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The POV of Candela Xochitl Lovegood by Carol78y

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 16,770
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Draco/Luna, Harry/Cho, Ron/Hermione, Ginny/OC, Harry/OC

First Published: 02/15/2011
Last Chapter: 05/24/2013
Last Updated: 05/24/2013


Candela Xochitl Lovegood is Lunas Cousin. She stars Hogwarts durring the order of the phinex and in Slytherin! This is a story through her P.O.V.This girl is going to change heads and make a teacher blow her head(figuratively). "i will enjoy breaking every single observed rule they have" i told Luna when we were on top of Whomping Willow.

You know you want to read it!

Chapter 7: An Evening with Neville

 Saturday morning was creeping through my window. Sun! There is sun outside! I haven’t seen the sun since I arrived in England! Jumping for joy I hurried outside worrying that the sun would not be there if I changed into the uniform. 

Opening the door of the common room, I felt the hush of the cool air teasing the hairs at the back of my neck. In less than a second I was running upwards and into the hallway. I only saw Peeves open his mouth but I just keep running towards the green grass that was a brighter shade today. Collapsing on the soft ground face forward feeling the little pleasures of innocent rays dancing on my face.  My arms felt warmth like the heat that radiates from a loaf of bread once it’s out of the oven. My legs felt the light soft touch of warmness that reached my toes.

I don’t know how long I stayed that way; maybe about an hour, maybe more. The thing is that people didn’t come around the Slytherin tower until their free period; which usually starts around the fourth class. So, to my guess is that I’ve been in the grass flipping all over it getting a good tan for about four classes. That means that I’ve missed History of Magic, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Herbology. If I decide to go and get ready I would miss completely Care of Magical Creatures, and then after that is my free period. Then therefore I will only attend the last classes of the day. I might as well just not go…okay I have to change because if Umbridge see’s me like this (or the other teachers) saw that I was only wearing daisy dukes and just a tank top… the result would not be good.

Heading to my room making sure that no one saw me I grabbed a t-shirt and my tanning lotions. I have only lost like three shades of darkness but I wanted my tan to last longer. Image that. I am a Mexican American with blood of the Aztecs, Cherokee, and Spaniard and I am almost as pale as original English, and since I’m in the sun of the south most of my days (both summer and winter) my skin is a nice golden brown color. It has been that way for so long that I haven’t seen my original color in two years. What can I say I spend half of the winter day (with a warming charm) sun bathing.

Being careful with my steps on the roof I felt more in touch with my fire element than I had in days. The sun was a big part of me and my main connect to fire. That’s why I was having such a good day so far.

Bing, Bing, Bing... What was that? I looked up to see a clear sphere near my timer. Damn it! I only needed two more minutes on my rear end side! I was going to get busted. Forcing my head up, I quickly recognized the hair cut of this person.

“Neville?” I finally twisted over and looked at him. Neville’s cheeks were the color of fresh cherries and his hands were in his pockets. If you had seen this moment from a side view; it looked as if I was the pray of the predator.

“Hi” it was almost a whisper but better than nothing.

“Hey yourself... Neville, you’ve never seen a girl in Daisy Dukes before huh?”

“No, well I don’t know what Daisy Dukes are” I let out a chuckle.

“Come sit next to me and tell me how you got up here”.  Now that Neville was looking at me and not my legs (or by butt) he sat down with ease.

“Well nothing unusual, just a bunch of Slytherins who were bullying me about how I couldn’t remember much. So they took my Remembrall and threw it way up here, and I have to say that I haven’t flown a broom since my first year.” He said with a big smile in which I couldn’t help but smile back. “You know you look darker.”

“Thank you, I was aiming for that”

“So you don’t like your natural color?”

“It’s not that Neville, but I spend a lot of time in the sun that I’m used to looking this shade and not as pale as Luna. Well, I’m about three shades darker than her though. I haven’t seen my self in that skin tone in about two years!”

“Wow… that explains why she comes back golden.” I couldn’t help but chuckle and then he laughed.

Neville gave me his cloak just in case if any teachers passed by. To mostly his relief there were no Slytherins in the hallways.

“Wait for me here Neville Alright” I turned around to make sure he wouldn’t leave. “Or else”

I rushed into my room hurried to put some jeans on and busted out the main door. I looked both ways because where Neville was once standing was now being occupied by the bloody baron.

“What did you do?”

“Me? I helped him hide. Three have just entered. He’s over there behind those two pillars.” Turning around I saw Neville smiling at me with a sorry plead in his eyes.

“Boy! You better be glad that I ain’t even upset. Come on lets get out of here before anyone else comes.”

