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Rush by daylight

Format: Novel
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 49,438
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, Rose/Scorpius, James/OC, Lily/OC, OC/OC

First Published: 10/14/2014
Last Chapter: 03/05/2018
Last Updated: 03/05/2018


"We fight crime now, Josie. We'll be wearing catsuits. Ergo, the two of you need to sort out your sexual tension before you jump each other's spandex-clad bones."

Josie Deetrin's universe of daydreams comes crashing into reality in a cracking cacophony of mysteries, madmen (also women, if you count Dom - which Josie absolutely does), and magnificent displays of shameless adolescence.

Josie's story will continue on HPfanfictalk ~

Chapter 4: bolt





Li Wei is not having a good day.

I can see it in the hunch of his shoulders, in the way that the sporadic sway of the train brings them closer to his ears, and how each flash of lightning and every corresponding roll of thunder has his neck tucking in, like he can hide himself away in the pristine, starched collar of his school uniform.

His hands are fumbling with the the buckles keeping his school trunk closed, his brow glistening with sweat, the oddness of this top-ranked Ravenclaw Seventh Year fighting with his trunk in the middle of the train corridor apparently lost on him. That, or he just doesn’t care about the Third Year girls two compartments down leaning out of their compartment door, discussing him behind small hands with chipped nail polish.

I point an authoritative finger - burgundy varnish whole and intact - at the girls as I approach, “Back inside your compartment, ladies. You know there’s no loitering in the corridor.”

They cast a disparaging glance at my Prefects badge, and another annoyed glance at Li before they slip back inside, an eruption of giggles like another clap of thunder the moment their door is closed, the sound seeping out through the cracks.

Li has made no sign that he’s noticed my presence. He’s wrestling with the sleeve of another school shirt that’s managed to tangle itself around his telescope as he shoves them haphazardly into the depths of his trunk.

I hover, before slowly kneeling down next to him. The sweat and the struggle has caused his glasses to slip to the very tip of his nose.

“Li?” I say quietly. Something about him has always commanded from me the respect you pay a library or some other sacred space. A timid voice, so as not to disturb the learning happening within.

The rain is pounding against the train, the water running in thick, horizontal rivers across the windows. They’ve turned on the lights inside the train earlier than they usually do, the inky grey clouds shortening the day to bring us a long, stormy night.

Li says nothing, but his hands are busy digging through the trunk, books overturned, delicate instruments cast uncaringly about. The delicate tinkle of metal and glass.

As Prefects, we’re not supposed to touch other students. I mean, in general, you should respect the boundaries of personal space, but they specifically tell you at the outset to try your best to avoid all physical contact when you’re on duty. Or whatever.

But I reach a hand out to Li.

I gently place my hand on one of his hunched shoulders, and the reaction is startling, not just for him but also for me. It’s as if I snuck up on him and shouted boo.

His hands freeze, and the ire in his eyes when he looks at me has my hand flying from his shoulder, the rest of me shrinking back.

It takes a few seconds - and I count them, like I’m counting between a flash of lightning and its thunder - before Li’s eyes catch on the familiarities of my features, and his anger fades into a stoic expression, attention already back on his belongings.

“Oh, Deetrin,” He says to his trunk, “What are you doing here?”

I stare at him, mouth slightly open, before answering quickly, “I’m finishing up my rounds. I was about to head to my compartment to change, we’re nearly there.”

He says nothing, hands digging, digging, digging.

“And well, you - you’re blocking the corridor.”

Silence. I peer through the crack of the door into the compartment I think he dragged his trunk out of. I see legs and shoes, but there isn’t any noise. Perhaps they’re all asleep - maybe that’s why he’s out here looking for whatever it is he needs so ardently (Buried treasure? A love letter? The answers to Flitwick’s first exam?), so he doesn’t disturb his friends.

“Is everything okay, Li?”

He huffs impatiently, eyes flitting to me once before slamming the lid of his trunk shut, “Everything’s fine, Deetrin.” He stands up suddenly, adjusting any wrinkles in his clothing so quickly and efficiently my eyes have a hard time following his movements. The sweat from his brow is gone, his glasses back to perching on the bridge of his nose.

