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Weasley Spinster by velllichor

Format: Short story collection
Chapters: 10
Word Count: 22,063

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: General, Humor
Characters: Victoire, OC

First Published: 05/27/2013
Last Chapter: 08/12/2016
Last Updated: 08/12/2016

Sequel to Weasley Smart and Weasley Anger

Victoire Weasley was an unpleasant and rude person. She was stubborn, a force to be reckoned with and under the impression that she was always right (which she usually was). 

And no matter what anyone said or did would ever change that.
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Chapter 3: Nifflers

 No one in Victoire's family really understood why she took Care of Magical Creatures; they didn't see how she was going to use the knowledge from class. If she was being honest with herself, she didn't see how the class was going to help her out later in life either. But, she found it interesting, especially when the animals they were working with didn't try and kill her.

She thought maybe when she was older and living in a house of her own she'd use what she knew about gnomes to get them out of her garden. Victoire most certainly didn't expect to put any of her knowledge to use before she even graduated from Hogwarts.

It had been one cold autumn day in November when her Transfiguration class was interrupted by hundreds of stomping feet running outside of her classroom. Everyone had gone quiet and turned towards the door as McGonagall strode past the desks, a stern expression on her face to check what was going on. She opened one of the doors and Victoire managed to catch a glimpse of students running past each other in a hurry. She didn't understand what was going on, class wasn't anywhere near over. Professor Flitwick came hobbling up to McGonagall, an alarmed expression on his face.

"Professor Flitwick, do you know what is going on here?" McGonagall asked.

"Someone -huff- someone has let -huff- Nifflers into the school. They're everywhere," Flitwick said before hurrying off.

McGonagall closed the door and turned to the class. "Class is dismissed, everyone is to go to their common rooms and await further instructions from your Head of House."

Victoire closed her textbook, put away her pencils, parchment, and hurried past the rest of her classmates out into the corridor. She had only stepped outside of her class for a few seconds before she was almost knocked to the ground by other students. She tried to get to the Gryffindor Common Room as quickly as she could, which was quite difficult considering she had to push against a tide of people who were all going in different directions.

When she finally managed to reach the Fat Lady, the portrait hole was already open as a continuous stream of students kept pouring into the common room. When Victoire herself finally managed to climb through, she found the common room brimming with people. Very few students had gone up to their own dorm room and had instead secure a spot somewhere on the common room. The windows were blocked, the couches and chairs were blocked, the walls were blocked and almost every inch of the floor was full of people sitting cross legged or standing. There were even a few who had resorted to bringing their brooms out of their dorms and hovering in the air above everyone else.

Victoire didn't see her friends, so rather than harass some younger student to open a spot for her, she tiptoed around everyone and took the stairs two at a time up to her room. She found Poppy and Donna sitting on the stairs outside of her dorm. Victoire, threw her bag into her room before joining them on the stairs.

"I don't even know why they're making such a big deal, it's only Nifflers, it's not as if there were dozens of Hippogriffs loose inside the school," Donna said with a roll of her eyes. She stared perplexedly at a couple of sixth years that went running down the stairs giggling in excitement.

"You're right, it's not like the corridors aren't covered up with dozens of paintings in gold frames or anything," Victoire replied dryly.

"Fair enough."

"And it's not as if the Potions classroom isn't full of shiny things the Nifflers could break, and students carrying around expensive equipment," Victoire went on. The Nifflers may not have been a threat to the safety of the students, but they could still cause a lot of damage to the school.

"Okay Victoire, I get the point," Donna said.

"Why is everyone crowded in the common room, though? I mean, they're only Nifflers, they're not that interesting," Poppy replied. She leaned against the wall behind her and stretched her legs across Donna and Victoire's lap.

"This is probably the most exciting thing that's happened at Hogwarts since my aunt and uncle went here," Victoire replied.

"That's not entirely true, you're an absolute joy to be around Victoire," Donna said with a grin, and even Poppy snorted. Maybe this was the most exciting thing to happen to Victoire but everyone practically made bets on who Victoire was going to rip into, when, and why.

