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Love Story by luvdobby26

Format: Novella
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 10,523
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance
Characters: Arthur, Molly, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Arthur/Molly, Other Pairing

First Published: 05/07/2012
Last Chapter: 07/25/2012
Last Updated: 07/25/2012


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She isn't happy, she isn't content, and she certain isn't marrying Daniel Fellows. But how can Molly Prewett convince her parents to allow her to follow her own heart, especially when the man its chosen is just a shy boy from Hogwarts?

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Chapter 3: Hello

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                                                              Chapter 3: Hello


The streets of Paris were busy as Molly pushed passed people rushing by doing last minute shopping before the week starts again. She needed to get away, but where? Not the hotel, that’s the last place she wanted to go. Not back to Daniel. No, never again. That prat. Who in their right mind would want to marry someone like that?


She walked, not knowing nor caring where she would end up. Tears blurred her eyes but she blinked them back, not allowing them to fall further.

The air suddenly felt cool and the clouds cast shadows over the ground, making the world feel grey. She felt so lonely even though she was surrounded by hundreds of people, her heart felt more alone than ever.

She walked briskly, wanted to escape the mob of people, but someone stepped on the trailing end of her dress, causing her to stop and turn around to see a muddy footprint on the back of her deep purple gown. Someone bumped into her, causing her to topple over slightly into a woman carrying her baby behind her.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” she said, as the woman cast her a quick, annoyed glance and hurried away. Molly sighed. Oops, She thought.

Just then someone else bumped into her and this time she fell right over into someone’s arms.

“Got ya,” a soft voice said behind her. She turned her head as he steadied her to her feet and her heart skipped a beat. It was the boy. The boy she saw last night, running along the Seine after jumping from a bush. The red headed, blue eyed boy, that didn’t seem much of a stranger. He looked at her and their eyes met, but in both pairs of eyes there was a hint of recognition. They stayed like that until the boy spoke, “I know you, you’re Molly Prewett.” he exclaimed, “ I’m Arthur Weasley, you know, from your year at school. We’ve never really talked and I’m in none of your classes so you probably don’t recognize me.”

Molly felt her face burn up. She didn’t know why, she just felt so nervous around him. “No, no, I do.” she said as she started to piece everything together. “You’re the one who rescued my wand from a Slytherin in first year, aren’t you?”




‘We were both young when I first saw you, I close my eyes and the flashback starts’

It was a cold day. Cold and rainy. Molly sat in the common room gazing out of the window, watching as the small droplets of rain fell gently from the grey April sky, running down the cool glass where her forehead was pressed against. It was Saturday and all the third years and up were in Hogsmead so the school was relatively quiet. She looked around, noticing the room had gone silent. She was alone.

Molly sighed, she liked it that way.

After awhile, she got up, ready to go down for lunch. Packing up her books and papers that she had discarded hours ago from the floor, she made her way across the common room and climbed through the portrait hole. Walking down the stairs with her rucksack hanging from one shoulder and her hair draped over her face in a fiery red curtain, she saw her best friend Annabel Anderson waiting impatiently at the bottom of the stairs.

“Where have you been?” she had asked Molly, “Lunch is nearly over. You said you’d be here at half 12. That’s half an hour ago.”

“Calm down Anna!” Molly said, “It’s only half an hour and I had to finish the essay for tomorrow.” she lied easily.

Annabel seemed to relax a little. “Ok. Well what are you waiting for? I’m starving!”

They walked through the Entrance Hall and into the Great Hall. The enchanted ceiling was made to look cloudy like the sky outside, with small droplets of rain falling from above but stopping two metres above the heads of the Hogwarts students.

They walked down the hall, scanning the Gryffindor table as they went. They found a seat beside their friends Olivia, Ashley, Cassie, Alanna and Natasha, and sat down.

“Oh, lovely to know you’re still alive Moll. Where have you been? I haven’t see you since yesterday.” Ashley said.

