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Light a Lantern In My Heart by Hasane

Format: Short story collection
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 3,994
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Scenes of a sexual nature

Genres: Fluff, Romance, LGBTQA
Characters: Albus, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 01/03/2018
Last Chapter: 02/19/2018
Last Updated: 02/19/2018

(c) snicket! @tda

Scorpius really just wants to date Albus Potter. Halley, thankfully, is the same. 

Chapter 3: { 3 }

On one quiet morning, as Scorpius, Al, and she are eating breakfast, it occurs to Halley that for all the time all three of them have been dating, they’ve never been on a proper date.

Yeah, sure, she and Scorpius have went on several dates, but she couldn’t say the same for all three of them together.

So, on that very same morning, she got in her head that, yes, they are all indeed going to go on a date, preferably soon.

There is one wrinkle in Halley’s plan however: is there a Hogsmeade day coming up? Of course, today is a Saturday, but there is never any guarantee.

She realizes that it’s a clichéd first date, but there is a reason why it is a cliché: it works, and serves its purpose just fine.

Halley frowns. But does she really want their first date to be at Hogsmeade? It could be rather boring; all the sites at Hogsmeade have long since lost the wonder they had when all three of them were third years, and had gained their first bit of independence.

She shakes her head, it’d have to do for now, unless Scorpius or Al had better ideas.

“Knut for your thoughts?”

Halley breaks out of her thoughts, and turns her attention to Al, who had asked the question.

“Oh, just that we’ve never been on a date before. Not a real proper one anyway,” Halley answers him, popping a grape in her mouth.

“Oh.” Al frowns, and then nudges Scorpius, who’s off in his own mind. He startles. “We’ve never been on a date.”

Scorpius opens his mouth to refute it, but closes it in doubt. “Oh. We should probably fix that.”

Halley smiles, glad both of them agree. She leans forward subconsciously, and says, “What do you suppose we do, then?”

“I mean, there’s always Hogsmeade…” Scorpius says quietly, shrugging indifferently.

Al’s face twists unpleasantly. “Maybe not. Today’s not a Hogsmeade day.”

Scorpius raises his eyebrows, as does Halley. Scorpius asks, “You want to go today?”

Al smiles guiltily. “Sure, why not?”

Halley hums in thought, propping her chin into her palms, so that her hands are cupping her face. “Have anything in mind?”

“I don’t know,” Al admits, hanging his head a little bit. “But I do know a place, and its right here.”

Intrigued, Scorpius tilts his head in question.

Seeing this, Al continues, “The Room of Requirement, on the seventh floor, I think.”

Halley lights up. “I’ve heard of that! I’ve never been though.” She deflates. 

Al grins. “I know courtesy of my father.”

“I see… When do you suppose we go then?” Scorpius asks, shifting in his seat.

Halley jumps up. “Right now!”

Scorpius startles, and glances around warily for people who had noticed. Except for a select few, most kept to themselves, thankfully.

Al gets up with the same enthusiasm. He has too much of a penchant of playing along with her, though this is a fact that makes Halley a little bit proud, mostly of how much they’ve become familiar with each other.

Al grabs Scorpius’ hand, and gently tugs him along. Halley joins the two on the other side of the Slytherin table, and takes in her hand Al’s free hand.

They arrive at the seventh floor, seemingly where the Room of Requirement would be. Al stops abruptly, and tells Halley to walk in front of the empty expanse of the wall three times all while thinking of what she wants the room to be.

Scorpius looks at Al strangely, and Al gives him the same look back. “What?”

“Those are some oddly specific directions…”

Halley had to agree.

Al rolls his eyes good-naturedly. “I know. Just do it.”

Halley does so, thinking of how she wants to remember their first date.

A few seconds later, a seemingly innocuous door appears, and Halley steps back in surprise.

Tentatively, Halley twists the door knob, and inside is a large room, filled with… art supplies?

Al ducks inside and looks around.

“How do you suppose this’ll work out as our first date?” Al asks, staring straight at Halley.

She bristles. A little defensively, she replies, “I don’t know. I guess I was just thinking of how I wanted a keepsake or something handmade from you two, and this is what came up.”

Scorpius looks around. “That’s a good idea.” He faces Halley, giving her a teasing smile. “You’re such a sap, though.”

Halley swats at Scorpius’ arm playfully, and he feigns hurt.

She sticks her tongue out at him.

“If you two are done flirting with each other...” Al raises an amused eyebrow at them, leaning at the edge of the entrance on his shoulder.

Halley turns to him, a smile on her lips. “Aww, does somebody want attention?”

“W-what? No. Ugh! Just get in.”

Al walks further into the expansive room, and goes to a corner with illustration board and stacks of magazines, while Scorpius steps towards the clay.

Halley chooses to walk to the cardstock, and grabs whatever she thinks she might need.

She dumps the stuff in her arms unceremoniously on to the table (how didn’t she notice the table before?) where Al and Scorpius had taken place, both of which had begun whatever they came up with. 

Halley didn’t really know what Al is doing, but he seems to be having fun with it. He kept ripping out pages of the magazines, and cutting out specific parts. He put them all aside, and continues perusing through the stack of zines he had gotten. 

Scorpius, on the other hand, seems interested in squishing the clay around, and making obscure shapes. 

“Have any new stories to tell, Al?” Halley asks curiously. 