Li steps to one side, allowing enough space for me to pass. I stare at him quizzically, and I stare for so long he huffs again, raising a hand and gesturing it down the corridor in a quick, sweeping after you motion.

I stand up and shoot him a swift, awkward smile before hurrying past him, not stopping to look behind me until there’s a dozen or so compartments between us. When I do, he’s back on his hands and knees in front of his trunk, digging, digging, digging.







Our horseless carriage is making a valiant effort to trudge its way up the dirt road to the castle, but with the deluge of rain the road is more like a muddy river.

Jude - who had joined our train compartment a half an hour before we arrived in Hogsmeade and had barely a glance to pass in my direction - leans his head out of the carriage to take a look at the wheels spinning the carriage deeper into the mud.

His head soaked, he comes back into the carriage, sighing and looking at Parker, Scorpius, and Davis, “Alright lads. Let’s get her unstuck.”

Grumbling, the boys pull out their wands and throw the hoods of their cloaks over their heads before climbing out. I know it would be best to go out and help them, but I’m just so tired. I’ve only slept a handful of hours in the past two days and I am just so ready to collapse in my four poster bed, my mattress made of feathers and clouds and perfect, dreamless sleep.

We don’t say much as the boys try to get us moving again. An eery whinny echoes from the empty space in front of us.

Rose has her head resting against my shoulder, while Dom taps her foot impatiently on the floor. Eloise is anxiously watching Davis slip and stumble around in the mud.

Dom, apparently fed up with the wait, leans out of the carriage to shout, “Oi, big, strong strapping men, could you, I don’t know, hurry it up? I’m wasting away in here!”

Parker shouts back, “You could get your fat arse out here then and help us, Princess!”

“Oh, how chivalrous.”

“It’s the twenty-first century, darling. Chivalry is a two-way street now.”

“How would you know what century it is? You’ve slept through most of it!”

Rose and I cast amused, knowing looks at each other. Parker and Dom’s dynamic has been years in the making.

“How about you both shut the hell up so we can all get out of here, yeah?” Jude shouts, and Dom falls back in her seat, hair wet and dripping.

Dom pushes the wet strands off her face, and makes the pronouncement, “Idiots, the lot of them.”

Rose and I grin at her and she laughs back. Even Eloise offers up a smile.

“Hey,” I say suddenly, “You know Li Wei? He was acting really - odd, earlier.”

“How so?” Rose asks, looking a lot more alert than she was a few minutes ago. She takes her role as Head Girl very seriously.

I cast around for the right words, “He was in the middle of the corridor with his trunk, just searching and searching through it for something, and he looked absolutely manic. Really tightly wound, y’know?”

“Well, yeah, it’s Li Wei,” Dom says.

“Right, but it wasn’t a normal uptightness, it was - he was obsessed with finding this thing, I swear.”

Rose frowns, her fingers tapping absently on her knee, “Did you ask him what he was looking for?”

“Kind of,” I say, thinking back, “But he hardly noticed I was there. It was really weird, honestly. I hope he’s alright.”

Dom smiles at me, “I’m sure he’s fine, love. He probably wasn’t sure if he packed that absurdly long essay for McGonagall and was freaking out. I almost left mine on my desk at home, remember?”

I do remember. She was so panicked that she might have left it this morning that when she saw me packing away my own essay she accused me of taking hers. Stress is a vicious thing.

With a loud squelch and huge jerking motion, the carriage is unstuck, the boys having to run to jump back inside as the carriage continues on its way up to Hogwarts. They all crash in with triumphant grins on their faces, and we cheer and applaud their success. Parker shakes his wet hair like a dog onto Dom, and we positively roar with laughter at the mock rage on her face. Scorpius sits on top of a protesting Rose, and I feel light as air, sleepy and still smiling, and I instinctively look over at Jude to see him looking over at me, his grin still stretching his cheeks.

All at once he jumps over Davis’ legs to wring out his sopping wet cloak over my head, his rich laugh ringing in my ears, my own squeal lost in our sea of sounds as I try to punch him in the stomach, my sides hurting from laughing at my fruitless attempts to push him away.

I’m looking up at Jude through wet eyelashes at his soaked hair clinging to his forehead, water dripping into his eyes, and it’s like I can finally see through all the grey to know for certain that nothing can diminish seven years of friendship, no matter how intense a summer fling can feel.