Molly kept quiet. “She’s been hiding. That’s where she’s been.” Alanna said.

“Nope, I bet she’s been with her secret lover!” Natasha whispered loudly and the girls, apart from Molly, giggled.

“Shut up, would ya? I’ve been no where. Just in the common room doing homework. Like you should be doing.” she added.

“Eh, you can’t have been doing that for the whole week! We only see you at meal times.” Olivia said, pushing her glasses up her nose and tightening her ponytail, brushing her brown hair from her face. “And.” she added, “I have been doing homework, I’ll have you know. But we only had our essay to write and I did that last night, with plenty of time to spare. At least I spend time with my friends and do my work.”

“You’re one to speak, Livy, you’re always in the library.” Alanna said.

“Am not,” she said, glancing at her watch, “Oh no, I have to go.” She got up, grabbing her bag and waving to the girls.

“Where do you think your going?” Anna asked.

“Err- well - the library.” she said, turning red and looking down at her feet.

“Haha! Told you,” Alanna said, but Olivia’s small figure was already half way across the hall.

Alanna turned back to the others and shrugged. “I can’t wait till we’re in second year,” she said, changing the subject. And then she turned back to Molly. “So where were you then?” she demanded.

“Like I said, I’ve been no where. Just in the common room.”

Alanna raised her eyebrow. “Look, why are you so grumpy all the time. And why are you always on your own. We’re your friends, aren’t we? You should be spending time with us, not some piece of paper the teachers give us and expect us to write on”

“Just leave her,” Cassie said, turning to Alanna, “So what if she wants to be alone.”

Alanna just cast her a look that told her she really couldn’t be bothered with her and got up, “I’m going. I said I’d meet that guy. You know the one with the nice hair that I fancied?” she asked. They looked at her blankly. “You know the dude with the funny smile?”

“What’s his name?” Cassie asked.

“Well - err- I- I can’t exactly remember. Erm, I think it could be Henry. Oh, I don’t know, I’ll find out soon.” she snapped. “See ya later.” and she turned and left.

“What the hell is her problem?” asked Cassie.

The girls shrugged and went back to eating. Soon after, Ashley, Cassie and Natasha left too, God knows where. Probably to spy on some seventh year boy.

Anna and Molly were left alone.

“Err - Anna, do mind if we go for a walk around the grounds? I need to speak to you.”

“Course, hold on two ticks, I just wanna finish this,” she said, gesturing to her half eaten cheese sandwich, which was filled with salt and vinegar crisps. A bowl of chips sat beside it, showered in salt and vinegar.

Molly waited, biting her lip, a worried expression etched upon her face.

“Ready?” she asked, as Anna chewed the last of her sandwich. Anna nodded, swallowing the remains of the sandwich and the girls got up, grabbing their bags and walking out of the hall.

They stepped outside, welcomed by the cool, early Spring air. The rain had ceased but the coldness remained.

Molly wrapped her robe around her shoulders tightly, hoping for some warmth and waited for Anna to say something. Anything, as long as she didn’t have to start the conversation. She didn’t have long to wait.

“So, what was it you have to tell me? Is something wrong?” Anna asked, concerned.

“Well, I - err- don’t really know how to tell you.” she started, “ It’s just... Oh, I don’t know what to do Anna.” she moaned, a sob escaping her.

“What do you mean? What’s wrong Moll?”

Tears started to fall but she roughly brushed them away, not letting them be seen. “Anna, why is my life so - so... hellish?” she asked angrily, her eyes angry and full of sadness, “You would think, being so rich and everything that I would have a good life, wouldn’t you? But-but, it’s not.” she sobbed. “And all the others, I can’t stand them right now!”

Anna put her arms around her friend, holding her tight and stroking her hair, “It’s alright.” she soothed, “Everything’s going to be alright.”

Molly pulled away, wiping away her tears. “No, no it’s not Anna. That’s what everyone says, but it’s not. I know it’s not. How can it be?” she cried, turning her back and starting to walk back to the castle.

