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Star Crossed by RiverFord

Format: Novel
Chapters: 28
Word Count: 79,871
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC

First Published: 02/17/2018
Last Chapter: 04/11/2018
Last Updated: 04/11/2018

The darkness threatened to break her, but it turned out she was stronger than even she thought possible.

Chapter 12: Chapter 12


'Good luck,' Addy waved. James grimaced.  


'What was that?' Alice said, quirking a brow as the compartment door closed behind Addy. 


'Ah, they pranked Snape. That Slytherin boy? Looks like Evans found out.' 


Hannah jumped up grinning. 'Gotta see this...' She moved out of the compartment quickly. 


Addy snickered. Alice frowned. 'Not that,' she waved Addy off. 'I meant your little tumble with Black.' 


'Oh, that?' 


'Yes, that!' 


Addy waved her off. 'They were just escaping Snivellus and he ran into me is all.' 


Alice's eyebrows shot up her forehead. 'Didn't look like that's all.' 


'What's that s'pose to mean?' 


'Mean's he looks like he fancies you.' 


Addy laughed loudly. 'No. No. Definitely not.' 


'What? It's true!' 








'And why not?' 


'Because, we're barely even mates. We hardly know each other anymore. He definitely does not fancy me.' 


Alice shook her head. 'I wouldn't be so sure.' 


Addy rolled her eyes. 'Don't be ridiculous Ally.' 


The compartment door slid open and Hannah came back in, grinning broadly. 'Bloody brilliant,' she chuckled. 'He looks like a giant bat.' 


Addy's brow knitted. 'How's that different than normal then?' 


Hannah laughed harder. 'You'll just have to go see it for yourself.' 


Addy frowned and Alice shrugged. The three of them got up and left the compartment, moving toward the high-pitched screeching still coming from Lily. 'Oh, Godrick!' Alice laughed. 


'Alright,' Addy sniggered. 'That is pretty brilliant.' 


'He looks right at home up there doesn't he?' Hannah added. 


'Yeah. Too bad Evans is getting him down.' They all laughed and went back to their compartment. They spent the rest of the train ride eating their sweets and chatting and laughing. 




Despite seeing Darcy, and pretending she didn't, the welcoming feast was as great as always, and Addy clapped on the Gryffindor firsties with the rest of her house. She resolved to spend a majority of her time around Alice. She was the big sister Addy wished she'd had. And Hannah wasn't too bad either. 


In Charms, in the beginning of that year, Addy sat awkwardly amongst the other Gryffindor fourth years, listening half-heartedly as Professor Flitwick prattled on about the expectations for that year, and trying to pretend like it didn't bother her being around Darcy and the other Ravenclaws and act as though they didn't even know each other. 


Next day, as Addy was leaving the greenhouses, a somewhat familiar voice called out to her. She stopped and turned around to find Sam Gardener jogging up the lawns toward her. Arnie shuffled along behind him. Most of the other Hufflepuffs shuffled past. John shot her, what she assumed was supposed to be, an appologetic smile. 


'Hey, Addy. Can I talk to you?'  


She glanced around, her eyebrows shooting up her forehead. 'Er...sure Sam,' she nodded. 


'I'll catch up to you at lunch Arnie?' He smiled. 


'Sure thing, Sam. Addy,' he nodded to her. She smiled tightly in response.  


'Listen,' Sam said, scratching the back of his neck. 'I heard about what happened the end of last year.' She frowned at the ground. 'I just want you to know, I...' Addy looked up at him and he glanced at her nervously. 'I think it's shite, and I...I just. I don't agree. And I hope you and I can still be mates.' 


Addy smiled, feeling her cheeks heat up. 'I'd like that,' she nodded. 


Sam smiled. 'Great! That's great. I'll, uh...I'll see you around then?' 


She nodded again. 'Yeah.' 




That night when Addy was sat in a corner of the common room with Alice and Hannah, she noticed Remus walk in, looking haggard. He was greeted by his three friends with woops and laughter and claps on the back. He looked over at Addy suddenly, making eye contact, and shot her a small smile. She was torn between averting her eyes quickly, since she had been caught in the act of staring at him or waving and greeting him properly like she wanted. She settled for smiling back before she looked away, as she could tell she was blushing furiously. Alice caught Addy out, and turned round to see why she had gone weird. She turned back, quirking a brow at Addy, who shook her head in answer, and Alice smiled back knowingly. 




A few days later in the first Ancient Runes class of the year, Addy approached Elizabeth Fawley's desk tentatively. 'Erm...'lo Effie. Mind if I sit with you again?' 