“Don’t you want to eat dinner?”

“Not right now… you see I did…

“Not go to any of your classes at all” a big grin had just pasted on his face. Just as we started walking up a huge spiral staircase.

“Hmm………… now how did you know that I went to none of them?”

“Harry said it was odd that you weren’t in any once all the classes where over. He was with Hermione talking about how to go against Umbridge.”

“Wait go back. Harry and Hermione plotting to go against Umbridge won’t be Surprise, but are they going to actually go through it?”

“By the way Hermione was talking it sure seems like it. I just don’t know how they’re going to do it.” I looked around and by looking at the window we might as well been on the middle of the second floor.

“Maybe we can help.”

“What? I know you have the wits to plan and actually go against Umbridge, but all you have done are pranks that George and Fred might call basics!”

“I know that that was just basic, come on it was only one, and it was YESTERDAY!”

“You don’t think of many consequences now, do you?”

“Nope! To me it is as useful as a milk bucket under a bull, well just the once at school.”

“They are what on what?”

“Okay I’ll break it down for you… a milk bucket under a bull…” I looked over as Neville was waiting for the rest of the explanation, “oh come on Neville! Does a bull give milk?”


 “Exactly! It is useless to put a milk bucket under a bull because they don’t have any milk!”

“Then why not just say useless”

“Boy! You know I’m from the south mid west.” After that Neville didn’t speak much, but we kept walking up those stairs in which I just had to admire the designs on them. By my guess we were now in the sixth floor.

“Neville do know when you could introduce me to Fred & George?”He quickly snapped his head in my direction, his wide open eyes said it all.

“I think that that would be a monstrosity!!!!!!”

“Really? Do you really think that… what was that?”

“Sounds like it’s coming from upstairs”

“We’re in the middle of the sixth floor. Who could be up there?”

“The divination class is up there, maybe Professor Trelawney dropped something”

“Like what? A crystal ball?!”

“I dun no could be”

“Let’s go and help her. Maybe she’s in trouble, or something else could be going on.”

“Do we have to because Professor...”

“Neville! You’re braver than you think. That hat didn’t sort you into Gryffindor for nothing.” I meant every word that came out of my mouth.  I watched as sparks come to his eyes when my sentence was done. He didn’t speak a word as he took my hand and guided me to the end of the staircase and down the corridors. As if a red light was placed he quickly turned the other way and hid the both of us behind a wall I didn’t even know was there. (I almost crashed with it!)

“Humph!” I moved my head a little to the left and noticed Filch going down the staircase not very glad. Waiting until we couldn’t hear anymore echo of footsteps we came out of our hiding place to clash with people.

“OW! I’m surely feeling like a pig on ice right now!”

“HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Fred that is the best thing I’ve heard all day!”

“Well Candela your wish has just come true. This is George, the one who just spoke and that’s Fred.”

“No way buddy! That’s George I’m Fred!” I looked at the redhead who had just talked 20 seconds ago.

“I did fall off the turnip truck, but it wasn't yesterday! You just spoke 20 seconds ago.”

“Ah I see that Miss Candela has a brain bigger than most Slytherins, don’t you think George?”

“Sure outsmarted me” he shrugged and helped me up to my feet, “why we have the honor to meet and greet a Slytherin that is not evil!”

“To why be the wish of the lady to meet two funny and do I say charming Gryfindors.”

“You two could sell a drowning man a glass of water.” They looked at each other with a confused look and I started to notice that George was a bit taller than Fred and his eyes were blue when his brothers brown.

“Ah! We’re very smooth talkers now aren’t we” Neville came close to my shoulder and whispered.

 “Especially when they want to sell you something.”

“Yes, I’m afraid that Neville is correct.”

“That’s alright I’m willing to pay the price, but I don’t want to buy anything with out knowing what it does. Either way, Neville and I have to find a place for Harry and Hermione.”

“Harry and Hermione? Oh, Ron might not take that well.”

“Though it will be a good to see his face! They like each other and yet they don’t do anything about it!” said Fred.

“No Not like that you two!”I said before he could say anything more.

“We’re looking for a place where we can rebel against Umbridge and her ways” I watched as Neville paced back and forth. I looked at the twins to reassure them that that was what we where doing, but before I could say a word a noise arouse from the ground to reveal doors the shape of a spear on a deck of cards. Except that this one had fine engravings all over. Curiosity, as almost always, got the best of me and I opened the door. Once opened I gasped as stepped forward into the cool huge room, looking upward a big banner that said, “The Room of Requirement.”

“Do you think this will work?” I heard George ask.

“As my grandmother says; “The only way to get on your feet, is to get off your ass.”