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Another Sunday morning with Merlin ! by DaaOne

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,897

Rating: 15+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Fluff, Humor
Characters: Dumbledore, Fudge, OC

First Published: 08/08/2015
Last Chapter: 08/11/2015
Last Updated: 08/11/2015

A huge thank you to Penelope Inkwell from the Forums for helping out with this story

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Cornelius Fudge, on his third year at Hogwarts, realizes that through his bad habit of sleeping in, he had made a very unexpected friend...

Chapter 1: Another Sunday morning with Merlin !

I don’t believe in waking up early. For me, it has never been one of those criteria on which you base your judgement of a person’s productivity, or his worth in this cruel, competitive world. Therefore, I didn’t bother to invest much effort in rising with the first rays of sun, even on school days.

On my two years –going on the third- of studying here at Hogwarts, there has never been a day on which I was actually on time for my morning classes. Sometimes I don’t even attend. That has been the cause for frequent visits to the Headmaster’s office, which I don’t mind at all. You can never get enough of Dumbledore’s company. Thanks to him, I miss out on all the boring morning subjects, and never on breakfast. That bloke definitely deserves his chocolate frog card –which he has an impressive collection of, by the way-

However, I wasn’t let off the hook that easily at first. I spent a great deal of my first year serving detention after class as a compensation for all the courses I missed out on in the mornings. Except that didn’t help at all. Having to sort out, in an alphabetic order according to their colour’s name (I was given a code of colours and their names) the shoes of Madame Bennett, the muggle studies teacher, wasn’t exactly a picnic. Nor was cleaning the empty pots of grouse potion ingredients, or scrubbing the remaining of dead slugs (at least I hope that’s what they were) from the ground of the greenhouses… At the end of the day, I was completely washed off I fell asleep instantly; homework undone and unable to wake up at the next morning. Eventually, the professors realized detention wasn’t the best punishment (except maybe Madame Bennett!).

Mid-year, Ravenclaw’s prefects –determined not to lose any more house points due to my lack of punctuality- took turns into waking me up and actually escorting me to the Great Hall for breakfast, and then to class (where I completely dozed off).

It was on one of those mornings that Jason, the fifth year prefect, was shaking me awake for half an hour straight –or so he told me later on! I never felt any of it-. However, Jason had completely forgotten my irritable furry companion Merlin, who also loved to sleep in mornings and hated to be bothered while asleep. The whole situation got on Merlin’s nerves and he jumped up on Jason and bit him straight in his long pointy nose. I woke up to Jason’s screams, only to see a wild streak of black and grey chasing him out of the room.

A pet raccoon chasing a screaming prefect. Best way to wake up ever!

I remember Dumbledore laughing so loud when I told him this story. He had been away for some important business –apparently everyone seeks counsel from our headmaster because he knows a lot- and wasn’t back until the next morning when I was sent to his office yet again. Dumbledore is extremely fond of Merlin. He even bewitched a Ravenclaw tie to become short enough for the raccoon to wear.

I used to think Dumbledore was drinking an elixir of immortality of some kind, before I came to Hogwarts. I used to steal my father’s Daily Prophet and check the pages for information about Dumbledore, to get an accurate birth date perhaps? Or maybe run across a thread with “Celebrating the 100th birthday of Albus Dumbledore” as a title. But nothing. It turns out he is actually only seventy-eight years old, ONLY SEVENTY-EIGHT! Like, seriously? I thought a hundred would be an underestimation of his age… He actually corrected me in a very Dumbeldore-ish way one of the mornings when I was paying him a visit because of my extended-sleep problem.

“A man of your one hundred and something years of experience should know better” I argued, after he told me about one of his “adventures” with Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. The bloke intentionally tasted all the awful ones –I mean a whole bunch of them, since you can never know how many there are…

“I’m only seventy-eight actually” he corrected casually, sipping on his tea as if it’s the most natural thing in the world to look so ancient.

“Not that I’m counting or anything” he added.

I remember my jaw dropped from shock, but it didn’t bother him. He was very amused by my expression and he went on: “I think the beard makes me look older” he said, stroking his long white beard, “or maybe the spectacles? I thought of changing them into those new rectangular ones, like Minerva’s but she refused to tell me where she got hers…” He genuinely sounded disappointed at the new transfiguration teacher’s refusal of sharing her signature look. Besides, she’s only twenty something and she calls him ‘Professor’, which annoys him a lot. However, he is extremely proud of her. “She was my best student”, he told me, with a proud smile and a glow in his greyish blue eyes.

Every other morning I was sent to his office, and each time would be so different from the time before. Some days, my visit would be short. We would sit in his office, discussing some matter that I didn’t quite understand, and drink a lot of tea. It seemed to be his way of organizing his thoughts into coherent ideas, and working his way to a solution. I’m kind of into this method, so when I’m trying to focus on doing my homework, I discuss my ideas with Merlin, who usually stares at me with his lunatic raccoon eyes. Or just leaves me talking to myself. I feel he might be judging me for not coming up with an answer sooner.

