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Abracadabra! by megaaan

Format: Short story
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 11,261

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: General, Humor
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Teddy, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 10/06/2011
Last Chapter: 12/01/2011
Last Updated: 12/01/2011

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Isobel Davies is an eleven year old muggleborn, who has just found out that she is a witch. If this is not enough to take in, she has also been told that she has to spend a week - by herself - with a wizarding family, who is none other than Harry and Ginny Potter.

Written for WeirdSisters' "Week with the Wizards" challenge.

Chapter 3: Diagon Alley - Ginny

I couldn’t understand how Izzy had a wand – she had barely known she was a witch for two weeks and she had somehow already got herself the most vital instrument in becoming a proper witch. Ollivander’s and a Dutch shop down in Cornwall under the name of Dirigeerstok were the only wand makers in Britain that I knew of, and if she had never heard of Diagon Alley then how was she to know of Sihir – the Wizarding village in the south?

I asked her to go and fetch it so I could examine it, and perhaps give it to Harry so the Auror team could make sure there was nothing wrong with it. I imagined that it had been given to her by someone, and that sounded suspicious to me.

Waiting for her to come back, I started absentmindedly ruffling Teddy’s hair. He suited Izzy’s hair, although I was glad his freckles and green eyes had come back. From the first time he had set eyes on Harry, his eyes had morphed from the honey colour they were then to the deep green that I loved so much. It was odd to see him without them, as he had stuck with them for the four years I had known him.

The boy gurgled at me happily, and I took his bowl away from him before he could find some way of getting the remnants of his breakfast everywhere. I heard footsteps behind me, and a soft cough to indicate that Izzy had returned with her ‘wand.’

She held it out in front of her nervously, and I took it. It was a black plastic stick, with white ends – nothing like any wand I had ever seen before.

“Are you sure this is a wand?” I asked, carefully. “Most of them look more like this.”

I pulled my own wand out of my pocket and handed it to her. She flushed slightly and swapped it quickly for her own.

“I didn’t think it would be,” she said quietly. “It’s just a toy one – I’ve had it for a long time. I didn’t think it would actually work, but if it meant we didn’t have to pay for a new one...”

She trailed off, and I nodded in understanding. I knew too well what it was like to hardly have enough money to buy the necessities. Wands were expensive, and it was the only thing I had that was ever mine when I was that age. Of course, I couldn’t get hand-me-down clothes from my brothers, but there was a second hand sale every week in Ottery St Catchpole every month and my mother and I would go without fail, to get me enough clothes to last me ‘til the next one.

I was the right person for her, if her family wasn’t well off – I knew plenty of second-hand shops around Diagon Alley that many people didn’t, and I knew that if we went with Harry then the shopkeepers would be throwing their items at us – anything to say thank you for saving the Wizarding World.

I couldn’t wait for her to see Diagon Alley and experience the magic that surrounds the area. I couldn’t remember the first time I went there, but Harry and Hermione always described it as an incredible experience. It was both of their first tastes of magic, and I was excited to give Izzy the same first impression.

Harry and I had stayed up the night before, wondering how to transport her there. Apparation wouldn’t be right – it would be too difficult and scary for her. Floo-ing was an option, but with what had happened to Harry the first time he used the floo system, we decided against it. Another mode of transport was by broomstick, but it would take too long to get there, and it was too risky with all the muggles around. Eventually, we decided on using the Knight bus. It would definitely be an experience she wouldn’t forget, and it was the best of all the other options.

A flash of green light shone through from the living room, and I smiled, picking up Teddy and taking him through on my hip.

“Harry!” The little boy in my arms cried, bouncing up and down and waving his arms in the general direction of my husband. I passed the boy over to him, and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before allowing him time to wave at Izzy.

“Well, if everyone’s about ready, we should be off!” I grabbed my bag from a nearby chair, allowing Izzy enough time to get herself a coat, and Harry to strap Teddy to his back.

A few minutes later, we were standing on the road outside the house and explaining the ways of the Knight Bus to Izzy.

“...And you just stick out your wand arm – that’s probably your right one, if you’re right-handed – and it comes out of nowhere! Well, not quite, but that what it seems like,” Harry finished his explanation. “It gave me the shock of my life the first time I did it – I didn’t even know it existed and had just fallen into the road!”

The young girl laughed in amusement, and watched eagerly as Harry stretched out his right hand into the road. There was a loud bang, which made her jump backwards with a shriek, and then the large purple bus was upon us, and a young man with dark hair was standing at the back, ready to take our tickets.

I got on first, with the help of the conductor. It was exceedingly difficult to move anywhere with my belly as large as it was, and I was only glad the distance between the ground and the bus wasn’t any larger, or I would have struggled a lot more. Izzy bounced on after me, and Harry and Teddy stayed behind for a minute, ready to pay.

We moved towards the front of the bus, stumbling slightly as it started to move, and sat down quickly as, with a loud bang, we were suddenly driving down the streets of a small town. Stopping suddenly at a small hotel named “The Golden Snitch,” Izzy was thrown off her seat, and a small woman tottered to the back of the bus to get off, pausing slightly as she saw Harry, and smiling her gratitude.

Izzy was too busy getting back to her seat and clutching on tightly to see this exchange, but I shared a glance with Harry that said, “We’re going to have to tell her soon.” At the very least, we would get a few individuals coming and shaking his hand and thanking him, but we might get a couple of reporters, eager to see the famous Harry Potter and gain anything from him. No matter what he said to them, it would end up in the Daily Prophet within the week, be it a full interview on how he defeated Voldemort, or simply a couple of words depicting how his week had been.

