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Light a Lantern In My Heart by Hasane

Format: Short story collection
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 3,994
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Scenes of a sexual nature

Genres: Fluff, Romance, LGBTQA
Characters: Albus, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 01/03/2018
Last Chapter: 02/19/2018
Last Updated: 02/19/2018

(c) snicket! @tda

Scorpius really just wants to date Albus Potter. Halley, thankfully, is the same. 

Chapter 1: { 1 }

So, like, is it really fucking creepy if he stood in the quidditch locker rooms just to ambush Albus fucking Potter?

It is. There was no denying it, really. What justifiable reason do they both have to do this, how could they explain to everyone and act as if they were in the right? They couldn’t.

Scorpius inadvertently makes eye contact with Halley on the other side, who is casually leaning back on the walls. She sends him a smirk.

“Cheer up,” Halley says, in an extremely smug tone, considerably more confident than Scorpius.

“Fuck off,” Scorpius mutters harshly, tearing his eyes away from hers, crossing his arms, and doggedly staring at a spot on the lockers.

“It was you that suggested it,” Halley tells him bluntly, and Scorpius rebuts, “Well, it was you who decided to actually fucking make it happen.”

Halley only smirks in response, and Scorpius isn’t exactly sure why or how the hell he was attracted to it. He supposes that was just one of the reasons why he was dating her.

Halley picks her head up at the sound of faint footsteps. “Potter’s coming.”

Scorpius perks up at that, and schools his expression into one of disinterest. Or interest? He was in unknown terrain, and he didn’t quite know how to play the game.

Potter did though, and even if he didn’t, he sure knew how to fucking act like it.

“Malfoy, Zabini,” Potter greets with a tilt of the head to both of them in acknowledgement, smile playing on his mouth. Clearly recognizing that it may be a long conversation, he leans onto the lockers. “Anything you want?”

Scorpius’ brain short circuits. Potter has no right—no right—to look that fucking good. He didn’t—he didn’t even know Potter had taken a shower? The fuck? And now, he looks, like, really fucking good, better than usual, what with the water dripping down his neck, and the V-neck slightly exposing Potter’s collar bones.

Scorpius absentmindedly wonders what it would feel like to run his hands through Potter’s hair.

Halley laughs, though it seems as if she was slyly checking Potter out too. Witch. “Scorpius? Sweetheart, get your head out of the gutter.”

Scorpius heeds Halley’s advice, a blush covering his face, but then realizes he probably would have to fucking look at him when he asks or else it would seem like he was doing this because he was forced to and not because he wants to and—

Scorpius finally comes out of his thoughts to find Potter smirking at him as if he knows exactly what he is thinking—no fucking right, plays like a record in his thoughts—and found that Halley moved closer to the two of them.

Abruptly, he realizes that the both of them have the same smirk. One that was just slightly arrogant and attractive, and just a little bit speaks of I can make you spill all of your secrets.

“Potter,” Scorpius says, coming out as if he choked on air. Well, he almost did.

Potter hums in response.

“Go out with me—us,” Scorpius stumbled, cheeks growing ever redder.

Potter contemplates this, and raises an eyebrow. “Us?”

Halley finally speaks up, probably a little disconcerted at the lack of attention. She was used to it after all. “Us, as in me and Scorpius.”

Potter tilts his head. “So, it’s an open relationship?”

“Well, kind of,” Halley says.


“We’re both like really into you, and think you’re like, really fucking hot, and we kind of want to see what dating you would be like,” Halley says kind of crudely, and Scorpius thinks she’s doing it on purpose just to see how Potter might react.

And the result is just a little bit disappointing, or maybe not, because Potter smirks again (fucking hell—), and did they both just flare up his ego? Oh, hell.

“Okay,” Potter agrees, and Scorpius is surprised, and it’s not particularly hard to tell that Halley is too because her eyebrows are raised up so high that they could meet her hairline.

“You look so surprised, as if I’d say no,” Potter finally says, breaking the silence. He grins genuinely, transforming him into something of a fresh faced beauty.

Scorpius doesn’t think he’s seen a smile so beautiful except for maybe Halley’s. God, he’s fallen hard, hasn’t he?

“Well—” Halley halts, and glances at him.

So, Scorpius finishes for her, “This is kind of new to us too… and we, uh, don’t exactly know how to do this.”

“Right,” Potter says to him, observing the both of them curiously. “Well, if we’re actually doing this, we might as well try to sit at dinner.”

Scorpius smiles, and shares another look with Halley, and says, "Okay." 

Listen, I got this idea in my head and I had to write it. Also, like, I have no shame in using characters in different """universes""" so, like, I'm really sorry if you get confused.