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Quarrels of Quidditch by fang_and_fortune

Format: Novel
Chapters: 27
Word Count: 49,601

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Oliver

First Published: 10/16/2012
Last Chapter: 03/26/2013
Last Updated: 03/26/2013


My name is Emma Blakely. And I am in a serious quandary. 
Oliver Wood. Fred Weasley. Hearbreak. Jealousy. Angst. Passion. Lust. Deceit.
Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.
And no matter which decision I choose, someone is going to get hurt.

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PART 1 of 2 [trust won't see this one coming]

Chapter 21: One of the Family Now

I slept most of the train ride back home. Well, tried to, anyway. The fact Oliver cared so much about Fred and I shagging was making me crazy. I didn’t know why I cared so much – I knew I shouldn’t. It’s Oliver. At this point, he meant nothing to me. Which in a way, was sad. We were such good friends prior to our relationship. And then everything just took a turn for the worst. I was worried that the same thing might happen between Fred and I. I loved him so much. I didn’t want that to happen…but if things didn’t work out in the end…


‘Ugh, stop it Emma!’ I told myself. I couldn’t even think about that. Losing Fred would kill me. My heart began to break just thinking about it.


“You okay?” Fred asked, kissing the top of my head. He must have sensed my uneasiness. I looked up at him and nuzzled into his arm.


“Yeah,” I said, giving a smile. “I’m just nervous.”


“Ha! Nervous? Emma, you have nothing to be nervous about.”


“I know…but the other times I’ve come to your house were when we were friends. And this is the first time I’m coming to your house as…your girlfriend…”


“Yeah. So?” Fred said. He laughed as he kissed the top of my head. “If you only knew, Emma.”


“Knew what?” I asked, stopping him from kissing my lips.


“Have you really no clue?” he asked. I shrugged and he shook his head. “Babe, my family has been waiting for this for forever. They always thought we would end up together and, frankly, if anything, they’re pissed it didn’t happen sooner. So stop being nervous, they are more than excited to call you family.”


Family? Okay, that might be a stretch. It’s not like Fred and I were engaged or anything. And if I had anything to do about it, that wouldn’t be for awhile. But I knew the Weasleys and I knew that they were more family-oriented anyway. So I just assumed that it wasn’t that big of a deal and I was over-analyzing yet again. I smiled up at Fred and my heart melted when he smiled his gorgeous smile back.


“I’m excited too,” I confessed, my smile growing bigger. Fred leaned in to kiss me and I put my hand along his jaw to keep him from stopping. I seriously loved the way our lips moved together. Maybe his family was right. Maybe we were meant to end up together. But for forever? Could I see myself marrying Fred someday? As I kissed him, I knew I would never be able to be with someone else other than him. And goodness, I hoped he felt the same.


“Getting a head-start on the baby making, I see,” a Scottish accent interrupted us. I broke away from Fred and saw Oliver leaning against the doorframe of our compartment. Ugh, this was irritating! Why couldn’t he just leave me alone?!


“Bite me, Wood,” I sneered, my eyes narrowed slits.


“Ha! Oh, I’ve tried, remember? Oh, but wait that’s right. Weasley interrupted us, didn’t he?” Oliver said, turning to Fred. That did it.


“FUCK YOU, OLIVER!” I screamed at him. I was about to jump up and kick him in the balls, but Fred beat me to it. Fred pinned Oliver up against the doorframe by the cuff of his shirt. His fist was aimed for Oliver’s jaw and his muscles…ugh, his muscles…. They were bulging out of his arms and, honestly, it was so hot. Oliver had the look of death all over him and I laughed to myself. But holy…I had never seen Fred this pissed before. It kind of scared me.


“You stay the FUCK away from my girlfriend, got it, Wood?!” he growled. “Don’t talk to her; don’t look at her; don’t even think about her! And if I find out that you did, that you fucked around with her again, I WILL break your face!” He dropped Oliver to the ground and watched him scurry off.


I stayed silent as Fred came back over and sat next to me. He didn’t say anything either as he put his head in his hands. He stayed like that for a minute until he moved them into a praying position around his nose. I didn’t know if I should say anything so I just put my hand on his leg to reassure him. He turned his head slightly to me, and a wry smile formed on his lips. He moved his hands from his face and placed his left on mine. He kissed my lips with a tenderness I didn’t think was possible.


