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Valour by blackballet

Format: Novel
Chapters: 45
Word Count: 100,067

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 08/07/2013
Last Chapter: 06/05/2016
Last Updated: 01/12/2017

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Life goes on

But so does death


          Innocence and arrogance combine in a story about eight newly-graduated revolutionaries. 

Chapter 10: The Fight in the Familiar

 (April 22nd, 1976)


“I absolutely hate Transfiguration. I swear it. It’s not even necessary,” Marlene complained as she scribbled the end of her essay quickly.

“Don’t rush, Marlene.” Mary grew another patch of flowers in the ground next to the large oak tree the pair sat under.

“That’s easy for you to say!” Mary snickered, but didn’t take her eyes off the transforming grass. “You’ve got all of the gardening spells down already. I hate reviewing for O.W.L.’s.” Marlene tossed her parchment and quill to the side and leaned on Mary’s shoulder comfortably. “Why would we even need to know these spells for the exam? McGonagall’s got nothing left to teach us, that’s all,” she reasoned, closing her eyes and letting the warm spring air fall on her face.

“Don’t fall asleep on me, Marlene,” Mary warned, poking Marlene in the side with her wand. “You promised you’d help with Defense!” she whined, getting up thoughtlessly and letting Marlene fall to the side. 

“Hey!” Marlene sat up and brushed her hair of the weeds that tangled in her long brown mess. Mary looked down on Marlene pleadingly, and Marlene rolled her eyes. “Alright fine. Help me up, then.” She reached her arms up to Mary, and Mary pulled her up easily, making Marlene crash into her arms.

“It’s a wonder you’ve made it this far in dueling! You’re so damn clumsy,” she said, chuckling and regaining her balance as Mary gazed at her once again. 

“I probably wouldn’t have made it past fourth year if it weren’t for you, Marlene,” Mary said softly, stepping forward and holding Marlene’s forearm as she continued to try and stabilize herself.

“Oh don’t mollify me, Mary. You’re the smart one.” Marlene stood her ground, but rubbed her arm awkwardly as Mary looked down on her intensely.

“Not around you, I’m not,” Mary said hesitantly, letting her hand trail down Marlene’s arm and reach her hand.

“I guess not.” Marlene tilted her head up to meet Mary’s eyes. Mary’s eyes flicked down to Marlene’s lips for a second, but quickly came back up to look Marlene in the eye. The two girls stood still for a few more moments, breathing in each other’s breath and taking turns realizing that this was a bad idea.

“I like you, Marlene,” Mary breathed out suddenly, taking hold of Marlene’s other hand and squeezing it gently.

“I...I,” Marlene stuttered desperately as her heart pounded faster in her chest. “I’m late for a date with Sirius.” Mary’s hands dropped to her sides as Marlene rushed to get her satchel from the ground.



(January 30th, 1979)


It wasn’t rainy, and that made everybody kind of mad. Instead, the day of the Prewett funeral was all sharp wind and bright sun. Molly was meant to read the eulogy, but upon reaching the podium, she was overcome with tears. Arthur read the eulogy with difficulty, but managed through it as Molly held Fred in her arms. The entire Weasley family was present, including all four of Molly’s children, her mother (as her father had passed away the year before), and Cedrella and Septimus Weasley. And of course, the twins lay in their separate coffins only ten feet away from the small group that came to say goodbye. Fred and George, only just approaching the one year mark, would not remember their uncles; and that perhaps made Molly the saddest.

“It’s going to be so strange without them,” Dorcas whispered to Sirius, clutching his hand tightly. He nodded in agreeance, and tugged Dorcas in closer to him. Peter’s head was bowed low, and Mary looked on in sadness as all her friends mourned for two men she barely knew. Arthur put down Molly’s tear-stained notes as he finished her written eulogy. 

“I will never be able to thank my brother-in-laws enough for what they have done for my family and this world. They are truly two wonderful souls who I am lucky enough to have met in my lifetime.” Arthur took a deep breath as his eyes began to water, and he looked into Molly’s eyes again. “All I can say is, may we meet again.” The tension in the air released as Molly let out an audible cry, her knees buckling as she fell into her seat. Arthur rushed down to from the podium to her aid, and Arthur’s mother took Fred from her quickly, letting Molly finally crumble.

