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Harry Potter and Arabian Nights by Panacea

Format: Short story
Chapters: 22
Word Count: 32,084

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers

Genres: Horror/Dark, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Hermione, Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, OC

First Published: 02/05/2018
Last Chapter: 07/16/2019
Last Updated: 07/16/2019


Draco, Harry and Hermione are sent on an undercover project to the beautiful and dangerous Arabian country Marwah. A Kingdom ruled by darkness, mystery and secrets. The answers they seek lay within the Palace walls but they will need the help of a Princess, the courage of Gryffindor and the ingenuity of a Slytherin to bring justice to Voldemort's victims once and for all.
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Chapter 9: Chapter Nine

Samira arose, got herself showered and dressed before her maids have even turned down her bed. They were shocked to find their Princess dressed in teal silk pants and a white flowing top and her hair hanging loosely and un styled.


“Princess!” Reed exclaimed, “did the stylist not lay out clothes for you?”


“Yes,” she replied brushing her hair, “but I want to look more like my people and less like a Princess.”


“Your father will not be happy,” Lea grimaced taking over brushing Samira’s hair.


“My father is never happy but today I am! And if he’s going to let what I’m wearing upset him then he is a fool.”


Lea and Reed ducked their heads as they hid their smiles, it was prohibited to speak poorly of the King but daughters seemed to get away with it.


“Let me finish getting you ready,” Lea smiled.


“I’ll go through your fan mail while we have time,” Reed suggested making her way to a tray of letters overflowing on the golden bureau.


 “You and the Duke seem to be getting on well,” Lea twisted the Princess’ hair into a complicated design.


“He is a gentleman…at last,” she remarked, “I hear his staff are getting on well with our staff.” Samira winked at Lea whose cheeks flushed as she gave a sheepish grin.


Reed gasped.


“What is it?” Samira asked.


Reed held up a simple parchment note with ink blue scrawl, “it’s from Dante.”


Samira’s heart leapt into her throat, without a word Reed handed her the letter. If her maid’s said anything else she didn’t hear it.




I am still in shock that I met a Princess, you are so humble and down to earth. Unfortunately I must travel back home to London but I had to let you know how unforgettable meeting you was and I will remember it always.

I consider myself very lucky to have shared time with a Princess.


Take care your highness




“I’m so sorry your highness,” Reed looked as crestfallen as Samira felt.


“It was a nice little dream to have,” Samira shrugged her shoulder, folding up the letter. Surprised that her voice sounded a lot stronger than she felt.


“Precisely,” Lea answered, “besides this Duke is looking to be quite promising, saving the best till last I believe!”


“He’d be a fool not to marry you,” Reed added.


“Thank you ladies, you are very kind but really I’m fine,” Samira smiled and ever so subtly tucked Dante’s letter into her pocket.




After her father complained of her outfit for several minutes Samira finally escaped to the Palace stables where her black horse, Jinx was tacked up and eager to leave.


“You and me both,” Samira whispered to her horse.


Up ahead the Duke sat comfortably on his white stallion, his sister and servant either side of him in the midst of what looked like a very heated discussion.


“Your highness,” Vlad trotted beside her in full guard garb.


“Good morning Vlad,” she inclined her head.


“Might I say that no matter what you wear, you still look like royalty to me,” he held out his hand to take hers but with a slight squeeze around Jinx’s middle he took off.


“Apologies Vlad, someone’s eager to get out of here!” She gave Jinx a grateful pat and caught up with the Duke.


“Good morning, your highness,” the servant addressed her loudly making Eric and Simone spring apart.


“I hope I’m not disturbing anything,” she asked.


“Not at all,” Simone smiled, “I love your pants, such a sensible idea when riding.”


Samira grinned, “my father doesn’t think so. I thought we could go past the Marwahian coast line first?”


“That would be lovely, it looks so beautiful from the Palace,” Simone looked to her brother for a response but his eyes were glazed over and looking far off into the distance.


“Forgive my brother he isn’t an early riser,” Simone kicked at her brother, “say good morning!”


“Good morning your highness,” his eyes rested on her, “nice pants,” he smiled.


“Why thank you, it is nice that our staff seem to be getting along so well isn’t it your Grace?”


Eric’s smile stretched across his face and Samira heard Simone chastises their servant.


“Shall we ride together?” He offered.


“I would love too.”



The Princess and Duke trotted along with easy conversation to the coastline. The shore put on a magnificent display to it’s foreign guests, the azure waters dazzled beneath the warm sunlight.


“This is really something,” Eric looked longingly at the sea.


“Come on, lets get our feet wet” Samira offered gracefully dismounting her horse.


Eric followed suit kicking off his shoes and stepping on to the fine sand, it was hot and he followed quicker than usual to dip his toes in the waters bringing instant relief.


“Do you ever go swimming here?” He asked.


Samira looked at him incredulously, “you’ve met my Father?”


“Sorry, it’s such a waste isn’t?” Eric rolled his pant legs up wading further into the water.


“We used to all come here when Mother was around, I have so many beautiful memories here,” Samira followed Eric deeper into the water.


“Does it get any easier?”