“Moll, wait! You’re over reacting. I was only trying to make you feel better.”

“And you’re the only one who does.” she sobbed, turning to face her, “Did you hear Alanna? ‘Look, why are you so grumpy all the time. And why are you always on your own. We’re your friends, aren’t we? You should be spending time with us’” Molly imitated her tone, fresh tears falling from her eyes and this time she didn’t bother to wipe them away. “She can see something is wrong but she just makes it a whole lot worse. She doesn’t care about me. Nobody does.”

Anna’s face softened and when she spoke her voice was quiet and gentle, “I care about you,” she whispered.

Molly shook her head, “No you don’t,” and walked away, without another word.

Anna was left standing there, perplexed. She didn’t even bother to call after her, there was no point. She would never listen.


Molly walked up the marble staircase, anger burning inside of her. She must have taken a wrong turning, or wasn’t paying attention, because she found her self in a corridor she didn’t recognize.

Realising where she was, she turned back the way she came, hoping to find her way back, but someone blocked her way.

She looked up slowly. A boy towered above her small body, big and muscular. His dark hair was flopped over his eyes but she could just about make them out. They were dark, too dark for any normal eye and they started down at her, cold and frightening. She stepped back, fear burning away the anger, and reached inside her robe for her wand.

The boy started to laugh, revealing a mouthful of yellow, rotting teeth. Molly couldn’t for the life of her think what was so funny.

“Think you’re going to duel me, do you?” his voice was loud and deep. Then suddenly he wasn’t laughing anymore. His face became solemn, “No chance.” he said, lunging towards her before she could whip out her wand.

Molly jumped back, but not in time. He was already on her, grabbing her wand from her pocket and holding it above her head, jeering, “Nah, nah, n-nah nah. I’ve got your wand!” And he started to dance around as Molly jumped up, reaching for her wand. His hand got higher and higher with every jump until there was no way Molly was ever going to reach it.

“Haha.” he shouted, running down the corridor.

Molly didn’t know what to do. Should she go after him or leave it? She was just about to turn round and go straight to a teacher when she felt someone whizzing past her. All she saw was a flash of red hair and a twinkle of blue eyes before he turned the corner and out of sight, chasing after the Slytherin.

Molly walked gingerly to the end of the corridor and peered around the corner.

The 1st year boy had grabbed the 7th year by the neck, and, taken by surprised, was pulled backwards, towards the ground. The small boy had this huge Slytherin on the ground and was wrestling for the wand.

‘How on earth did he do that?’ wondered Molly, hoping the boy would be alright.

The boy, she didn’t even remember his name. He was in none of her classes and he rarely spoke, so she hadn’t never really talked to him, but here he was now, saving her wand from a Slytherin.

She didn’t know how it happened or what happened but the Slytherin was running back down the corridor and the boy was on his feet, standing in front of her, holding out her wand.

She took it and smiled, something she hadn’t done it a long time. She looked into his eyes and for a moment there was a connection. “Thank you,” she said quietly, “Thank you very much. What’s your name?” she asked but he didn’t answer, he just looked at her one more time, his shining blue eyes searching her face and then he left. She called after him but he didn’t turn back, he just kept walking, along the corridor and around the corner. He disappeared, the boy with the blue eyes.

She walked back along the corridor, feeling less alone than before, when she noticed something at the end, lying on the floor. The boy must have dropped it. It was a small object with buttons covered in numbers. She bent down and picked it up, turning it over in her hands. The boy had appeared to have taken it apart and then tried to put in back together again. She then realised what it was. It was a phone. A muggle mobile phone. Molly smiled. She had heard about this boy before.





He didn’t answer, he just looked at her one more time, his shining blue eyes searching her face and then he left, without another word.

“Wait, Arthur, wait!” she called, but it was no good, he was already gone.

Arthur. Arthur Weasley. How could she forget?



Walking home in a daze, Molly found herself to be a lot more happy than she had been before. But then she remembered the ball.

