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Valour by blackballet

Format: Novel
Chapters: 45
Word Count: 100,067

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 08/07/2013
Last Chapter: 06/05/2016
Last Updated: 01/12/2017

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Life goes on

But so does death


          Innocence and arrogance combine in a story about eight newly-graduated revolutionaries. 

Chapter 33: The Death in the Departed

 (February 14th, 1981)


“Finally,” James breathed out, smiling as Lily shut the door behind her. She leaned against it and smirked up at a shirtless James. The two had spent around an hour putting Harry down for the night.

“I think we’ve got at least another hour. Let’s go,” she said determinedly, pulling her jacket off her shoulders and tossing it behind her as she stalked into the bedroom.  

“I love you,” James said breathlessly, following her into their room and shutting that door behind him. Lily stood in front of the bed in her dress from their anniversary dinner, looking at James lustfully. A smile perked up on the right side of her face, and she motioned for James to step towards her. He did so, closing the space between them.

“I love you, too, James. I really do, even though I yell a lot, okay?” Lily said softly as James took her face in his hands. James tilted his head down, putting it against hers and kissing her slowly, just slightly pressing their lips together.

“I deserve it,” he whispered to her. Lily left her eyes closed, and James leant in for another kiss. He brought his hand around her back, and Lily put her hand over his, pushing herself closer into him.

“I know, James,” she said hastily. Her eyes broke open. She put her hands to James’ slacks and unzipped them quickly. “But we don’t have time for this.” James nodded, and pulled down his pants the rest of the way as Lily turned around and stripped her dress off easily.

James whistled lowly as Lily slipped into bed in her matching lingerie set.

“What?” she asked faking coyness. She motioned for James to join her with a wiggle of her finger. James clambered into bed ungracefully, tossing his glasses onto his nightstand and running a hand through his hair one final time.

“You are crazy gorgeous,” James rambled, smiling anticipatorily as Lily climbed over his hips, straddling him.

“Just shut it.” Lily crashed down onto James, enveloping his mouth wholly and James’ hands automatically went to the back of her neck, stroking the nape of her neck in the way he knew drove her crazy.

Lily ground her body against James, making him clench the back of her head and hiss into her mouth. Lily smirked into James’ mouth, and he pulled back slightly to look at her. They shared a look, each breathing in time with the other before Lily fell into James again. His hands fell to laze around her hips, and Lily breathed into their embrace, allowing James to slip his tongue inside her mouth.

James sucked onto Lily’s lower lip, making Lily squirm uncontrollably atop James’ lap, and in turn James react more raggedly. She ran her fingers through his hair, and Lily let out a small whimper. James groaned with frustration and pushed Lily’s face back suddenly, gazing at Lily deeply and sliding her hair out of her face with his thumb.

Lily gasped as James flipped them over together, being so lost in her husband’s hazel eyes. James chuckled to himself, looking down on Lily lovingly as her mouth popped open. He pecked her cheek lightly, feeling it burn with embarrassment and anticipation as he stroked her torso with his free hand.

He continued kissing down her jawline until he reached her neck. Lily assisted James, tilting up her head for him to reach the softest part of her neck. Lily let out a gentle sigh, clutching the arm that James used to prop himself above her and licking her lips. James held the side of her neck as he sucked on her pulsating skin with alternating pressures.

“Oh,” Lily groaned, gritting behind her teeth as James grazed his teeth against her neck. 

“Waaaah!” Harry suddenly cried. James broke away from Lily’s neck, and breathed down on her heavily, leaning his arm against the bed over her head.

“I’ve got it,” she said quickly, using his shoulders as leverage to reach up and peck him on the lips one more time. James sighed as Lily ducked under his arm and climbed out of bed. She headed to her closet quickly, grabbing a bathrobe and wrapping it around herself.

He followed her out of their room and into Harry’s, where he was squirming unhappily in his bassinet.

“Come on, sweetheart. Mummy loves you, but mummy and daddy are trying to celebrate their anniversary,” Lily cooed to Harry as she picked him up and rested him on her hip. James came up behind her, resting his hands on her shoulders and rubbing them gently. James kissed her slowly on the neck, wiping her hair to the side to give himself a better vantage point.  “James,” Lily warned, “not in front of Harry.”

Lily flipped herself around to stop James, and began bouncing up and down with Harry. James smiled at Lily as she smiled down at Harry. He had stopped crying, and was now fussing quietly in Lily’s arms.

“Do you think he’s good to go?” James asked anxiously, peering over Lily’s shoulder and wrapping his arms around her waist.

“James, you are delusional if you think it takes three minutes to get him back to sleep,” Lily whispered over her shoulder, trying her best to grimace at James, but a smile slipped through.

“Well then I’m going to run a bath,” James said, taking his hands off of her and heading to their master bathroom.

“Seriously, James? It’s not going to take that long,” she whispered again as Harry began doling off in her arms.

“Then you can come join me when he’s fallen asleep,” James said, pulling up his right eyebrow and looking Lily up and down. Lily bit her lip gently, smiling through it.

“I’ll meet you in a couple minutes,” she whispered, growing quieter as Harry let out a little puff of a snore. James nodded and headed to their room, a giddy smile breaking on his face.

“Thank Merlin,” Lily murmured, looking up at the ceiling as Harry completely relaxed in her arms. She bounced slightly on her way over to Harry’s crib, blushing as she heard James humming along with the running faucet.

She bent down over the crib, bouncing slightly to keep Harry contented. As she went to slide her hands out from under his back, Harry turned over slightly, and Lily froze. He began crying again and Lily groaned.

“Come on, Harry.” She continued bouncing Harry, taking a seat in the rocking chair across from his crib as Harry settled back down.



