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Quarrels of Quidditch by fang_and_fortune

Format: Novel
Chapters: 27
Word Count: 49,601

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Oliver

First Published: 10/16/2012
Last Chapter: 03/26/2013
Last Updated: 03/26/2013


My name is Emma Blakely. And I am in a serious quandary. 
Oliver Wood. Fred Weasley. Hearbreak. Jealousy. Angst. Passion. Lust. Deceit.
Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.
And no matter which decision I choose, someone is going to get hurt.

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PART 1 of 2 [trust won't see this one coming]

Chapter 25: Bounded for Life

I sat straight up in bed, covered in sweat. I had that dream again! That dream where I was getting married to Fred, but after we kissed I was announced as Mrs. Oliver Wood and was married to Oliver instead. I didn’t know why I kept having this dream, but I was certain it wasn’t a sign of cold feet. I loved Fred; I knew it and I was more than ecstatic about today – our wedding day. Why would I ever dream of being married to Oliver? There had to be a reason I was having these dreams…but why?!


I looked at the clock and saw it was 2:45am. I calmed myself down and went back to sleep, trying to forget the dream I had. Luckily, it never came back.


*    *    *    *    *

I woke up to the bright sun in my face.


“Wake up, wake up, wake up!” Molly said, bustling me out of bed.


“Time to get ready for your big day, Mrs. Weasley,” Hermione sang as she, Fleur and Ginny dropped their bridesmaid dresses on the edge of the bed. I rolled out of bed and smiled. Today was a big day. I was marrying Fred today! I had dreamed of this day my whole life…from the dress, to the flowers, to the location…but nothing matched my dream wedding as perfect as my groom did. He truly was my dream husband…I couldn’t picture marrying anyone else.


Ginny began to do my hair while Fleur worked on my makeup. My hair was curled, pinned and sprayed with hairspray. I had no idea what the end result would look like but I trusted Ginny and trusted she would make me look absolutely beautiful. I also were putting a lot of faith into Fleur. I wasn’t sure how she was making my face look either, but Fleur always looked stunning so I hoped she was using some of her own makeup routine on me. Once they were finished, I helped with each of their own hair and makeup before slipping into my dress. At last, I was finished and as I turned around to face myself in the mirror, I almost lost it.


I stared at the beautiful creature standing before me in the mirror and realized this was real, and this was me. My hair was perfectly curled in ribbons flowing down my back and gracing my shoulders. An ivory peony was pinned on the right side of my hair behind my ear. My makeup was flawless and natural but still alluring and gorgeous. But what really amazed me was the dress and how, once everything was put together, how stunning it actually was. There I stood, in a fitted formal bridal gown with floral accents, a sweetheart neckline and elongated fitted bodice. The circular tulle skirt softened the appearance and the chapel train followed me effortlessly. I looked like I had stepped out of a garden utopia and I forced myself not to cry for fear of messing up Fleur’s perfect work.


My bridesmaids, who were soon to be my family, stood amazed at the vision before them, but I was just as amazed by them. Each of them, glowing perfectly in their pale pink strapless dresses that hit just above the knee, stood flawless with their low side pony-tails perfectly curled and relaxed. They looked so beautiful and I remembered to make a mental note to thank God for blessing me with such a gorgeous family. Molly finally handed me my bouquet and sniffled as she fought back the tears.


“One last thing,” she said softly, a sweet smile across her face. I looked back at my bridesmaids and suddenly felt something pinned to my head. I looked in the mirror and everything was complete. With my veil placed on my head, I was officially ready…I was officially a bride.


“…Hermione?” I called as I felt the tears coming. She came over and hugged me, and the rest of the women followed.


“Don’t cry, Emma, don’t cry,” Fleur urged as she entered the group hug. “I may have put waterproof mascara on you, but I can’t promise you that nothing else will smudge on your pretty face.”


“I’m not,” I said, a smile creeping in. They let go of me and we all laughed and smiled.


