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Star Crossed by RiverFord

Format: Novel
Chapters: 28
Word Count: 79,871
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC

First Published: 02/17/2018
Last Chapter: 04/11/2018
Last Updated: 04/11/2018

The darkness threatened to break her, but it turned out she was stronger than even she thought possible.

Chapter 18: Chapter 18

A/N: Though I would hope it were obvious, I thought I should throw out there the comment that if you recognize any part of my story, chances are I was influenced by someone else, and therefore cannot lay claim to it.




A few days later, Addy was listening to Marlene have a whinge about something or other, she couldn’t really follow, though she tried to offer the occasional hums or nods in response to show she was paying attention, as they walked back to the castle after quidditch practice. ‘Shite,’ Addy exclaimed sympathetically.

‘Yes, that is definitely what I need to do,’ Marlene laughed, causing Addy to chuckle.

‘Who is that?’ Addy said bemusedly, as they witnessed a figure emerge from the oak front doors, quickly descending over the grounds.

‘I think it’s Mary,’ Marlene said, quickening her pace toward her.

‘Odd…what’s she doing out here this time of night?’ Addy said slowly, ‘did she just take off her robes?’ she added quickly, as the two broke into a run.

‘Oi, Mary!’ Marlene shouted. Mary stalled her walking, yet only briefly, glancing toward them before she pulled her school jumper over her head. ‘Mary, what are you doing?’ she asked as they converged on either side of her.

‘Going for a swim. I’m to meet the mermaids,’ she said dreamily.

‘Don’t be ridiculous Mary,’ Marlene laughed, ‘the Black Lake is freezing, you’ll catch your death,’ she said grabbing hold of Mary’s arm.

Mary shrugged out of Marlene’s grasp, continuing toward the lake. ‘I’m to ask them about their staff…and if it can be used on a witch…’

Addy’s expression tightened, and she grabbed hold of Mary by both of her arms, looking into her eyes intently, her own eyes widening in fearful surprise. ‘She’s got the imperius on her!’

‘What?’ Marlene shrieked, ‘how is that possible?’

‘I don’t know,’ Addy said through gritted teeth, trying to grab onto Mary, ‘but maybe it’s a discussion we should have after the fact. Sodding Hell!’ she yelped, stumbling back in pain as Mary had flailed wildly in her attempts to escape, her elbow making solid contact with Addy’s nose, where blood was now spurting excessively. Addy paused to swipe hastily at her face, which really didn’t help matters. Marlene had doubled her efforts to halt Mary’s progress toward the frigid waters, succeeding by clinging desperately to one of Mary’s arms with both of hers. ‘Bugger this,’ Addy muttered, before promptly tackling Mary to the ground and laying across her shoulders.

‘Why don’t we bring our wands to practice?’ Marlene panted.

‘Go get someone to help!’ Addy grunted, as Mary continued to struggle beneath her.

‘Oh. Right.’ Marlene turned and ran back toward the castle, but fortunately didn’t have to go far, as James, Sirius, and Steve, were just returning from quidditch practice. While James, Marlene, and Steve brought the writhing form of Mary toward the infirmary, Sirius helped Addy to her feet and took her hand in his to guide her as her nose and eyes were now so swollen her vision had blurred.

‘That looks broken,’ Sirius murmured, running a finger over the bridge of her nose delicately.

Addy winced slightly, trying to play it off with a one shouldered shrug. ‘Nothing Madam Pomfrey can’t handle…’ her brow knitted as she looked in the direction of their clasped hands, stuffing the sleeve of her other arm to her nose in attempt to stave off the flow of blood. ‘Won’t Marlene have a problem with this?’ she asked, lifting their hands slightly.

Sirius paused his walking and looked at her bemusedly. ‘And why would she?’

‘Aren’t you two together?’

His brow knitted. ‘That was last year. And it didn’t last long. We’re too much alike.’

‘Oh, right,’ she nodded, ‘I can see that. Mary then? You’re with her now?’ she said as they started walking again.

Sirius shook his head. ‘That ended before it even started.’

‘Oh?... but then. Who’d I see you with the other day? After quidditch practice? Girl with dark hair innit?’

His shoulders tensed. ‘That was nothing. Just a snog. A one-off.’

Addy frowned. ‘Oh…ok. If you say so.’

Sirius glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. ‘Why? Am I making you uncomfortable?’

She shook her head. ‘I just didn’t want to upset anyone if you had a girlfriend.’ Honestly, Addy normally did feel uncomfortable holding hands, but for whatever reason, maybe it was the circumstances, his seemed to off her comfort.

‘Well, I don’t.’


Once they had reached the hospital wing, Sirius directed Addy to a bed across from Mary’s, where Madam Pomfrey continued her complicated spellwork. Professor Dumbledore looked up at them from where he was stood next to Mary’s bed with Marlene, James, and Steve. ‘Ah, Miss Nott, Miss McKinnon was just recounting how the two of you came across Miss Macdonald leaving the castle for the Black Lake this evening?’