“Is he almost down?” James whispered from the door. “Lily?” he questioned quietly, knocking on the door to Harry’s room and letting it fall open. He smiled sadly at his wife, who had fallen asleep with Harry in her arms.

He walked over to his small family, grabbing a folded blanket from the table next to Harry’s bed. He unfolded it and placed it across Lily’s lap as she snored gently, rocking in the chair habitually. James placed a kiss on Harry’s temple, and rubbed Lily’s shoulder lightly before turning his back on the two.

He aimed his wand at the light switch. He flicked them off, conjured a small cot, and laid down next to Lily and Harry.



(February 15th, 1981)


James sat up against the edge of Harry’s bassinet, his hands running through his hair. The light flew in from the window across from him, and he crumpled the paper that had been read over and over in his left hand.

He heard a yawn from the chair opposite him, and quickly transformed his face as Lily woke up from her four-hour rest. Lily smiled at James in her sleepy state, and began standing up to take Harry over to his crib.

“What is it?” she whispered. Harry let her put him down on his pillow without a fuss, and Lily clasped her hands together in a silent thanks. She took a seat on the carpeted floor next to James.

“Moody wants us to floo into the headquarters in half an hour.”

Lily placed a hand over James’, and rubbed it softly, toying with his fingers before clasping their hands together. She leaned against his shoulder and closed her eyes.

“Why is that a problem?” she asked, continuing her kneading up his arm, trying to release the tension in his shoulders.

“He hasn’t spoken to me since the last time I was on duty.” James rubbed his hand across the carpet, watching the grain switch back and forth. “The only reason he would talk to me is if he found out something more about the whole prophecy problem.” Lily opened her bloodshot eyes and looked up from James’ shoulder.

“You can’t think that way, James. If you keep on with that we won’t be able to have a life after it’s all over.”

“You’re right,” he said with a sigh as Harry turned to his side in his sleep. “Can you come with me? Alastor hasn’t exactly been pleased with me lately.”

“Come on, James, everyone knows you’re his favorite. I’ve got to stay here with Harry anyway.”

“I was,” James said bitterly, hanging his arm around Lily’s shoulder. Lily closed her eyes and snuggled under James’ arm. The two breathed in time in the silent room. Harry’s breathing opposed their rhythm, but didn’t ruin the peace. “I miss going outside with you,” James whispered, kissing the top of Lily’s head.

Lily smiled to herself, and James continued.

“I miss sitting in the grass for a picnic. I would try so bloody hard to make you happy, but you always said it was nothing like the hill across that lake next to your house.” Lily smiled again, opening her eyes as they began brimming with tears.

“I remember the first time we had a picnic. In Hogwarts. And when you mentioned your hill by your house and how Petunia used to tease you about being a witch on your picnics. We got into an argument.” She chuckled, sniffing gently as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

“And so after that, we didn’t have any picnics until after your mum passed away.” Lily pursed her lips and wiped the tears from her face quickly.

“That’s how I knew that you really loved a picnic. Because when you told me about your picnics with Petunia, I kind of forgot that your mum was the one who took you on those awful picnics where she called you a freak and pulled your hair. Until we went on that last picnic.” Lily nodded quickly as more tears fell out of her eyes, and laughed through it.

“Merlin, what great fights we used to have, Lil.”



James appeared just outside the entrance to a pub in muggle London. He looked down at the slip of paper Moody had sent with the owl telling James to meet him. James stepped to the side blankly as a couple came falling out of the doorway.

“Oi, you coming in?” one of the men said as he held open the door for James. James cocked his head in thanks, ducking under the doorframe and letting it swing shut behind him. The bar was crowded, but there was still a hook free on the coat rack. James shook off his jacket and hung it up. Moody waved to him from the other side of the bar, and James headed over, squeezing through the swarm.

“Watch it,” a young girl spat bitterly as James shouldered into her, making her spill her drink onto her friend. The girl turned around, putting her hand on her hip. James waved a hand weakly, and the girl rolled her eyes with annoyance.

“You spend a lot of time in muggle pubs?” James mumbled as he approached the bar and took the empty seat to Moody’s left.

“You want to say that a little louder?” Moody responded into his pint of beer, cocking an eyebrow at the bar tender who hovered intrusively.

“What can I do for you?”

“I find that they’re much more private than ours.” Moody took a swig of his beer and slammed it back down on his coaster.

“What’s more private?” James asked, signaling to the tender for a beer for himself.

“Muggle bars,” he hissed angrily. “You’ve lost your touch, Potter. Keep up.” James took a sip from his beer and rolled his eyes to himself. “They’re easier to have private conversations in. No one looking for Silencing Charms, no one caring if you say Voldemort.” James swallowed dryly, and took another drink from his glass.

“What are you here to tell me, Alastor?” Moody’s mechanical eye was hidden by an eye patch, and he scratched at the corner where it hit his eye socket.

“Your father was found dead in a raid we did on your Austrian vacation home.” James choked on his beer suddenly, spitting out his drink.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” James asked lowly, his voice trembling. “Do you think this is a joke?”

Moody took a pause.

“What?” he asked in a rare moment of true confusion.

“My life, Alastor. Do you think my life is a fucking joke? I’m not in training anymore so enough with the fucking life-and-death scenarios.” James stood up and pushed his hair away from his face.

“James,” Moody said calmly, grabbing his forearm before he walked away. James turned around to face Moody, tears running down his face. “I’m not lying.” James sat down in his stool again, his head hanging loosely between his shoulders.

“I know,” he said tearfully, his mouth shaking. “I know.” James let out a louder sob as Moody put a hand on his shoulder.