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Star Crossed by RiverFord

Format: Novel
Chapters: 28
Word Count: 79,871
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC

First Published: 02/17/2018
Last Chapter: 04/11/2018
Last Updated: 04/11/2018

The darkness threatened to break her, but it turned out she was stronger than even she thought possible.

Chapter 2: Chapter 2


As the days wore on, Adhara became more acclimated, and gradually began to feel more comfortable, though she felt as though Mary, Marlene, and Lily had become fast friends, and she was merely an observer, watching their interactions from the sidelines. A few months in, and they were to be practicing levitation charms in Charms class. While Adhara's dorm mates didn't outwardly express a dislike of her, she still felt she didn't fit in with them, so she chewed her lip nervously, sliding into a spot close to them. As she pulled out her text, a short Ravenclaw girl with light brown hair and hazel eyes, slipped into the empty seat beside her. 


'Hello!' She said brightly. 


'Hi,' Adhara greeted quietly. 


'I'm Darcy.' 


'Addy,' she said with an uneasy smile. 


'You're in Gryffindor?' 


Though she thought it was obvious, Addy answered, 'yeah.' 


'Cool,' Darcy nodded. 


They sat in silence for a while, Addy scratching her elbow uncomfortably, until she felt it only polite to ask the follow up question she already knew the answer to. 'You're in Ravenclaw, yeah?' 


'Yeah,' she nodded again. 


Addy found Darcy to be a bit odd at first and wasn't entirely sure if she could really be bothered. But she proved persistent, if anything, and just kept coming back. 


'So how are you finding Hogwarts?' Darcy asked one day. 


Addy shrugged. 'Fine.' 


Darcy narrowed her eyes. 'Fine?' Addy nodded. 'Just fine?' Darcy said incredulously. 


Addy shrugged again. 'I'm just glad I'm not in Slytherin with my sister. We don't really get on...' 


Darcy's expression tensed. 'Your sister's in Slytherin?' Addy nodded. 'You must be a pureblood then?' 


Addy's brow knitted in confusion, wondering why Darcy would want to know something like that. Had someone said something to her? 'Erm...yeah. Uh. What about you then?' She asked, trying to be polite. 


'I'm a muggleborn,' Darcy said hesitantly. 


Addy nodded. She had already cottoned on to that. 'So, you don't have any siblings here?' 


'No. I have a younger brother though.' 


'Do you get on?' 


Darcy shrugged. 'Well enough.' 


'That's nice...' They were quiet for some time, the only sound that of charms being cast around them, before Addy decided she may as well continue the conversation. 'So how did you find out about magic then?' 


'Professor McGonagall came round to mine back in July close to my birthday. Until then, I had no idea the stuff I could do was magic.' 


Addy smiled, trying to imagine a life like that. 'Like what kind of stuff?' 


'Made bubbles float round the bath and down the hall...made my brother shut it when he was bothering me too much...made the blender burst once when I was scared...' 


'What's a blender?' 


Darcy erupted into giggles, and Addy smiled broadly, a chuckle escaping her lips. 


'Settle down there girls,' Professor Flitwick admonished. 


'Sorry Professor,' they mumbled together.  


After that Darcy started sitting next to Addy in every class, and it slowly became easier for Addy to talk with her. Darcy asked her to study with her in the library, like the Ravenclaw she was, and from that point on they became close. Addy didn't enjoy studying quite as much as she did, but Darcy didn't care who Addy's family was, and for that she was grateful. Though they came from seemingly different worlds, they soon found they had a lot in common. Addy shared things with Darcy about the magical world and Darcy educated Addy on all things muggle. Addy was fascinated to hear about all the ways they got around not having magic, and she found the muggle pictures Darcy had highly amusing. 'I mean, they don't even move!' 




By the time Christmas Holiday came, Addy and Darcy were best mates, though the fact that Addy felt she had to hide it from her family made her feel sick. As they prepared to take the Hogwarts Express back to London, they sat in a compartment with a few of Darcy's dorm mates, and Addy closed the curtains, blocking the view of any wandering eyes, afraid that Aludra might see her with Darcy. It wasn't that she was ashamed of her, but she was afraid if Al were to see her with Darcy, she would tell their parents, and there was no telling what they would do to her, and more importantly, to Darcy. Addy had once been punished severely for befriending a muggle boy at the park when she was eight. 


