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Silhouette by onelastlook

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 648

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: General, Angst
Characters: Victoire, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 10/06/2012
Last Chapter: 10/19/2012
Last Updated: 10/19/2012

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Then, there was nothing.

Chapter 1: Cold.



There was no light in her icy eyes as it reflected the light from outside the cold window. She had woken up in tears again, her skin cold at touch. Her hands were shaking, and her bones were visible and only coated by her pale skin. She had lost all hope, and instead only felt the cold mountain of regrets on her hands followed by a river of meaningless tears.

The girl would not see spring, or the warm summer that would follow. She would not see her fourth year at school or her birthday. So much more to see, yet her eyes had been blindfolded with dread. Her heart was now an empty box in her chest with nothing inside. No love, no hope, no happiness.

She remembered last summer with Wesley and Em. When she didn’t have anything to worry about except what she wore or what colour shoes she would try. She would sit on field, a healthy blush on her pale cheeks and knowing there was something worth living for.

A laugh would replace the tears, a smile to change her frown, and the sun to keep her warm. She had almost forgotten what it had been like to feel the warmth on her skin and heart. Sitting on her bed with cold hands and feet to match, feeling like no one was ever there.

It felt like she was sitting on a bed in an empty room when visitors came. She would hear nothing, and see no gestures of kindness. Just stuck in her own made-up prison with a key that had never existed.
Wesley and Em had stopped seeing her when they started seeing each other. She remembered how much this had hurt her heart, and knew she could never tell him how she felt. Instead, he slipped through her fingers like smoke.

Life was mocking her by snatching everything she had cared for away from her. It was like they were playing a game and Life was winning.

Death was behind her shoulder, and knowing this only made it more painful. The doctors had told her months ago when she had first been put in St Mungo’s, and she accepted it. Her life just wasn’t meant to last long.

Like her Grandma Weasley used to say, her life would be turned into a new one to start afresh. But she didn’t want her life to be taken away from her. She wanted so much more.

Instead, she had been dropped like she was a lifeless rag doll that had no meaning to its existence. It was unfair that her siblings were allowed to live while she was dying. It was unfair that her cousins were out playing while she lay in her bed limply.

Her younger brother was still too young to know what was exactly going on. He would get told of what happened to his sister, but not feel any pain. Louis and Victoire would carry on their lives while hers was cut off.

But then again, life was never fair. It would play its cruel tricks, twist and turn things until people begged for Death. Then Death would silently sweep you away until you no longer existed.
She turned and smiled at the sight. Death gave her one cruel smile then took her away.

There was a painful moment when she experienced every emotion that had ever existed.

She took one last look at Life as it slipped away.

Then, there was nothing.


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story title + chapter summary from 'Silhouette' by Owl City.

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