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Times Like These by iheartyou

Format: Novel
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 21,145
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, AU
Characters: Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Arthur, Molly, Lucius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Remus/OC, Arthur/Molly, James/Lily, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 10/03/2012
Last Chapter: 08/26/2013
Last Updated: 08/26/2013


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Nova Prescott has a knack for breaking rules. Like her brothers' rules.

1. Don't go anywhere ten feet of any blokes
2. Stay out of any and all trouble
3. Most importantly, stay away from those ruddy Marauders

Rules are meant to broken, right? Specially as they include those incredible arms Remus has acquired, James quits asking Lily out and Sirius blocks out all but one girl.

Chapter 3: What The Hell's A Twix?

Chapter 3

“Chip!” Nova shouted, laughing, squeezing him in a hug.

He chuckled. “Shrimp.”

“How are you this lovely morning, oh Chip?”

“Just dandy, little Shrimp,” he said, looking down at Nova with an amused expression. People around them gave weird looks. Nova and Remus simply just ignored them.

“Piggy back ride!” she gleefully said, jumping on Remus’ back, while he bent over slightly to hold her up, without even the slightest bit of a sign of struggle. “Gosh, Remus, you’re strong.”

He chuckled. “Thanks.”

Nova stared down at him. She mostly noticed his arms. They were slightly flexed to hold her up by her legs, while her arms were around his neck, though not tightly. You could see Remus’ muscles in his arms.

The only thing Nova could think was when did Remus get muscles like that?

Although, she did have to admit, he did get entirely sexier over the summer break. Just as she had discarded of her terrible hair, huge glasses, and disgusting baggy clothes. She was almost like a new person.

“Did you know that I’m a terrible liar?” Nova randomly asked, while he walked through the corridor. It was a Sunday, and the following morning would be the first day of classes.

“Really?” he asked, with a smirk plastered on his face. “So if I ask you anything in the world, you couldn’t lie to me about it?”

“That would be correct. In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m also terribly random,” she informed him.

“Oh, believe me, I’ve quite noticed it,” Remus chuckled. “Now, how do you feel about…” he paused for a moment. “How do you feel about werewolves?” he asked.

Nova fell silent for a slight moment. “And you call me random?” she laughed. “No but seriously, I don’t think that all werewolves are bad. I mean, Fenrir Greyback, I think his name is, he’s definitely a bad one. I’d be scared shitless if I’d ever see him. But then I think about those innocent people he bit, and it’s really unfair to them. They probably aren’t even accepted in society for something that they didn’t have any control over. That’s so unfair. Do you think they’d have to keep it hidden from everyone if they went to school?” she asked, leaning her head down to see him.

Remus, who was taken aback by her answer, answered her back, saying, “Yes. I think they would have to. Not many people are all too inviting of a werewolf because of their fear.”

Nova sat silently, thinking. “You know what I think?” she asked. She continued without waiting for a response. “I think that it’d be bloody brilliant to meet a werewolf! I wonder if they remember anything that goes on during transformations. What I wouldn’t do to be friends with a werewolf. They should feel accepted, you know. Think about it, Remus! One friend, one person who’s accepting of them, could help them feel okay with being a werewolf!”

Remus chuckled. “My bet is you’ve already met one and you’ve been friendly enough to one. You just didn’t know it.”

“Hmm,” she hummed. “Still.”

“And no, Nova, they don’t remember anything during the transformation,” Remus told her.

“I should research about this,” Nova adamantly said.

Slightly panicked, Remus quickly changed the subject. “How do you feel about the four of us Marauders?”

“Well…you’re all weird this year,” she commented. “Spare Peter.”

“Oh Peter,” Remus chuckled.

“Anyways, James stopped asking out Lily every ten seconds, which is a HUGE shocker. Sirius stopped whoring around, which is crazy!”

“And me?”

“You. Well…you’re uh…you just…kind of…changed over the summer…”

He lifted a brow and stopped walking. “Oh?”

