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Fluorescent Adolescent by greenbirds

Format: Novel
Chapters: 26
Word Count: 172,881
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Albus, Fred II, James (II), Louis, Rose, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: James/OC

First Published: 11/12/2013
Last Chapter: 04/18/2018
Last Updated: 04/18/2018

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For two as different (and yet united in their faults) as James Potter, Gryffindor Quidditch captain, arrogance extraordinaire; and Effy Wilderson, Ravenclaw seeker of sharp-tongued, often unnecessary wit; they did seem to spend a lot of time together. to follow this story!

Dobby Winner 2017: Best Romance & Most Addicting Fic

Chapter 19: literally, jewish god bless

The fully recovered Jasmine Azalea was at her utmost peak of popularity. Both a victim and a hero of the biggest scandal since Dahlia Moss’s rumoured pregnancy last year, she had never been happier.

“I love life,” she cried, sinking down beside me at dinner. “Honestly. I haven’t had to do a line of homework since I came out of the Hospital Wing, and Julius Ascot himself asked if I was doing okay. Julius Ascot!”

“Been there,” Aspen smiled sweetly. "Done that."

“Well you’re half Veela, you don’t count.”

“True,” agreed Oscar, nodding.

“Everybody feels so sorry for me, but in a really good way,” Jasmine continued, buttering a piece of toast with major vigour. “Like not how you feel sorry for people with a rare illness, but how you feel sorry for a girl who got raped and almost drugged by a year-above obsessed with her yet saved by James Potter- you know?”

“I’m just surprised the Prophet hasn’t been after you,” remarked Mikey.

“Oh, trust me, Rita Skeeter has been saturating me in interview invitations, but Sinatra won’t let me reply. She says if I don’t come out bad, Hogwarts will. So unfair, especially as James Potter got to speak to her.”

Jasmine smiled round the table as Liam joined our conversation, slipping in right next to Mikey, and Aspen and I looked at each other, both sharing the same wary look. Jasmine was not fully recovered, she was not yet even near okay- whatever okay is- but neither of us wanted to question her Gryffindor pride just yet.

If Jasmine was the romantic damsel of the story, then James was the real life superhero. I was fucking pissed off at that. I was the one who put two and two together, I was the one who knocked down the door and I was the one who got James in the first place. All James did was beat up Corner and get Eve to fetch Longbottom! Yet did I get the third page of a national newspaper dedicated to me?

Absolutely not. 

Oh James Potter was so brave, beating up a boy in his year. When he wasn’t saving innocent damsels he was being the handsome Quidditch captain or the dashing academic, always in the library studying for his NEWTs. 

And the worst part was that I couldn’t complain about it, because then people would accuse me of being petty. “Effy!” Scorpius had cried, his eyebrows furrowing. “You should just be happy that Jasmine’s alright.” Later on Rose Weasley would confide that she completely agreed with me, but she was a very small minority of the Effy Pity Party.

But if I was pissed off, then Mikey was that times a hundred. He hadn’t spoken to me since the Quidditch party. Neither had James actually, but he was in the heat of NEWT revision- and besides, we had just broken up. And he was a celebrity now.

It had been twelve days since Jasmine had come out of the Hospital Wing and ten days since Mikey had last spoken to me, after having a massive go at me in Charms that led to Flitwick sending him out for hysteria.

“I can’t believe you!” he hissed, as Flitwick’s attention was diverted to a needy student on the other side of the room.

“What did I do?” I asked, alarmed.

“You and James had just broken up,” he snapped. “And yet your instinct is to go running to him the second trouble starts up? Are you still that hung up on him, Effy?”

“Oh come on now, Mikey. James was the obvious choice-”

“Not Albus? Scorpius? Me? I’m just surprised you thought of Ruddy and Louis in your cloud of obsession over your ex-boyfriend-”

“They’re best friends with Jasmine-”

“As opposed to the boys you were just standing with, seconds before you left for James,” he said, giving me a dirty look. 