Her heart sank, and the familiar feeling of sadness returned. She would be attending with Daniel Fellows, the three faced prat!

She arrived at the hotel and found herself face to face with her mother, a stern, forbidding expression upon her face.

“You insulted him? Hit him? And how could you just walk away like that?” her mother inquired.

Molly was shocked. “Mother, what are you talking about?”

“You know full well what I’m talking about.” she sounded dark, like something had been taken out of her heart and replaced with a small shard of ice. She sounded as if she was possessed, and her eyes, her eyes had that hint of madness, possessed by another being. Although her mother was strict, unfair, she was never dark, never cruel.

“Mother,” Molly whispered, “Mother, are you alright?” she took a step back, wanted to escape, but at the same time, she wanted to stay, to make sure her mother was ok, that she was just imagining this sudden, strange madness.

“Mum, please, what’s going on?”

Her mother advanced towards her as she backed away, fear leaping about inside of her heart.

“Molly, you must marry him, or mummy and daddy...” her mother had put on a falsely sweet voice, but the next thing she spoke was quite the opposite, “won’t be pleased,” that sounded angry, aggressive even.

“Mother - “ but just as she said it, her mother blinked. She stood up straight, looking as if she had just woken up and wondering whether the dream she had had was real or not.

“Molly dear,” she said, turning to face her, smiling the same white fake smile, “how was your time with Daniel?”

Molly opened her mouth to speak, but no sound came out. “Err - it was - well, ok, I suppose.”

“Good, good, well run along now, go and decide what to wear to the ball,” her voice was soft, distant and slightly dazed. Molly smiled slightly, turned and started to run up the stairs, desperate to be alone.


She slammed the door behind her and flung herself on the bed, going over the day’s events in her head.

It all started in the morning when she was told she was engaged to some stranger, and then she had to meet him. Well that didn’t go well. No way is she ever getting married to him. She still couldn’t work out why her parents would pick out a muggle! She walked away from him, that’s all she did, why had her mother said she had insulted him, hit him and walked away? She sighed, so many questions.

She then walked, not knowing nor caring where. She had fallen over, into the arms of the boy from the bush, Arthur Weasley. There was some connection there, she felt drawn towards him. Every time she thought of his sparkling blue eyes and his flaming red hair, she felt a tug on her heart. She had never felt this way before, but surely it wasn’t love, of course it wasn’t love, she had only talked to him once or twice and they were never really conversations. It was merely a passing fondness, liking and would soon leave within a few days. But some where deep down, she knew it would be longer than that.

She had then come home to find her mother acting cold and dark, almost cruel. She had accused her of hitting and insulting Daniel, told her she would marry him or they wouldn’t be pleased. Then suddenly she was normal again. What was all that about?

And now she would have to get ready to go to that bloody ball.

Sighing, she got up and walked over to the huge, oak wardrobe. The door swung open, to reveal dresses upon dresses hung up neatly. All shades of colours swam before her eyes. There was every type of fabric, every style; long ones, knee high ones, short sleeve, long sleeve, strapless, ball gowns, summer dresses, evening dresses, everything!

She tried on dress after dress, and in the end she settled on one. It was a floor length strapless, floral and elegant, crimson in colour. It flowed from the hips, silky and weightless. Her shoes were a matching colour, simple pumps with a crimson bow at the toe.

She twirled in front of the mirror, admiring the flowing, silky dress and her hair, held up by a diamond clasp, two strands at either side hanging down, with a slight, elegant wave.

Her chocolate eyes stared back at her still empty and lost, but all that was hidden beneath the beauty that shone through tonight.


An hour later Molly was ready to go. She stepped out of the door and to the top of the banister, where she stood, taking a deep breath and starting to glide down the staircase. She felt confident tonight. Something she didn’t often feel.

Her hand slid down the beautiful, carved banister as she took small graceful steps down the stairs. Daniel waited at the bottom, wearing a plain black suit to match his hair and eyes.