“Well…er…you know, physically and all,” she mumbled. Remus burst out laughing, while Nova smacked his shoulder. “Shut up.”

Sirius walked up to them by that point, with his eyebrows raised. “You know, half the school thinks you two are a thing right now, Remus.”

Both of them visibly turned beet red. Nova practically jumped off of him. “Right…well…er…bye then!” she awkwardly said, before running off, tripping over thin air. “Meant to do that!” she shouted behind her.

“Of course you did,” both Remus and Sirius chuckled.


“Oi, Sirius, what classes have you got?” Nova asked that same day at dinner where McGonagall gave them all their time tables. He opened his mouth to reply, but she just grabbed his collar forward, half choking Sirius, and pulled his timetable out from his pocket.

James smirked while he continued eating, and Sirius glared at her, though unnoticed by Nova, since she was too busy comparing time tables. “I’ve got everything but Astronomy with you. Merlin, is anyone taking that ruddy class?!”

“I am,” Remus told her.

“Thank the heavens. It’d be dreadful being there alone.”

“Why are you even taking the class?” Lily asked her. “I’ve got Arithmancy.”

Nova shrugged. “I didn’t want Divination, I didn’t want Care of Magical Creatures either, and I’m terrible in Arithmancy. I don’t like Astronomy, but I’m good at it, so…” she shrugged again. “Why not?”

Lily rolled her eyes. “Your funeral.”

“Do you know what a good baby name would be?” Nova randomly said. “Aurora. That’s what a good baby name would be. For a girl, that is.”

James just blinked and stared at her. “Merlin, Moony, when you said she was random, I didn’t think you meant this random!”

Remus shrugged. “She also can’t lie.”

Sirius got an evil grin on his face. “Oh, this we can put to good use.”

Nova looked worried. “And now I’m suddenly afraid of what you’ll do with my problem.”

“Wait, does that mean that if I ask you what size bra you wear, you’d answer truthfully?” Peter asked.

All eyes fell on Nova. She slapped a hand to her mouth to keep herself from saying anything, but her head shook yes. He barked a laugh. “Nova, what size bra do you wear?”

She shut her eyes and covered her ears, willing herself not to speak.

“She has control over whether or not she talks, you know, so don’t be expecting-” Remus said, before-

“30 B!”

He turned crimson red, before saying, “Never mind.”

Lily burst out laughing and all four boys had their eyebrows raised. Nova cursed herself as she sunk low. “So erm…I like pie.”


“I’m so lonely,” Nova whined to Marauders. “Lily has her own room to sleep in now and I have no social life outside of the four of you and Lily because of Elliot.”

Peter awkwardly patted her head. She slapped his hand away. “I don’t even know the girls I’m supposed to be sleeping with!”

“You complain quite a bit, don’t you?” Sirius asked her.

She glared at him. “Shut up.”

He tsked. “You’re just lucky I make an exception for you, little miss Nova, you’re the only person in Hogwarts who can tell me things like that.”

Remus blinked in realization. “Bloody hell, mate, that’s true! Even James can’t get away with telling him to stuff it!”

Nova peered at them curiously. “Yeah, why are you Marauders talking to me?” At the looks on their faces, she quickly amended, “No! I mean, quite normally, you’d never have noticed little ol’ me, and suddenly you’re all extra nice and everything.”

Sirius shrugged. “Can’t you just be grateful, minion?”

Minion?” both Remus and Nova asked.

“Yes,” he stated simply, with a smirk on his face. “If he can call you Shrimp, then I can call you Minion.”

Nova narrowed her eyes. “Fine.” Sirius had a victorious look on his face. “I’ll be a Minion, Snuffles!” she grinned, throwing her arms around his neck.

Bewildered, he stepped, back, “Snuffles?”

“Well yes!” she said, with a mock shocked look on her face. “You’re like a cute little puppy, sometimes.”

Remus, Peter, and Sirius exchanged a discreet glance, that didn’t go unnoticed by Nova. “What?”

