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Star Crossed by RiverFord

Format: Novel
Chapters: 28
Word Count: 79,871
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC

First Published: 02/17/2018
Last Chapter: 04/11/2018
Last Updated: 04/11/2018

The darkness threatened to break her, but it turned out she was stronger than even she thought possible.

Chapter 11: Chapter 11


Turned out she did, and Addy managed to slip away to meet up with her muggle friends every few days. She had met Kate first a few years back. Then her slightly older brother Paul, and subsequently been introduced to his friend Ed. They were at the park most days, where Addy would meet up with them after breakfast. Then they would either stay at the park, go to Kate and Paul's house, or go round to the shops nearby. 


Midway through July, Addy was making her way to the park when she realized a few streets away that she was being followed. By Aludra. She quickly diverted her route to the house of the only person she knew who lived nearby and might understand. 


'What are you doing here Nott?' Addy smiled sardonically back at Sirius, shutting the door to his room behind herself after the house elf had let her in. He quirked an eyebrow questioningly, as she wordlessly strode to his window, looking out at the street below. 'Dara?' 


She smirked at him sideways. 'Sorry. Al was following me. I'll be out of your hair as soon as she stalks her little puppet arse home.' 


Sirius squinted back at her. He was laying on his bed reading a magazine. 'Where were you going?' 


Addy shrugged, turning around to face him fully. 'To the park.' 


'And is that not allowed?' He smirked. 


'To meet up with my muggle friends.' She walked over and sat on his bed, snatching the magazine from his hands. 'Is this the new quidditch weekly?' She started to leaf through it.  


He waved the question away lazily. 'Last weeks. Did you say muggle friends?' He looked genuinely interested. 


Addy quirked an eyebrow at him, smirking in amusement. 'Yes...' She said slowly. 'Ed's just got himself a motorbike. Promised to give me a ride on it.' 




'Yes. Muggle transportation. A bike. With a motor. Just like it sounds.' She flashed her hands dramatically and he scowled. 


'I know what a bloody motorbike is you bint.' 


Addy chuckled. 'Ok. Then why did you look confused?' 


'I'm not...confused. I...' Sirius frowned. 


Ah. I see. 'Do you want to come with me?' 


He looked hesitant. 'You wouldn't mind? I mean...we haven't...' 


'Sirius. It's fine. It'd be nice if you stopped pretending like you don't know me at school, but really? If you want, this can just be payment for letting me use you momentarily.' 


'I don't pretend like I don't know you.' She looked at him blankly and he frowned. 'Fine, fine. I'll acknowledge you at Hogwarts. Happy?' 


Addy looked down at the magazine still open in her lap. Not really, no. 'Sure,' she said vaguely, setting the magazine aside and standing up. She went back to the window, peering down at the street again. 'Looks like she's gone. Shall we?' She turned back around and Sirius eyed her carefully. 


'Sure.' They slipped out of his house and down to the park where Kate, Paul, and Ed were waiting at the edge. 


'I was beginning to think you weren't comin,' Ed smiled his crooked smile. He was tall and wiry, with brown hair and brown eyes. 


'Sorry to disappoint,' Addy smirked and stole the fag from Paul's lips. He quirked a brow and smirked back at her. 


'Who's this then?' Kate asked, gesturing at Sirius, a twinkle in her eyes.  


'Oh, right. This is my, er...' 


'Mate,' Sirius shot Addy a look. 'From school. Sirius,' he held his hand out and Kate shook it, smirking. 


'Ah, so you go to that fancy boarding school too then?' Kate had blonde hair like Addy's and light blue eyes. She was a bit shorter with a curvier build. Sirius smiled and nodded. 


'Dara mentioned you'd got a motorbike,' he gestured toward Ed. 'That's brilliant.' Ed nodded and went into the whole story of how he got it and the rundown of all its features. Sirius was hooked. 


'So...Dara?' Paul said, pulling the fag from Addy's lips. She smirked up at him. He was tall and muscular, with dark hair and the same light blue eyes as Kate. 