“Missing you Mother, does it get easier over time?”


“Not really, I think you just adapt to your new reality… Some days are harder than others, I’ve always thought how sad I will be on my wedding day to not have her with me.”


Eric was thoughtful in silence, he reached out and squeezed Samira’s shoulder gently.


“You don’t talk about yourself very much,” she observed.


Eric laughed, “I’m pretty boring to be honest, my family has no scandals or skeletons that’s why I think I must travel so much, there’s nothing else to do.”


“Do you have a favourite place you’ve visited?”


Before he could answer, he jumped suddenly, “ouch I think something just bit me,” Eric rubbed the back of his shoulder and his hand came back red with blood.


“You’re hurt,” Samira rushed to his side, “it’s not a deep cut but, ouch!”


“What’s going on?” Eric looked to the shore where the guards seemed unaware of what was unfolding.


“Get into the water,” Samira grabbed his hand and gracefully leapt further into the ocean, their cuts stinging in the salt water. More cuts had appeared their blood turning pink in the sea and disappearing like smoke.


Now the guards had noticed, they were clambering into the sea, water splashing around their waist, yelling for the Princess.


Another sharp sting pierced Samira’s forearm and this time she saw the small razor blade, “someone is throwing these at us,” she showed Eric the small but dangerous blade.


Protego,” Eric called and a silvery shield wrapped around the pair in an orb, several blades being stopped by the magical force, “what in Merlin is going on?”


“Someone doesn’t want me visiting the town,” Samira said her fingertips pushing down on her sliced forearm, “the guards are losing it.”


Eric saw the guards shooting jinx’s at the shield, the voices angry. Simone and the servant rushed towards them immobilizing the jinx happy guards.


“There’s spells going everywhere, someone is going to get hurt,” Samira’s eyes were wide, “they’re upsetting the horses.” She shot a pale yellow spell at the horses and the turned and cantered away.


“Can you do a patronus?” Eric asked.




“Send a message to the shore, tell them to go back to the Palace.”


Samira summoned a silvery, elegant jaguar it leapt gracefully across the water absorbing the guards spells. She saw gratefully that Simone had listened to the message and was telling the guards to stop.


“Great idea Eric, I think they thought you were attacking me,” she laughed in spite of the situation.


There was a loud crack and a bolt of red light tore apart the shield around them, Eric’s eyes rolled into his head and he went crashing into the water. Completely submerged Samira screamed and clung to his shirt desperately trying to pull him up. She got grip on his shoulder and squeezing her eyes apparated back to the Palace infirmary.


“BASI!” Samira felt the scream tear at her throat.


Staff came rushing in, their eyes wide in shock as they saw their Princess soaked and bloodied in the hospital room clutching at the limp body of the Duke.


The Healer came rushing into the room, “are you okay?” He asked urgently.


“I’m fine, the Duke, a jinx hit him it broke the shield charm,” Samira blinked blood from her eyes.


“Why are you bleeding?” he said softly.


“At the sea these razor blades kept flying at us, so Eric set up the shield but the guards thought he was—“


“Where is my brother?” Simone raced in, her servant and Vlad close at her heels.


“Here,” Basi called, “it just looks like a stunning jinx but because it mingled with the shield charm he took it quite hard.”


“Who in your division have a strong enough stunning jinx?” Simone turned fiercely to Vlad, her eyes blazing.


“What do you mean?” He stammered.


“I mean that my brother’s shield charms are almost impenetrable, someone on your team knows highly advanced and possibly dark magic,” Simone seemed to radiated wrath through every pore of her body.


“I will speak to the King and get to the bottom of this at once my lady,” he bowed deeply and gave one long look in Samira’s direction before fleeing.


“I have Healer experience let me help,” the servant made his way beside Eric.


“Please Sir, tend to the Princess,” Basi asked.


“I’m fine,” Samira argued wiping more blood across her face, only then did she notice her hands and fingernails coated with blood.


“Please your highness,” he gestured to the hospital bed parallel to Eric’s and begrudgingly she took her place.


“There’s twelve cuts just on your front,” he inspected.


“Here,” Simone said, “I have Dittany.”


“Don’t put that on her yet!” Basi warned, “I need to check if—“


“The wounds are cursed,” Simone said simply, “I already have, there are no abnormal tears or blood deformities.”


“Are you all Healers?” Basi said, a small smile creeping up on his face.


“Just anomalies you learn along the way,” Simone brushed it off and began dabbing the dittany on Samira’s wounds, they immediately began to heal and the skin looked new.


“Royal blood heals faster than us peasants,” the servant laughed.


“Basi will he be alright?” Samira asked.


“Yes your highness, the stunning jinx was very powerful but his shield charm was also extremely powerful,” Basi continued waving his wand over Eric’s body. “May I ask Lady Simone, where did you learn to duel?”


“Oh goodness,” she concentrated hard on Samira’s wounds, “all over the place.”


If Samira wasn’t mistaken the Duchess appeared tense at the question being asked.


“Why do you ask Basi?” Samira queried.


“I’m not sure… I could be wrong but the level of this magic is reminiscent of Albus Dumbledore.”