“You look awful,” He says with a grin.

“Cheers,” I grin back, giving him a light push, and he falls back in his seat, slinging an arm around Dom’s neck. She leans against him without a thought, continuing her argument with Parker, and I feel so completely, undeniably full that I have a sudden urge to tell all of them exactly how much they mean to me.

I won’t though, since they’d all tease me endlessly for being such a sap.








“McDougall, Allison!”

Hair tied back in a delicate plait, the blue and bronze bow at the end swings to the tempo of her nervous steps. The glow from the floating candles above catches on the small wisps of blonde hair, giving her frizz a halo effect before the sorting hat falls over her head and shrouds her face, until all you can see is her trembling lower lip and her tight grip on the edges of the rickety stool. It teeters as her feet swing.

“I think we know which house her parents are pulling for,” Parker whispers to our group huddled towards the end of the Ravenclaw table, a sly grin on his pointed face.

“Who cares? I’m hungry,” Dom sighs impatiently, her long fingers tapping a frenetic beat on the delicate edge of the golden plate in front of her.

“Hufflepuff!” The Sorting Hat shouts out for all to hear, and the table to our left explodes in a happy welcoming for little Allison as she runs over to her new badger family.

Davis whistles and Parker laughs, “Bummer. Wonder if she’ll get a howler?”

Allison squeezes into a spot at the table only a first year could fit into, and she smiles tremulously at the seventh years on either side of her, so broad and tall and at ease. Like a field mouse smiling up at a skyscraper.

Eloise stops twisting a lock of hair around her finger to frown over at Parker, “What’s wrong with being a Hufflepuff?”

Parker smirks back, leaning forward on his elbows, his broad Beater shoulders gently knocking into those on either side of him, “Nothing, but - hey, aren’t you supposed to be sitting over there anyway? Great show of house loyalty, El.”

Eloise shrugs, looking bored and sleepy as she rests her cheek against Davis’ shoulder, “They haven’t noticed I’m gone, it’ll be fine.”

The fact that no one would notice her absence makes me frown. Who did Eloise hang out with before she and Davis were a thing? I try to send my sleep-deprived mind back to search for her face over the years, but my first firm memory of her is of her shy smile, her small hand intwined with Davis’ as he smugly introduced us to his new girlfriend at the end of last term. The weather had been warm, and we’d been out sunning by the lake instead of suffocating through Divination class. I could tell Eloise had never ditched a class before, her eyes kept wandering back towards the doors of the castle, as if expecting a professor or an auror or her parents to come after us for committing such a heinous act of rebellion.

Parker had noticed too, I remember. He’d woken up from his nap to see her anxious face, and before even properly introducing himself had looked at her seriously, and said, “Don’t let us lead you astray, darling. Truancy is a gateway crime.” We had all laughed and Eloise had blushed, her eyes darting over to Rose, clearly surprised to see the future head girl with her head in Scorpius’ lap, her shoes off and her oxford untucked and slightly unbuttoned, to allow the sun to warm her stomach.

And then she’d looked over to Dom, who had joined us late, storming over to us from the castle and flinging her bag down and launching into a tirade about the injustices of a patriarchal education system that had resulted in her getting a detention for being five minutes late to Ancient Runes, while Brent Lannerman had been ten minutes late and all he’d gotten was a warning, just because she’s a girl and she’s convinced Professor Kandor is sexist.

And to me, lightly trailing my fingertips over the soft underside of Jude’s arm as he dozed in the sun, my breath catching when he hummed in appreciation, his eyes opening ever so slightly to watch me watch him, his knowing smile igniting a sun-induced, heat-driven crush that I’d never had before.

Davis had thrown his arm over El’s shoulders and whispered in her ear to relax, and she dropped her gaze from our group of friends to smile at him, nodding and leaning against him.

So who was she before she was the girl under Davis’ arm? Maybe that’s why she bothers me a little - the fact that I can’t define her as her own entity, that in my mind her personality is just an addition to someone else’s identity. Davis Part Two.

Davis Part One is enough to deal with as it is.

Parker nods at Eloise and yawns as he scans the faces of those around us, frowning, “Rose didn’t ditch the Gryffindors for us. Rude.”

