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Lingering Under the Lunar Light by Dobby101

Format: Novella
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 7,349
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Characters: OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 01/29/2012
Last Chapter: 02/09/2012
Last Updated: 02/09/2012

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Waves of blonde hair rode down her back. Her dreamy aqua colored eyes widened in curiosity. Sophia looked up at the man who had so rudely interrupted her experimenting. That's when she saw the crazy black hair and dazed looking expression. The curiosity in his eyes mirrored the curiosity in hers. In that moment she would have never dreamed of what was to come...A story about Luna's mum!

Chapter 3: Summer Lounging

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The morning sun shimmered through Sophia’s mosaic window, causing hues of blues, greens, yellows and reds to swirl around her white quilted blanket. Disoriented from sleep, she laid within the security of her bed for a few minutes before forcing her body to get up.

The chilliness in the room took her by surprise when she left her cocoon of blankets; and it caused her body to form thick goosebumps on her bare skin. During the summer months, she often slept in her bra and panties as her house was normally swelling with heat. On days when it got too unbearably hot, her dad usually placed a cooling charm over the house. Last night, with visitors coming over, was the type of night he had cast the charm over the house. She should have thought of that before stripping down almost naked and going to sleep.

Sophia quickly pulled on soft gray shorts and a flowing purple t-shirt. She checked the drawer of her desk to make sure the slightly glowing golden potion she had brewed last night was still securely there and then bounded down the wooden hallway towards the kitchen, where she could hear her mother clinking dishes together in preparation for breakfast.

“Good morning, Mum!” Sophia called cheerily as she opened the fridge and pulled out a glass gallon of orange juice.

“Good morning, Soph,” her mum answered as she got out a glass from the cabinet above her head for Sophia’s drink, which her daughter took happily. “It sounds like you slept well.”

“Mmhmm,” Sophia answered while sipping the cool fruity drink. “How was the meeting?”

To this, Sophia’s mother looked back at her and Sophia got a good look at her mum’s face. There were dark circles under her eyes, probably from lack of sleep. Her mother’s voice had been so falsely cheery, Sophia wouldn’t have ever guessed that she was stressed.

“Dumbledore insists on having one of the Order live with us while you are still here in the summer.” Sophia knew why her mother was so unhappy now. Apart from short visits, she wasn’t a big fan of having people over for long periods of time unless it was Sophia’s best friend Emma, to whom she had taken a strong liking towards.

“Who?” Sophia asked as her mother slid a plate of fluffy pancakes in front of her and she dug in greedily with her fork.

“Xenophilius Lovegood,” her mother hissed in disgust. The cheery tone was long gone as she continued. “We begged Dumbledore to give us somebody else, but he insisted that that Lovegood man was as smart as a tack. But you know what I think? I think he’s as dazed and confused as a boggart in a room full of crowded children. Just kept going on about how we had nargles or whatever in our basement. He’s a lunatic, but I’m afraid we’re stuck with him, Sophia.”

Sophia very well knew that she couldn’t mention that she had already met Xenophilius as that would give her rule breaking away, so she continued to dig into her breakfast and ask simple questions. “When is he coming?”

“He’s moving in around dinner time,” her mother scoffed. “Dumbledore couldn’t even give us a few days to prepare for the bugger.”

“Mum, you’re not really giving him a chance,” Sophia offered, licking the syrup from her fork. She noticed that her long locks had dropped into the syrup on her plate so she grabbed a napkin and started scrubbing to get the sticky solution out.

“Just wait until you meet him, Sophia,” her mother countered. “You’re going to think he’s a lunatic. Believes in make believe. Nothing like you at all.”

Sophia shrugged, which caused her mother to raise an eyebrow of concern. Yes, on a normal day, listening to her mother’s description of Xenophilius would have turned her off immediately. And Sophia totally agreed that he was a loon, but she also knew that he was the only person she had ever met that hadn’t question her taste of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. And for that, she owed him at least a chance.

“I suggest you write to Emma and tell her about our current situation,” Sophia’s mum said while sitting down to enjoy her own breakfast. “Her parents might not want her to come. Or if they do, your father and I will have to meet her somewhere.”

Knowing Emma’s parents, they would send her to Sophia’s house sooner if they knew that there was extra protection over her home. Emma was the daughter of two muggles who knew that they were in grave danger for having produced a witch. Yet they were two of the bravest people Sophia had ever met and would gladly send their daughter away if it meant that she would be under greater protection than they could provide.

Nevertheless, Sophia got up and threw her dishes in the sink, while taking a quick glance out of the window at the gorgeous summer day outside. The luscious green grass swayed in the breeze as birds floated in the clear blue sky. Out of the perfect scene, Sophia saw a speck of black, growing bigger and bigger. She recognized the family owl, Andrew as he zoomed towards the window she was looking out of.

Although the bird was going so fast that the figure in the sky grew like a sponge soaking in water, Andrew came to halt outside of the window so quickly, Sophia jumped a bit from his sudden appearance. Like most things in the Lufkin family, Andrew the owl was a lot smarter than most of his breed.

As Sophia opened the window to let the bird in, she recognized the familiar seal on the envelope.

“My Hogwarts letter…already? It’s a month early!”

“Dumbledore doesn’t want everybody to go at one time,” her mother stated matter-of-factly. “If everybody went the week before, it would be the perfect time for a Death Eater attack.”

Sophia nodded her head to signify she understood as she untied the letter and put her arm out for Andrew to hop on.