“I cannot believe you’re giving me a hard time over not thinking of asking for your help with Jasmine,” I snapped back, lowering my voice as Flitwick passed us. “Could you be any more selfish-”

“I don’t know Effy, could I? You are, perhaps, the most self-obsessed person I know,” he said, and my jaw dropped open. “The second you work out your friend is in trouble and you’re thinking of schemes to get James Potter involved.”

“He knows best how to deal with Corner, Mikey-”

“He punched him on the nose after relying on you to get into his room in the first place. Fucking Oscar could have done that-”

“I cannot believe you are seriously having a go at me for this,” I said, glaring at him. “You’re meant to be my friend-”

“Jesus fucking Christ, Effy, just get over James,” he said. “Louis told me he’s been speaking to Dahlia again. Perhaps you should take the hint-”

“You are being so fucking mean!” I cried. I mean, it was Charms, the first period on a Monday. Charms, out of all classes to get randomly blasted in.

“No Effy, I’m being fucking honest!” he snarled loudly, and that’s when Flitwick sent him out. When he came back, he sat down beside Teddy Oliver after I moved my bag onto his empty seat. He may be angry at me, but I was fuming at him.

So Jasmine was a celebrity, James was a hero and Mikey wasn’t speaking to me. Which was actually really annoying, because I wasn’t speaking to him, and how was he meant to feel the effects of me being angry at him when he was busy doing the same?

The only good thing in my life at the moment was the fact that it was exactly thirty-nine days until the end of the academic year and thirty-one days until Seventh Year graduated, which would leave me James-free for the rest of my life. I hadn’t decided whether I was happy or really, really sad about it yet.

I was discussing it with Aspen and Oscar, huddled up on Aspen’s bed one Thursday night. Veronica was out doing her prefect patrols and the other three girls of the dormitory didn’t mind having Oscar in the room.

“I think Mikey fancies you,” chirped Aspen.

“James thought that too,” I said, beating Oscar to a reply. “But he’s seeing Lucy O’Donnell now, and he was so mean to me- like I don’t think anyone’s ever been that mean to me before.”

“Poor little heterosexual girl,” he said.

“Oh shut up, Oscar, everyone at Hogwarts loves you.”

“No I know, darling, my heart just goes out to all my brothers and sisters out there in the world. Literally. Jewish God bless.”

“Oscar, you can’t suddenly decide to become a Jew, it doesn’t work that way-”

“I’ll have you know, my grandmother survived the Holocaust-”

“You didn’t have a Bar Mitzvah-”

“My... kosher downstairs makes up for that-”

“You’ve only been to synagogue twice in your life!” I cried, and Oscar brought out his finger to do some wiggling.

“It’s really not your place, darling, to dictate who can follow what religion. I happen to find the Jewish religion and community incredibly inspiring.”

“Oscar,” I said gently, because we were approaching a sensitive subject for him. “I know you read somewhere that the Franco brothers want to marry Jewish, but saying Jewish God Bless really won’t help your chances with them-”

“Guys,” whined Aspen, massaging Oscar’s hair as he pretended to throw himself into her lap, sobbing up middle fingers at me. “I can’t be the only one who thinks Mikey’s become so hot recently, right? Like in Defence the other day he pulled off his jumper and his shirt came off with it for a second- and oh my God, his back muscles- and he totally has those arm vein things you’re really weird about…”

“That’s not fair, Aspen, you can’t glamourise Mikey after he called me self-obsessed,” I whined, and Oscar put his arm around me sympathetically, squeezing my shoulder in his Oscar Green way.

“Look Effy, Mikey’s fucking fit and he clearly likes you,” she said, nodding slowly. “I think he hasn’t stopped liking you since Fourth Year-”

“Aspen, that’s a lovely theory,” said Oscar, “but I share a dormitory with him, and he must have slept with half of the girls in our year by now. What started off as a competition with Declan’s ended up as the Mikey Lancaster show after every party!”

Half the girls?” I cried, astounded.