“Rose is Head Girl, you dolt. How would that look if she can’t even stand to be with the lions for one formal meal?” Davis says with an eye roll, but his lips are twisting and tilting into an amused, uneven curve.

My gaze drifts away from the candlelit faces of my teasing friends, my eyes catching on the glow of gold sparkling all across the Hall.

A floating candle drips wax on the forehead of a Gryffindor boy at the table to our right, and his friends guffaw quietly as he glares up at the candle above him, swatting it away. It bobs and dips, the flame dancing, before settling in its new spot a few feet away. My lips manage a small twitch of amusement, my face heavy with exhaustion.

In an effort to keep my eyes open under the watchful eyes of the professors at the head table, I pull my gaze upwards. The ceiling is a blanket of dark, rolling clouds, the occasional streak of lightning illuminating the dimly lit Great Hall. The rain falling at a steady pace looks so real I can feel the instinctive tug to look for cover from the coming onslaught of weather. Not a year goes by that I don’t look up and sigh at the enchanted ceiling, wondering which founder decided they wanted to eat breakfast under a canopy of endless blue, and dine beneath a veil of candlelit stars.

I’ll bet it was Rowena - I’m sure cleverness did not make her immune to whimsy.

“Willett, Samuel!”

“Oh, come on,” Dom moans, head in her hands, hair spilling through her fingers.

“Should’ve had that pumpkin pasty I offered you on the train,” Parker says knowingly, with a wag of a finger in Dom’s direction.

Dom’s face contorts into a scowl, “It was half-eaten.”


So you eat like a barbarian, you animal. It was more slobber than pasty.”

“Wait, so am I an animal or a barbarian? You really need to sort this out before you bring it to my attention, Dom.”

Dom’s hanger burns in her eyes, “You’re -”


The table to the very left of the hall applauds, and finally Professor Longbottom carries the hat and the stool out of the hall before Headmistress McGonagall stands up from her spot at the middle of the head table.

“Welcome, students, to another year at Hogwarts,” Her beady, eagle-eyed gaze scans the hundreds of faces looking up at her behind square spectacles, her wand held to her throat to broadcast her stern, yet caring voice, “New students, I assure you that you will find magic, talent and an education beyond your wildest assumptions within these halls. Returning students, I am sure you will all be helpful guides to our newest additions.” She pauses to cast a stern look at a group of well-known troublemakers at the Gryffindor table before moving on, “Now, please be mindful of the list of banned objects that our caretaker Filch has spent most of his life compiling, and you’d do well to remember that the forest that borders our castle is forbidden for a reason.” Her warning tone sends a shiver down my spine. “Those looking to join their house Quidditch teams should look to their house team captains, who will be meeting with Madame Hooch within the week to schedule try-outs.”

Dom sighs in relief that all the points McGonagall has to go over are finished. The food should be appearing any minute now.

McGonagall clears her throat, and the end-of-speech fidgeting - that is very similar to the five-minutes-to-the-end-of-class-let-me-pack-up-my-shit-so-I-can-get-out-of-here fidgeting - ceases. “There is just one last item to address before we can all enjoy our feast.” Students across the hall perk up, not used to surprises at the typically standard start-of-term feast. My head lifts off of the hand I’d been using to support it. “Our own Professor Sinistra has recently suffered from a bout of ailments that has forced her to retire unexpectedly.” Whispers break out across the hall, and Dom and I share a concerned look. Sinistra has always been a fairly tough professor to impress, but she’s a skilled teacher and always looks the other way when students bring snacks and hot cocoa to her class. “We are currently looking for a worthy candidate to fill her role as Astronomy professor. Until that time comes, all Astronomy lessons will be postponed.”

Sinistra’s empty chair to the right of Professor McGonagall’s - which was before now so uninteresting I hadn’t even noticed it wasn’t filled - suddenly looks a bit ominous. Who will be the next to sit there?

“That will be all for now. Timetables will be passed out at breakfast tomorrow morning. Eat up!” She sits back down, and turns to say something quietly to Professor Flitwick on her left.

“How sad,” I say to Dom as she piles pork chops onto her plate.

“Very,” she agrees, mouth a bit full, “Pass the mashed potatoes?”

