party, someone caught my arm


- Hey! I was looking for you! Zoe ditched me to go snog Oliver Kyle.


- Sorry, just had to drink something,


- That’s alright! James and Fred are about to start a drinking competition. Let’s go watch!


James and Freddie were really preparing for the competition, with ten glasses of shots lined for each and a group forming around them.


- Hey, Emma! You came to root for me! Now Freddie has no chance.


And he hugged me, dropping a kiss on my cheek, not even aware of the effect it had on me or the flutter of hope it sparked.


As it turned out Fred actually won the competition. And so, the rest of the night passed, and like a successful party, left a bunch of people drunk,and newly formed couples.


My friends and I went back to our dorm at three a.m. with our feet hurting due to all the dancing.


After I got into my pajamas and went to climb on my bed, there was a note on my pillow.


I cautiously took it and read:


Meet me tomorrow in the owlery at nine p.m.


A.    P.


What the hell was Albus Potter up to?