“Well, perhaps four…”

Suddenly, the curtains around Aspen’s bed was pulled gently open, and Nancy Cameron-Scott popped her head in.

“You guys talking about Mikey Lancaster?”

“Yep,” said Aspen, looking slightly taken aback as our roommates usually never spoke to us, unless totally necessary.

“Oh, he totally has a thing for Effy.”

“No he does not,” called out Riley Connelly from her bed opposite. “My boyfriend said Danny Alton said he thinks Mikey has a thing for Liam’s sister.”

“Who’s your boyfriend?” Aspen asked curiously.

“Lucas Cohen,” said Oscar immediately, forever the Hogwarts gossip bible.

“Mikey does not like like me,” I said, tying my hair up. “He doesn’t even like me now, full stop. And to be honest, I don’t even like him. I mean, he has a go at me for not going to him over Jasmine! How vain can you get?”

“Hear hear,” sang Oscar, and Aspen sighed in defeat as Nancy re-closed the bed’s curtains.


Josh Wood and Danny Alton both had to study for their OWL and NEWT exams, even though the Quidditch finals were a fortnight away. By the time the final match was scheduled both years would have had finished exams, but that didn’t leave a lot of time to practise and train for either team. At least for us it was just a Keeper and one Chaser- for Gryffindor, who we were playing in the finals, their Seeker, Keeper and two Chasers had exams.

Danny had made Mikey and I temporary captains in his place, and James had done the same to Ruddy and Louis. Neither of us had the heart to maintain the vigorous training that Danny and James had upheld throughout the academic year, but at least Ruddy and Louis were on speaking terms throughout practises.

“Alright,” said Mikey, as he, Lara, Liam, Indigo and I stood in the Quidditch pitch. “Let’s start off with twenty push-ups-”

“Effy said we were to start with laps,” said Lara.

Mikey turned to me, and shot me a dirty look.

“Exactly,” I said, ignoring Mikey. “Let’s do two laps around the stadium to warm up-”

“No, let’s do push-ups to get the blood circulating-”

“Liam!” I shot. “What do you think?”

“You’re going to Liam again?” said Indigo, not looking impressed. “You’re meant to be the Captains, not him.”

“Yes,” said Liam, who was very reluctant to follow orders from both Mikey and me, still annoyed that he wasn’t made temporary captain. “Go on Michael, Elizabeth. You tell us what to do.”

“We have wasted five minutes already!” Mikey yelled. “Push-ups!”

Lara dropped to the floor.

“No!” I yelled back. “Laps!”

“Push ups-“


Push ups-“


Indigo and Liam remained unmoved, whilst Lara was doing enough working out for the whole team, jumping up and down with every go between Mikey and me.

Practise went on before Mikey and I got into our fifth argument since being forced to communicate with each other. I had had enough. He yelled at me for not catching the snitch fast enough seconds after jeering at me for being knocked off my broom by Indigo.

I flew down to the pitch, and he flew down too.

“Don’t tell me how to catch a snitch!” I screamed, walking over to him. “I’ve been playing since I was in Third Year-”

It was hovering right by my ear,” he yelled back, and the three others flew down too. “Unless you’re deliberately playing shit for a Gryffindor victory-”

“Oh fuck you,” I said, pushing his chest. He caught my wrists in his big hands and pushed me away. “I have had enough of this.”

“Effy!” cried Lara, as I picked up my broom and walked away. “You can’t leave Quidditch practise!”

Fuck Quidditch,” I yelled at Mikey, who’s back was already turned to me. And Aspen was unfortunately right, he did have nice back muscles.



I turned around. It was Albus. I smiled at the one member of the male gender who wasn’t acting pissy with me bar Oscar, who hadn’t been angry at me since Second Year when I wouldn’t lend him my camel leather brogues.

“Hey,” I said, a massive smile erupting on my face. He grinned back as I waited for him to catch up with me, and we continued walking at a slower pace.