I pass the potatoes and absently push food around on my plate, eyelids heavy.

“Wus wron?” Davis asks around an enormous bite of food.

I shrug lightly and smile, “Just exhausted, really.”

He swallows and looks at me shrewdly, “Are you pouting because Jude’s eating with the Quidditch team instead of with you?”

I blink at him, surprised at this illogical leap, “Of course not. He can eat wherever he likes.” Truthfully, I had barely noticed when Jude parted from our group to sit with his other friends. The strong arms and green eyes of another boy have crossed my mind a few times, but I won’t be admitting to that any time soon.

Davis frowns and shakes his head, “You’re a shit liar, Josie.”

I frown back at him, a little offended, “I’m not lying, Davis. Honestly.”

Dom cuts in, and does her best to back me up, “Trust me, Dave, she’s not wasting her time on wishy-washy Jude Wood. I mean, I love the guy and all, but he is not the relationship type. Josie knows that, don’t you Jose?” Dom tosses her sheet of blonde hair behind her shoulder so she can look at me properly.

I shrug in embarrassment - I don’t mind dissecting my love life with my friends, but does it have to be in the Great Hall where anyone can listen in? “It doesn’t bother me, alright? I mean, above all, Jude and I are friends, and I’d be perfectly okay if that’s all we are.”

Davis chews on his lower lip, brows furrowed. “Okay. I believe you.” He pushes his floppy hair off his forehead before nodding his head at me with a lopsided smile, “I’ve gotta say, I’m impressed, Josie. I mean, at the beginning of the summer I was certain you were not going to be able to do the casual thing with Wood. I mean, it’s just, so not you.”

“Yeah, well, thanks I guess. Listen,” I stand up and swing a leg off the long bench, “I’m so exhausted, I’m off to bed. Good luck with the knocker - Rose says it’s thinking up tougher riddles this year to keep out other students.”

“Oh no!” Eloise cries, evidently distressed at having to battle with an eagle-shaped knocker.

“Don’t worry,” Davis says to her, arm around her shoulders, “I’ll come and get the door for you, alright?”

I catch her nod and smile out of the corner of my eye as I turn to walk out of the hall. My cloak feels heavy on my shoulders, my tie too tight around my throat. I can feel the little circle on my neck rubbing against the collar of my shirt, which I don’t think is normal for a scar.

I can breathe easier in the Entrance Hall, the silence and the cavernous ceilings calming my frayed nerves. I lean my face against a nearby pillar, the stone so cool and smooth against my cheeks it raises the hair on the back of my neck. My eyes drift shut, and for a crazy moment I consider falling asleep here, rather than climbing hundreds of steps to square off against the knocker.

“Ditching the feast, Deetrin? I think I’m able to dock points for that.”

My heart skitters in my chest at the light, amused voice, my eyes flashing open to rest on Al Potter’s smiling face. He’s loosened his Gryffindor tie, the first button of his oxford button down is undone. His hands are in his pockets, and I have the intense urge to kiss him, just because I’m pretty sure he’d let me. The thought that I have free access to Albus Potter’s lips is almost enough to make me laugh aloud. Instead I smile goofily at his tousled hair.

“As can I, Potter. You’ve left the feast as well.” I turn against the pillar so my back is pressed against it.

Al steps closer, his hands leaving his pockets to rest lightly on my waist, his grin crooked, “Aye, but I’m in pursuit of a rule breaker. You haven’t seen her, have you?” He looks comically over his shoulders before grinning at me.

I smile back, my hands resting lightly on his hands resting lightly on my hips, “Are you following me?” Being near him is like a large dose of caffeine, deposited directly into my brain and passed along my sparking nerve endings.

How is this so natural? Where did the space between us go?

He nods unabashedly, his eyes scanning my face with a slight smirk. I feel heat rising in my cheeks. Al lowers his face closer to mine, and I’m left to stare up at him, his eyes slightly covered by wayward locks of hair that have fallen over his forehead, like he’s Clark Kent and I’m his Lois Lane. But she was a redhead, wasn’t she?

Al slowly reaches a finger out to smooth out the pucker between my brows, “That’s been there all day. Something wrong, Josie?”

