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So much more by AnHPsuperfan

Format: Novel
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 62,129
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Albus, Fred II, James (II), OC

First Published: 12/19/2018
Last Chapter: 07/22/2020
Last Updated: 07/23/2020


Emma is a Gryffindor seventh year with the best group of friends, one of which she has feelings for. But a new boy who enters her life just might change things a bit.

Because there aren’t enough Albus/OC out there!

Chapter 2: Chapter 2

A/N: Hey guys! I’m not gonna be able to post as often during the holidays. Still, here’s chapter 2! None Albus action in this one but I promise he appears in the next one. By the way, the bit about the extra History of Magic class was just something I could see happening. Hope you enjoy and please, leave a comment if you can!!

The next morning, the girls and I arrived in the Great Hall to find the boys in their usual morning state of sleepiness. Jacob’s head was almost falling into his morning cereal and Fred had just given up and was face down against the table.


- Oh come on! – said Zoe indignantly – You can’t possibly already be in this state! It’s only the first day of class!


- I don’t find anything in that statement that suggests we shouldn’t be like this – said James after a huge yawn.


- Well, I for one, am really excited to see which classes we have today. – I say, truly animated.


- Oh of course you would be. You’ve probably already read the books too.

– Freddie says without looking up, voice muffled by the table.


- That’s because you’ve never been to muggle school. I mean, come on, we are learning Magic here. This doesn’t compare to Physics.


- I don’t know. It’s still school for me. – says Zoe disinterestedly, buttering her toast.


- Look Emma! It seems you will find out what you wanted. – says Anna as our head of house Professor Longbottom goes down the table passing out schedules.


As soon as we receive ours, like a tradition, even the boys get a little more awake to compare classes and see which ones we were taking together.


- Yes!! Today only History of Magic, Defense and Transfiguration for me!! – shouts Anna.


- Me too!! – I say. And in a moment of childish fun, we high-five each other.


- Ah man! We still have two periods of Care of Magical Creatures after that. – complains Fred, referring to the boys and Zoe, who decided to take that class instead of Ancient Runes like Anna and I. Zoe is really good at the subject, which serves her fine, since she wants to become a dragon tamer after Hogwarts. The boys, though, only chose it to get away from Runes and Arithmancy.


- Ha!! – says Anna – serves you right for taking the easy path.


- Yeah, we will see that Kavoc, when you two are doing those five feet essays for your subject.


- Guys, our class is starting in five minutes. I think we should get going.


And the six of us went to the first class of the year.


Now, I know what you’re thinking. History of Magic. That boring class with the drowning voice of Professor Binns. Well... that’s actually true. The ancient teacher still didn’t leave this class. And I can kind of understand why, I mean... how do you go about firing a ghost?! One that lives here still.


But there actually were some changes. After the war, the newly appointed Headmistress Macgonagall decided it was pretty important that the students had the knowledge of the recent years of war. So, she wisely decided to contract Professor Thomas, who actually participated in the war, to teach this subject instead of the old Professor Binns. Then it was created a new subject, History of Magic II, to cover this part of history.


And, luckily for us, that was the one we were having today.


I was really concentrated in the class, which I thought really interesting, especially because as a muggleborn I knew far less than some of the students. When something hit me in the face. As I took my face out of my parchment I found out it was a parchment ball and I didn’t have to look much further to find James making very not discreet signs for me to read it.


Now, I know James adores this class because he gets to stand proudly whenever his family is mentioned, which is a lot, and already knows pretty much everything that Professor Thomas says so he never has to pay attention. However, there are some people, like me, who would appreciate to concentrate on the class.


Even so, I still read the note, which said:

Are you going to our beginning of the year party tomorrow?


The beginning of the year party is a thing that the boys throw every year in our common room but that is frequented by people of all houses. Like all these parties at Hogwarts, it envolves smuggled firewhiskey, loud music and lots, lots of couples sucking face or you know... more. So when I realized James was inviting me, my mind already came up with a lot of scenarios of where this night was gonna lead.


So I asked:

Why are you asking me that?


And threw the parchment back. But, of course, instead of going to James, it hit another boy sitting next to him.


He looked at me indignantly and I, face all red, pointed to James.


After a bit James threw the message back, which, by the way, landed perfectly on my desk.

We just wanted to know if you girls are going and I assumed you knew.


Yeah, it seems all these fantasies are gonna have to wait.

After that, it was time for Defense Against the Dark Arts, my favorite subject. We had a practical revision of defensive spells and we all did great, except for Zoe who has a bit of a problem with this subject and tends to act before thinking which has led to some broken furniture in the classroom.


And the last class of the day for Anna and I was Transfiguration, taught by Professor Litt, a wizard from Ivermory who took over after Macgonagall became Headmistress.

He was pretty strict and didn’t allow any distractions in his class, though from what I heard from Macgonagall’s reputation I’m not complaining.


Later, Anna and I went back to our common room and relaxed a bit in the red comfortable couch.


- So, what are you planning for this year? – Anna started the conversation.


- What do you mean? Continue playing Quidditch, pass all my subjects...?


- No, actually I meant about... James. – she said hesitantly.


- What?


- It’s just, I know you’ve liked him for three years now and I always support you. But it’s our seventh year and I just think... – she paused here and it was strange to see her so uptight around me.


- You know you can say it, Anna, there’s nothing too weird between us anymore.


- I think that maybe you should open yourself to other things, you know, other people.


- But I am open to a lot of things, I never let him lead my life.


- I know. Just, if the opportunity opens itself I don’t want you to waste it because you’re too caught up in him.


- Alright, I’ll keep your advice in mind. But what about you? Something to tell me? – I teased her, and, just like that, our conversation went well into the time the others came back. 


And after dinner, we came back to the same spot and spent the night of the first day of classes talking and laughing together. Our homework forgotten but smiles on our faces.