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Quarrels of Quidditch by fang_and_fortune

Format: Novel
Chapters: 27
Word Count: 49,601

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Oliver

First Published: 10/16/2012
Last Chapter: 03/26/2013
Last Updated: 03/26/2013


My name is Emma Blakely. And I am in a serious quandary. 
Oliver Wood. Fred Weasley. Hearbreak. Jealousy. Angst. Passion. Lust. Deceit.
Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.
And no matter which decision I choose, someone is going to get hurt.

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PART 1 of 2 [trust won't see this one coming]

Chapter 8: They Will

 When we finally got passed the thought that Umbridge could have caught us, Fred and I burst into laughter.


“Oh, man,” I said, through laughter. “Well, that was an experience not to forget.”


“Haha, yeah,” Fred said. “Did you see George’s face when we got out? Hilarious.”


“I was scared stiff that you two had gotten caught. Or worse…” he said winking at the two of us.


“Oh, shut up, George,” I spoke. “The door got stuck.”


“Which, uh, how did that happen, ol’ George?” Fred turned to his brother and raised an eyebrow.


“Don’t look at me!” he opposed. “I was at the bottom of the steps the whole time.”


“Right. So how did Umbridge take to your little greeting?” I asked. George shivered, and the three of us laughed. We could still hear her squealing from down the hall and she wasn’t even on the intercom anymore.


I saw that up ahead was the Quidditch team. Among them, was of course, Oliver. I could tell they had been talking about me, because he looked at me a few times as I got closer. But what surprised me most is what he did.


“Oy, Emma?” he called, stepping from around the group and coming toward me.


‘Oh, boy,’ I thought. ‘What does he want now? An apology?’


“Emma,” he said and took my hands. This was really confusing. What was he thinking? He then noticed Fred and George beside me.


“Oh, hello, Fred. George. Mind if I have a word alone with Emma for a moment?” He asked this like he was asking their permission for it, like the way a date would ask his date’s father for a longer curfew. I begged in my mind that they would say no with an excuse that I could get out of. Instead, they stepped aside and kept walking forward. Fred kept looking behind him, like he was keeping a very close eye on me.


“So…” I said, trying to have him get on with it.


“Right,” he began. “Well, uh, look, I know you probably aren’t feeling too great to see me and you’re probably still thinking about ‘everything’,” he emphasized. “But, Emma, if there is anything I shouldn’t have said, it was everything I had said to you yesterday.”


‘Pish, posh, what an act,’ I said in my head. But when I looked in his eyes, I saw that they were serious and sorry.


“I…I cannot express how sorry I am nor will I ever be worthy enough for your forgiveness,” he continued. “But I ask for it. Please, Emma, tell me we can work this out.”


“What?” I asked, shocked. I stood there with a gapping mouth. I remembered last night and what Fred had said.


"They will."


It was reluctant, but then again, he seemed like he was telling the truth. I didn’t know what to say. How could I be sure Oliver was telling the truth?


“Emma, I can’t play Quidditch without you,” he said. Oh, well, there’s the answer.


“So, you only want me back so you can play Quidditch again?” I asked.


“No, no, I mean, I literally suck at everything now. You’re always on my mind and I have this big empty hole inside of me. I mean, Emma, I feel so bad and I feel like an idiot and will forever be guilty for what I said. But I ask that you please understand. Will you still be my girlfriend?”


For some reason, my heart softened and I felt ultimately sympathetic for him. I could tell he wasn’t lying, but telling the truth. He had poured out his heart and soul into his apology and I did feel sorry for him. My mouth was still gapping open, and I knew what I had to say. The words wouldn’t come to me though. So I just simply nodded.


“Really?” he said, with a look of joy on his face.


“Yes,” I managed to say.


He pulled me into the most passionate kiss he had ever given me. I hadn’t meant to, but I found myself kissing him back. I threw my arms around his neck and his arms went tightly around my waist, stopping at the small of my back. When I broke away to get some air, Oliver shocked me again.


“I love you,” he said.