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Star Crossed by RiverFord

Format: Novel
Chapters: 28
Word Count: 79,871
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC

First Published: 02/17/2018
Last Chapter: 04/11/2018
Last Updated: 04/11/2018

The darkness threatened to break her, but it turned out she was stronger than even she thought possible.

Chapter 16: Chapter 16


The year started with the Professors launching right into their talks about the importance of OWLs, a seemingly daft new DADA professor, and an abrupt shift in the weather into autumn.

Addy hadn't noticed any significant change in herself, however she did notice a major increase in the male attention she was getting that year compared with previously. While it mostly made her feel awkward and uncomfortable, a few more charming blokes did manage to make it flattering, which led to a few dalliances in broom cupboards, including her biggest mistake in David Gillem. He had been particularly charming during that Charms class, no pun intended, that Addy happened to be having a rather low self-esteem day, so they took a walk to a broom cupboard on the third floor and spent a little time alone. While it made her feel better momentarily, he wasn't that good of a snog and Addy ended up feeling worse about herself. She found herself drinking and smoking more on top of it all.

After just two weeks Wood had decided to hold quidditch trials to fill the one open position for Gryffindor's team. While there were only about four hopefuls, three boys, and that Jones girl from the previous year, there was a much larger group of girls without brooms that appeared to be whispering and giggling. 'Ugh. Fangirls,' Addy muttered.

Marlene's delicate nose crinkled in dislike. 'They're pathetic.'

Sirius scoffed while James said, 'oh please, like you two can talk.'

Addy's brow knitted. 'What are you on about?' Marlene said in a bored tone.

'There's just as many blokes here to gape at you,' Sirius said.

'And half of them aren't even in our house,' James added indignantly.

'That has to be against the rules,' Sirius said.

Addy shook her head. 'Can't be really. Trials are open,' she said with a frown, crossing her arms in front of her.

'That's not going to help,' Sirius said, giving her a pointed look. Her frown deepened.

'I hope this Jones girl has been practicing and is a better shot this year,' Marlene said.

Addy nodded. 'We need another girl on the team.' James scoffed. 'To keep it even,' she added, wide eyed. He rolled his eyes.

It turned out that Jones had, in fact, been practicing, and was exceptionally good; she was even better than Marlene at that point, though Addy assured Marlene that she wasn't. After trials Marlene and Addy decided to drink some firewhiskey because, you know, why not? They were both single and didn't feel like doing their coursework that night. Lily was out doing rounds thankfully, so they drank in their dorm room, and Mary decided to join them. Over time Addy had grown comfortable with Marlene. She was witty, loud, and rather vulgar, which she thoroughly enjoyed. She gave her a laugh. And she was really starting to like Mary too. She wasn't quite as loud and vulgar as Marlene, but she was laid back and went with the flow and was also quite witty, and she shared a lot of the same views as Addy. Lily would hang round them too, though not as often. She was definitely witty, the brightest in their year. Lily was one of the world's most beautiful people in Addy's opinion. The type that you really want to hate, they're so perfect, but then to top it all she was the most caring person she had ever met, and Addy couldn't help but like her. It was terribly annoying how lovely Lily was.

As it was, Addy, Marlene, and Mary had made a solid dent in Marlene's bottle, when they decided what they now needed was chips. On the way down to the common room Addy tripped and took the remaining stairs on her arse. Marlene snorted with laughter and Mary shushed her loudly. 'Well that's the most action my arse has seen in weeks,' Addy muttered. Marlene and Mary both laughed.

'That's not what you said yesterday,' Marlene said in a sing-song voice.

'Shh, that was supposed to be a secret,' Addy said grinning.

'Tsk-tsk, keeping secrets Nott?' Addy froze, Marlene and Mary close behind her, the three of them looking like they had been caught out. 'Merlin, are you three pissed?' Sirius went on, smirking.

'Nooo...' Addy said, while Marlene made a 'pff' sound. Mary nodded her head.

Sirius, James, and Peter sniggered, while Remus grinned from their spot by the fire. 'Whatever,' Marlene muttered. 'Let's just go.' Mary and Addy nodded their affirmation and they crossed the room and scrambled out of the portrait hole.

'Where are you lot going?' James called after them. Apparently, they had decided to follow.

'We're in need of sustenance,' Mary said.

'In way of chips,' Marlene added. Addy nodded. They made it to the kitchen relatively easily, considering they were, in fact, pissed. They sat themselves around the table and they continued chatting while Addy talked with a house elf. She tuned back into the conversation to hear that for whatever reason, James had taken pictures of Sirius starkers. And he had kept them.