“Alright,” I said after awhile. “Let’s go get married!”

*    *    *    *    *

I met my dad at the front doors of the Weasley household. The wedding would be outdoors in their yard and man, was it beautiful. Pale pink, ivory and peach flower petals lined the aisle and a white carpet, per se, was leading the way to the altar. White birch trees framed the beginning of the aisle and an arch made of white birch was at the end of the altar, where Fred and I would stand for the ceremony. Wrapped around the birch trees were balls of pink, peach and blush flowers along with strings of pearls draped as a backdrop for the altar. It was truly one of the most beautiful visions I’d ever seen.


“You look amazing,” my dad said when I reached him.


“Thanks, Daddy,” I replied as I kissed his cheek. I noticed he was trying to not let me see him cry and I smiled softly and held his hand.


“You’re certain about this?” he questioned. “You’re sure he’s…the one?”


“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life,” I said with confidence. He nodded a smile on his face. He had met Fred only a few days before, but Fred did ask for his permission and he willingly gave the two of us his blessing.


“I know you are, sweetie,” he said finally. He put out his arm and I gladly took it. “Ready?”


I nodded and assembled myself in line behind my bridesmaids and the music began to play.


I watched as Ginny took her first steps down the white path leading to the altar, followed by Fleur and finally Hermione, my maid of honor. She must have mouthed something funny to Fred because I saw him chuckle a little as she got to the altar.


“Daddy,” I said before I walked out. “…You were always my first love.” He didn’t say anything but as I began to walk down the aisle I heard him sniffling.


I finally looked up and met Fred’s eyes when he saw me for the first time. Wow…he looked so handsome standing there. I literally felt my heart stop beating, yet I was still walking. He made my heart melt, my insides curl, my head swoon. He really was my everything, and I was so ready to claim him mine forever. The look on his face was simply priceless and a rush of butterflies came over me as I smiled back at him. I couldn’t even describe the look on his face. All I could really say was that he looked so happy and so in awe and, all of a sudden, it was just the two of us and everyone else had disappeared. He shook my dad’s hand and heard my father say, “Take care of her,” and Fred nodded. He finally took my hand and then the other when I reached the altar.


As the ceremony began, I really couldn’t hear much of what was going on and I doubted Fred could either. We just kept gazing into each others’ eyes and that thing kept happening where we became lost in them. I didn’t care though. I didn’t want to be anywhere else unless he was there with me. God, it was so hard not to kiss him right then and there.


“And now the vows,” said the priest presiding the ceremony. He turned to me first. “Do you, Emma Corinne Blakely, take Fred Weasley, to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish all the days of your life, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, to have and to hold from this day forward, ‘til death do you part?”


“I do,” I said softly, a smile growing on my face. A smile crept across Fred’s, too, as the priest turned to him.


“And do you, Fred Weasley, take Emma Corinne Blakely, to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to cherish all the days of your life, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, to have and to hold from this day forward, ‘til death do you part?” He smirked before he answered, his eyes only on me.


“More than ever!” he finally said in an excited tone. I laughed and a huge grin emerged onto my face.


“Then I declare you bounded for life,” said the priest. “You may now kiss – ” But Fred got to my lips before he could finish. Our friends and family laughed at his eagerness and I couldn’t help but smile. As I was kissing him, however, I suddenly got that vision from my dream again, where when I broke away Oliver was standing there, not Fred. I broke away and dared to open my eyes. But when I did…there was…OLIVER?!


Just kidding.


I smiled as I looked at my husband, Mr. Fred Weasley, and with more eagerness and joy, I kissed him back with passion and vigor, my arms entangled around his neck. He dipped me down as he continued kissing me and our guests cheered and applauded.


“I now pronounce you, Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Emma Weasley!” the priest announced once I finished kissing Fred. Everyone stood to their feet and I couldn’t help but laugh and smile as Fred and I walked down the aisle back to the Weasley household.


It was official. I was Mrs. Emma Weasley. And, man, was it finally good to be her.