Al snorts. “Do I? Of course I do. Well, I’ve told you about my sister right?” 

“Yeah,” Scorpius says, joining in. “I like her, from what you’ve told us.”

Al laughs. “Yeah, so anyways, there’s this boy that always sits where she does...”

Halley listens intently, all while working on her keepsake.

Not long later, Halley is surprised to find out that a good chunk of time had gone by, because she’s done with her card, which is well made if she says so herself.

She glances to Al and Scorpius, both whom were now messing around with their wands. Al is cleaning up his workspace, which had gotten rather messy over the duration they’d been here. Scorpius is waving his wand over his clay… items to fire and glaze it with color and design.

Halley isn’t quite sure what to call what Scorpius made, though she’s sure that he’ll explain.

Al seats himself, finally, after finishing. “I feel like I’m in Pre-K, again, doing arts and crafts.”

“Pre-K?” Scorpius asks, looking curiously at Al.

“Yeah, um, it’s like a school where little kids go to learn their basic maths, alphabet, and etcetera. In arts and crafts we usually presented what we made.”

“That sounds so dumb. But whatever,” Halley says, sliding the card across the table over to Al, Scorpius side eying it.

He takes it into his hands with a gentler care than what she expects. He stares, a little wide eyed at it, and then breaks out into a large grin. His following words are a jumble of phrases that Halley puts together as ‘how the fuck did you do it?’

She giggles at Al’s excited chattering, and Scorpius muffles a laugh into his sleeve.

Noticing, Al flushes, and ends with, “But, no seriously, how did you? It’s so precise! Did you cut the letters out on your own? Oh, it must have been so hard though.”

Halley nods, smiling. The letters Al was referring to was the message she wrote, which reads out ‘Here’s to our first date.’ She isn’t really that good with coming up with meaningful messages or lines, but she knows the effort she put into it alone would have impressed Al. On the inside, were just tiny doodles of the three of them which she charmed into moving across the card.

It isn’t really much of anything, yet, it swells Halley’s heart (okay, and maybe her ego too) to see Al’s genuine candor and excitement.

Al possesses a resting bitch face that could probably put the fear of God in everyone, but it awes Halley how easily his personality came out.

He turns his attention to Scorpius. “And you?”

Rather shyly, he places the plate and cup before him, and gestures to it. “I guess I decided to be a Potter today.”

Al takes on a look of confusion.

The joke dawns on Halley, and gives a choked laugh. She says, still giggling, “Yeah, I guess he was.”

Al is the last one to get the pun, but when he does, he sits down and buries his face into his arms, shoulders shaking.

When he looks up, Halley sees tears had formed in the corner of his eyes.

“Wow,” Al says, traces of amusement still in his voice, “okay—” He cuts himself off with a giggle. Who knows that Albus Potter could be so dorky and giggly? Al picks up the cup, and holds it up next to his face. “Look, it even matches my eyes!”

Scorpius’ shy smile grows. “I know. That’s why I chose it.”

Al bites his lip, and Halley just knows a blush had took over Scorpius’ face. 

"It's beautiful," Al says, sincere and wondrous all at the same time. "I don't think you knew I love flowers, but I really love flowers so this is like, amazing. I'm sorry—I don't know how else say it. Can I use them?" 

Scorpius nods. "They're yours to keep." 

Al merely beams at him. “And, um, here’s what I made you two…” He turns over the board that had been upside down on the table, and Scorpius snatches it up before Halley could.

She comes up from behind Scorpius, and places her head on his shoulder, and takes in the collage before her.

There were two people on the top half, seeming to be facing towards a rising sun, and on the bottom half, the two people on the top half were reflected. Every few seconds or so, the bottom half flickered into having three people.

Halley isn’t really sure how Al made scraps of magazine paper into something as cohesive as this, but he did. The magic was really cool, and she assumes that the people on the collage were meant to be them three.

Scorpius is the first one to speak, a little awed. “Al.”

“Hmm?” Al replies shortly. He’s sort of fidgety.

“This is amazing,” Scorpius says matter-of-factly. “I don’t really know if I can keep this…”

Decisively, Halley takes the illustration board, and tells Scorpius, “I sure can. Buddy, this is fucking gold.”

His hands fall limp, though he still smiles.

Observing Al, he seems unable to keep his grin from growing wider. He was even blushing.

Then, Halley says honestly, “I know I’m bad at, like, saying how I feel, but thank you so much, really. The idea is really creative, and I think it was a nice touch, what you did with the magic.”

Al nods. He thinks something over, and then goes over to the other side of the table, and hugs the both of them simultaneously.

Surprised as she is, she hugs back, with one arm, the other wrapping around Scorpius.

Al mumbles something that sounds something like ‘You know I like you both, right?’

Halley snorts, and says yes, while Scorpius agrees.

Al is the first to break away, and frowns. Regretfully, he tells them, “I think we have to go now. We’ve spent the whole day in here.”

Both Halley and Scorpius agree grudgingly, and left the Room of Requirement. Quietly, Al parts from them, stating that he had to go and meet with his siblings.

Halley separated from Scorpius when they went to their respective dorms.

The first thing she does is put the collage next to her bed, and charm it carefully so that it couldn’t be damaged.

This was a long chapter, but it was kind of fun to write. This is a weird date, but I wanted to see how I could pull away from the normal Hogsmeade date.