“Come on, Andy, we’ll get you some treats and then it’s off to Emma’s you go.” Andrew’s head turned at the mention of Emma’s name. Her parents always spoiled Andrew with food when she sent a letter there. It was his favorite place to deliver to.

Sophia got to her room and rummaged through her top desk drawer. She found the owl treats she had bought at Diagon Alley last summer and tossed a few onto her bed. Andrew flew up and starting munching away as Sophia took out her quill and a spare bit of parchment.

Sitting down at her desk, Sophia pushed aside her drawings of magical ideas and started writing to her best friend in the world.


You’re coming over in two days!!! I’m so excited to see you so you can tell me all about your holiday in Italy. I heard there are loads of great wizards down there.

My mum wanted me to write to you and let you know that there are extra security measures over our house. You won’t be able to just apparate in like we had originally planned. I’m thinking my parents would be able to get you in Diagon Alley. I’m not allowed to leave the house. It’s a long story. I’ll tell you when you get here!


Finishing off the letter, Sophia reread and concluded that it sounded like she simply could have gotten grounded for her various behavior problems. That way if somebody were to intercept it, they wouldn’t be suspicious. Even the part about the security measures just seems like an overly protective wizard’s parents ideas of enforcing the rules.

She called Andrew over, tied the letter to his leg and sent him happily off out the window. As soon as she saw him disappear into the sky, she skipped back down the hallway and out the back door. The glorious warm sun hit her tanned skin and she grinned at the gorgeous day. If she could live in a world full of summers, she would forever be happy.

Deciding to play it safe today, she skipped happily into her mother’s garden. Following the stone path, she found her favorite apple tree, which at the moment had no bright fruits growing on it. Taking her usual spot beneath the tree, she stretched out on her back, letting the sweet aroma of blossoming flowers overtake her nose. Her eyes dropped shut against the bright sun and her hands made a make-shift pillow under her head. As the warm summer sun danced on her body, she slowly drifted into dreams.


Her desk was perfectly organized. Every spell she had ever thought of was neatly stored in the book in front of her. Weighing in at about 1,000 pages, her fingers ran across the thick leather binding affectionately. It was hers…all hers.

Suddenly, a giant knock at the door startled her. She turned towards the noise in horror. They were here. Not being quick enough to react, the monsters destroyed the door with a flick of their wands and barged in, sprinting towards Sophia at the desk. It was as she had lost her magical abilities. One was almost towards her. They were gaining. The big one with the wild hair took her by her arm…

“Stupefy!” she screamed and she heard a thud against soft earth. As she opened her eyes, the bright sun nearly blinded her. It took her a second to realize that she was in her mother’s garden – safe and sound.

It took her another second to recognize the brown haired, nerdy looking girl lying on the ground next to her lying completely still.

“Emma!” Sophia shrieked. She hurried over to her petite friend lying hopelessly on the fresh dirt. “Ennervate!”

Her friend came to, blinking her large chocolate colored eyes against the shimmering sun. “Well, Sophia, I now know not to touch you when you’re sleeping.” She rubbed her head, acting as if it had collided against concrete when she hit the ground.

“I’m sorry,” Sophia groaned. “I was dreaming that these big men were after me.”

“Ooh la la,” Emma taunted. “Are they the reason you have all these security measures? Papa Lufkin couldn’t keep ‘em away, could he?”

“Shut up,” the blonde said. It was so like her best friend to be completely chipper after being stunned. “Why are you here?”

“You know, a simple hi Emma! How have you been? I missed you so much! would have been adequate. But if you must know, my parents opened the letter you sent, decided they wanted to go on another vacation and your mom picked me up in Diagon Alley. She said you weren’t allowed to come.”

“I was sleeping out here since after breakfast,” Sophia corrected. But then she had a second thought. Was she really not allowed to go into Diagon Alley? Were things really that bad? How was she going to get her school things!

“She also said that some man was staying with you the rest of the summer,” Emma continued, ignoring the conflicted expression on Sophia’s face.

“Yeah, Xenophilius.” A slight breeze picked up and Sophia had to tuck her long strands behind her ears to keep them from going in her face. Emma’s bob cut didn’t bother her at all.

Emma’s round face bunched into a thoughtful look. “Xenophilius? That Hufflepuff a few years ahead of us?”

“The one and only,” Sophia laughed.

“What’s the special occasion?”

“Oh, you know, dad’s just trying to get me a boyfriend,” Sophia joked. “He’s having a new guy stay over every week so I have choices.”

“Seriously, Sophia,” Emma stared at her best friend with a look of concern. “You have the most complicated protection charms over your house, you’re not allowed into Diagon Alley for five minutes to pick me up and now there’s a bodyguard staying at your house…what the bloody hell is going on?”

Sophia sighed. All she had wanted to do was joke around for a few minutes. Leave it to Emma to need to know the truth right away. She had always been a nosy person, ever since Sophia had met her trying to peek into her compartment the first train ride to Hogwarts.

Nevertheless, Sophia launched into the explanation her parents had given her the night before. She explained how she crossed the boundary a few times and how Xenophilius had found her but never snitched. She also proudly told her best friend that she had finished her potion.

Expecting a reprimanding for not listening to her parents, Sophia was surprised when Emma joked and said, “Well, if he let you go once, it doesn’t look like you’ll have a problem sneaking out again.”

“True,” Sophia agreed. She was about to continue when there was a loud crash from the front of the house followed by a scream. Without a second thought, Sophia and Emma got up and began sprinting towards the house. Among all the thoughts that ran through Sophia’s mind, one stuck out the most:

Was He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named so powerful that Dumbledore’s protection had only held up a few days?