"You're so witty Donna, I don't know how I used to live before I met you," Victoire deadpanned and shifted her position on the stairs. The stones were not only cold, but they were extremely uncomfortable. They kept digging into Victoire's back any time she tried to slouch. The only time she ever sat with her back this straight was when she was at home and her maman kept slapping her back and telling her not to slouch.

"Why exactly are we sitting out on the stairs though?" Victoire asked.

"Thought we'd join in on the fun," Poppy replied with a shrug.

Victoire was about to suggest that they join in on the fun from the comfort of her soft bed in her dorm when a student came running up the stairs and stopped in front of Victoire.

"May I help you?" Victoire asked the younger girl.

"Professor McGonagall wants to see you," the girl said, she took a moment to catch her breath before running off again.

"What does McGonagall want to see you for?" Poppy inquired. Victoire shrugged in response and pushed the girl's legs off of her lap.

"No idea, but it can't be anything good," Victoire replied. She made sure her wand was in her pocket, said goodbye to her friends, and made her way back down the stairs again. She found McGonagall waiting for her by the portrait hole when she finally got down to the common room.

Everyone turned to stare at Victoire as she carefully stepped around the students standing around or sitting on the floor.

"What can I do for you, Professor?" Victoire asked.

"Hagrid tells me that you're one of the best Care of Magical Creatures students that he's had since you started taking his classes," McGonagall answered. Victoire didn't know how to respond to that, she was quite sure that it was most likely true, but it wasn't the time to respond with, "He's right, I am."

"If Hagrid thinks so then I guess," Victoire said. She had a bit of an idea of where McGonagall was heading with what she wanted to say.

"If you'll come with me, Hagrid would like to discuss something with you," McGonagall said in a tone of voice that suggested she would prefer if Victoire would agree to come along with her. Victoire wasn’t about to start saying no to her Head of House, she would need good recommendations from her teachers later on, not to mention Victoire genuinely like McGonagall.

"Sure, Professor, the rest of my day was free anyway," Victoire said, and followed the old witch out of the portrait hole with dozens of eyes fixed on her back as she left.

"So what exactly can I help you with, Professor?" Victoire asked as she kept up with McGonagall's quick strides. They went down floor after floor until Victoire was quite sure they were only heading to the Great Hall.

"There are simply not enough teachers present to deal with the large amount of Nifflers that are present in this school, so, at Hagrid's suggestion, me, and my colleagues decided that it would be best to have the help of one or two of Hagrid's top students," McGonagall said.

Victoire would never say it, but she felt honoured, even touched, that they would consider her as one of the first students to consider in a situation like this. And perhaps she didn't have to say it because when McGonagall turned to look at her, she saw everything Victoire wasn't saying on her face.

When they finally reached the Great Hall, they found the staff and four other students waiting for Victoire and McGonagall to show up.

"So, what are we going to do?" Victoire asked, looking around at everyone gathered.

"Nifflers are attracted to shiny things, so we go and search every floor of the castle, and every classroom, bathroom, and broom closet to find these Nifflers. We have to attract the Nifflers down to the Great Hall where Hagrid will be waiting with several kennels to hold them. The problem here is, we have to find something bigger, and shinier than anything in those corridors," one of the new teachers said, she was only a few years older than Victoire herself and hadn't quite mastered the formal tone the rest of the teachers took on when talking to students.

"So how do we do that?" one of the other students present asked.

"We charm ourselves to shine," Victoire answered simply.

And a few minutes later, Victoire had been hit with spell that could make her shine and sparkle. She was shining so brightly it was hurting even her eyes, she couldn’t imagine what it was like for the others looking at her. But even the light that was coming off of her couldn't blind her to the mess that had become Professor McGonagall. She would never, until the day she died, forget the stern, elderly teacher covered in sequins and sparkles and shining. The decorations were at odds with McGonagall's puckered mouth and lowered eyebrows. Victoire was finding it very hard not to start laughing.