I had just finished a double lesson of Defence and was on my way to Mermish. He told me he was on his way to Runes, but he didn’t mind being ten minutes late to walk me to my lesson.

“You sure?” I said, surprised.

“Or we could both just bunk off.”

“I like that idea much more.”

“Good. I haven’t done my essay due in for yesterday, but could the Professors be any more anal recently? I mean like, our exams aren’t until next year.

“Exactly,” I said, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “Sixth Year is the biggest waste of time. The majority of what we learn this year isn’t going to even come up next year.”

“Yeah, it’s all so shit,” he said, nodding. “I’m just so done with school, to be frank. This year’s gone on forever.

“You’re just angry because of Poppy Atticus,” I smirked, and he scowled at me.

“I think she’s so rude. Pity it’s only making me like her even more.”

“She’s just scared that you’re going to drop her after the first week or so. You have built up quite the hype, Al.”

“It’s not my fault,” he grumbled. “And I suppose snogging Cecily Dazenhorst in front of her didn’t help.”

“I think she was more upset when she woke up and found you in Ophelia’s bed after the party two weeks ago,” I commented, and he sighed. 

“Thank God the whole Corner scandal came up, I don’t think I could have handled having three people pissed at me. Scorpius was pissy because he thinks Ophelia’s his sister, Ophelia was pissy because she realised I wasn’t going to stick around for a relationship-”

“You say that like it’s unreasonable of her-”

“I told her that I fancied Poppy too much for anything more than sex with her! Three times! And she still slept with me!” Albus cried, and I snorted. 

“I don’t think she minded too much, to be honest. Ophelia just likes making a big deal out of little things. So who was the third person annoyed at you?”



I was very fond of Al. As we walked down to the kitchens- his favourite place in the castle, he proclaimed- I wondered if he was now my new Best Guy Friend. I must have said this out loud, because he asked if I still hadn’t made up with Mikey yet.

“I’m totally in the right,” I said, and he snorted.

“Whatever. I’m not in it. Scor and I tried to bring it up, and he started huffing and puffing.”

“Was he going to blow your house down?”

“What? Oh, I don’t care. Anyway, you should make up with him.”

I stopped walking in the middle of the empty corridor, my mouth wide open. “What?”

Oh come on,” said Albus, crossing his arms. “The kitchen is literally a minute away, why are we stopping…”

“I cannot believe you’re taking his side!” I hissed, and he rolled his eyes, his hand on his hip. Albus Potter could be quite feminine when he was impatient.

“You’ve probably found a way to wound Mikey’s ego,” he said, and now it was me huffing and puffing. “Sometimes you have to apologise for the sake of keeping the peace.”

“Absolutely not,” I said. “He is being so rude. He should be apologising to me and begging me for forgiveness. I have done nothing-”

“He would argue that you insulted his ability to fight off Corner and help Jasmine,” said Albus, grabbing me by the arm and dragging me to the kitchen at the end of the corridor.

“Ow- well he’s being big-headed, then! He’s so obsessed with my relationship with James! Honestly, people are starting to question if he fancies me or something-”

“Really? I thought he was with Lucy O’Donnell-”


“He seemed really into her last time we spoke.”

“And when was that?” I asked, suddenly a bit offended that Mikey didn’t fancy me.

“This morning. Urgh, Effy, this fall-out with Mikey is so annoying. How long is it going to go on for?”

“Well I don’t know, Albus-

I stopped speaking once we entered the kitchens. Several elves crowded around Albus and me, and Albus liked speaking to the elves. He was like the elf version of Oscar, in the way that he liked to keep up with their current affairs and recent gossip. I, unlike Albus, didn’t have much interest in who was engaged to whom, so waited patiently on the side.

“Al,” I said, and he grudgingly turned around to come sit down with me.

“You’re very impatient,” he observed. “Shark week?”

He laughed at my scowl, as we were brought two bowls of ice-cream.

“Thank you so much,” I began, but Albus cut in.

