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Star Crossed by RiverFord

Format: Novel
Chapters: 28
Word Count: 79,871
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC

First Published: 02/17/2018
Last Chapter: 04/11/2018
Last Updated: 04/11/2018

The darkness threatened to break her, but it turned out she was stronger than even she thought possible.

Chapter 7: Chapter 7


The next day Addy had planned to go to Hogsmeade with Darcy. Darcy showed up with Saoirse, Jenee, John, David, and Sam Gardener, another Hufflepuff in their year. Addy pulled her hood up over her head and wrapped her scarf around the lower half of her face as they walked into town, meshing into the group to hopefully avoid being seen by anyone like her sister. They went into Honeyduke's and Zonko's, then stopped in the post office so they could see all the different owls. Then they went to take a look at the Shrieking Shack, which had Addy standing there feeling entirely unimpressed. It just looked like a run down old house.  


'Shall we go to Madam Puddifoots? I hear it has really good tea,' Saoirse suggested.  


Addy saw the boys grimace and she frowned herself. 'Can't we get tea any old time? Let's go to the Three Broomsticks. I've heard it's brilliant. And I could do with a nice warm butterbeer.' Saoirse and Darcy shared a look and Addy's frown deepened. Jenee shrugged. 


'Yes!' John exclaimed.  


'I've been wanting to go there,' David said.  


'Sure,' Sam agreed. They made their way down the street to the pub and as they entered they scanned the room for a spot to sit. It was relatively crowded, being a Hogwarts Hogsmeade Saturday. 


'Why don't you lot find us a table and I'll grab some drinks, yeah?' Addy said. 


'Yeah, sure,' Sam smiled. Jenee nodded. 


'I'll help you carry,' David said, coming up behind Addy.  


Her eyes widened briefly. 'Oh. Ok.' Her voice seemed to have raised an octave. They stood at the bar in awkward silence after Addy paid for the butterbeers. She caught David poorly hiding his ogling eyes as Madam Rosmerta, the curvy barmaid, out of the corner of her eye, and bit her lip to keep from laughing. 


'So, Addy,' David said, catching her eye, 'what's been with you lately?' 


' do you mean?' 


'You've been in a bit of a strop...' 


'I have not been in a strop!' She said indignantly. 


David's eyes widened. 'Well you've been...I dunno,' he shrugged, 'you've looked...upset about something this week,' he said quietly. 


She looked down at the bar. 'Oh. That.' 


'Yes, that. What's up?' 


Addy glanced at David before Madam Rosmerta plonked the butterbeer down in front of them. David took four while Addy took three. 'Well,' she said as they made their way to the table, 'I got a letter from my mother.' 


'Ah,' a look of recognition crossed over David's face and she wondered what Darcy had told them. 


'What's with the face mate?' John said as David and Addy got to the table. David glanced at Addy before looking back at John.  


'She told me what's been bothering her.' Darcy looked at her sharply. 


'Ah. So why have you been in a strop?' John asked. 


'I have not been in a strop!' Addy set the last butterbeer down a bit too forcefully and it sloshed over onto her hand and the table. Jenee frowned. Saoirse huffed and dabbed at the table with a wad of napkins.  


'What is it then? What's been wrong?' Darcy asked. 


Addy sighed. 'Got a letter from my mother.' 


She grimaced. 'Why?' 


'She's found out I'm on the quidditch team.' 


'So?' Jenee said. John looked confused. 


'But that's good innit?' Sam asked. 


'Well...not to them,' Addy frowned. 


'Why?' John asked. 'I think it's brilliant.' 


Addy sighed. 'Well...I'm on the Gryffindor team. Which makes it a... how did she put it? A disgrace. I'm not supposed to contribute to Gryffindor house any more than I have to.' John and David shared a look. 


'But that's ridiculous,' Sam said. 


Addy shrugged. 'That's my family.' 


'I think this calls for more than butterbeer,' David said. John nodded. 


'What d'you mean?' 


Thirty minutes later and they were sat amidst the rocky base of the mountains at the edge of town, and John was lighting a joint. Addy's eyes widened as he passed it to Darcy, who was sat next to her. 'Have you...?'  


Darcy shook her head as she took it and took a short puff. 'First time for everything,' she shrugged as she passed it to Addy. She took it between her fingers and eyed it apprehensively. 


'You don't have to if you don't want to,' Sam said quietly from Addy's other side. She nodded but took a hit before handing it over to him. It continued its way around the circle until there was nothing left. 


'So, what's the verdict?' John asked with a grin. 


'Feel any better?' David said. Addy looked down at her hands that were clasped tightly in her lap with wide eyes. She honestly wasn't sure if she felt better. 


'I feel...different.' 


'Good different?' John said. 


'Not's...strange.' Jenee nodded. Saoirse giggled. 


'I know what you mean,' Darcy said breathily as she gazed at her outstretched hand with a glazed look in her eyes. John smirked. 


'You look like you feel more relaxed,' Sam said with a lazy smile, throwing his arm around Addy's shoulders in a friendly way. She grinned back at him. David scowled. 


'I suppose I do.' 


'Good,' John said. 'Let's head back. It's about dinner time.' 


'Thank Merlin!' Jenee said loudly. 


'Yes, I'm starving!' Saoirse agreed. Darcy sniggered. They discussed what they hoped to eat all the way back to the castle. When they entered the Great Hall, Addy froze in her tracks, not wanting to be caught out at Gryffindor table. Darcy seemed to read her thoughts. 


'Just sit with us.' 


'You think I can?' 


'Yeah, John and Sam are,' David offered. 'Plus. You're pretty quiet. Bet no one will notice.' 