Bill pat his mother on the back while holding Charlie’s hand who held Percy’s. She placed a hand on top of her son’s, and looked up sadly, realizing that they were going to have to grow accustomed to events such as this. Molly’s mother stood next to Molly strongly, her eyes already red from the past couple of days of crying. As the caskets lowered into the ground, Mrs. Prewett stepped forward, a red rose in each hand. Molly’s sobs were noticeable, but were silenced as the two wooden trunks hit the ground with a loud thud. The roses were dropped into the graves.

“I can’t believe this.” Lily gripped James’ arm tightly, wrinkling the standard black dress robes that he’d purchased for his own mother’s funeral.  Marlene stared forward emptily, holding Mary’s hand in one hand and Remus’ in the other.

Moody, Alice, and Kingsley stood at the back of the service, appraising the small crowd for any signs of a disturbance. Frank stood up at the front of the gathering with Molly and the Prewetts and Weasleys. He was the closest to the twins after joining the Order.

“It’s time to go, Mrs. Weasley.” James and Lily shared similar sneers as the private security hired to monitor the funeral began ushering the family into their cars.

“You’d think people would have enough decency to let them mourn in peace,” James muttered angrily as he turned around and followed the others towards Peter’s muggle vehicle.

“I know, James,” Lily encouraged him, twining her arm behind his back and rubbing it consolingly. “But it’s important. You know that no one can find out the reason we’re affiliated with the Prewetts.”

“It just pisses me off!” he exclaimed, kicking the tire of the navy truck, scaring some pigeons off.

“James. Quiet down,” Lily warned, lacing her fingers through his and rubbing the back of his hand with her thumb. He glared down at her, and she up, neither relenting until James let out a heavy sigh.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, squeezing her hand tighter and opening up the back door of the large truck.

“I’ll meet you lot tomorrow, alright?” Sirius confirmed, turning on his motorbike as delicately as possible. Marlene rolled her eyes at the obnoxious rumbling and climbed in the back next to Lily and James. Dorcas hopped on the back of Sirius’ bike and rested her helmeted head against his back.

Everyone nodded in recognition. “Drive safe,” Remus called before climbing in the passenger seat next to Mary and slamming the door shut.



(January 31st, 1979)


“So what are you doing back here, Mary?” Sirius asked brusquely. Dorcas laid across his lap on the couch in the Potters’ family room.

“He means,” Dorcas corrected, slapping Sirius’ chest, “how have you been?” Dorcas sat up and pushed open the window. She pulled a cigarette out of Sirius’ breast pocket, and a lighter out of hers.

“I’ve been well, thank you,” she said, chuckling at Dorcas’ crassness. “A little more than bored with the Daily Prophet, to be honest.”

“Oh?” Dorcas lit her cigarette and slipped her lighter back in her shirt. Mary wrung her hands uncomfortably, and her eyes flicked over to Marlene unconsciously.

“I guess I’m not really supposed to talk about it, but the Prophet doesn’t have a very good reputation for printing the truth.”

“Yeah.” Peter came into the room and sat next to Mary on the loveseat opposite Dorcas and Sirius. “That’s where she comes in.” James and Marlene looked at Mary curiously from their seats on the chairs that surrounded the small coffee table.  

“What is it you’re doing, Mary?” Marlene asked, curiosity tainting her voice. Mary swallowed deeply in the presence of her former friend, but steadied herself on the arm of the couch.

“I’m just going to be scanning what makes it to the final copies of the Prophet basically.” The group continued their blank gazes and Marlene simply folded her arms, so Mary continued. “I was an assistant, but I got promoted to an editor in training. Fortunately, my boss is no better than Rita.”

Lily and Remus brought in the supper they’d been working on, and Sirius reached out gratefully to the pile of mashed potatoes. 

“Come to Padfoot,” he said childishly, poking Dorcas until she sat up from his lap. A smile broke on her face, and she stubbed her cigarette into the arm of Sirius’ leather jacket. She tossed it out the window and served herself and Sirius from the large platters.

“Anyway,” Mary continued, eyeing Sirius with distaste, “I’m going to make sure that nothing incriminating is printed.”

“That’s pretty rad, actually,” Sirius said, potatoes flying back onto his dish. “Who knew a reporter could do any good?” he asked, scoffing and transfiguring some coasters into napkins for the table.

“Sirius. Apologize to Mary!” Peter exclaimed, patting her on the back as she tightened her mouth due to his insinuation.

“I apologize, Mary. You have my utter regret,” he said facetiously, tossing his hair out of his face. Marlene scowled at Sirius, but cleared her face as Lily looked at her strangely.  

