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Abracadabra! by megaaan

Format: Short story
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 11,261

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: General, Humor
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Teddy, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 10/06/2011
Last Chapter: 12/01/2011
Last Updated: 12/01/2011

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Isobel Davies is an eleven year old muggleborn, who has just found out that she is a witch. If this is not enough to take in, she has also been told that she has to spend a week - by herself - with a wizarding family, who is none other than Harry and Ginny Potter.

Written for WeirdSisters' "Week with the Wizards" challenge.

Chapter 4: The Quidditch Match

 I rubbed my eyes groggily, and fumbled around on the table next to my bed before finally finding my glasses and placing them on the bridge of my nose. Ginny hadn’t yet got up – she was still asleep next to me, her face peaceful and one hand on her large stomach.

We had returned home the night before with Ron and Hermione, and settled in the living room in front of the roaring fire, where I started to explain to her why our being in Diagon Alley had attracted such a large crowd. Not wanting to scare her, I didn’t tell her the full details of my years at Hogwarts – in fact, I began by simplifying it right down to the basic facts.

“Basically, there was a bad wizard who killed my parents, and tortured people – including muggles – for fun. He was the most powerful wizard of the time, and I was the only person who could kill him, so I did, in the end,” I took in her look of shock. “Many people’s lives were lost, including my godfather, both of Teddy’s parents and one of Ginny’s brothers. However, if Voldemort was still alive then many more of us would have died.”

It seemed as though she couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out of her in the form of a snort.

“Voldemort? Isn’t that a bit...silly? How can you be scared of someone with a name like that?” She asked, and this time Ginny answered.

“For a long time, many people were so scared of him that they wouldn’t even say his name. He was commonly known as You-Know-Who, or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. His actions were what made people afraid, and through them they became afraid of his name.”

The girl nodded in understanding, and went up to bed shortly after, looking as though she was still pondering what we had said to her.


I made my way downstairs to start up the breakfast, and stopped outside Izzy’s bedroom, noticing that her light was on. I knocked gently before opening the door, and saw Izzy sitting up in her bed with all her new books sprawled around her, A History of Magic open in her lap.

She looked up as I entered, and grinned.

“Breakfast will be ready soon. Today we’re going to take you to a Quidditch match!” I told her, and then added quickly, at her confusion, “Quidditch is a magical sport – a bit like basketball, but it’s played in the air, on broomsticks. There are four balls – the Quaffle, which is passed around by the three Chasers to get through the hoops; the Bludgers, which try and knock the players off their brooms – these are controlled by two Beaters on each team; and the Snitch, which is very small and flies around on its own accord. The Seeker has to catch this one, and the game is finished and the team gains 150 points when it’s caught. Ginny was a Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies, who we are going to see, for many years – she only gave it up when she became pregnant.”

“It sounds very confusing,” the girl replied, “but I’m looking forward to it!”

“It’s just my bad explanation,” I reassured her. “Once you get there, it will be very clear.”

She smiled again, and started reading once more. I took this as my cue to leave, and turned, shutting the door quietly behind me before I began preparing breakfast.

Having meant to arrive early to avoid the crowds outside the arena, we were surprised to find a mass of people waiting, it seemed, for us.

“Ginny! How does it feel to be watching your team instead of playing in it?”

“Harry – do you think you’ll ever become a seeker for one of the Quidditch teams?”

“When’s the baby due?”

“Is it true that you’re looking after a muggle-born before she goes away to Hogwarts?”

“Is that your son?”

“Which team will you be supporting?”

I frowned at the last question. I was here to watch my wife’s previous team with her, and I had a red “Holyhead Harpies!” scarf wound around my neck. Was it not obvious that I would be supporting them?

In all of the confusion, and the pushing and shoving, I had forgotten about Izzy. I turned around sharply, breathing a sigh of relief when I found her right behind me, shocked but unharmed.

“We’re going to find our seats,” I told her. “Stay close to me.”

I began to make my way slowly through the crowd, signing a couple of unavoidable autographs and answering some of the easier questions. Looking to my left, Ginny was doing the same, with Teddy strapped to her back. His fingers were wrapped around her hair, and his features were changing every few seconds as his attention swapped from person to person. I could feel a small hand holding on to the back of my robes, and so I knew Izzy was right behind me.

It took a good ten minutes for us to reach the stadium doors, even though we were only a few metres from the entrance. Getting there, I saw a couple of Aurors waiting to help us to our seats, without being stampeded by fans.

