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Abracadabra! by megaaan

Format: Short story
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 11,261

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: General, Humor
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Teddy, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 10/06/2011
Last Chapter: 12/01/2011
Last Updated: 12/01/2011

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Isobel Davies is an eleven year old muggleborn, who has just found out that she is a witch. If this is not enough to take in, she has also been told that she has to spend a week - by herself - with a wizarding family, who is none other than Harry and Ginny Potter.

Written for WeirdSisters' "Week with the Wizards" challenge.

Chapter 5: Epilogue

The rest of the week passed quickly – meeting new people and visiting new places – and before she knew it, Izzy was having to pack up all her belongings and get ready to go home. Ginny was sitting on the floor next to her as they were sorting through her school books, and Harry was outside with Teddy, teaching him how to catch the gnomes.



Izzy’s bag was far too small to fit all of her new belongings in, but with her new school trunk as well, everything was fitting nicely.


“I bet you can’t wait to get back home and show everything off to your mum,” Ginny started.



“No – I can’t! I can’t wait to tell her everything all the spells and the shops, and everything you’ve said about Hogwarts...and she can read all of my books,” excitement coursed through her body as she listed off the things she could tell her mum about, and then disappeared as she thought about leaving her mother again.






Ginny saw the girl’s face drop and frowned, her eyebrows knitting together as she asked her if she was alright.






 “Yeah – I’m fine,” her mouth stretched across her face in what was supposed to be a smile, before she gave up on trying and let it fall back. “I - I just...I think I’m going to find it really difficult to be away from her for such a long time. I know I can write but she probably won’t like owls everywhere, and I’ve never been away from her for long and -”






 “What about this week?” Ginny interjected softly. “You haven’t seen her or spoken to her or even written to her in a whole week – and I know that a term is much longer, but I can tell you now that it really will fly by. You won’t know where the time goes!”



Izzy’s face turned to a look of astonishment.



“This is the longest time I’ve ever been away from her – and I haven’t even thought about it that much,” she seemed to perk up, before another thought brought her back down. “But a term is such a long time, and it won’t fly by if I don’t have any friends!”




“Who says you won’t have any friends?” Ginny asked, surprised at this comment.



“I’m never good at making friends,” she replied miserably, stuffing some socks in her bag. “I’ve been friends with Sophie and Ellie since I was born, and so I’ve never had to make new ones before. I’m not really very loud...what if I don’t get on with everyone? Or if the one person I’m friends with is in a different house to me?”



 “Don’t worry about being in different houses to your friends. There were twins in Harry’s year who were in different houses, and one of my good friends – Luna – was in a different house to me. It doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with them, it just means that you don’t share a dorm with them! I was also very close to Harry, Ron and Hermione, who were all in the year above me. I hardly ever saw them, but it didn’t mean I wasn’t just as close to them!



“About making friends – everyone’s new, and most people don’t know each other. A lot of people will be muggle-borns, like you, and they will have had a week with a wizarding family as well, so they’ll be in exactly the same position as you! You’ll be sharing a dorm with four or five other girls, so you’ll have plenty of time to get to know people.



“And the owl thing – I’m not entirely certain, but I’m pretty sure there’s a system where you can send your letter to a post office in Diagon Alley, and they will send it by muggle post to your mother. She’ll send hers back to that address, and it will send it on to you by owl. I’ll get Harry to find out the name of it, and we’ll send you an owl when you get to Hogwarts with it in – just so you can be the first one to get any post,” Ginny finished off, teasingly.



Izzy smiled weakly, thanking her, and sat back against the bed. Her bags were now fully packed, apart from one thing – her wand, which was cradled lovingly in her lap, her hands running up and down it as if she was restraining herself from flicking it, and saying some meaningless words to pretend that she was making something amazing happen.



“Come on,” Ginny said. “Your mum will be here soon, and there will be plenty of time for you to use that at Hogwarts!”



Izzy nodded, placing her wand gently on top of her clothes, before shutting both of her bags and lifting them as if ready to take them downstairs, before Ginny stopped her.



“Don’t worry about them – I’ll do that,” she said, struggling to get up from the floor. After using a hand from Izzy and the edge of the bed as support, she finally managed to get up, and with one hand on her back, she took her wand out of her pocket and flicked it quickly. The two cases promptly left the ground, hovering about two inches off the carpeted floor. Ginny pointed her wand towards the door, and they followed this direction, coming to a halt just outside the room.



She shot a sideways look at Izzy, who was staring in wonder at the cases as if they had just grown mouths and started talking.



“Come on, they aren’t going to go downstairs by themselves!”



Izzy snapped her mouth shut, and blushed, following Ginny out of the room and continuing to stare excitedly at the cases.



“I just...can’t believe that I’ll be able to do that soon,” she said. “It seems so unreal – like this is all just a fantastic dream...”




“Well, unless I’m just a figment of your imagination, then I can assure you that this is all very real!”



