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Valour by blackballet

Format: Novel
Chapters: 45
Word Count: 100,067

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 08/07/2013
Last Chapter: 06/05/2016
Last Updated: 01/12/2017

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Life goes on

But so does death


          Innocence and arrogance combine in a story about eight newly-graduated revolutionaries. 

Chapter 21: The Revival in the Reinforcement

 (April 1980)


Sirius sat in his desk chair, legs crossed and swiveling, as he read the letter from the Office of Admissions for the A.T.P. He kept motioning for a cigarette as he read it over and over again, but came up empty. He was trying to quit. For the baby. It got increasingly harder to not dig through Dorcas’ possessions to find her stash as the words ‘not accepted’ bounced around in his head.

“Moody wants to see you,” Dorcas announced, shutting the door behind her with her butt.

“What about?” he asked, leaning his head against the edge of the chair and swinging around in a circle.

“Who knows?” Dorcas shrugged her shoulders and picked a caramel out of the bowl on the edge of their counter. “Toss that over,” she said, pointing at the note that was crumpled in his left hand. He stopped swinging around, and threw the letter over to her lightly. She caught and unrumpled it. Sirius sighed as Dorcas sucked on her caramel. “I’m sorry,” she empathized, throwing the paper into the bin next to the refrigerator.

Sirius started spinning in his chair again and fixed his eyes on a spot on the ceiling. “You should talk to Moody. I have a good feeling,” she sung optimistically, walking over to Sirius and putting her hands on the arms of the chair to stop it from spinning.

“You have a feeling, or he told you?” he asked skeptically. Dorcas wiggled an eyebrow and smiled mischievously at him.

“I don’t know,” she sung out again happily, jumping on Sirius’ lap and making the chair groan with her extra weight.

“Come on, tell me,” he moaned.

“Nope!” she said, hopping off his lap again and running her hands down his arms. She pulled him forward and he unfolded his legs, climbing off the chair. “You’ll have to get out of the house!” Sirius smirked and went after Dorcas as she scampered to the back of the house.

“Come on!” he griped, stomping after her as she scrambled up the stairs. “You know you’ll tell me, just save me the trouble!” Sirius stopped halfway up the metal staircase, resting his hand on the rail and cocking his ear to hear where her footsteps fell. He heard the phone in the upstairs guest bedroom clatter, and ran forward as Dorcas let out a telling curse.

“Leave it Sirius!” she exclaimed, running down the short hallway as Sirius chased her. She ducked into the upstairs bathroom and Sirius followed her in. Sirius saw the curtain pull shut, and as it swished one way, he pulled it back the other. She pulled a face as Sirius smirked in satisfaction.

Sirius reached his hands out to grab her, and she jerked to the side, narrowing her eyes. He stretched to her again and she moved to the side, but got stuck in his other hand. “No, Sirius,” she warned pointlessly, as Sirius gripped her waist and picked her up over his shoulder. “Sirius!” she squealed as he tossed her over his shoulder. She kicked his thighs, and Sirius grabbed her ankles with one hand as she aimed dangerously near his crotch.

He walked her out of the bathroom, ducking so she wouldn’t hit her head in the doorway, and chuckling silently as she pounded her fist against his back and bit his shoulder.

“Let me off!” Sirius kicked open the door to a guesthouse, and threw Dorcas down on the twin bed. She grunted in surprise as she hit the bed. As Sirius kneeled on the bed and went to flop on top of her, she turned over and avoided his body. She didn’t, however, escape the grip he took on her wrist. He whipped her back over, and she turned into his arm, resting her hand against his chest to avoid knocking heads.

“Tell me and I let go.” His eyes glinted joyfully as Dorcas’ nose twitched. She struggled against him, but gave up and took a deep breath.

“You can’t tell Moody I told you,” she said, holding a pinky in between their faces. Sirius locked his pinky with hers and let go of her other wrist. Dorcas smiled widely as she turned Sirius onto his back and straddled him. “So after Lil and James and Alice and Frank went into hiding, we obviously have had some trouble dealing with everything.” Dorcas smiled as Sirius looked up at her hopefully. “He wants to ask you to rejoin!” Dorcas jumped up and down on Sirius’ lap on her knees, gripping his shirt as a genuine smile fell on his face.

Dorcas leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss before falling back to his side. Sirius chuckled and she frowned slightly as he grew louder and louder in his laughter. He ran his hands through his hair and laughed freely. “Yes!” he exclaimed, throwing his arms up and clutching his hands in fists. He flipped back to his side and leaned on his arm. “Yes,” he murmured against Dorcas’ lips. They kissed lightly, and Sirius broke away to whisper ‘yes’ one more time.

Sirius waved majestically as a round of applause, started by Peter, Remus, and Dorcas, rang out through the headquarters. Everyone else joined in slowly, some laughing, some shaking their head at his dramatic entrance.

“Alright, that’s quite enough,” Moody grumbled, his hands clasped firmly behind his back. “Let’s everyone just stop getting pregnant, right?” A few titters lasted past his interjection, but the scuttle died down as Sirius settled into his old seat next to Dorcas. “We’ve got something coming up. Any guesses?” Moody looked around, brandishing his chalk as if it could kill. No one said anything, so he turned to his chalkboard and scribbled quickly.

“Millicent Bagnold?” Peter questioned in confusion.

“Her induction,” Dorcas said in realization, screwing her eyes shut as she remembered.

“Exactly,” Moody said, aiming his chalk at Dorcas.