Harry shook his head, almost unnoticeably, to indicate that we should tell her later. I smiled at him and poked my tongue out at Teddy, who was enjoying the fuss Izzy was giving him.

I reached out my wand in order to tap the bricks leading to Diagon Alley. Teddy was gurgling next to me, and Izzy was looking apprehensive. She braced herself as I began knocking on the bricks, and I made sure to keep my eyes on her face, so I could take in her expression.

I suppressed a grin at the look of awe on her face. We stood still for a minute, allowing her time to take in the shops – as busy as if there had never been a war – and all the men and women dressed in robes and holding different magical items, all of which was very odd for the muggle-born.

I grabbed one of her hands, and she turned to me, her eyes wide.

“Come on – robes first!”

Harry went ahead to Gringotts, as I took Izzy to a small second-hand shop that not many knew about, hidden away beside Madame Malkin’s. It sold all the basics that the girl would need – apart from a wand.

We spent about an hour in the shop, emerging with our arms filled with all sorts; from ingredients to school robes, and potions equipment to books.

Izzy chatted to me whilst we were looking for my husband and his godson, about which subjects she was most looking forward to, and how she couldn’t wait to start reading all of her new books. I allowed myself a little chuckle as she mentioned this, and couldn’t stop myself from exclaiming –

“You sound just like Hermione!”


“One of my closest friends. She’s married to my brother – we were going to meet them here, actually.”

Saying this, I immediately spotted a familiar red-head outside Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour, next to a brunette, and I pointed them out.

“There they are, now –”

Before I could continue, I was cut off by an older woman grasping my arm.

“Are you...Ginny Potter?”

I nodded uncomfortably, my arm drifting to Izzy’s shoulder protectively.

“Send my thanks to your husband, won’t you? I’m Mary Swift. Tell him that he saved my families lives.”

I nodded, and made to carry on walking, but she stopped me again.

“And, congratulations!” She pointed to my stomach, and I smiled briefly at her before thanking her and moving on quickly. Avoiding Izzy’s gaze, which was directed at me, I once again turned to look at Ron.

He was standing next to his wife and Harry, and this time when I looked over he caught my eye, giving me a massive grin and a wave. Looking closer, I realised that the crowd of people weren’t there for the ice creams – in fact, the three of them and Teddy were surrounded by people talking to them; thanking them and giving them gifts and letters, asking for photos or to sign a piece of parchment.

Ron nudged Harry, and nodded towards Izzy and I, who were both standing at the edge of the crowd at this point. He smiled broadly, and began to push his way through the crowds. It was obvious they weren’t going to lessen any time soon, and so as soon as I thought he was close enough to hear me, I called to him.

“We’ll go to Ollivander’s without you – I’ll meet you here afterwards.”

He nodded and turned again towards the witches and wizards asking for his autograph, giving us a glance of Teddy who was obviously enjoying all the attention.

“What’s Ollivander’s? And why are there so many people wanting Harry’s autograph?” a small voice came up from beside me.

“Ollivander’s is where you’re going to buy your wand – an actual wand, this time,” I teased, leading her towards the shop. “And...well – Harry’s pretty famous in this world, along with Ron and Hermione. We’ll explain it all later.”

I opened the shop door, letting Izzy walk in front of me. We were met by a young man who introduced himself as “Oliver – I work for Mr Ollivander.”

Stepping back to allow Izzy to speak to him more privately, I watched her answer a couple of his questions and begin to relax around him. He handed her a wand after a minute or so, but took it back from her almost immediately. The second wand, however, seemed to light her from within.

“Wave it around, then!” he encouraged her.

She gave it a quick flick, and some sparks shot out of the end. She grinned, obviously ecstatic at the result, and turned around to give me a quick thumbs up and a grin as I moved forward to pay.

Heading back outside, I quickly cast a shrinking spell on all of the items so we could put them in our pockets and not struggle with carrying them all. We made our way over to the other three and Teddy, who were talking to the last of their admirers. They shook them off quickly and made their way towards us.

Harry suggested that I took Teddy whilst he showed Izzy Eeylops’ Owl Emporium. I sank down onto a nearby bench immediately with the young boy on my lap, relieved that I had a chance to sit down.

“Blimey!” Ron collapsed beside me, making Teddy jump. “It hasn’t been this busy since just after the war!” he exclaimed.

“I know,” I replied. “Izzy was very confused – we’ll have to tell her when we get home.”

Hermione picked up Teddy from my lap and placed him on hers.

“So you weren’t going to tell her if you didn’t have to?” she said reproachfully, and I sighed.
“Hermione, don’t you think that it would be a bit unnerving for her if, as soon as she walked through our front door, we introduced ourselves as ‘Harry and Ginny Potter. The man who saved the wizarding world and his wife?’”

She busied herself in cooing over Teddy, and I knew that she understood, even if she disproved of it. I carried on, trying to sway her opinion.

“Look, it’s not like we were lying to her. We just didn’t think that information was necessary – and anyway, we were going to tell her if it ever became obvious, such as now.”

She relented slightly, and asked another question instead.

“How’s it been, then? Looking after her, I mean.”

“It’s been fine. It’s quite difficult sometimes, because she’s a muggle-born...” I trailed off, catching her eye. “You know what I mean! There are a few misunderstandings, that’s all. It’s lovely, though.”

I finished talking as Harry and Izzy came up to us. She was clutching the cage of a rather scruffy looking barn owl, and seemed very pleased with herself.

“I’ve called him Scruff,” she announced proudly. “Harry gave him to me as a late birthday present!”

I smiled at Harry knowingly, and stood up with difficulty.

“Come on. Let’s get back home.”


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