Taking a deep breath, she let go of the banister and her hand slipped into his. A sudden coldness shot through her but she shook it off, wanting to at least try to enjoy her evening.

He nodded to her and kissed her small, smooth hand, just as he had done on their first meeting, his eyes, once again, never leaving her face.

“Ready to go?” he asked, offering his arm to her.

She nodded, taking his arm and they made their way to the front doors.

Stepping outside they were welcomed by a cool breeze. The sun was setting, and the city was starting to darken.

A black car waited for them and they clambered in, welcoming the warmth.

It wasn’t a long drive to where the ball was taken place but the journey was torture. Daniel sat and stared at her. She tried to avoid his eyes, but they were insistent, piercing into her like daggers of ice. She broke the cold, unwanted silence, “I - I’m sorry about earlier, I over reacted, I was feeling rather unwell.” she lied, unblushing.

“No worries, I realised that after your rather... dramatic exit.” he replied coolly.

She nodded and went back to staring at the floor.

They arrived after ten minutes of silent torture, and stepped out of the car into a chilly breeze. She pulled her fluffy ivory shawl tightly around her shoulders and waited for Daniel to join her. He took her by the arm and they walked up the stone steps, entering the huge front doors.

See the lights, see the party, the ball gowns

It was busy inside. Couples moved around them, woman dressed in dresses of all different shapes and sizes and the men wore suits apart from the occasional kilt.

Molly’s confidence was starting to wither and she wished she could be somewhere else. Anywhere else.

Daniel led her into the ballroom, where music played and couples danced. They watched for awhile, Molly feeling awkward just standing beside him, and when he offered her hand for a dance she didn’t reject, relieved for a distraction.

The music started up again, this time it was softer, gentler. She took an airy step, marking the start of the dance.


Daniel’s arms were rapped around her slim waist, but for some reason, she felt comfortable. His lips were near, she felt his warm breath on her forehead and relaxed in his arms.

For a few moments, they were alright, just dancing to the music and not saying a word until he broke the silence.

“You look... nice tonight.”

“Err - thank you. You look nice too.” she said awkwardly.

“Why thank you, of course I do.” he said.

Molly sighed, there was no use get worked up over him just being an arrogant prat. “Yes, of course you do,” she humoured him.

He only nodded.

“So, what do you work as?” she asked, realising she didn’t know anything about the man she was to marry.

“A lawyer.” he replied simply.

“Do you have a big family?” she asked, hoping it would start a conversation. She had no luck.


She sighed again, “When do you plan to get married to me?”

“As soon as possible,” he said, a little more awake and aware than before, “we’ll have a huge wedding and you must wear a big, white dress with a terrific train. It’ll be longer than you can imagine. There’ll be hundreds of guests, and you’ll brothers will be there.”

“ Well, of course my brothers will be there.”

“I know, but they have to be there.” he insisted.

“Okay - err - why do you say that?” she asked, thinking what he said to be strange.

“Because they must be there, I have something to do to- to talk to them about.” he smiled.

She looked at him, the expression on her face not friendly. “What do you have to speak to them about?” she asked suspiciously.

“Oh, nothing really, just things we don’t want you to worry your pretty little head about.”

“Can’t you just tell me?” she asked, although she already knew the answer.


The music stopped, the dancing ceased, and a sudden chill spread through Molly’s body. Couples in love were still entangled in each others arms, but Molly and Daniel had long since separated.

“I must go and speak to your father, goodbye.”

I see you make your way through the crowd and say hello

She watched him leave, relieved he was going, and then turned, looking for a distraction. But someone made her stop. There making their way towards her was the boy from the bush, the boy who caught her when she fell, the boy who rescued her wand in first year. The handsome red-headed boy whom she felt drawn towards and his eyes were locked on hers. He reached her, a smile upon his face. He opens his month and out comes one word that makes Molly nearly keel over with every single emotion there ever was.



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