'Only Sirius calls me that. I don't remember why,' she shrugged. 


He took a long drag and smiled. 'Alright.' 


'Ok, now we've heard what it can do, why don't you show me?' Addy waggled her eyebrows and hopped on the back of the bike behind Ed.  


He smiled broadly. 'Right then. Hang on.' She gripped him tightly round the middle as he started the engine and couldn't help but squeal as he pulled away. 


'This is brilliant!' Addy laughed as he rounded the park. 


'Isn't it though?' He shouted back. They were both smiling broadly when he pulled back into the spot at the edge of the park. Sirius was chatting amicably with Paul and Kate. That bloke could get on with just about anyone if he tried.  


'Have fun?' Paul smiled at Addy. 


'Loads! Yes! It's really, really fantastic! Thanks Ed!' 


'No problem, Addy.' 


'I'm hoping to get one. Next summer maybe?' Paul said. 


Addy smirked at him. 'That'd be so cute. Then you two could form like a little biker gang. Ride round together.' 


He shoved her playfully. 'Oh, shut it.' She grinned back at him cheekily. 


The time came when Addy needed to leave in order to get home in time for dinner, so Sirius and she said their goodbyes and headed off. 'Your mates seem great.' 


Addy smiled. 'They are.' 


'You fancy him, don't you? Paul?' Sirius said, when they were a safe distance away. 


'What? No! Of course not! He's just a friend,' she spluttered. Her voice had gone up a few octaves. 


Sirius smirked at her. 'That's too bad then, since he fancies you.' 


'What? No, he doesn't What makes you say that?' 


'Oh, I don't know? The fact that I have eyes, maybe?' 


Addy shook her head. 'No. He would never fancy me.' 


Sirius's brow knitted. 'Why not?' 


She shrugged. ''s me. People don't fancy me. They might think I'm pretty, but...they're not interested in the real me. Not enough to fancy me,' she shook her head. 


Sirius frowned. 'You're ridiculous.' 




'Paul definitely fancies you. I saw how he looked at you. And when you were off with Ed he was asking about you. Like how did we meet? And how good of friends are we?' Addy frowned. 'And plenty of people would fancy you if you would just talk more. You're not half bad when you let people in.' 


'It's not like that's worked out well for me in the past,' she muttered. 


Sirius's brow knitted. 'What?' 


Addy shook her head. 'It doesn't matter. Either way. We'll be going back to Hogwarts. Paul will forget about me soon enough.' 


Sirius shook his head. 'If you say so.' They parted ways shortly after, and she didn't see him again for the rest of holiday. 




Sirius saw Dara greeting Alice warmly on the platform before climbing onto the train. He hadn't seen her since that day in July, the one bright spot in his otherwise horrible holiday. After a rather heated row with his mother his first night back, he'd been locked in his room for three days and she'd taken to intercepting his mail. He hadn't received one owl from his mates all holiday. He'd really enjoyed that day with Dara, he'd seen a different side to her. She seemed so at ease around her muggle friends. But she'd never come back. 


'What are you staring at, mate?'  


Sirius snapped out of his daze to find James stood next to him. 'Nothing,' he drawled in a bored tone, shrugging. 'Just waiting on your ugly mug.' 


'Sod off! My mum says I'm beautiful,' James said with mock indignance as they boarded the train. "Where's Pete?' 


Sirius shrugged again. 'You know he's usually late. He'll stroll in last minute.' 


James nodded. 'Feels wrong starting without Remus.' 


'Did you hear from him?' 


'Yeah, he owled me. Should be coming Tuesday morning.' Sirius nodded as they entered their usual compartment. 'So, did you do anything over holiday?' 


Sirius shrugged nonchalantly. 'Saw Dara one day. But that was about it. Spent most of my time rereading old quidditch magazines in my room.' 




Sirius cleared his throat. 'Ah, Nott.' 


'Since when is she Dara?' James asked, quirking a brow. 