When the train pulled into Kings Cross, Adhara quickly said goodbye to Darcy and wished her Happy Christmas, before she dashed out of the train to the platform, slowly making her way to the back of the platform to where her parents were stood with her sister. Both of them. Her father didn't usually turn up that early before Christmas, and it made her uneasy. Her mother merely looked at her blankly, acknowledging her presence, her father not even managing that. She grimaced at her mother's pincher-like grip on her upper arm, while her father took hold of Aludra, as the disapparated with a sharp crack, appearing at the end of the walk leading up to their manor. It didn't look like much, seeming a townhouse nestled in the heart of London, but it was bigger on the inside. 


As they entered through the front door, Adhara made to head straight up to her room, when she was stopped in her tracks by the sharp sting of a slap across her cheek before she even had a chance to recognize her mother's presence. 'Dinner will be ready in an hour Adhara,' she seethed, 'make sure you're on time.' 


'Yes, mother,' she said through gritted teeth. 


Adhara dressed in a set of royal blue robes that matched her eyes almost perfectly and pinned her golden tresses back in a knot. Family dinners weren't exactly formal, but it was expected you look 'presentable.' She made her way to the dining hall where Gilly, their house elf, was putting food on the table. Father was sat at the head of the table farthest from the door, mother on the other end. Aludra sat at the table opposite, leaving the last space on the side closest to the door, for Adhara. Marvelous for a quick escape if need be, she thought to herself. Her father stared stoically at his plate as he ate, he had yet to look at her. 


'Your father and I are quite disappointed in you,' her mother began. 


'Shocker,' she muttered. 


'How did you manage to get yourself sorted into Gryffindor? We made it quite clear, you were to behave yourself. Do you realize the shame you have brought us? The Rosiers sent us their condolences. The Rosiers! We were humiliated! What do you have to say for yourself?' Adhara shrugged half-heartedly, staring at her plate. 'You will answer me when I bother to speak to you, you vile little disgrace!'  


She pursed her lips and sighed at the ceiling. 'It's not like the bleeding hat gave me a choice!' She lied. 'It told me I was a Gryyfindor. Definitely not a Slytherin. I tried to negotiate for Ravenclaw, but it wouldn't have it. There was nothing to be done. I'm sorry.' Not really, she thought to herself. 


'What about all those owls we I received about your getting detention? Why can't you just behave yourself?' Adhara shrugged again. It wasn't as though she had misbehaved per say. She had gotten detention for being late to class too often, or not paying attention during class. She found it incredibly difficult to pay attention to someone talking for long periods of times, so she would often space out. Professor McGonagall was good about catching Adhara when she was lost in her thoughts, even if she did still call her Lyra half the time. 'Well you're just going to have to do better.' Adhara nodded slowly, barely repressing the urge to roll her eyes. Because that's what I was missing. That's all I needed to do. Just do better. Simple really, she thought to herself.  


'I will not tolerate any more of your misbehavior,' her father cut in in a low, firm voice. 'Is that understood?' She nodded. 'I said,' he finally looked at her, his eyes cold. 'Is that understood?' 


'Yes father,' she said. 


'Now,' her mother continued, 'who are these girls you share a room with?' 


Adhara sighed. 'Mary Macdonald, Marlene McKinnon, and Lily Evans,' she said quietly. 


'Evans? I don't believe we know any Evans.' 


'I believe she's muggleborn...' 


There was a loud clatter as her mother let her fork fall to her plate in exasperation. 'So, you're sleeping in a room with blood traitors and a filthy little mudblood?!' 


Adhara frowned. 'She seems to bathe regularly.' 


'Adhara,' her father warned. 


'Sorry,' she mumbled. 


'Make certain you don't touch her or any of her things,' her mother said seriously. Adhara stared at her plate, picking at the asparagus, biting back a scoff. Bit hard when her bed is next to mine. 'And don't you dare associate yourself with her.' She frowned again. That sounded like what Carina had said to her. What would they say about her friendship with Darcy? 'She must be a rather weak witch, is she not?' 