“Why thank you, Felix. Did you do something different to your- a tan? How nice. A holiday! Where? Dorset? How wild…”

I had almost finished the bowl before the elf left and Albus returned to me, a smug beam on his face.

“Aren’t house elves great?”

The best,” I said, slightly warily. “Oo, I forgot, Aspen and I came up with an idea about Poppy.”

“Go on then.”

“Well, I would have, if you didn’t interrupt me-”

“-well, you paused, so I thought you needed goading-”

“-why would I need goading-”

“-you quite like the dramatics, Eff-”

“-that’s not true and kind of offensive-”

“-you’re not speaking to James nor Mikey, you love drama- hey! Tell me!”

I crossed my arms as he nodded earnestly, grumbling defeat. “Okay! The year above are graduating in three weeks, aren’t they? You should definitely use their graduation party as a way of getting close to Poppy. Girls love suits, and their graduation party’s a suit and tie event.”

“I tried the suit idea for a Slughorn party last month, but she wasn’t into it-”

“That’s because,” I said, smirking, having full confidence in my plans, “you asked her in school uniform. Or maybe jeans and a jumper. You weren’t actually wearing the suit then. Al, trust me, girls have a major weakness for suits.”

“Yeah, I remember my cousin Dom mentioned that to me,” he said pensively. “I mean, I’ll give it a go, but Heath said that I really hammered the nail when I had sex with Ophelia.”

I tried to act nonchalant when he mentioned Heath, the blue-eyed stranger from the party two weeks ago, but Al caught on. “Oh, Heath? He was asking about you. He wondered if you’d be interested-”

“Yes!” I cried, momentarily forgetting about the two other dark-haired boys currently not speaking to me in my life.

He smirked, and I smirked back. “Nothing serious, nothing fancy.”

“I hate serious and fancy.”

“James will hear about it and jump to conclusions.”

“He always jumps to conclusions. He probably gets his owls directed there.”

Al laughed. “That’s quite funny, actually. Well, okay then. Just think it through a bit before you speak to Heath. He’s a good guy, he just likes Lenin a bit too much.”

“People say the same thing about me and Christina Pankhurst!” I cried, and we both laughed, laughed even harder when I elbowed my bowl of ice-cream off the table. 


Before I even saw Heath, that very same day in the Ravenclaw common room, around the time where the younger years started heading up to the dormitories and the Fifth and Seventh years started to come in from the library, Oscar came up to me with news.

“You’re not going to like this,” he warned, as I sat there with Aspen and the latest edition of Witch Weekly.

“I just read an article about James being the modern-day hero Britain has always needed,” I said. “Mikey still won’t apologise, and now Liam’s acting shit because he wasn’t made temporary captain. On top of it all, Ophelia is pissy because she thinks I’m taking Al’s side in her argument with him. I really don’t think my week can get worse.”

“Thirty more days,” said Aspen, petting my arm, and we grinned- well, Aspen beamed, I think my smile more resembled a drowning cat- at each other.

“James Potter,” said Oscar, sitting himself down on the third seat placed around the small table between Aspen and me, “is going to his graduation party with Dahlia Moss.”

Aspen gasped. I raised my eyebrow, and ignored the sinking feeling in my stomach. I had harboured a feeling- a wish, more likely- that James and I would make up before our Quidditch match against each other, or at least before his graduation. 

I guess not.

“Hmph,” I said. 

That night, I couldn’t get to sleep. I was too occupied thinking- not just about James, but about Mikey this time, too. Albus had mentioned earlier on how the Corner scandal had boosted his brother’s ego through the roofs, and I wasn’t surprised, I expected that much from him. I just had no idea what he was playing at. He hadn’t spoken to me since asking me to stay with him that night in the Hospital Wing, and now here he was, the hero of Hogwarts, finally reunited with the girl who had, in my mind, always personified James’ ego- Dahlia Moss, who he even said was more of a trophy than a person.

And Mikey was being a prick. I knew him, and I knew he didn’t like me at all. Perhaps he did when James and I were dating, but that was just Mikey Lancaster being Mikey Lancaster- territorial, always straddling that alpha male pride.