Sirius shrugged again and was saved from commenting further when Pete walked in, panting and sweating, and shut the compartment door noisily. 'Merlin's hairy balls Petey, what'd you do, run here?' 


'Don't call me Petey,' he wheezed.  


James smirked suddenly, and Sirius followed his gaze, his eyes suddenly filling with the mischievous glint they'd lacked the last few months. 'How's about we start the school year off right with a prank in Remus's honor?'  


Sirius grinned. 'I like the sound of that.' Roughly half an hour later, they were retreating down the corridor, when Sirius spotted Dara again, as they passed the compartment where she was sat with Alice and her friend Hannah. He paused. Addy had taken her robes off and was wearing some flowy, white, muggle dress that made her skin look like it was glowing, and her hair was sun kissed. She was coming toward the door. 


'Oh, look, it's Dara,' James said brightly. Sirius shot a scowl at him, but James just smiled widely as the door slid open and Dara called, 'sure thing,' as she stepped into the corridor. James shoved Sirius into Dara so forcefully, she gasped and tumbled over with him landing on top of her. 


Sirius went to get up quickly but stopped when he had pulled back slightly to see her smile softly. 'Your hairs getting long,' she murmured, tucking a lock behind his ear. It fell forward again.  


'You've got green in your eyes...' He said quietly. 'It's like a stitching or a web...' Her gaze snapped over to meet his. 'Fancy meeting you here...' 


'Yeah, you know? When I asked you to stop ignoring me, I meant give me a wave or say hello, not tackle me on the train.' 


'Blimey, are you going to let her up soon?' Sirius's eyes widened briefly. He'd forgotten James was there really. Dara's cheeks flushed before Sirius scrambled to his feet, then pulled her roughly to her's.  


She cleared her throat awkwardly. 'Wotcher Potter,' he nodded at her in acknowledgement. 'Pettigrew.' Peter squeaked and Dara's eyes widened in surprise. She glanced at James who shrugged, smirking. Her brow knitted together then. 'Where's Remus?' 


Sirius cleared his throat. 'Er...' 


'We get Potter and Pettigrew and he gets Remus?' James said, quirking a brow. 


She mock glared at him. 'You stole my snitch. Which I still haven't gotten back, by the way.' James scratched the back of his neck, smiling sheepishly. 'So, Remus?' 


'He's, ah...not feeling well. Be a bit late,' Sirius muttered. 


She looked at her watch. 'Oh...right.' James and Sirius looked at her curiously. 'Well, he shouldn't miss too much.' 


'Why do you say that?' Sirius said, at the same time James asked, 'why'd you look at your watch?' 


Dara's brow knitted. 'It's only Sunday,' she said, looking between them. Peter seemed to be backing away. 'And if he misses tomorrow, he shouldn't miss too much on the first day. Plus, you lot usually let him borrow your notes, yeah?' She gestured between them and they shared a look.  




Addy rolled her eyes. 'Well, any roads, as fun as this is. Whatever this is...' She shook her head. 'I actually came out here with a mission. So, if you'll excuse me?' She turned heel and walked down the corridor. 


James turned toward Sirius, waggling his eyebrows suggestively and nodded toward Dara. Sirius scowled again, but James pushed him down the corridor in the same direction, which he could now see her approaching the trolley witch. She looked over her shoulder questioningly. 'We were going to get something off the trolley,' James replied easily.  


Dara smirked. 'I figured you were just pranking some Slytherins and were running from the scene of the crime.' Peter sniggered. 


'Well, that too,' Sirius grinned. 


'You should see Snivellus,' James added with a smirk. 


She pursed her lips together thoughtfully. 'That depends. Did you improve his appearance?' 


Peter sniggered. 'Hardly.' 


Dara looked surprised. He'd probably never talked to her before. 'I think I'll pass then. He's bad enough to look at as is,' she said. James chortled. 


'Suit yourself,' Sirius said, grinning. They collected their treats from the trolley and went their separate ways when Dara went back into her compartment, and the boys continued toward an irate Lily Evans.