“You know, I love you a lot, right?” I said when he broke away. He smiled softly.


“I know. I love you too,” he replied. He kissed me again. “More than you’ll ever know.”


“I hope that never changes,” I said, smiling.


“Trust me, Emma…it never will.”


*    *    *    *    *


“Hello! Come in, come in! Hurry, before you catch cold,” said Molly Weasley when we finally arrived to the Weasley home. I immediately was welcomed by hugs from Molly and Arthur, and Fred put his arm around me, my nerves suddenly slipping away.


The Weasley home looked exactly like I had remembered it. It was so homey and, though it was a bit crammed, they made it work, always having enough room for an extra person. Fred, George and I had all made some incredible memories here over the last seven years; be it pulling pranks on Percy and Charlie, having Quidditch tournaments in the yard, or having long, deep conversations on the roof until the early morning hours. This house was truly our sanctuary and I couldn’t even fathom another place as close to the word “home” as this was.


“Oh, Emma, it’s so good to have you as part of the family now,” Molly said, squeezing my hand. “I mean, you always were, but…well, it’s just we’ve waited for this for a long time.”


“The boy finally came through, after all these years, didn’t ya now?” Arthur added, giving Fred a gentle punch in the arm.


“Maybe if she hadn’t been so stubborn it would’ve been sooner,” Fred replied, a smirk across his face.


“Uh, excuse me,” I started, laughing. “But I don’t recall you ever officially asking me to be your girlfriend on a frequent basis.”


“Wait, you mean he hasn’t gotten down on one knee yet?!” Arthur responded. I must have had a confused and worried look on my face because he began to laugh. “Oh, I’m just kidding, Emmy, don’t look so scared.”


“Except he wouldn’t shut up about how gorgeous you were every time you turned your back,” George interjected. “God, the bloat was stuck on you since first year!”


“Really?!” I turned to Fred. “Since first year?” I could tell this embarrassed him, and I could tell why in a sense. They were making him look a bit cowardly since it was our final year at Hogwarts. But I didn’t see him that way at all. In fact, I fell a little bit more in love with him because of it.


“…It’s just you had the prettiest eyes,” he murmured.


“And the shiniest hair, and the most gorgeous smile and the cutest little nose he’d ever seen!” the Weasleys sang in unison. I laughed as I watched my boyfriend’s face turn a bright crimson and butterflies danced around in my stomach.


“Aw, baby,” I sang, resting my hand on his chest. “You’re so cute. That is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard.” I kissed him on the cheek and as he smiled, the redness of his face began to vanish.


“So the gang’s all here, finally?” said a voice from the top of the stairs. Bill walked down with a blonde babe behind him. For as long as I've known the Weasleys, I had never officially met Bill before so my nerves began to rise from within again.


“Bill, you big bloat, out of the way so we can take our things upstairs,” Ron said, clearly agitated by listening to Fred’s love story. I knew Ron was similar to Fred, in that, he had first developed a crush on Hermione during his first year too. It’s just, like Fred I supposed, Ron hadn’t developed the guts to tell her…and I figured it’d be a long time until he ever did.


“And I need to get back to the kitchen,” Molly said. “Dinner will be ready in thirty minutes!” George, Ron and Ginny made their way upstairs with their things and Arthur went to the living room to finish reading the Daily Prophet. All that was left was Fred, Bill, the blonde and I.


“So you’re Fred’s new girlfriend?” Bill asked me, sticking out his hand.


“Emma,” I said, shaking his hand.


“Bill. And this is my girlfriend, Fleur,” he replied, motioning to the pretty blonde next to him.


“How do you do,” she said, shyly.


“I tell you what, Fred, she’s a lot prettier than the way you described her,” Bill told Fred as he referred to me.


“Yeah, well, don’t get any ideas, Bill. You’ve got a hell of a good lookin’ girl yourself, ya know. Wouldn’t wanna go losing her.”