Addy nodded and hastily joined them at Ravenclaw table. Luckily no one did seem to notice, as no one said anything, and Addy ate amongst them quietly before retreating to the solitude of her four poster. 




James, Sirius, and Remus normally enjoyed Defense Against the Dark Arts, in fact it was one of their favorite and best subjects, if it was taught well enough, which incidentally, it was not that year. The professor that year, a Professor Blaine, was a real piece of work, Sirius was sure he knew him to hang round a dark crowd, a real wank-stain he had called him. He had never said anything outright, but he had that arrogant air about him. In one such class, he had been presenting the day's subject of werewolves with a suggestion of disdain, and Remus had been shooting James and Sirius quelling looks each time they would huff or grind their teeth in protest. About halfway through the lesson they heard Adhara scoff. 'Typical,' she muttered, shaking her head at her book.  


'What was that Miss Nott?' Professor Blaine said from the aisle in front of her. He had obviously heard. Her shoulders tensed and a blush spread up her neck and across her cheeks. 


James and Sirius shared a wide-eyed look, while Remus straightened in his seat.  


'Nothing,' she said quietly. 


'It didn't sound like nothing. Something on your mind?' He leaned over her, placing his hands on either side of her desk. Mary sucked a breath in sharply from beside her.  


'Always...' Addy said slowly. Professor Blaine starred intensely into her eyes. 'Don't,' she said, averting her gaze. 


'Then by all means Miss Nott, why don't you say it out loud?' He smirked. Sirius's brow knitted. That sounded suspicious.  


Addy took a deep breath and glared back at him. 'I was just wondering if Dumbledore was aware he hired such a bigot. Aren't you supposed to be impartial when you're in a position of authority?' 


Lily slapped a hand over her mouth while Marlene's eyes widened and her mouth fell open in a smile. Mary was leaning back in her chair, feeling entirely too close to the situation.   


Professor Blaine stood up, narrowing his eyes at Addy. 'Why don't you take it up with the headmaster himself?' He summoned parchment from his desk, 'and while you're at it,' he took the quill from Addy's hand, dipping it in her ink, and she grimaced. 'You can discuss your detention for the next two weeks.' He finished writing out a note and pushed it toward Addy, then capped her ink bottle and held out her quill. 'Off you go.' He smirked again and her face flushed a bright red. She shoved her book in her bag quickly and grabbed her ink, pointedly ignoring the quill as she stood and turned to leave. The door hadn't even shut before the sound of glass shattering could be heard from the corridor. 


'Uh, Professor, may I go to the loo?' James asked quickly. Blaine waved him off dismissively and James left hastily, Sirius frowning after him. He saw the ink stain on the wall opposite and heard Addy growl in frustration from where she was stood halfway down the hall. 


'Fuck,' she muttered, coming to a stop, her hands balled into fists at her sides. 


James smiled, barely containing a laugh. 'What was that?' 


Addy turned quickly, her face flushing again at the sight of James. 'Oh, you know,' she shrugged, trying and failing to act nonchalant. 'I just can't keep my mouth shut. Got to speak my mind and all that.' 


He did laugh at that. 'Right. I've been meaning to ask you to keep it down.' She looked at him blankly. 'I've never pegged you as being the type to talk to a teacher like that.' 


'Yeah, well...Blaine's a tosspot.' 


James's eyebrows shot up. 'Can't argue with that.' 


'What are you doing out here anyway?' 


'Goin to the loo?' He posed, as if it were a question. 


She quirked a brow. 'Right...' He grinned and started to walk back toward the class. 'Oi!' He turned back around. 'D'you know where Dumbledore's office is?' 


James smirked and pointed down the hall. 'Behind the gargoyle statue.' 


Addy nodded. 'Right. Thanks.'  


He waved a hand lazily. 'No problem.' 


When James returned to the classroom, Sirius knitted his brow questioningly at him, but he just shrugged back; Sirius waited until Blaine had stopped droning on, and class was over, to ask, 'what was that about? Why'd you go after her?' 


'Just wondered why she did that.' 


'Did she say anything?' Remus asked, turning around. 


James shrugged. 'Muttering a bunch of curse words when I got out there. Just said Blaine's a tosspot.' 


'Can't argue with that,' Remus said, frowning over at the professor as they left the room.  


'That's what I said,' James said with a grin. 


'She threw her inkpot?' Sirius said, a scowl forming on his face. He wasn't entirely sure how he felt about this situation.  


'Yeah,' James laughed out. 


'That's what that noise was,' Remus muttered to himself. They headed back to the common room and had just settled down around a table off to the left, when they heard the portrait open again. Addy climbed though distractedly, a small smile on her face.  


'So, how'd it go?' James asked her. Her head snapped over and the smile dropped from her face, being replaced with an uncomfortable expression as she glanced around at the group; her gaze lingered on Peter, who seemed to be staring off into space. Sirius's scowl deepened. 


'Oh, not bad. Pretty good actually,' she said quietly. She focused on James while fiddling with the hem of her sleeve nervously. 


'Did you get in any more trouble?' Remus asked. He seemed to be looking at her like he was seeing her for the first time.  


Addy glanced at him shyly. 'No. He reprimanded me and whatnot,' she gestured vaguely. 'But then he just wanted to know my side of the story and listened to me.' 


'And what is your side of the story?' Sirius asked moodily. 


Addy glared at him and he suddenly realized what his face was doing. 'Anyway, it's just the two weeks of detention,' she frowned. As they went down to dinner later, Sirius was a bit behind Addy, and frowned when he saw her veer off to Ravenclaw table.