Other mornings, Dumbledore would either share his huge library with me, knowing my passion for reading, or help me with my homework or catching up on my missed courses. One other morning, I taught him how to play wizard’s chess, and I’m very proud of teaching the great Dumbledore something even as insignificant as wizard’s chess –compared to what his brilliant mind holds-. Now that I think of it, there would be no way Dumbledore didn’t know wizards’ chess… A man of his knowledge wouldn’t have possibly missed something this insignificant! He had me completely fooled! That man!

I will definitely mention this next time I see him, if ever I remember it…

Anyway, today is a Sunday. And on Sundays there are no visits to the headmaster’s office, simply because I wake up early and there are no courses to attend to.

Honestly, some professors are very intrigued as to why I only wake up early on Sundays. Some of them are actually offended by the fact. Dumbledore, however, is very amused by it. “Oh! Young people are extremely interesting!” he says excitedly whenever another professor mentions my Sunday morning wakefulness. “Each one has a unique mind.” He shrugs and walks away, leaving all other professors even more confused.

If it was up to me, I would also wake up late on Sundays. However, Merlin wouldn’t hear of it. Truth is, Merlin loves a Sunday morning walk, he does every bit of jumping, biting, and screeching he can master until I’m up and walking. Is Merlin the incarnation of a devil? I’ve been contemplating that fact ever since I got the creature. Dumbledore disagrees with me, he founds Merlin to be the sweetest raccoon ever. I don’t know if we could call raccoons sweet, I’m very confident they are evil creatures. But if Dumbledore thinks Merlin is sweet, then so be it… Who am I to argue with Dumbledore’s convictions anyway?

“Maybe next Sunday we could sleep a little longer?” I ask Merlin while I sit under a tree, on the chore of the black lake.

Merlin looks at me with wide eyes, and I can tell he disagrees. I’m pretty sure he shook his head, but I could just be imagining things. I watch the furry devil jump around from bush to bush scaring off some butterflies and running after them.

“Merlin looks happy” A voice startles me.

It’s Dumbledore in his grey robes standing tall a few feet from where I am sitting. He doesn’t look at me, but smiles at Merlin as the creature keeps running from one bush to another.

“He just loves doing that” I answer.

Dumbledore joins me under a tree and I notice dark circles under his smiley eyes. I wonder how many hours does he sleep. I read somewhere that people who have high IQ don’t sleep a lot (However the article mentioned that there might be exceptions, and I flatter myself to be one of those!).

“Every Sunday?”

“Every Sunday” I confirm, yawning.

“We share the same passion” Dumbledore says excited, “I wouldn’t miss a Sunday morning walk even for the Quidditch world cup finals!”

I smile a bit. I would miss a Sunday morning walk! I would rather be sleeping right now. I would miss the Quidditch world cup finals if they played in mornings, because I would be sleeping.

Last thing I would have imagined myself doing is sitting under a tree, chatting with Dumbledore while watching a raccoon jumping all over the place. It wasn’t until this moment that I realized I’m here with the two beings I spent most of my time with on my days at Hogwarts. Merlin has been with me for years now. The furry devil even ate my cereal in mornings. Dumbledore, however, I knew him way before Hogwarts. You can never miss the headlines when they’re discussing the next great wizard. But he knew me after I got into Hogwarts. It was his second year being the headmaster, it was my first year being a student.

“You’re grinning, Fudge” Dumbledore states, looking at me with amused eyes, “Are you finally awake?”

Merlin notices Dumbledore and runs to greet him. He brushes his head on Dumbledore’s arm and Dumbledore laughs.

“If I could ever sleep with a pet like this one!” I say, still smiling.

Dumbledore pets Merlin.

“You’re some trouble maker!” he tells Merlin, “You’re the first one of my friends to have a raccoon as a pet” Dumbledore informs me.

“Friend?” I ask in admiration. Did Dumbledore just call me his friend?

“Yes, indeed” Dumbledore answers me, stroking Merlin’s cheeks to his enjoyment.

I felt all the pride I could ever master to feel rush in my whole body and into my cheeks to turn them flaming red. I smile. The greatest wizard of all times, the man I looked up to my entire life just called me his friend (I mean you’d think I would’ve already sorted that out in my head after all the time I spent in his office drinking tea…)

Dumbledore looks at me, grinning. Merlin looks at me as well. The three of us are sitting here, under a tree, on the chore of the black lake.

Am I dreaming? Of course not!

I, Cornelius Fudge, am Dumbledore’s friend.


Author's note:

So, I don't usually write these kind of stories but I had the idea a while ago and thought I'd give it a go since I'm not going anywhere with my WIP...

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