'Woah, woah, woah,' Addy said, holding up a hand. Everyone looked at her expectantly. 'Let me get this straight. You have pictures. Of yourself. Starkers?'

Sirius smirked. 'Yes.'

'Why do you have pictures of yourself starkers?' She paused, raising her eyebrows at him as though she were concerned. 'And I don't?' He grinned. James, Remus, and Mary sniggered. Marlene snorted with laughter and pushed Addy, a little too hard, as she fell off the bench. 'Oi! I was only joking!'

'No, you weren't!' Marlene sniggered.

'I know,' Addy laughed out. 'Oo, chips!' She said suddenly, jumping up and reclaiming her seat, tucking in quickly.

'You know, this would be great with some cheese,' Mary said.

'Is this girl for real?' James said.


'Tell me you're taking the mick.'

Addy shook her head. 'I would never joke about something so...' She looked at Sirius. 'Serious,' she smirked. They all sniggered.

'You're mad,' James said.

'Barking,' she nodded, shoving another chip in her mouth.

'So, did you hear?' Marlene said thickly through a mouthful of chips.


'This lot have been calling themselves...the Marauders.' She pointed across the table at the boys who frowned while Mary sniggered.

Addy paused with a chip halfway to her mouth. 'Makes sense,' she shrugged, and ate the chip. The boys looked at her in surprise.

'What?' Marlene gaped at her.

'How?' Mary asked.

Addy finished chewing and swallowed. 'Well, we're Gryffindors.' She picked up another chip.

'And?' Marlene said, her brow knitted in confusion.

'And...they're boys.' The boys were watching the exchange with amused expressions.

Mary leaned forward. 'I don't get it.'

Addy sighed. 'We're Gryffindors,' she gestured around the table. 'So, we're lions. And they're boys. Or males.' Mary and Marlene looked at her blankly. 'Haven't you ever heard of marauding male lions?' Addy said skeptically.

'No,' Mary said flatly.

'Have you?' Marlene said indignantly.

'No,' Addy deadpanned. James and Sirius sniggered, Remus smirked, and Peter was looking at her with an expression akin to awe. 'Marauding male lions are a group of male lions...roughly teen aged...that hang round together and cause trouble. Males don't usually hang round together. It's usually male per group of females...any roads, if I remember correctly, they also team up to kill the young of the pride.' She pointed a chip at them, narrowing her eyes. 'Best tell Lily to keep an eye on the first years.' James quirked a brow, Remus smirked.

'Brilliant,' Sirius muttered, eyeing her up. Addy grinned back at him and he winked at her.


A few weeks later, after a Saturday practice, Addy and Marlene came back to their dorm, and joined Mary for a drink, or ten, of firewhiskey. Once again, they decided they needed sustenance once they were well and truly sloshed and headed towards the kitchens. Though that time around, they weren't as lucky. 'Bugger, it's Mrs. Norris,' Addy hissed.

'Why do you think she's called Mrs. Norris?' Marlene mused. 'Who's Mr. Norris?'

'And if she's married to him, then why is she with Filch?' Mary went on.

'Will you two shut it?' Addy laughed out as they started down a passage.

'Bollucks, the cat's following,' Mary grumbled when they heard the loud meow behind them.

'We need a quick getaway,' Marlene muttered.

Addy nodded. 'Glisseo.' They shot down the chute the stairs had turned into, Mrs. Norris following quickly, yowling. 'Duro,' Addy shouted, once they had passed through the tapestry at the end of the stairs.

'Did it work?' Marlene breathed. When they heard the soft thump and loud yowl of Mrs. Norris as she hit the stone wall, the three girls erupted into wheezy, drunken, sniggers.

'I'd say so,' Addy said. Mary suddenly doubled over and chundered on the floor, which Marlene apparently found hilarious, as her voice went up about five octaves and she laughed out something neither Addy or Mary could understand.

'Sod off, McKinnon,' Mary said with a smile as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

Addy vanished the puddle of sick with her wand. 'Are you speaking Mermish?' She laughed, looking at Marlene. She suddenly adopted a high pitched, breathy voice, and squealed out an indistinguishable string of sounds in imitation of her and Marlene’s laughter became silent.

'You're going to make me wet myself,' Mary giggled, crossing her legs.

'We need to move along,' Addy sniggered, looking around. 'Filch is bound to show up with all this noise.' The yowling of Mrs. Norris could still be heard as they finally continued toward the kitchens.