They had just reached the bottom of the stairs and the cases had been deposited softly on the floor, when they heard the sound of a car pulling into the drive, followed quickly by a slam of a car door and Teddy yelling “I’ve got one! I’ve got one!”



Izzy’s eyes snapped up as she realised this visitor was probably her mother, and, with a scream of delight, she ran out of the door and straight into the outstretched arms of her mum. Ginny watched from the doorway with a smile on her face as she was joined by her husband and his godson.



“I can’t wait to have that,” she said, as she watched Annie’s face carefully – happiness radiating from her as she was reunited with her daughter after a week apart.



“Me neither,” Harry replied, wrapping his arm around her and whispering in her ear, “but at least we know it will be soon.”



Teddy freed himself from Harry’s grasp, and ran over to Izzy; holding on to her leg so she had to step away from her mother.



“Izzy, don’t go!” he begged, his features once more morphing into hers as he stared into her eyes. Annie’s eyes widened at the changes, and she gave a sharp involuntary gasp.



“How does he..? Will you be able to do that, Iz?”



“Nah,” she replied. “Teddy’s lucky – not many people are able to change their features. You probably can if you’re really clever...I don’t know.”



She looked at Harry and Ginny here, as if to ask if this was true. Harry stepped forwards, pulling a reluctant Teddy off Izzy’s legs, and shaking Annie’s hand.




“Welcome back! Sorry about my godson, I think he likes your daughter,” he chuckled, and then answered Izzy’s unanswered question. “And perhaps – if you’re extremely clever, and want to enough. I don’t know anyone who ever has, though.”



Teddy squirmed, trying to reach out to Izzy, and Harry put him down once more, where he immediately ran to her.



“Would you like to come in for something to drink? We have butterbeer, firewhisky – but if you’re driving that might not be a good idea – and we also got some muggle drinks, if you want any.”



“I think I’ll go for the butterbeer, please. It’s quite an unusual taste, but I’ve found myself craving it all week!”



Harry and Annie followed Izzy, who was being dragged by Teddy, into the house where Ginny was already preparing the drinks.






Settling down onto the sofa, Izzy wondered how she was so lucky. Here she was, a witch, sitting in the same room as a proper witch and wizard, and a little boy next to her, who was also a wizard. It was as if all of her daydreams had come true – and it wasn’t a dream! She couldn’t wait to tell her mum everything – especially what Ginny had told her earlier that day about the owl service that would send her letters through the post system. She knew her mummy wouldn’t be too pleased with owls turning up every few weeks – they lived in the middle of a town, and what would the neighbours think?



She allowed herself a small smug grin, as she remembered her wand, which was shut in one of her cases by the door. She couldn’t believe how difficult she found it - to have to wait until she got to Hogwarts before trying to use it – but she knew it would be worth it once she got there.



All too soon, Annie was finishing her drink, and standing up as if readying herself to leave.



“Come on Izzy, we’d better get going. Thank you again for having her – she seems to have had a wonderful time and I’m sure I’ll hear all about it when we get home!”



Izzy stood up, dislodging Teddy who began to wail again, and whispered to him –




 “Izzy has to go now, Teddy. I’ll see you soon though, I promise!”



He quietened immediately, just saying-



“How long is soon?” 



Izzy looked at Harry, as if to ask when she would be allowed to see them all again. He replied at once, like he had been wondering about this himself and had finally come up with a solution.



“Well if you want, you could visit at Christmas – I know we’d love to see you again then. Also, I think McGonagall wanted me to do some lectures for the older years at Hogwarts. Whenever I’m around, I’ll try and come to visit you. Teddy might be allowed to come too – but only if he’s been very good,” he laughed at the expression on Teddy’s face.



“I’ll write as well,” Izzy added, as they made their way out of the front door and towards the house. “And you make sure you keep that hair, Teddy!”



“I’ll keep it forever,” he mumbled as, suddenly tiring, he allowed Ginny to lift him onto her hip.



Izzy opened the car door, before remembering something and turning back around sharply.



“Oh, and remember to write when you have the baby! And if it’s a girl, call it Izzy!” she called before jumping in the car and slamming the door shut. She rolled down the window immediately, as Ginny called back –



“We’ll think about it! See you soon!”




And as the car drove back towards Norfolk, Annie smiled as her daughter repeated those six words that now had a completely different meaning.




“Mummy, I don’t want to go.”



A/N: And this is the end! Thank you so much for reading, and I'm sorry the last chapter's only just up - our computer has been broken for about three weeks, but it's finally fixed, yay! On another note, this is my first finished (chaptered) story on HPFF. It's definitely not my best - I feel as if I've rushed it, and I haven't connected to the characters as much as I could have done, but I'm glad that I've finished it and hopefully I'll go back and edit it :-) Big thanks to WeirdSisters who created the challenge - and I have finally finished it, even if it is three weeks later than the ending date....(Oh, and sorry about the huge spacings- I tried to change it but it didn't work :()

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