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Moonstruck by inglenook_vaudeville

Format: Novella
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 6,483
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Dean, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Neville/Luna, Ginny/Dean, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, OC/OC

First Published: 04/02/2013
Last Chapter: 06/17/2013
Last Updated: 06/17/2013

Luna wasn't always crazy. She just has her quirks.

A look at the adventures and mishaps of Luna Lovegood through her years at Hogwarts.

Chapter 1: Everywhere has to begin somewhere

The first conclusion people usually came to was that she was unusual. Not that she was Loony.

Luna had come to Hogwarts with a small hope that she might make a friend or two, but as soon as the grey-eyed boy called her that, she knew her chances of friendship had significantly diminished. It didn't help that he yelled it in the middle of the sorting ceremony. All she had done was talk to the hat.

"Oi! Loony Lovegood! Stop talking at the hat and let someone else have a go!"

"...and that was really a most lovely song you sang, really well thought out. I think I may have met a relative of yours a few summers ago..."

You really remind me of a Uric from a few decades back. And thank you for the compliments on the song, by the way. I do believe your place is in.... RAVENCLAW!

That made the grey-eyed boy stop, and his mouth opened and closed in shock as he tried to comprehend how a girl like Luna could be in Ravenclaw. Luna just smiled with a glazed look in her eyes, thanked the hat, and skipped over to the frozen Ravenclaw table. No one congratulated her when she got there. She had to be some kind of lunatic with her whole airy-fairy act, he thought. Five more students were sorted before he took his eyes off her back. She was utterly perplexing, no one could possibly keep such a naive mind around here, and why on earth did she talk to the hat?

"Philip Osculus" McGonagall called.

He snapped out of his thoughts and marched up to the hat, eager to find out what house he would be. The hat almost covered his entire face; luckily, his ears could kind of keep it up.

So this is the mind of the boy that so rudely interrupted the conversation I was having with that lovely girl, Luna.
Oh. So that was why she was talking to the hat. He pulled it down over his ears so his mouth was covered.

"How was I supposed to know you were talking back to her? It looked like a one-way conversation"

I see great nerve in your actions, but also cunning and a blacker motive...perhaps you would do well in Slytherin?"

"WHAT?! No, not Slytherin, anything but Slytherin, please!"

This looked quite amusing to the other students, as Philip begged "mphnot Swipherinmph". Luna looked on with a slight smile on her lips, happy that this "Philip" had opened his mind at least a little with the help of the hat.

Well, you certainly don't belong in Gryffindor what with your lack of chivalry, young man. Nor do you belong in Hufflepuff because you have no patience. You do, however, possess some aptitude for wit and knowledge; I suppose we have no choice but to put you in... RAVENCLAW!

Phil (as he liked to call himself) let out the breath he had been holding in, tried to yank the hat off his head as gracefully as possible, and calmly bolted for the Ravenclaw table. A few Ravenclaws moved over for him and patted him on the back in congratulations.


Luna looked over in curiosity. She had not been welcomed to the table like Phil, yet he had been muttering at the hat almost as long as she had been. Her gaze wandered back to the front and she watched ten more students get sorted to various houses without any mishaps. A giggle made her turn her head back to her table. Two girls were huddled together across from Luna, laughing about some joke they had made. She knew their names both started with an H, Luna had seen them together on the train earlier talking about how nervous they were and making up some secret handshake. They seemed to be very excited over the fact they had the same initials in the train, they must be ecstatic they made it into the same house together, Luna thought.

"What are you staring at, Loony?" one of them hissed, tossing her dark brown curls over her shoulder. The remark earned her a warning gaze from a nearby prefect. Luna was about to correct her mistake, after all her name was Luna, not Loony; but the other girl interjected before she could get a word in.

"Hilary, don't waste your time, let's just watch the sorting".

"But Harriet, she needs to know it's not right to stare at people".

So those were their names, thought Luna as they continued to whisper. She continued to gaze at them despite Hilary's objection, after all they were quite interesting to watch. She wondered if she would ever have a friendship like they had.

Ginny Weasley" McGonagall called.

Here was a name that Luna recognized. The Weasley's lived kind of close to Luna's house, though she rarely saw any of them. She heard them frequently though. They always seemed to be shouting about something. This girl had the Weasley trademark red hair, and seemed to be looking around the great hall for her brothers. They weren't hard to spot; as soon as the hat had called out "Gryffindor!" Fred, George, and Percy jumped up and cheered. Ginny still seemed disappointed though, as one of her brothers was missing. Come to think of it, his famous friend Harry Potter wasn't there either. Luna had heard some teachers talking about the missing boys while she was waiting to be sorted. There was some business about them driving a car to school, though she didn't catch everything they said. There would definitely be talk of it later tonight though, she was sure. No one could pass up a rumour like that.
“Ok, quiet down now. This is the entrance to the Ravenclaw tower. The eagle will ask us a riddle, then we will have to answer it. If we can’t answer it then we don’t get in."

A hush fell over the first years as they contemplated being stuck out in the hall with an unsolvable riddle. Just the thought was bloody torture to the Ravenclaws; they think they know the answer to everything. Luna gazed around the crowd to the prefect at the bird-shaped knocker and waited for the riddle. The prefect, Penelope Clearwater, knocked once and the beak of the eagle opened, issuing forth a pleasant-sounding voice.

At night they come without being fetched,
By day they are lost without being stolen".

The eagle must have known there were first years coming, this was an easy one, Luna thought. Some of the other students had froze in contemplation though, Penelope among them. One student had nearly crossed her eyes with the intensity of her thinking. Luna found her particularly amusing to watch. The cross-eyed girl leaned over to two familiar looking girls beside her.

"Could it be cats?" she whispered to Hilary and Harriet. Phil, standing nearby, brought his face to his palm in disbelief that this girl had made it into Ravenclaw.

"Isn't it obvious? The answer is stars" Luna called, and received a glare from the three girls.

"Very good" the soft voice of the eagle said, and the door swung open to reveal a circular common room adorned in white and blue. It was very light and airy, in fact Luna could hear the wind whistling outside the tower. Two staircases framed a statue of Rowena Ravenclaw, and when Luna looked up she saw the domed ceiling had been painted with the answer to the riddle

"Boys are on the left and girls are on the right, you'll find your luggage next to your beds" Penelope called over the rising noise of the first years excitement.








I know it's a bit of a slow start, but hey, everything needs to start from somewhere. My setting and character establishment is basically complete. Action, toads, and uncomfortable situations are to come!
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