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Lingering Under the Lunar Light by Dobby101

Format: Novella
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 7,349
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Characters: OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 01/29/2012
Last Chapter: 02/09/2012
Last Updated: 02/09/2012

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Waves of blonde hair rode down her back. Her dreamy aqua colored eyes widened in curiosity. Sophia looked up at the man who had so rudely interrupted her experimenting. That's when she saw the crazy black hair and dazed looking expression. The curiosity in his eyes mirrored the curiosity in hers. In that moment she would have never dreamed of what was to come...A story about Luna's mum!

Chapter 1: Prologue

Disclaimer: I own only the characters you do not recognize. JK Rowling is the one who created this magical universe.

A/N: Hi guys!! I'm here with a new story! And an interesting one, I pinky promise. Have you ever wandered how Xenophilius and his wife (who I have named Sophia Lufkin) got together and created Luna Lovegood? Well, I have the answers right here (well of course, the answers that come from my own imagination).

I know this chapter is a little slow and you don't get to see a lot of Sophia's personality, but I promise it's coming along with a lot of Nargle references and a few new creatures!

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Now onto the story...


Sophia leaned towards the cool flowing water and let her fingers rest along the slow currents. In her mind, she began to think of a spell she could use that would make the water around her tips warm instead of icy. When none came to mind, she began to make up her own.

“Refraluke,” she whispered, but to no avail, the water was still below freezing level.

Sophia started to think a little harder. With her free hand, she pushed her long blonde hair behind her ear and then pulled her wand from her sock. Thinking back to her days of Arithmancy and Ancient Ruins, she thought of the word for warm in Latin. It took a minute of mind rattling, but she soon remembered the mysterious language.

With the tip of her wand submerged under the water, she swirled it around a little before saying the word, “Calor.”

To no avail, nothing happened, but she was used to this sort of thing. It could take days, weeks, or even years to come up with a new spell. Just because she had had luck before, didn’t mean she would have luck now. However, Sophia was never one to give up so easily. She stared into the icy water and saw her curious blue eyes reflected back at her. Her messy brows crinkled slightly in thought and her thin lips were pursed in confusion. It was then that she thought of a new incantation.

“Flumen Calor,” her airy voice said as she poked her wand into the water. Quickly, the water around her fingertips turned from icy cold to as warm as a bubble bath. Sophia smiled to herself as she got up to inspect how far up and down the creek the water had transformed. She took a mental note in her head of the amount of meters she could go before her finger was once again submerged by the chilly currents.

“Sophia! Dinner’s ready!” her mother’s shrill voice carried down the waterbed, making the spellmaker jump in shock. Sophia quickly took her wand from the water and shoved it back down her sock. Although she had turned seventeen nearly a month ago, her parents were very hesitant of her using magic outside of school.

“I’m down here, mum,” she answered back, getting up from her spot and trying her best to wipe the dirt from her skirt. Her mother also was not a big fan of any type of dirt, dust or dandruff. In fact, Sophia’s mum didn’t really fancy much of anything besides a clean kitchen and a nice warm cup of tea while she was reading Witch Weekly.

“Sophia, what did your father and I tell you about coming all the way down here?” her mother scolded. Sophia began to look up at her mother’s short form. Her mum’s name was Effel, which suited her perfectly in Sophia’s opinion. Whenever she thought of an Effel she pictured a short woman with short white curly hair and a bit of a pudgy face and body. This description described her mother perfectly.

Sophia tried with all her might to make her electric blue eyes as wide as possible as she looked up to her mother with a face of innocence. “I’m sorry, mum. I thought you meant I couldn’t come down here at nighttime.”

“No, we meant you couldn’t come down here at anytime,” her mother reminded.

This upset Sophia greatly. The creek was the only real spot that she had any privacy, especially during the summer holiday when she returned home from Hogwarts for a short three months. At least at Hogwarts she could explore empty classrooms, find hidden passages or even hide in a broom closet if she wanted to experiment with new spells or potions. However, at home she really only had the soft dirt around the water bed and the green moss that grew under the broken tree trunks. As her mother wasn’t fond of nature, and her father was an important ministry icon, coming down to the creek was always her safe hideaway from the neat and tidy home at the top of the hill. This was why Sophia was so confused as to why her mother had even bothered to come down to get her anyway.

Had her parents strictly told her the other day to stay away from the creek?


Did Sophia know why?

No. Which was the exact reason she had decided to ignore their warnings and meander down to her private spot anyway. Sophia did not do well with rules; especially when she was never given a reason to follow them.

Nevertheless, Sophia also wasn’t one for arguments, so she followed her mother up the grassy terrain towards their home. Although the inside of their house sometimes bothered Sophia because of its tidiness, she loved the area that surrounded their house. Filled with green grass, lively flowers, bushy shrubbery and tall oak trees, Sophia had a pastime of exploring her own back yard. Even beyond the neat garden designs, the trees stretched on for miles in every direction. It would be extremely accurate to say the Lufkin family lived in the middle of the woods. It was most likely the most private place in Britain.