‘Yedd, Pwofeddowr,’ Addy nodded, still trying to manage the persistently heavy flow of blood, pouring from her nose. Professor Dumbledore gave a small smile, waving his wand toward her and silently mending her broken nose. Addy breathed a sigh of relief when the sharp, burning sensation had ebbed away. ‘Thank you, Professor,’ she said, gingerly palpating her nose.

‘You are quite welcome,’ he smiled before his expression turned somber. ‘Miss McKinnon also said that you were the one to recognize that our Mary here was under the imperius curse?’

‘Yes, Professor,’ Addy said. Dumbledore nodded, gazing at her knowingly over his half moon spectacles. Madam Pomfrey muttered something to Professor Dumbledore, who nodded, turning back toward Mary, who was now lying in her bed placidly.

‘What’s he doing to her, now?’ Marlene said fretfully as she moved to sit next to Addy on her bed.

‘I think he’s trying to use legilimency to figure out who did this to her,’ Addy said quietly.

‘You all need to leave now, and let the Headmaster concentrate on his work,’ Madam Pomfrey stated, pushing James and Steve along in front of her.

‘But can’t I stay here with Mary? She’s going to be alright, isn’t she?’ Marlene said worriedly.

‘No, you most certainly may not stay. This girl has been cursed. She needs rest. But I’m sure she’ll be fine McKinnon. The Headmaster knows what he’s doing.’ Marlene nodded, though she didn’t look convinced.

‘Don’t worry Marls, I’m sure Mary will be fine,’ Addy said, hoping she sounded sure. She wasn’t the best at comforting people.

‘Yeah,’ James said confidently. ‘Dumbledore’s the greatest wizard alive. Mary’s in the best hands possible. He’s got this, no sweat.’

‘That’s true,’ Marlene said quietly with a small smile, as James threw an arm around her shoulders in a friendly manner. Addy frowned. She wished she could do that, but whenever she tried to be consoling, it always ended up feeling strained and awkward.

‘You ok?’ Sirius asked, squeezing Addy’s hand. She nearly jumped out of her skin, having forgotten he was holding her hand, but managed to cover with a shrug.

‘Yeah…I just,’ she struggled to put her thoughts in order. ‘Who would do something like that to Mary?’

Sirius shook his head angrily. ‘Clearly one of those wannabe Death Eater, Slytherin, pieces-of-shite, trouser snakes,’ he spat.

Addy’s eyebrows shot up her forehead and she stopped in surprise, bringing Sirius to a halt with her, who gave her a questioningly look. ‘Yes, clearly…’ she said carefully. ‘I meant more specifically.’

He shrugged, looking down the corridor to where the others had reached the portrait hole. ‘We’ll just have to wait for Mary to tell us,’ he said, tugging her along again.

‘If Dumbledore can get it out of her.’

He looked at her sideways. ‘You don’t think he can?’

Addy shrugged. ‘If anyone could it’d be him. I just know it’s tricky business.’ Sirius nodded. ‘You know, I think my vision has cleared enough that I can find my way through the portrait hole,’ she said, looking pointedly at their joined hands and suddenly smirking at him.

He laughed lightly. ‘Right,’ he said, dropping her hand and hoping his cheeks didn’t betray him.

By the time Addy made it up to her dorm room, Marlene had finished telling Lily of the events of the evening. ‘But who would do something like that to Mary?’ Lily said quietly.

‘Bloody Slytherin, wannabe, Death Eater obviously,’ Marlene ground out darkly.

Addy frowned, crossing to her bed where she didn’t even bother to change out of her quidditch kit before she had collapsed onto her duvet. ‘You sound like Sirius,’ she muttered, more to herself than to anyone else.

Next day Marlene left the dormitory to visit Mary in the infirmary before the others had managed to stir in their beds, returning just as Lily and Addy were descending the stairs to the common room. ‘Mulciber,’ Marlene growled without explanation.

Lily’s brows knitted.

‘I know our fathers may associate with each other, but please do not address me as that troglodyte,’ Addy said with mock indignation.

Marlene huffed, obviously not amused. ‘Mulciber is the one what done that to Mary.’

‘Well, he’ll be expelled, surely,’ Lily stated.

Marlene shrugged. ‘Dumbledore said ‘he’d take care of it’ apparently. Whatever that means.’

‘But he used an unforgivable! He deserves to be in Azkaban!’ Addy said indignantly.

Marlene held her hands up in mock surrender. ‘You don’t have to convince me.’

Mary was released from the hospital wing a few days later, and while Mulciber was gifted with a shit ton of detentions, he most certainly was not expelled, which quite frankly didn’t sit well with Mary’s friends. While they weren’t privy to the extent of his punishment, his continued presence at Hogwarts told them it was not enough, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. Marlene and Addy would hex him frequently with Lily turning a blind eye, even joining in sometimes, as they felt he deserved it. And the Marauders upped their pranking of the Slytherin, to the point of almost being malicious, as again, he deserved it by their reasoning.