“Just the three of you then?” the woman asked.

“Well, the three of us plus Teddy,” I replied, reaching behind me and pulling on Izzy’s hand.

Ginny looked down at her, shocked.

“Harry, that isn’t Izzy...”

I followed her gaze, finding not Izzy but a little girl with black hair and dark skin, who looked incredibly excited that she was holding my hand. I swore, dropping her hand immediately and bringing it to my forehead.

“She was right behind me at the beginning – I told her to stay close and then moved on...I could feel her holding on to my robes so I knew she was there – but that was you, wasn’t it?”

The small girl nodded, her look of excitement rapidly turning to fear at the sound of me panicking. Ginny moved over to her, trying to reassure her.

“Don’t worry, we aren’t angry with you – we’re just worried. Where’s your mum?”

She pointed outside to the crowds, and Ginny nodded quickly.

“Yes. This man’s going to take you back to her, ok?” she turned to face him, and he nodded. “And can you also look for Izzy? She’s eleven, so quite short...long hair that’s the same colour at Teddy’s – if it’s gone back to normal – and brown eyes...”

“I’ll look for her,” He said, taking the little girl’s hand and leading her back out of the stadium.

We turned back to the woman.

“Come on, Jason will find Izzy soon, and he’ll bring her up to your seats. Come with me now, so you can get to your seats safely before anyone else is let in.”

I could feel the panic slowly building up inside me as I started to follow the woman, glancing back every few seconds expectantly, as if Jason and Izzy would be right behind us. Ginny moved closer to me, slipping her hand into mine and squeezing it to reassure me. Teddy, however, wasn’t helping – he was busy scanning the room and shouting “Where’s Iz? Where’s Iz?” at the top of his voice.

This arena was not particularly massive, and I knew it well as I had often watched Ginny playing there when she was part of the team. I had been in the Top Box many times before, because of this, and so – even in the daze I was in – I recognised the seating arrangements immediately and sat down at once, my head in my hands.

Ginny whispered into my ear.

“She’ll turn up, don’t worry. It wasn’t your fault – Jason will be back with her any minute now and she’ll be fine, if not a bit shocked.”

I looked up from my hands slowly. Her words had managed to calm me down a bit – although not completely. I was still worried for her – a muggle-born in a crowd full of wizards, unable to see anyone she knew and do anything about it – but my worrying wasn’t going to solve anything. Teddy had already forgotten about her disappearance – he was now perched on the seat next to Ginny, and getting more and more excited about the game, and was in the middle of a conversation with someone beside him.

“...Holyhead Harpies! Ginny was a Chaser but then she quit, and Harry caught the snitch!”

The man next to the little boy chuckled, and then said quietly, as if it was a great secret –

“Well Teddy, guess what? I’m going to be commentating this match! So I’ll say who gets the points and who wins!”

I recognised Lee Jordan explaining his role as a commentator. Lee helped out more often than not at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, but occasionally turned up at a Quidditch match to commentate, as he had enjoyed it so much when doing it at Hogwarts.

I felt a hand rest on my shoulder, and a questioning “Mr Potter?”

Standing up, I could see it was Jason who had returned, alone.

“I couldn’t find her...I’ve kept some more Aurors out there looking, but I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you got Mr Jordan to announce it – see if anyone’s seen her.”

I nodded sharply, and turned back to Lee, who had overheard our brief conversation. I described her to him, and he nodded, making his voice louder and relaying the details to the congregating audience, asking them to show her to the Top Box if she was found by anyone.

Shortly after this was announced, there was a scream from the lowest area of the arena.

“I’ve found her!”

Lee stood up immediately.

“Please could Izzy be brought to the Top Box immediately – Teddy here is getting quite worried about her,” he teased.

There was ten minutes of fidgeting and wondering if it was the right girl, and then a plump middle-aged woman bustled up to me mumbling.

“Mr Potter – such an honour...I’ve always wanted to meet thank you for was just an ordinary day until I found her...this is Izzy, isn’t it?”

She drew a small girl from behind her, a look of shock still present on her face, and her dirty blonde hair falling in front of her eyes.

“That’s her,” I sighed, relieved, and pulled Izzy into a bear hug. Behind me, I could hear Ginny thanking the woman deeply, and Teddy starting up a new chorus of “Iz! Iz! Iz!”

I nodded to the lady again, signing a piece of parchment for her before she hurried off to her seat again.