It took almost five minutes of climbing before Sophia and her mother reached the top of the hill where their home rested upon the soft earth. It wasn’t the largest house Sophia had ever seen. It was a single story home with three bedrooms and normal accommodations. The only part of their house which wasn’t normal was their basement, which her father had put an enlargement charm on so it was almost as big as the Great Hall at Hogwarts.

When Sophia and her mum entered the house, the smell of a well cooked dinner wafted to Sophia’s nose and she couldn’t help but feel her mouth watering in hunger. It took all of Sophia’s strength to restrain herself from running towards the table. Sophia had skipped out on lunch earlier as she had gone exploring through the woody trees.

Her dad was sitting at the table already, waiting patiently for his daughter and wife to get back. Sophia’s dad’s name was Joseph, which in Sophia’s opinion was a terribly common name which didn’t fit her father at all. Joseph was a taller man with a husky build. He had a mustache and a head full of dark brown hair (Sophia had gotten her blonde locks from her mother, who had already grayed with age). The one feature Sophia had obtained from her father was her amazingly blue eyes which seemed to always sparkle with curiosity.

“Hello, sweetheart,” her father greeted Sophia as she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before sitting down in her own chair. By the way he greeted her, Sophia knew he had no idea that she had been out of bounds. In fact, he had probably just gotten home from work.

“Hi, dad, how was work?”

“Oh it was good…of course with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named it’s always busy, but more and more people seem to want to help the cause,” her father answered as her mother sat down and began to open her mouth.

“Guess where Sophia had gone today, Joe?” her mother didn’t bother waiting for a response. “Down to the creek. Specifically where we told her not to go.”

Sophia gave her mother an angry look. Leave it up to her to ruin her father’s good day. All that she could do now was sit and wait for the scolding that would ensue.

Surprisingly though, her father just looked down at her with his sad blue eyes, “Now, Sophia, your mother and I asked you not to go down there for a reason.”

“A reason which you never bothered to tell me! What can going down to the creek possibly do?” Sophia realized she was probably being rude to her parents but at the moment she didn’t care. If they wanted to take away her only form of privacy, they had better give her a mighty good reason for it.

“Dear,” her mother sounded sincere, gentle even. “Your father and I were going to wait until after tomorrow to tell you, but there’s something wrong.”

“Wrong?” Sophia’s mind searched for anything that had been wrong with her family the last few days. Besides the new rule which banned her from her favorite place, she couldn’t think of anything. Her parents had even agreed to let Sophia’s best friend, Emma Emens, come stay with them for the rest of the holiday.

Her father intervened in the conversation boldly, taking the lead on a conversation Sophia could tell neither one of her parents wanted to talk about.

“Sophia, you know about the Order of the Phoenix.” Although it wasn’t a question, Sophia nodded her head. She knew of the organization her parents had joined in order to stop He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. She didn’t know much about it besides that they were fighting his evil pureblood mania though. Her parents had been careful to keep their Order lives separate from Sophia’s life. Her father continued, “Well, tomorrow night, the meeting is going to be held here, in our basement, in order to discuss a very important issue which pertains to this family. My little Rowena,” her father used her nickname that compared Sophia to the founder of Ravenclaw, “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named…he’s collecting the most talented witches and wizards and Dumbledore found out that he wants…you.”

Sophia was pretty sure her mouth opened in shock at her father’s statement. Sophia knew she was smart, probably the smartest witch in the school. Not many seventeen year old go into their Seventh Year at Hogwarts having already created and mastered over ten spells of their own. But the fact that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named wanted her – well that was as shocking as the time she found out Emma had kissed Sirius Black.

“Me? What does he want with me?” Sophia asked.

“He knows of your talents, sweetheart. Gosh, the whole Wizarding World knows of the girl who creates her own spells by the time she’s a Fourth Year!” her mom continued to explain after it looked like her dad had gotten tears in his eyes. “Sophia, that’s why the boundaries are in place. Dumbledore has put some pretty magnificent security charms over this place. If you step out of bounds, you’re in free range to be captured. The only places you’re going to be safe is here and Hogwarts. I’m so sorry, honey.”

Sophia concentrated hard on what she had just been told. She completely understood that she was in danger. She completely understood that stepping outside of the boundary might mean she would be captured by one of the most evil wizards of all time. And she completely understood that it was her spell and potion making skills that had gotten her into this. But all she could think about was one thing.

“So, there’s an Order meeting here tomorrow night?” she asked carefully.

“Yes, dear, at midnight, but we don’t want you to be there. The less you know about our security measures, the safer you will be.”

Perfect, Sophia thought. Tomorrow was a full moon and she had a theory that if created under the full moon, she could create a potion that could either completely cure a werewolf or tame them for their transformations. And tomorrow during the meeting would be the perfect time to test her hypothesis.


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