"If this still doesn't get their attention then make yourself brighter, make noise, do something to get the Nifflers to follow you back here," the new teacher said and then they were off. Victoire had gotten the good luck to take the dungeons and headed off right away. The dungeons were so dark and so cold she'd have absolutely no problem getting the Nifflers attention there.

Victoire hurried down the stairs and shivered as it got colder and colder the lower she went underground. She decided to start from Professor Slughorn's Potions classroom and then work her way around the entire floor from there. Victoire searched every inch of Slughorn's office. She looked under his desk and in his drawers. She even went into his cupboard to make sure there wasn't a Niffler sniffing around the jars. Once she was certain that there was nothing in the room, she locked the door behind her and kept going.

The first classroom that she came by, she slowly opened the door, wand in hand at the ready, just in case a Niffler threw itself at her in excitement. Victoire stepped into the classroom and closed it behind her to make sure that, if there was a Niffler, it couldn't get out.

She searched under every desk, only to find nothing but air. She crept up to the teacher’s desk and slowly came around the desk and looked under it. Victoire lit up the entire room, quite literally, so it was very easy for her to spot the round eyes, the long snout, and the small black body huddled under the desk, staring up at her in surprise. She smiled in the friendliest way that she could and beckoned the Niffler towards her.

"Come here little Niffler," Victoire cooed, holding out her empty hand. The Niffler moved towards her instantly, Victoire took a step back, and the Niffler hurried after her. She lured it to the door, and once she was sure it would follow her without her having to coax it every few minutes, she took the Niffler with her out into the hallway.

The next classroom that Victoire looked into was empty but the two following the empty one were full. Victoire had around eight Nifflers following her after checking only four classrooms. She checked every broom cupboard, moving aside mops and buckets to make sure no Nifflers had gotten stuck in them.

Victoire had checked every corridor, every hidden corridor and by the time that she had finished checking the dungeons, Victoire had a loyal following of twenty Nifflers with her. She made sure to lock every room that she checked so that none of them could sneak in before leaving.

Before she went to Hagrid, Victoire stopped by the kitchens, where she found house-elves standing on tables, trying to save their pots and pans from the Nifflers that were crowded around the tables. Victoire let out a loud whistle and watched as every head in the room snapped towards her. And then the Nifflers all moved towards her as one, she hurried towards the kitchen entrance and opened the portrait door to let the Nifflers move out.

When she finally climbed up to the main floor again, she found Hagrid waiting with holding kennels for the Nifflers to go in. The Nifflers had lined themselves up behind Victoire and were following her on their short legs.

"Hagrid, are you sure these are big enough?" Victoire asked, looking at the small kennels with doubt. There were over a hundred Nifflers in the school and there was only twenty kennels for them to fit in. Not to mention they looked small, how were they going to fit so many Nifflers into so few kennels without harming them?

"Don' worry, they're bigger on the inside," Hagrid said with a wink. Victoire bent over to look into the kennels, and they were indeed bigger on the inside. There was enough room for the Nifflers to rest comfortably while they were being transported to wherever they needed to go -assuming they weren't staying at Hogwarts, of course. There were pillows and even food and water.

One by one, Victoire managed to get the Nifflers into the kennel and softly closed the door once they were all inside.

"I'll go help out everyone else," Victoire said, and the jogged off to keep searching.

It took a few hours, and a lot of running, especially on Victoire's part before all the Nifflers were rounded up in their kennels and ready to go. One by one the kennels filled up, with extra extension charms added to them just to really make sure that the Nifflers weren't cramped together.

The spell had finally worn off Victoire and she went back to being her usual, non-sparkly self. It would've been such a pain to have to go to the common room shining.

Once Hagrid had taken the last kennel with him, Victoire turned to McGonagall, who was watching the Magical Creatures teacher walk back to his hut, and asked, "Why exactly were there so many Nifflers at Hogwarts in the first place, Professor?"

McGonagall turned to Victoire, and then looked back at Hagrid's retreating figure, and replied with, "Some questions are best left unanswered Miss Weasley."