I didn’t sleep at all that night, and spent the rest of the day with dark circles around my eyes, my skin looking even paler than usual, despite the slight tan I had acquired over the sunny past few weeks. I had a free period after lunch, so I went to the library with Jasmine, who was bombarded with well-wishers and innocent gossipers, wondering how she was doing.

“I’m fine,” she purred, linking arms with me. “All thanks to Effy!”

“I thought it was James Potter who saved you-”

“That’s just the patriarchy talking,” she chirped, and I snorted.

The library was full of Seventh and Fifth year students, all studying for their exams.They were in the midst of their exam season now, and according to the timetables hung up in the common room, all exams would be over by the beginning of next week. I personally loved exams, but I had learned not to speak about it, especially in the months of May and June.

“Is it begun or began?” Jasmine asked, chewing on her stub of a quill. 

“What’s the sentence?”

“Attempts to restrict the rapidly increasing goblin population in north Berlin began in 1775-”

“Begun, with an u,” I said, frowning a bit.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m like, perhaps sixty percent sure-”

“Azalea,” drawled an awfully familiar voice.

“Potter,” she said, and I could smell the scent of his shower gel from behind me. “My saviour, apparently.”

“There’s no apparently about it.”

“Let me remind you that I was unconscious throughout the whole episode, so yes, it is apparently.”

“Oh, Azalea. I am so glad you’re feeling better.”

“I should hope so,” she smirked, and I knew he was probably smirking back. “Fab chatting to you, but I really do have work to be doing-”

“Oh, I’m sure. It’s actually Wilderson I want to speak to. Wilderson! Don’t act like you can’t hear me.”

I turned around, and saw him standing beside me, his arms crossed, a major smirk on his face. I hadn’t seen him this cocky since perhaps last year. It’s amazing, isn’t it? He was still the same person, but only on the outside. His physique hadn’t changed, but it felt like everything else had.

“What?” I asked, raising my eyebrows and putting my quill down.

“My God, your tone of voice is incredibly hostile,” he said, raising his eyebrow, his smirk steadily turning sinister. “I would love to hear why.”

I glared at him as I pressed my hand to my mouth, a massive yawn rippling through my face. “I am literally too tired right now. Let me get eight hours of sleep and then feel free to harass me tomorrow. I’ll make sure my tongue is extra sharp.”

“Wilderson, we broke up. I don’t care what you do with your tongue.”

“Mm? I’m sure you do a little. Your obsession with yourself’s too colossal to not keep tabs on anybody associated with your name-”

“Your charm is suffocating me, Wilderson-”

“I should hope so-

“You should stop disliking me so much. Grow up a little-”

“I don’t dislike you, Potter, I am indifferent towards you. I probably have more developed feelings for the Berlin Uprising of 1776-”

“It was 1775-”

“Oh my God,” cried Jasmine, looking up from her parchment. “I am trying to work. I am also the victim of a serious racial and sexist assault crime, so if you don’t do what I say, I can get you very easily thrown in detention.”

I snorted, and turned from Jasmine to James. “Good bye, James. Have fun graduating. Try not to trip over your gown. Or your ego, actually-”

“Very funny, Wilderson. You should do stand up comedy,” he remarked coolly, and I tilted my head, crossing my arms to mirror his. “I actually have to talk to you.”

“I’d much rather you didn’t.”

“Unfortunately, you don’t get a say in this. Come outside.”

I turned to Jasmine, who was frantically flicking through her History of Magic textbook. James raised his eyebrow impatiently, and I rose from the table, determined to walk out of the door before he did.

I stood outside the library, my arms crossed, and he walked out seconds after me, a massive smirk on his face.

“I’m not even going to ask,” I deadpanned.

“Your boobs have grown, haven’t they?” he asked, looking me up and down. Oh my God. I cannot believe I practically wasted the whole of my Sixth Year with this prick.