“Whatever,” she muttered, filling her plate after the others. “He can be jealous that I actually have a job.” James raised an eyebrow and looked at Marlene for help defending Sirius. Marlene rolled her eyes as her Gryffindor friends looked to her to stick up for Sirius.

“That wasn’t very nice, Mary.” Mary raised her eyebrows in a similar manner to James.

“Really, Marlene? Wasn’t very nice?” Mary asked scathingly. “I could lose my job over this!” she said in exasperation, in disbelief that no one else was on her side.

“Sorry Mary. It’s kind of hard for us to trust you.” Mary crossed her arms and turned to face Dorcas who had sat up next to Sirius.

“Guys, c’mon.” Peter looked around pleadingly to his friends. “She’s not doing any harm. This is legit! You can ask Dumbledore.”

“It doesn’t matter. She wasn’t willing to do this last year, what makes her so ready now? Is it Voldemort?” Sirius asked abrasively. Mary shook her head in frustration and put her plate back on the table.

“I deal with difficult people all day, Black. And quite frankly, I don’t even need your approval.” Mary grabbed a napkin and wiped her mouth hastily before standing up. “You are lucky I’m doing this, and just because you can’t understand how the real world works doesn’t mean I’m going to bow out to make you feel more comfortable.”

Sirius clenched his jaw and threw his fork down on his plate. Marlene jumped as the metal and ceramic clashed, and Remus rolled his eyes as Sirius stood up, too.

“Here we go,” Remus said tiredly, taking a sip from his glass of wine.

“Get the hell out of here then,” he growled, pointing to the door. Marlene stood up suddenly, and Dorcas let out a lengthy sigh. Everyone flipped there stares to Marlene who stood frozen, her mouth open, her eyes looking back and forth between Sirius and Mary.

“Marlene,” Dorcas said carefully, touching her best friend’s hand softly, urging her to sit back down. “Remember what happened the last time,” she whispered into Marlene’s ear as Marlene sunk into her chair.

“Are you deaf, too?” Sirius asked maniacally. “Get the hell out!”

“No! No, no, no!” Lily pounded her hand on an end table in the doorway. “It is my birthday and I would like one night of peace.” She breathed heavily while glaring at both Sirius and Mary. “If you two can’t solve this then you can both get out of my house.”

“I’m not the one who’s spying on us,” Sirius mumbled to himself.

“Why are you so fucking paranoid?” Marlene asked Sirius with anger, her face turning red. She stood up again and shook Dorcas’ hand off of her arm. Remus went to the kitchen to grab more wine.

“Why aren’t you?” he asked Marlene. He took his focus completely off Mary, who had sat back down next to Peter. “You honestly think you’re safe? You honestly don’t think your mother would rip your head off if she knew what you were up to?” Marlene rubbed her face and chuckled into her hands.

“My family isn’t like yours, Sirius! They’re not fucking death eaters so just shut your big, fat mouth, you understand?” Marlene gripped her wand suddenly, and James stopped her hand from aiming at Sirius.

“Put away your wand, Marlene,” James said carefully, letting go of her hand as she slowly retreated her wand back in the holster. Sirius made a short, loud laugh that made Mary cringe. Remus came back into the living room holding a bottle of red wine and stepped over Mary and Peter’s legs as if they weren’t in the middle of a screaming match.

“That doesn’t mean they don’t fucking hate you Marlene. God knows the only reason I fucking tolerate you is because you’re not afraid to stand up to them.” Marlene didn’t say another word. She stared at Sirius in fury.

“That’s it for me, I guess,” Peter said timidly. “Mary?” He gestured his arm to her, and she took it gainfully.

“Thank you Lily,” she uttered as Peter walked her out quickly. Lily still stood still in the doorway giving James a look that clearly said ‘we need to talk about Sirius’.

“Fuck you, Black,” Marlene murmured, kicking the edge of the table and storming into the kitchen.

“Fucking typical.” Sirius sat back in the couch as Remus headed back into the kitchen to console Marlene.

“Damn it, Sirius. Can’t we just have dinner for once?” James asked, following Lily upstairs to their bedroom.

“I love you.” Dorcas looked at Sirius sincerely, and kissed him quickly before getting up and heading towards the door. “You’re a great fucking prat, though.”

Sirius picked up Remus’ empty glass. He threw Remus’ glass. 





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