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Six O'clock by daliha

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 541

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Drama, Fluff
Characters: OC, OtherCanon

First Published: 08/20/2011
Last Chapter: 01/09/2012
Last Updated: 01/09/2012



 Six O'clock was always a critical time of day.

Chapter 1: Six O'clock

(Originally a S.O.C, but it has been edited)

 I sat in my chair, my fingers made circles on the dusty table.

 I watched the clock ,every day at six he was here.  Right now it was five-forty five. I’d see him soon.

 He’d walk in a small smile plastered on his face and his brown eyes would scan the room as they always did. We all did that, we all counted the people hoping that it be there would be the same numbers as yesterday.

 I waited.

 Five minutes passed. In five minutes I see his brown hair plastered to his forehead, his fingers move their way through his hair, he’d walk towards me and say “hullo Eli.” I’d smile as I always did. His voice was always calming even if lately it had lost its cheer.

The war had taken a toll on all of us. But still I couldn’t help but keep that small ray of hope.

 There was a minute left until the door would open, I turned my body to face it, around me everyone was deep into conversation. None of them knew how important this moment was to me.

 In a minute I’d know whether he was still alive.

 My heart beat faster than it should; I laid my hands across my lap my eyes itched.

 I could only pray, that wooden door needed to swing open. We were too young to be going through this, all this was completely unfair! I shouldn’t have to panic every afternoon hoping that he was still alive, hoping that he’d be smile at me once again, and hoping that one day I could tell him how much I loved him.

It was six o’clock and the door had remained closed. My breath was caught in my throat as I tried to control my tears.

The door swung open a tall young man walked inside sobbing, he held on to the doorframe I ran towards him as did everyone else.

 His blonde hair was filled with debris, I helped him up and lead him towards the table taking glance at the clock. “What happened?” asked another one of the order members.

 I stood there frozen waiting for his answer “he’s dead!” he choked.  The world froze around me as the other whispered and questioned him further. He started to explain what had happened until I burst into tears.

The pain in chest wouldn’t go away, I felt a pair of arms pull me away from the crowd, a soft voice told me to calm down.

I couldn’t, he was dead.

 I sat down on a chair, and there he was on one knee now at eye level with me. My sobbing came to an abrupt stop as I stared into his eyes. His face I noticed bore a couple of cuts but besides that he was still alive. I blinked as he tilted his head “you alright Eli?” he asked.

 My smile was automatic; he must’ve thought I was a mad woman when I spoke “you’re late.”

He pointed at his face “sorry Eli I didn’t mean it.” With that threw meyself into his arms. He hugged me back just as tightly “I’ll be early tomorrow” he whispered.