“Get your mind out of the gutter.”

“I can’t. It’s where I go when I think of you. I’m trying to work out your size. 32C?”

He smirked, licking his upper lip, and I made to walk back inside the library before he grabbed me by my forearm. 

“Come on, Wilderson,” he said, sounding slightly more serious than earlier, laughter still echoing in his voice. “Just a second.”

“What?” I demanded, crossing my arms tightly across my chest. He was right, my boobs had grown, and I had just received a package of new bras the other day.

“I want you to hear before rumours get out,” he said, ruffling the top of his hair, suddenly looking more like Old James than New James. Well, technically, he was acting like James pre-Seventh Year, so this was Old James.

Just not the James I was on the verge of falling in love with. Thank God I didn’t. How embarrassing would that have been?

“Dahlia’s my date for our graduation party,” he said. “I’m telling you before- I don’t know, you hear it in the toilets or through your friends, I-”

“James,” I said, picking up his hand and taking it off my arm. I think he was surprised that he was still touching me, but I didn’t care. “I’m being honest. I’m not saying this to sound nonchalant, or cool, or above you- I genuinely don’t care. I heard it from Oscar last night-”

“Of course-

This time, it was my time to laugh. “You used to mean so much to me,” I said, crossing my arms. “And now you don’t. We weren’t friends before we dated, and I don’t particularly want to be friends with you now. You’re different. This temporary hero status has changed you-”


“Call me Effy. You’re not special, you don’t get a reserved nickname for me,” I said, this lava pouring out of my lungs. I was on two hours of sleep because of him, and yet the tentacles of closure was slowly starting to hug me. “You’re pathetic. I think I see you for what you are now- some sad, insecure boy who’s whole personality changes with a change in public opinion of you. Oh my God. It’s embarrassing.”


“Don’t talk to me. It’s my go to talk. You can smirk and lick your lips and be sarcastic all you like, but it’s not impressing me. Go graduate, James. Go do whatever you want to do. Just leave me out of it, because I swear to God, I am so over you-”

“No you are not,” he said, drawing in closer to me. “Fuck you, Wilder- Effy. God. I’m shit, and you’re shit too, and what’s more, you are not over me-”

“Oh, I think I am-”

“I highly doubt that,” he said, coming in even closer, and lifting up my chin with his thumb and forefinger. 

“Oh yeah?”

“You’re not over me, Wilderson,” he said, smirking down into my face. “You’re not over me, because I’m not over you. And I don’t think I ever will be.”

My breath haltered in my throat for a long moment. I looked up into his dark brown eyes, and saw the speckles of gold glitter so warmly, so familiarly. 

“Send my regards to Dahlia,” I said, pushing him away from me. “I thought about getting you a graduation present, but I think dating your little ego toy is quite enough.”

He called my name- demanded it, really- but I didn’t turn back to face him as I walked into the library, goosebumps running up my arm and my hands shaking. But I couldn’t shake off this ridiculous grin that made Jasmine ask, what happened? And I don’t think she believed my excuse of it being about Albus sounding ill, but I wasn’t quite ready to share my little victory quite yet.



I'm so, so, so sorry for this hiatus. My final year at school's been absolutely crazy, intense, beyond anything I can really write in an author's note (although it's totally cured my writer's block and given me inspiration for future chapters)- this isn't long, but I've tried to bring back as many characters as possible!

I only ever feel comfortable writing about things I know about, and I'm still slightly overwhelmed by all the positive feedback given regarding Jasmine in the last chapter. I tried very hard to continue her story and not twist it into some "yay she's happy again!"- because I really think that attempted sexual abuse and drugging is more than just a one chapter plot line- but I didn't know how to continue it, I didn't know how to get inside the head of someone who it has happened to, and so I decided to leave it for fear of being insensitive to those who it has happened to. If that makes sense? Let me know what you think. 

Thanks again for all your amazingly kind reviews. Now I'm back I'm hoping to reply to them as soon as possible- all my love xoxoxo