“What are we doing at her induction?” Marlene asked curiously, raising her hand as a formality.

“We’ll mostly be trying to gain information from her benefactors,” Dedalus Diggle explained from his position on Dorcas’ other side.

“That being said, we don’t need everyone to come. That could get a bit obvious, so we’ll need to chop down the numbers.” Moody turned back to the board and flipped it over. It seemed as if everyone in the room sat back in their chairs a bit as the intricate board of red strings and chalked names overwhelmed the small board. “We’ll need Pettigrew, Black, Meadowes, Weasley, and McKinnon,” he stressed by pointing his chalk at everyone as he called their name. “Frank Longbottom will also be in attendance as a liaison for the Auror office, but you are not to approach him,” he warned. “Do I make myself clear?” He raised an eyebrow, and nodded shortly as everyone remained silent in agreement. “That’s all I have. Will you take it, Albus?” Albus Dumbledore stood up, and smiled lightly at Moody who grimaced in return.

“I only need to speak with those who will be attending, so I assume the rest of you are free to go,” he said loosely, motioning to the door leisurely. The others filed out easily, chatting quietly, unsure if they were being let go early or if they were supposed to return for more debriefing later.

“May 1st is the day of the induction, and we have a few weeks, so I do not fret over you all knowing your places and marks. Alastor will deal with that lovely task,” he said, almost sarcastically, almost jealously. “I will not be available until the day of, and while we are there, I must ask you not to approach me either. The more that we are seen together, the easier it will be to connect us. Each of you will of course be assigned a partner to attend with, and you are to only speak with that member of the Order that night. Anything else is merely excessive.”

Minerva McGonagall poked her head in the door suddenly, and Sirius’ face lit up.

“Minerva!” McGonagall glared at Sirius sternly before turning her attention back to Dumbledore.

“Albus,” she hissed quietly. Dumbledore smiled graciously at the others, and went to the door. Minerva whispered hastily into his ear, and his smile disappeared rather suddenly.

“I’ll be right there,” he whispered back, nodding at McGonagall as she excused herself from the room.

“I do apologize, but Hogwarts beckons,” he explained away, gathering his wand and a few books from the large table. “Alastor will fill you in with more details upon his return I imagine,” he murmured dreamily, waving to the room of his former students. “We shall see each other soon!” With that, he disappeared out the door, leaving the group in front of him stunned into silence.

“So we’re going to a ball?” Peter asked meekly, gaining a chuckle from Sirius.    



(November 4th, 1979)


Dorcas couldn’t love working with Alice anymore. They’d been over in the United States for almost a week now, but the work was so interesting she didn’t even care about the dry food and cold weather. She crossed a leg over the other and adjusted her tight skirt.

She probably could do without the skirt, the slicked back bun, and the heels were a bit much, but she could deal with it if it meant she got to continue reading these awesome case files. She flipped through Katherine Maddle’s file, reading up on how her entire family mysteriously disappeared after printing pro-muggle propaganda in their home printing press.

She swore she heard the door to their temporary office swing open, but Alice was out. It was a windy day, so she thought nothing of it and settled back into her chair. They had also needed to perform a couple more Obliviations Dorcas really wanted to, but they did need access to these files. She felt goosebumps rise on her arms and shivered slightly, wrapping her cloak tighter around her chest. She and Alice were trying to track down where these attacks and disappearances were primarily taking place, hoping to take down some Death Eaters in other countries.

The door slid shut, and Dorcas was sure of it this time. She stood up and swiveled around suddenly, whipping her wand out of her cloak pocket immediately. “Who are you?” The short, mousy woman that stood across from her said nothing, and simply smiled at her pristinely.

“It’s okay, Dorcas, you can trust me.” She removed her sunglasses and the shawl that wrapped around her shoulders, but Dorcas still did not recognize her. She took out her own wand slowly, and Dorcas tightened her grip on her own. The woman slid all the windows shut through a wave of her wand with an ease that Dorcas only recognized in one other person: Mary.

“What are you here for? Who do you work for?” she asked hastily, looking over the woman’s shoulder to see if Alice would be back soon.

“Oh, Alice should be back in,” she paused, checking a watch on her wrist, “fifty-two seconds. Doesn’t give us a lot of time,” she muttered casually, nodding to herself and walking forward to Dorcas. Dorcas stumbled backward slightly as the woman stalked toward her with determination. She gripped Dorcas’ arms to stop her from backing away, and Dorcas slid her eyes down the woman’s left arm, calming down when she realized that the Dark Mark was nowhere to be found. “You have to watch who you trust,” she said clearly, locking eyes with Dorcas, nodding at her fervently until Dorcas nodded back.

Dorcas heard the gravel outside begin to crumble, and she opened her mouth to scream, but the woman held up her finger and raised an eyebrow. “What did I just say?” she hissed, looking over her shoulder. Alice was walking up the front step to Dorcas and hers temporary office, and when Dorcas looked back to the non-descript woman, she was already headed out the back entrance and apparating away.  

“Something up, Dorcas?” Alice shut the door quietly behind her, looking around the room for the source of Dorcas’ drawn wand. Dorcas opened her mouth to respond, but glanced back to the door silently. Dorcas turned back face Alice, who stood in the doorway with a curious look on her face. Dorcas put her wand back in her inner pocket.

“Nothing.” She sat back down in her chair slackly, and went to run her hand through her hair but was met with a hair sprayed shell. “I thought I saw something, but it was nothing.”