“Just wait until Bertie hears about this...never believe day of my life...”

“I’m so sorry, I thought you were behind me,” I told Izzy honestly. “If I’d known it wasn’t you, I would have stopped but I only realised when we got inside-”

“Don’t worry,” she interrupted me quietly. “A little girl came in front of me and grabbed your robes, and then I couldn’t see you...and then I thought I did see you again and I started to follow you, but it was someone else. But I’m here now, and I didn’t miss any of the game!”

I grinned at her optimism, and watched as she settled herself next to Teddy, ruffling his hair and gearing herself up for the beginning of the game.

I pointed my wand at the fire in front of us, which had been diminishing slowly for the past hour, and it immediately flared up again.

I could barely remember who had won the match, let alone the ending score of the game – my eyes had been glued to Izzy’s small frame the entire time, as if me not doing so would result in her getting lost again. Even though she was following the game intently, and looked as though she would rather watch the game than do anything else, I still found that I couldn’t concentrate on the match for more than a few minutes before worrying that she had disappeared again. Fortunately, she didn’t, and we managed to make our way back to the house without any other difficulties.

Now, we were sitting in front of the fire and watching Teddy weave in and out of the sofas on his toy broomstick. Izzy and Ginny were both clutching some butterbeer, and I had a small amount of firewhisky to calm myself down.

“...and when she caught the snitch! I couldn’t even see it, it’s so must have been amazing, being a Chaser!” Izzy told Ginny, the excitement still shining on her face. Ginny grinned.

“It was pretty great,” she admitted. “I was sad to give it up, but I have more important things on my mind now,” she added, patting her swollen stomach gently.

“Can we play Quidditch at Hogwarts?”

“Yes – and it’s very popular. You’ll have to try out for the team!” I told her. She had been following the ball quickly with her eyes earlier, and she seemed to grasp the concept of the game very quickly – I was sure she would make a good chaser when she got to Hogwarts.

She sighed happily, relaxing into the cushions behind her.

“I’m so excited about going. Can you tell me all about it?”

I nodded.

“What do you want to know?”

“Everything. The building, the lessons...where do we sleep?”

“Everyone sleeps in dorms,” I began. “You’re put into a house at the very beginning, based on your traits – which is much less scary than it seems – and each house has a common room. You’ll spend most of your time there, and in these common rooms are different dorms for the boys and girls, and different ones for every year. You’ll share a room with three or four other girls.

“The massive. It’s actually quite intimidating at first – the staircases move and the portraits talk to you, and you have to find your way around with no help at all – but once you get used to it and find the secret’s fantastic!”

“There are many, many floors,” Ginny added. “And the Great Hall – where you eat – has four tables, one for each house, and an enchanted ceiling so that it looks like the sky outside. There’s also a lake, and a forest – although you aren’t allowed to go inside; it’s very dangerous.”

Izzy’s eyes were wide, eager for more information.

“What about the spells? Are they just like us...muggles...always thought they were? You just wave your wand, and say ‘Abracadabra!’ and then you can do whatever!” She mimed waving her wand, twirling her arm around.

“Well, similar,” I laughed. “Apart from the movements are much more concise, and ‘Abracadabra’ isn’t a real spell! The one that sounds most similar to that is actually a very nasty spell – the killing spell, actually...”

Her eyebrows shot up.

“Oh. Well, I won’t use that one, then!”

There was silence for a moment, as she contemplated this, and then -

“And what spells can you do?”

“So many,” I replied. “You can transform things, make them come to you, make things set on many,” I repeated.

“Can you show me one?”

Accio Izzy!” I called, and her eyes widened as she was pulled across the sofa towards me, coming to a halt right next to my lap. I looked down at her, grinning cheekily at the look on her face.

Teddy’s broom had slowed down dramatically from moments before, and his eyes were beginning to droop as his head lolled forwards. Ginny plucked him from the broom, and it stayed hovering in mid-air.

“I think that’s quite enough excitement for one day. Time for bed, Teddy.”

“I think I’ll go up too,” Izzy yawned. “I want to read a bit more before I got to sleep.”

“See you in the morning!” I called to her retreating back, as she followed Ginny and Teddy upstairs.

Gulping down some more firewhisky, I reflected on the day. I was really growing attached to the little girl – the panic I felt when we thought we had lost her wasn’t a panic of what to explain to her parents and McGonagall, but it was one I’d feel if the same thing happened to Teddy. I was really going to miss her when she went.


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