“Oh, calm yourself,” Bill said, smiling. “I wouldn’t trade this beauty for the world.” He kissed the top of Fleur’s head and she blushed.


“So Fred tells me you’re a big Quidditch star,” Bill said, turning the conversation back to me. “You play Chaser?”


“Yes,” I answered. I was feeling so shy right now. I always was when meeting people for the first time, especially when they were a part of my boyfriend’s family. It just made everything more tense and awkward.


“That’s a tough position to play,” Bill said. “Really hectic and intense. How long have you been on the team?”


“Since first year,” I said. Bill’s eyes quickly widened.


“Wow, a first year,” he repeated. “That’s pretty impressive.” I didn’t see why though. My infamous friend, Harry Potter, had made it his first year too. But I supposed, in comparison to other players, it was a rarity. That, or just because I was a girl. Either way, I took his compliment as a good sign.


“Well, we better get our things upstairs,” Fred suggested, picking up his suitcase.


“Of course, do you need help carrying anything?” Bill offered.


“Sure, that would be great,” I said. I had tried to pack lightly, I really had. But that had always been an issue for me. At least this time, I ended up with two suitcases instead of my typical three and a half. Bill picked up my suitcase and led the way to my room. It was actually fairly large compared to the other rooms in the house. A queen sized bed was in the center of the left wall and a bathroom was located in the back right corner. There was a fairly big closet on the front wall next to the door and two end tables next to the sides of the bed. Bill set my suitcase onto the bed while Fred stood in the doorway.


“This is where the two of you will be staying,” Bill said, exiting.


“Wait, both of us?” Fred asked. “You mean, we’re both sleeping…” He was cut off by Bill’s laughter, which was a deep low chuckle that was so different than the other Weasleys.


“Don’t think that anyone in this house is under the impression that you two haven’t slept in the same bed before,” he said, winking. “You can thank George for the idea. He figured it’d make your holiday a little bit more…fun.” He smirked as I felt my face turn red. You mean…Fred’s family knew about…oh shit…


“I’m gonna kill him!” Fred exclaimed, slapping his palm to his forehead. This only made Bill laugh all the more, and suddenly, I couldn’t make eye contact with him.


“I’ll just leave the two of you alone,” he said, closing the door. I was silent for a while after the door had finally shut. Great. Now everyone was assuming that Fred and I would be sleeping together. Granted, I figured we probably would. It was hard to keep our hands off of each other. But now that the whole house knew that Fred and I were shagging, it just made things extra awkward.


“God, he just can’t keep his mouth SHUT, can he?!” Fred said, falling back on the bed. I laughed as I laid down next to him.


“Oh, don’t be mad at him, baby,” I said trying to comfort him. “They know we’re in love and that, clearly, you have been for awhile.” I winked at him, but it only embarrassed him all the more.


“Baby,” I sang, noticing this. I ran my finger down his chest slowly and leaned on top of him to kiss him.


“It’s just going to be so awkward now, knowing that they know,” he confessed.


“Well, I’m not complaining,” I whispered, a smile across my face. I kissed his jaw and neck in between breaks. “I actually like having a room to ourselves…” I moved my hands down his chest as I kissed his lips. My right hand made its way to his hair as my left traveled up his shirt so I could touch his athletic skin. Fred put his hands around my neck and tangled his fingers in my hair before he broke away.


“Oh, believe me,” he began, smiling, “I like it too.” He kissed me again, his hands moving along my waist and touching my skin. I turned so I was on my back and he was on top of me, and I bit his lip so he knew I wanted more. He groaned eagerly and moved his hands up to my chest. He slid his tongue into my mouth and I returned the favor, his tongue playing with mine. He massaged my chest as our bodies began to move in motion to one another’s. His lips suddenly made their way to my neck and he began sucking on it slowly. Oh, how I wanted to throw his shirt off! How I wanted him to rip off mine! But I knew we didn’t have much time and so, as much as I hated to, I pushed him off of me.


“Save some for later,” I said, licking my lips. I could see from his face that this turned him on and it took just about all I had not to pounce on him right then and there. Thank God the door opened shortly after.


“Dinner’s ready!” Molly chirped. And with that, Fred and I made our way downstairs for dinner.