Adhara's brow knitted as she looked up at her mother. 'Actually, she's quite bright. She's one of the best in our year.' 


'Well, she must have taken the power from someone. There's no other way that filth would have any magical ability. She shouldn't be allowed at that school. She shouldn't even be allowed out in civilized society. She needs to go back where she belongs. That Dumbledore is letting the school go down the drain.' 


 It was all Adhara could do to keep her mouth shut for the remainder of the meal, or rather, the holiday. It continued about the same; she received countless lectures on how disappointing she was, sometimes they included how brilliant Aludra was and how Adhara should be more like her. There was a formal gathering that she was forced to attend as usual, at the Averys', where she sat quietly the whole time, just waiting for it to be over.  




By the time the end of the holiday came and they were back on Platform 9 ¾, Addy was racing away without so much as a backward glance, ready to find Darcy and attempt to recover. In her haste to get away, as she clambered onto the train, she collided with another solid figure, effectively sprawling both of them on the floor. 


'Oh, I'm so sorry!' Addy cried breathlessly. 


'That's quite alright.' 


'Remus!' She squeaked, climbing to her feet. 'Are you ok? I'm sorry! I wasn't looking. Here, let me help you with that.' She stooped to gather the items that had fallen from his suitcase in their collision, her face flushing in embarrassment. 


'You don't have to,' he said hastily, his own cheeks flushed. 


'I do. It's my fault. Oh, this is mine...' She looked down to see that her own suitcase had fallen open also. 


'Here. I think this is yours as well,' he handed over a red jumper without making eye contact, his face, if possible, growing even redder. Addy nearly laughed as she noticed this. It was, after all, only a jumper. 


'Thank you,' she said, stuffing the jumper away and shutting her suitcase again. 'I really am sorry,' she mumbled as she stood. 


He smiled softly as he stood and looked at her quickly. 'It's alright. Really. These things happen.' 


She nodded. 'Right. Well. See you Remus.' 


'Addy,' he nodded back. The use of her chosen nickname brought a smile to her lips before she continued past him down the corridor in search of Darcy. She found her a few cars down, sitting in a compartment with a few of her dorm mates. 


'What's happened?' Darcy asked, looking up as Addy closed the compartment door behind her. 'Why are you all breathless and flushed?' 


'I ran into Remus,' she gestured lamely behind her before she closed the curtains. 


'And? What? Do you fancy him?' She said, her eyes growing wide in excitement. 


'What? No! I mean literally. I ran into him. We both fell down. Our suitcases flew open. Shit went was awkward...' She shrugged. 




'Yeah, well. It's me,' she shrugged again. 


Darcy nodded sympathetically. 'Still. That Remus is cute. Really nice too.' 


Addy smiled at her as she sat next to her on the bench. 'Do you fancy him then?' 


She smiled and shook her head. 'You know who I fancy.' 






'Addy you're soaked!' Lily exclaimed, as she sat near her at Gryffindor table. She had been playing out on the grounds in the snow with Darcy, making forts and having a snowball fight. She thanked Merlin her cheeks were already pink from the cold. 


'Oh, it's alright,' she said, waving Lily off. 


'No, it's not,' she said. And she promptly pulled out her wand and performed a drying spell on Addy's robes. 'There, that's better.' 


Addy smiled weakly, trying to quell the feeling of embarrassment. 'Thanks Lily.' 


She smiled brightly. 'You're welcome, Addy.' 


While Addy quite liked Lily, she was bright and friendly, she felt a bit resentful toward her. She had noticed Lily was friends with that Snape boy, who was in Slytherin, and despite the fact that Lily was in Gryffindor, they had maintained their friendship. They had probably actually been friends to start out, but still, their relationship, for whatever reason, bothered Addy. Why could he remain friends with Lily, when Carina didn't hesitate to cut ties with Addy? What's wrong with me? She thought. 


The remainder of term continued in much the same way, and it was with a sense of dread, that end of year exams finished, and Addy prepared to return home. Where she spent two months being lectured about what a failure she was. Where she attempted to avoid her family. Where she was forced to dress up and go to society functions and play nice. Where she counted down the days until she could escape again. Home....