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Truth, or Dare? by MeltingSnow

Format: Novel
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 34,343

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Narcissa, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Lavender, Harry/Hermione, Ron/Luna

First Published: 09/25/2010
Last Chapter: 02/12/2012
Last Updated: 02/12/2012


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When one loves another, but find out they've been lied to, what will they do? But what will the third person do when he finds out the others still love each other?

Chapter 18: Graduation

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Chapter 18: Graduation

“I can’t believe it, I really can’t believe it,” Hermione started crying.

“What the hell Hermione? Why the hell are you crying because you’re leaving school? At least you don’t need to stay behind for another year,” Ron said.

“I just can’t believe we are actually leaving Hogwarts,” Hermione sobbed.

“Oh get a grip Hermione. Stop crying for goodness sake.”

“Ahem, I don’t appreciate you speaking to my girlfriend like that Ron. Please stop,” Harry said in a very proper manner which cause all three of them to burst out laughing.

“Come on Harry, we need to practise our speeches still,” Hermione said suddenly serious. “It’s very important.”

“Oh come on Hermione!” Harry whined. “We’ve practised that bloody speech at least a thousand times!”

“Practise makes perfect.”

“Exactly, and you’ve practised it a thousand times so it is perfect,” Ron said as though obvious. “Now come, you two should enjoy what you can of Hogwarts before it’s too late.”

“Fine, whatever,” Hermione grumbled.


“Now everyone please welcome our Head Girl!” McGonagall called over the cheers after Ernie’s speech.

Hermione stood up and cheers erupted from the Gryffindor graduates.

“I remember the first time I found out I was witch. I screamed,” several people laughed. “Yep! I couldn’t believe it, but after a few short days, I had read all of my textbooks and another few days allowed me to memorise them.” People who knew Hermione well let out exasperated laughs. “On the first few weeks I had no friends. Not a single one; but then I got two of the best friends I could ever have. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. After seven years with them and magical classes I think I am finally ready to face the big world. Of course I will always always always remember everything about this wonderful school. Thank you.”

The cheers began again as Hermione went off the podium and sat down. The great hall was deafening when McGonagall called on Harry.
“Hi everyone. I came back this year with a very big fear- Voldemort. Well actually I didn’t fear him, I was just depressed that the demented loon still hadn’t died.” Everyone laughed while teachers gave disapproving looks. “But I stood up against him and finally the idiot died and the world has peace. But I would not have gone through everything this year, both school work and the Voldemort problem without my two best friends Ron and Hermione. “ Everyone applauded and Hermione and Ron went red. “ So I would just like to say that even though you’re leaving school, you will never be leaving behind your best friends. Thanks. “ Harry sat down as everyone cheered and whistled. When finally the noise had died down, McGonagall stood up.
“Could we please now applaud for Mr Draco Malfoy.”

“What the hell? Why is he doing a speech?” Harry and Hermione asked at the same time.

“At the start of the year, I expected it to be the same kind of year just as it had been for the other six years it has been at Hogwarts with me. Yeah, all of you know as the great, big bullying got who’s pushed everyone around for years, but then you might’ve all noticed this year that I changed half-way through the year. That’s because of a girl I dated and I fell in love with her, so I decided to change for her. In the past six years we were never friends, enemies if you had to say, but I only noticed this year how wonderful she was and I really wanted to be her friend- I got to. Then things lead to another and we were boyfriend and girlfriend, but then a small misunderstanding happened and she was heartbroken. Her heartbroken-ness led me to have the worst pain in my heart, I really want her to hear me out, but I think I really lost my chance. Even so, I want this girl who stole my heart to know that I will always love her. Always from even when I leave this school, always.”

Malfoy finished speaking he looked around the hall and found Hermione. Their eyes met briefly for a second before Hermione quickly turned away and Draco walked of the podium. Half the girls were actually crying, Professor McGonagall and Professor Sprout’s eyes were slightly red and frankly Hermione was really touched by what he said. But she knew she couldn’t give in, it could have just been bluffing, or did it?


Harry observed Hermione. She had very quiet throughout the rest of the graduation ceremony, ever since Malfoy said his speech. This told Harry a lot. Malfoy was in love with Hermione. If he never loved her, Malfoy would never even continue with this ‘I-love-you’ crap. And yet he did. Of course, he could be bluffing but… as if Harry thought.

“I now present you all, teachers and parents, this year’s Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry graduates!” Professor McGonagall called to the hall of people. Roars and cheers erupted from the hall, the group of young adults were the loudest. After seven years of learning and education, they were finally ready to face the world on their own. “I give you… Hannah Abbott!” Hannah stood up and her Head of House, Professor Sprout handed her her certificate. “Susan Bones…”

The rest of the people slowly received their certificates and finally when Blaise Zabini got his certificate, everyone went into pleas of joy and cries of happiness and some even started crying. Everyone walked around hugging their friends though Gryffindors still Slytherin and vice versa. Then everyone ran off the podium to find their parents to celebrate the joy with them. Hermione grabbed Harry’s hand and dragged her to her parents.

“Mum! Dad! I’ve graduated! I’ve finally graduated! I’ve finished all my years of education!” she exclaimed when she came in eyesight of her parents.

“Yes, well down darling! I’m so proud of you!”

This kind of thing went on for a couple of minutes and Harry wished that he had parents to share this great moment with. But thanks to Voldemort, he didn’t.

“Mum, dad, this is Harry,” Hermione introduced. “And Harry, this is my parents. Jean and Thomas Granger.”

Harry and Hermione had been friends for six years, but Harry realised that he had never actually met her parents.

“Hello Mr and Mrs Granger. I’m Harry, Harry Potter.”

“You must be one of Hermione’s best friends, she talks about you a lot you know, “ Mr Granger said to Harry.

“Actually dad, he’s my boyfriend now,” Hermione said.

“Oh! Well it’s certainly come as a surprise, but I’m really happy for you two.”

The weird, forced, polite conversation went back and forth until Ron came battling through the crowds of crying people.

“Well done guys! Knew this day would for you,” Ron said with a forced happy tone.

“Ron, don’t worry. Harry and I have already got the shop. And we’re going to open it as soon as possible okay?”

“Yeah mate don’t worry, we’ll have enough fun during the holidays and then we can keep having fun when you go to Hogsmeade next year, okay?” Harry said.

“Fine,” Ron grumbled.

“Come on lets go-“

“Hermione? Could I have a word?”


Hermione froze on the spot, she would know that voice anywhere.

“What do you want Malfoy?” she said as calmly as she could.

“Please,” Malfoy pleaded. “It won’t take long.”

Hermione looked at Harry who nodded encouraging her to go with Malfoy. She followed him through the crowds of people and up the marble staircases she knew would be the last time she walked on. Hermione followed Malfoy to the stone gargoyle that protected Dumble- sorry, McGonagall’s office.

“Dumbledore,” Malfoy said to the gargoyle, it leapt aside.

“How did you know the password?” Hermione said harshly.

“I had a talk with McGonagall and she told me,” he said simply.

They walked up to the office and Hermione watched Draco take a silver bowl-like object. This was obviously the penseive. Harry told Ron and Hermione a lot about the mysterious object that could let you see your own memories but she had never actually seen it.

“So this is the penseive,” she said observing the bowl.

“Yes,” Draco replied, pouring some silvery substance into it. “And I want to show you memory, please watch it. Please?”

Hermione hesitated. Finally after a few seconds she nodded.
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