Effie looked up and smiled. She was a shorter girl with brown hair, deep blue eyes, and a bit of a unibrow. Addy didn't consider herself to be vain, but she gathered this girl put her studies above all else, which she found surprising for a Hufflepuff. 'Not at all.' She gestured toward the empty chair next to her. Addy sat in the empty seat and they chatted idly before class started, the usual small talk that both served to annoy her and make her uncomfortable. Although, Effie seemed to have an easy way about her that put Addy at ease. She didn't make her feel the usual intimidation she was want to feel around other people. 


'How are finding Ancient Runes?' Effie asked. 


'Really well, actually,' Addy said. 'I find it fascinating. It's like being able to talk in our own secret language.' 


Effie looked back at her curiously for a moment. 'You know, I never thought of it like that. I quite agree.' She paused. 'How are you getting on in your other classes?' 


Addy shrugged. 'I do alright. Mostly O's and E's. Couple A's.' 


Effie nodded. 'What are your A's in?' 


'Herbology and Defense. I have a bit of trouble remembering all that bloody plant information. And the Defense Professor didn't like me last year,' Addy frowned. 


Effie frowned too. 'Yes, I heard about that...but we should study together. Every now and then. Trish and I are going to be in the library Friday after classed. You should join us. We're no Ravenclaws, but we're pretty decent at Herbology.' 


Addy nodded slowly. 'I might do.' It couldn't hurt to have a study partner, or two, she reasoned, if Trish was going to be there too. So, she did show up to the library on Friday, though it was with hesitation, and a sick feeling in her stomach. It wasn't easy for her to put herself out there. 




Addy found Trish and Effie at a table in the back of the library near the restricted section, various books and parchment spread about them like they were researching some sort or experiment. Addy had taken to sitting with Trish again in Muggle Studies this year, though they still weren't close in any sort. Trish had blue eyes and light brown hair; she was also short and, er...plump, and the Slytherins would often poke fun at her. Addy was sure she had seen Trish crying in the loo. To the point she wondered if Trish was vying to take the position of the next Moaning Myrtle. 'Hullo...' Addy said quietly, sitting her bag down. 'Just got done with Transfiguration. You two been here long?' 


Trish glanced down at her watch before looking up at Addy. 'Only about twenty minutes.' She immediately looked back to her parchment and Addy's eyes widened. They certainly didn't waste any time. 


Addy did pretty decent in most of her studies, with the potential to be brilliant, though she tended to have trouble focusing long enough to revise well enough, and usually left things until the last minute. As it was, she still managed proficient marks. 


Addy sat in a chair opposite Trish on the corner, with Effie sitting on the same side but the other end to Trish. They looked to be working on separate things, so Addy pulled out her Transfiguration essay that was set for Wednesday, though twenty minutes in she found she was still alternatively reading the same sentence over and over, and looking longingly out the window at the quidditch pitch. The sky was clear, the temperature mild, and she could see a few figures circling, seemingly passing a quaffle. Why had she agreed to meet here? It was a bloody Friday. And she had ages to finish that work. It was the first thing due and it wasn't even due until Wednesday. She could do it Tuesday night...Addy was just preparing her excuse to escape when Effie spoke, snapping her back to present. 'I'm done with this now, if you want to work on Herbology?' 


Addy shook her head, trying to focus back on the library. 'Er...yeah, sure. That'd be great.' 


'Brilliant! Trish has some really helpful ways of remembering all the information.' Trish nodded earnestly in confirmation. Effie pulled out her copy of One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi. Cut to an hour later and they were all calling it a night as all three of their stomachs were grumbling in protest. They walked to the Great Hall together and parted ways at the door to get to their separate house tables. Addy made a beeline for Alice and Hannah. 


'Where've you been?' Alice asked, noting Addy's apparent bored expression. 


'Library,' she grunted. 


'Whatever for?' Alice smirked. 


Addy groaned. 'I'm trying, ok?' Alice shrugged. 'But any roads, I'm dying to get out on the pitch. Fancy having a fly?' Alice grinned. 


Hannah frowned. 'I'll just catch in the common room then, yeah?' 


Alice nodded. 'We shouldn't go too long.' Addy grabbed a Cornish pasty as she stood and headed out through the giant oak front doors with Alice. 'So, what were you doing in the library? On a Friday no less.' 


Addy shrugged. 'Thought it couldn't hurt to have a few extra study partners. Especially as they're Hufflepuffs. They were helping me with Herbology. S'not my best subject.' 


'Still...Friday evening? I thought you were more fun than that,' Alice joked, poking Addy in the side.  


Addy chuckled. 'Alright, I concede, that part was rather ridiculous, but I didn't plan it, I was merely invited.' 


'Alright then, I suppose I'll forgive you this one time.' 


'Oh, thank Merlin!' Addy said dramatically, making Alice chuckled. They grabbed their brooms from the locker room, and spent the next hour flying round the pitch. There's nothing quite like feeling the wind in your hair, being high above the ground. It's absolutely delicious.