“Nothing,” Sirius quickly said. “Well then, Minion, I bid you a good night!” he saluted and marched to the foot of the boys dormitory stairs.

“Hey, Moony, one of these days, we really ought to think of a way up their stairs,” Sirius told Remus.

At this, Remus grinned wickedly, and made sure Sirius was watching him as he began climbing up the girls’ dormitory stairs.

Sirius’ jaw dropped as Remus came back down, and he marched right over, as Nova was almost at the top of the stairs. Sirius began climbing up as well, and reached the fifth step, because of his quickness, before the stairs turned into a slide, an alarm went off, and Nova squeaked before sliding straight down and colliding with Sirius. “SIRIUS!” she smacked him.

The alarm had caused most of the girls, and all of the boys to come out and see what was happening. Some of the girls looked unimpressed. “But…but…” Sirius stuttered. Remus barked a laugh and headed up to his room. “But…”

Nova smacked him again. “You imbecile!”

He pouted like a puppy once more. “I’m sorry.”

She glared at him, until a girl from the top slipped and came tumbling down. They looked up, but didn’t move out of the way quickly enough. “You deserved that,” Nova told Sirius. He pouted at her again.

“I’m sorry!”

“How long until the stairs come back?” the girl asked. They looked at her again.

“This hasn’t happened at all for a long time,” Nova said, her eyes burning into Sirius’s face, “so nobody knows.”

“Aw,” she sighed. “Well, my name’s Nita Skeeter.”

They both stared at her. “Merlin, don’t tell me you’re Rita Skeeter’s sister,” Sirius groaned.

Nita looked sheepish. “I wish I weren’t.”

Nova sighed. “Merlin hates me.”

“But I’m not like her at all!” Nita piped up. “Anyways, I’m a seventh year.”

“Nova Prescott, seventh year. This idiot is Sirius Black, also seventh. And he’s going to stay down here and freeze to death with us for turning the stairs to a slide,” Nova said.

Sirius frowned. “No-vaaa,” he dragged out. “Do I have to?” he whined.

“Yes. Now be a good boy and run along now.” She paused before saying, “And can you quickly bring Remus down here?”

He groaned and got up and left. “Is he your boyfriend?” Nita randomly asked.

Nova’s head snapped back to hers. “Merlin, no!”

“What about Remus Lupin? That rumor’s been going around.”

“No, no! We’re all just friends,” Nova said, trying to clear up the rumors. “Merlin, no.”

“Sirius said you asked for me?” Remus questioned, with an eyebrow lifted. Merlin. Nova almost began drooling at the sight of him.

Muscular boys should not wear tight white shirts. It’s utterly unfair to the female population. “I…I…er…oh um, yes! Do you have any extra blankets? We’re not sure when the stairs will turn back, and it’s going to be cold down here,” Nova managed to utter out. She felt like slapping herself.

Nita looked quite amused. “O-oh and this is uh, Nita. Nita Skeeter.”

Remus’ eyes widened. “Do you mean-”

“Yes,” they both said. Nita sighed. “Pay no attention to my last name, I beg you.”

He shook his head. “Er…right. Blankets. Got it. Oh, Nova?”

She looked back at him. “Hmm?”

“Why is Sirius cursing your name right now?”

She cracked a grin. “I’m making him sleep down here as punishment.”

He laughed, throwing his head back. “Well I’ll just send down those blankets and pillows with him.”

“Thank you Chip, you’re a life saver!” Nova shouted to him.

She could hear him laugh still in the room, where his door was currently open. When Sirius came back with blankets and pillows, shorts and no shirt on, he sarcastically said, “Remus made me an owl and told me to tell you that, and I quote, if he’s a lifesavor, then you, Shrimp, are a twix.”

“Twix?” she asked, amused.

He shrugged. “His favorite muggle candy.”

“Aw, I’m touched,” she gave a happy little pout, holding her hand to her heart.

“What the hell’s a twix?” Nita asked.