“Am I always going to be the one to find you guys like this? It’s disturbing, honestly.”

I look over Al’s shoulder to see Dom’s smirking face and crossed arms. Al sighs and leans forward so his forehead is pressed against mine, whispering, “I have way too many cousins.”

I grin up at him, and feeling bold under his warm gaze, I lean forward to press my lips against his, just for a moment.

He sighs again as I pull away, “You’re unreal, Josie Deetrin.”

I toss him a smirk as I slide away from him and take a few steps closer to Dom, who’s pretending to study a suit of armor but is so clearly listening, “Maybe you’ll wake up to find this has all been a dream.”

He leans back against the pillar I’d been leaning against, ever-observant green eyes studying me, a slight smile curling his lips, “I really fucking hope not.”






“Um, Josie?” A voice says behind me, startling me so much I nearly choke on my tea.

I turn from the Ravenclaw table in the Great Hall and squint against the grey-white light of the early morning streaming through the tall windows to see my new partner for Prefect rounds, Eric Gallahan, standing behind me.

“Oh, hi Eric,” I smile at him, feeling very awake from a good night’s sleep and quite pleased to have found out from my timetable that I have a free period first thing Monday mornings. I know that very soon I’ll have to use that time for copious amounts of studying, but hopefully I’ll be able to sleep in and lounge around for the first few weeks.

Eric smiles back and scratches at his neck, “So, did you hear? We’re taking over my old patrol route, starting tomorrow night.”

I groan and he looks at me confused, so I rush to tell him, “Oh, no, it’s nothing. I was just hoping we’d get my old route. You had to go outside to patrol, right?”

He shrugs and smiles again, “Yeah, but it’s actually not too bad. It can be kind of cool, really, to be the only students allowed outside at night.” He can tell by my expression that I’m not convinced, so he goes on, “You don’t go too far outside the castle, either. Just around the greenhouses and far out enough to see if anyone’s in the courtyards or by the lake. You pretty much stick to the perimeter of the castle.”

I nod, “Right, well, I’m sure it won’t be too bad either way. Thanks for letting me know,” I spot Rose entering the Hall over his shoulder so I wave her over before looking back at Eric, “See you tomorrow night, then?”

Eric nods back, “Sounds good. Meet you in the Entrance Hall at 8 o’clock,” and he leaves to sit back at the Hufflepuff table.

“So that’s your new partner?” Dom asks, taking a bite of toast.

I sigh, “Yeah, that’s him. Seems nice enough.”

She smirks, “He’s cute.”

Rose sits down across from me in a whirl of red hair, setting a large stack of textbooks on the table in front of her.

“Hey lady,” I greet her, trying to catch a glimpse of her face behind the wall of books, “I hear that I’m patrolling the dark and dangerous grounds now?”

Rose groans and Dom shoots me a smirk as she reads the Daily Prophet next to me. Rose gives me a pleading look from around the side of her book tower, “Please tell me you don’t have a problem with your patrol route. I’ve been dealing with the Fifth Year Prefects complaining all morning and I’ve only been up for an hour.”

I blink at her, surprised, “No love, I was just giving you a hard time. I can handle a couple monsters and a life-threatening forest, no problem.”

She shoots me an apologetic look, “I am sorry about it, though. It was either your route or his, and Henry and I decided we’d rather have you guys outside than a couple newbie Fifth Years.”

I shrug and offer her what I hope is a serene smile, “Like I said, not a problem.”

She grins, “You’re a doll.”

Rose busies herself with putting together her breakfast, and I see the boys all troop into the Hall together, all sleepy eyed and tousled looking.

Spur of the moment I blurt out, “Hey, Rose,” and I notice Dom’s movements go still next to me, “What do you know about cursed scars? Or, like, scars left behind from magic in general?”

She looks surprised, “Why?”

“Just - no reason,” I finish lamely as the guys fall heavily onto the benches next to us.

“I’m so tired,” Parker moans into the wood of the table.

Rose gets distracted as Scorp drapes an arm around her waist and steals a strip of bacon from her plate. The familiar chatter of my friends, the easy laughs and jibes as they all compare timetables soothes my nerves. Rose seems to have forgotten my question entirely.

But Dom is still staring at me, her gaze burning into the side of my face.